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Leo Sun Fixed Fire 5th Signs are quincunx with incompatible Modes (Fixed and Cardinal) as well as Elements (Fire & Earth) making this a match that requires a lot of patience.
Capricorn Saturn Cardinal Earth 10th
What you like about each other:  Leo exuberance, Capricorn reserve and practicality; recognition in the other of traits that you lack, but admire.

What drives you crazy:  Capricorn pessimism, Leo stubbornness and ego, different social needs (extrovert vs. introvert).

These two are more likely to have a synergistic relationship than a compatible one. They are really quite different, but have the potential to serve various needs in one another that can work out well. If the synergy isn't there, then the relationship might not be, either, because lacking that, there might just be a lot of reasons to get on each other's nerves.  Bear in mind that some of the keywords for "quincunx" are adjustment, justification, Catch-22, and restlessness, which imply the effect signs in this aspect will have on one another.

Leos, being ruled by the Sun, are figuratively at the center of the universe and they know it. As a Fire sign, they also have a certain spark and self-confidence the cooler elements lack. Lions have this inherent sense that they're royalty and there aren't too many signs out there who are going to tell them otherwise. Except maybe a Capricorn, who is not particularly impressed by something like that, unless they have the assets and genealogy to back it up. "Royalty, ho-hum," yawns Cappy. "Show me your portfolio and I'll tell you how royal you are."  More than likely, the Goat will think of leonine pride as a royal pain in the butt.

Saturn, on the other hand, as one of the slightly outer planets, takes roughly 29 years to make one trip around the Sun.  You could build an empire in that amount of time and Cappy knows it. This time it's Leo who's entirely unimpressed. Leo likes nice things and is inclined to get them, one way or another. Leo doesn't have any problem using plastic to pay for something, not having the foggiest notion how he'll pay for it when the bill rolls in. This would put a Goat into apoplectic shock. 

There are a few things that they might agree upon. One is the importance of family. Both have a strong commitment in that area. Leos also tend to be very creative, part of that love they have for nice things, and Cappy admires creativity.  Any Goats with a creative streak definitely borrowed it from some other sign or planet than their own. So, if Leo behaves and isn't too frivolous, plus is an artist of some sort, this could also introduce the synergy mentioned initially. Likewise, Leo's outgoing personality and Fire sign sparkle that can cut the fog on a gloomy, winter day.

Nonetheless, this is yet another combination where I recommend a reasonably long engagement so you get past that initial fascination with one another and really know what you're getting into before tying the knot. Otherwise, the knot may be in your gut every morning when you look at each other over that cup of coffee. 

Repeat after me: LONG engagement. No less than a year. 

Trust me.

* * *

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--Timing is Everything--


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