Those with a Scorpio Moon have an intensity about them that emanates like an electric field.  They may not be the most attractive person in the room, but you can tell there is something about them that is different and draws attention.  The term "animal magnetism" was probably invented just for them.  Remember that Scorpio is the Zodiacal 8th House which comprises sex, death and other people's money.  They're a Water Sign and thus ruled by emotion.  Since your Moon Sign rules your emotions, having a Scorpio Moon will be a handful.  Emotional reactions are immediate and visceral, often beyond complete control without significant practice.

Scorpio and its polar sign, Taurus, are among the strongest in the Zodiac.  They are not to be trifled with.  Those with this Moon placement will be strongly affected regardless of what their Sun Sign may be.  They will feel things with a depth and power unknown to more benign signs.  In emotionally laden situation, their reaction may be exceptionally strong and unexpected, depending on their Sun Sign.  Scorpio is ruled by Pluto which bestows instincts and talents in the occult, including psychic ability, particularly when aspected with Neptune.  A fascination with death is possible, a strong sexual nature likely. 

As far as money is concerned, they'll have no problem borrowing it and possibly taking their sweet time paying it back.  Like other Water Signs, Scorpio Moon people have a sense of entitlement than leaves Earth and Air Signs reeling.  Earth Signs have both feet on the ground and know intuitively that there is no free lunch and you have to work and subsequently pay for what you get.  Air Signs are likewise driven by logic and easily do the math.  For example, an Air Sign would recognize that the Lottery is a tax on people who are bad at math; a Water Sign would ignore that, knowing that someone is going to win and it may as well be them since they want it so very badly.

While Scorpios are very loyal to those they care about, they are not always very nice to others, kinda like The Godfather.  They can be ruthless and even cruel, particularly when defending what is theirs.  This placement can also instill a tremendous amount of ambition and anyone in their way is advised strongly to move.  A large amount of physical energy is also likely.  They will expect others to work just as hard and not tolerate laziness in coworkers, spouses or children.  A jealous streak is very common with a Scorpio Moon and it can be very easily activated.  They need to be aware of this tendency and work with those close to them to keep it within bounds.  They should avoid situations and substances that could diminish conscious control and lead them into trouble of one sort or another.  While they can display a temper if adequately provoked they generally can keep it controlled.  Scorpios will generally believe, "Don't get mad, get even  And trust me, get even they will.

Progressing into a Scorpio Moon Sign from Libra can be a significant shock if unexpected.  For no apparent reason, all that mellow, fair and well-balanced nature has vanished.  The sudden volatility will not only surprise the person but anyone close to them and they'll often wonder, wide-eyed, "Where did THAT come from?"  This Progression is a good time to engage in activities that require ambition and energy.  Go back to school, start a business, remodel your house, build a new one, take some giant steps up that career ladder.  Whatever you do, channel it in a positive way and use it to build up, not destroy, both of which are functions of Pluto.

* * *

How does this month shape up emotionally?  Find out with a Lunar Return report.


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