The world's a crazy place these days.  Tornados, hurricanes, fires, psycho employees--who knows what's next?  If a disaster were to hit your town, which Sign do you think would be most useful?

In reality, each Sign has its own special place, just like they do in the world in general.  It simply depends on the circumstances and the particular stage of the emergency at hand.  Fire signs are great in the thick of things; Earth Signs keep their head and find practical solutions to immediate problems; Air Signs use logic and information to help bring order out of chaos; and Water Signs do exceptionally well counseling and comforting those affected.  In other words, there's room for everyone to lend a hand, with a few sign-specific ideas offered below.  Bear in mind that since an emergency typically involves the emotions, the characteristics noted would apply to those with either the Sun or Moon in that particular Sign.

* * *

Sign Typical Reaction to Emergency Situations

As a Cardinal Sign, Aries finds it easy to take charge and since they are frequently heroes by nature, they're in their element in an emergency of any kind.  They tend to be fearless and impulsive and make great rescue workers.  They'll volunteer to help, the sooner and more exciting the better, and display undaunted energy until the dust finally settles.  They'll be telling stories about their adventures for years to come.

As a Fixed Sign, Taurus is likely to be calm during the actual emergency.   While everyone else is running around in circles in a panic, they'll slowly and deliberately start cleaning up the mess.  They're likely to have their own idea about what needs to be done and not be particularly interested in what anyone else has to say about it.  They'll have their own opinion about the situation, which isn't going to change anytime soon, and be amazingly prepared themselves.  They probably even have a case of beer stashed for this very occasion in their tornado cellar.

These folks love information and new experiences so a disaster or emergency of any sort fills the bill.  If there’s too much excitement they can kind of go into apoplectic shock with their mind operating so fast that they can’t begin to grasp reality as a whole, but go flitting from one situation to another like a bee gathering pollen.  Nonetheless, their energy and ability to multiplex can be a great asset if properly directed or if they’re trained or prepared enough to know what to do.

It doesn’t take much for Cancers to slip into a nurturing mode, which is what they’ll do best in any emergency.  They’re sensitive and caring and have a knack for comforting those who are grieving a loss of any kind.  They do well working in shelters, listening to victims with a sympathetic ear, or generally taking charge of the people element, if required.  As another Cardinal Sign, they'll pitch right in without being asked and do whatever needs to be done to help those affected feel cared for.

Leos are natural leaders, so when a disaster or emergency arises they’re likely to step up to the plate and assume a significant role.  They’re not always the type to go digging through rubble, but they’ll take charge of a shelter or rescue operation in a confident, self-directed manner that gets the job done.  While they like the attention they receive for their efforts, they’re also very caring and considerate, especially of children, and often focus their efforts on helping them adjust to their new surroundings.

As natural organizers, Virgos are invaluable setting up the logistics of any rescue operation or shelter.  They function best behind the scenes and know how to work the details, including what to do with all those hungry cats and dogs who are eyeing each other suspiciously.  They’ll work for hours on end, doing much of the work themselves because they don’t trust anyone else to “do it right.”  They’re likely to be critical of those who are confused, in a daze, or emotionally distraught and just want to get everything settled and predictable once again.  Their home emergency kit is well-stocked, properly rotated for shelf-life of the contents and they'll be genuinely amazed that others weren't as prepared as they were in the first place.

These folks are diplomats and another Cardinal Sign which will take charge when required in a crisis.  They're nonjudgmental, which is a tremendous asset during an emergency, and will listen to all sides of the story with an open mind, which makes them great investigators if human error is involved.  They enjoy helping people and will more than likely make several life-long friends during any emergency situation.  They tend to have a calming affect on others and will have numerous good ideas for the recovery effort, which they're likely to volunteer to lead.

If death and destruction are involved, Scorpios are in their element.  They're calm, compassionate, and capable of enduring and handling even macabre situations that are unsettling to just about anyone else.  They may even feed off of destruction in a way that makes you think they’ve been waiting for this occurrence their entire life just for the opportunities it gives them to immerse themselves in such a transformational experience. 

The optimism for an ultimately positive outcome that a Sagittarius can bring to a crisis is invaluable.  When everyone else sees their cup as not only half empty but non-existent, the philosophical nature inherent in these folks can find something good about the entire situation as well as why it will result in a better future for all concerned.  They'll have plenty of energy and are also good working with insurance companies or legal venues where required.

Another Cardinal Sign, Capricorns are likewise one that can bring structure to a chaotic situation.  They contain their emotions well and while they don’t always have too much to say, they're good listeners and can provide comfort and directions to those who are confused or unsure what to do next.  They work well with the authorities and have a knack for quickly finding the person in charge for a given situation to get it resolved.

Group-oriented, altruistic Aquarius will gather like-minded individuals together to provide assistance of all kinds, whether it’s housing, food, or help filling out paperwork.  They also excel at breaking through red tape or other bureaucratic hassles and will put together fund-raisers in a heartbeat to help those in need.  When the dust has settled, they're also likely to work to make appropriate changes to avoid recurrence or, at the least, make it less severe next time.

Pisces is all about emotion and their strong intuitive powers give them heart-felt sympathy for those affected by a disaster or crisis of any kind.  They’ll be most effective working one on one with those who need a compassionate ear but are likely to be so deeply affected that they’ll have as hard or harder time recovering from the emotional shock of a disaster or crisis as the actual victims.  If they are one of the victims, they’re likely to have an almost self-satisfied martyr complex about it all.  They need to be careful that they don't internalize the entire experience such that they carry the scars for a long time.



--Timing is Everything--


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