Whobeda, a.k.a. Marcha Fox, has a bachelor's degree in physics from Utah State University and retired from NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas after a twenty-three year career in the aerospace industry. She worked with the space shuttle for most of her career in a variety of capacities ranging from engineer and technical writer to manager.  When the space shuttle, Columbia, crashed in 2003 she participated in the recovery efforts in East Texas where she helped find and identify shuttle hardware and sort it for return to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. 

She began studying astrology over twenty-five years ago with the intent of debunking it and instead became convinced of its credibility and astounded by its depth and accuracy.  She is a member of the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) and the National Council for Geo-cosmic Research (NCGR) as well as a graduate of and former instructor for the International Academy of Astrology (IAA).  The mother of six children,  grandmother of 17 and great-grandmother to two, she has had a statistically significant sampling of astrological test subjects within her close perusal for many years.  Much to the mortification of her offspring, some of these long-time observations are documented in her sign and compatibility write-ups.

As a physicist she is deeply aware that the most profound questions in the universe are yet unanswered.  When those answers are found, she believes that the truth and mechanism of astrology will be among them.  The great truths of science, religion and astrology, which were once united, have been separated too long and she looks forward to the day when they're once again reconciled as they were in the beginning.  It is her fondest desire to contribute to uncovering the scientific basis for spiritual phenomena such as astrology, intuition, telepathy, psychic insights and so forth.

Thanks to the wonder of the Internet, she has clients throughout the world including Argentina, Australia, Canada,  Columbia, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Bali, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, and coast to coast within the United States.  For those who are wondering about her sign, she is a Christmas baby making her a December Capricorn with a Virgo rising and Gemini Moon.  Your comments are always welcome at whobeda@ValkyrieAstrology.com

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