Astrology gets a lot of bad press.  Believers are often looked upon as superstitious idiots with the IQ of an avocado. Yet recent polls indicate that somewhere between 26 – 48% of Americans believe in it and even more read their horoscopes daily.  Okay, the USA is a trainwreck right now and that could explain a lot.  But the real question remains:

Does it work?

If you’re a skeptic I understand.  I remember how astrology was looked upon when I was studying physics in college. It had less credibility than myth or superstition and even less respect, yet somehow deserved over four pages of derision in an astronomy text that remains on my shelf to this day.  Of course what they failed to point out was that famous ASTRONOMERS such as Galileo, Kepler and Copernicus were ASTROLOGERS trying to predict the movement of the planets so they’d have more accurate data for their respective astrological practices. 

Come again?

Yes, that’s right.  They were all ASTROLOGERS, some of the greatest scientific minds in the history of man.  Every. Single. One.

But I digress.

I got into astrology because back in the 80s I was writing a novel and wanted maximum conflict between the hero (a physicist, of course) and his ex-wife.  What could be more annoying to a physicist than someone who was obsessed with astrology and always spouting things like “You Scorpios are so hopelessly obsessive?”  But the catch was I had to learn something about it so I could develop this particular character.  My initial research comprised reading Linda Goodman’s “Sun Signs” and “Love Signs.”  First I noticed how consistently most people fit their Sun Sign. Then out of curiosity I bought a computer generated natal reading advertised in a magazine.  I was astounded.  It was almost frightening.  And I became a believer.  The novel won a few bucks in a state contest but was never published.  Nonetheless, it served an important purpose by introducing me to astrology.

Okay, even as a physicist I can’t explain how it works, only that it does.  I’ve had numerous fascinating conversations regarding dark matter, dark energy, the Higgs Boson and various other physics theories that make astrology look like common sense.  I mean, seriously.  Quantum entanglement? More than one Universe?  Parallel dimensions?  Time travel?  Just because they can do the math they claim it’s possible. 

Really?  Why don’t they “do the math” for astrology? 

Ooops, I forgot.  They don’t believe in it.  IMHO the math is there, they just haven’t made the connection and our technology is not sufficiently advanced to detect its mechanism.  But it’s real, whether or not they choose to ignore it.  After all, Einstein’s theories of relativity have only been proven correct since technology became available to test them.  Writing a book on astrology in the context of modern science is on my to-do list.  I even gave a lecture on the subject at Breaking Down the Borders II, an online conference in 2012.

But again, I digress.  People with a Gemini Moon (like me) tend to do that.  A lot.

My point is that seeing it work was what converted me.  Empirical data to be sure, but data nonetheless.  Like they say, the truth of the pudding is in the eating.  It doesn’t matter HOW it works, only that it does.  Do you understand your iPhone?  Your DVD player? Cable much less satellite TV?  Probably not.  Does it make it less effective?  Of course not.

So my point it that you, too, can determine whether or not it works by giving it a try.  The number of people who are now believers and in some cases professional astrologers who started out as skeptics is surprising.  However, you may not be sure how to go about it.

What is it you’d like to find out using astrology?  Self-help or knowledge based on your personality or any of its quirks?  Relationship issues?  Why things are going so poorly for you right now?  Whether you’ll get the job you just interviewed for?  Whether moving would make things better?

Yes, astrology can provide answers to all of those questions, but not in one place.  So how do you figure out what you need?

Easy.  That’s why I wrote my “Definitive Guide to Astrological Reports.” 

And I think when you give it a try you’ll discover as I did that there is something about this ancient art that can benefit you greatly.

In it I explain the different types of report (yes, there are several, more than you ever imagined) and each one can help you in its own unique way.  I tell you what the report will cover and also what it won’t.  Unabridged samples of 11 reports described in the text are included so you can see first-hand what to expect as far as depth and detail are concerned.  If you already have an astrologer this information will help you communicate with him or her more effectively and provide discussion topics for future reports or readings.

There’s an odd sort of comfort in the realization that there’s order to the Universe.  It’s good to know that you were programmed at birth in a certain, unique way and your life is unfolding according to some cosmic plan.  It’s not rocket science to recognize there’s a reason if something is still around after a few thousand years.  Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up.

So if you’d like direction on what you can learn, how you can benefit or even how you interact with the location where you live, then you need my “Definitive Guide to Astrological Reports.”  Think of it as a consumer guide for those looking for life’s answers.  They’re there.  You just need to know where to find them.  And conveniently, all of the reports described and more are available through the store on this site.

Reviews greatly appreciated!  


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Marcha Fox's comprehensive guide to understanding astrological reports takes away any guesswork on what is best for any individual, no matter how little they may know about astrology. What she has done is incredibly necessary, for so many seekers would like to have more personal information, but the astrological language is so foreign. It's even a good reference book for anyone only wanting understanding as to what is what, and which is which in astrological terms. This is a MUST HAVE for every seeker!


5.0 out of 5 stars Get the inside skinny! April 2, 2014
Marcha Fox delivers a comprehensive report on astrological reports. This book includes not only a detailed section on the 20 or so computerized astrological profiles currently available, it breaks down what you can expect from each one. There's a wonderful diagram which lists issues or situations which may be causing anxiety and the chart which would be most relevant. The book also includes an extensive astrological dictionary, a section on how to find a real life astrologer, and examples of actual charts. With a myriad of options out there and only so many dollars, this book really helps sift through all the options.



Marcha Fox, a.k.a. Whobeda, is a professional astrologer with a bachelor’s degree in physics as well as a graduate of the International Academy of Astrology (IAA).  Since retiring from a 21 year career at NASA in a variety of positions including technical writer, engineer and manager she’s now a fulltime author and astrologer.  She's owner and proprietor of from which she serves clients throughout the world with both personalized readings and computerized reports.  She has taught for IAA, spoken at conferences and astrology groups and written numerous other ebooks on astrology including Whobeda's Guide to Basic Astrology, Asteroid Archetypes: A Primer, & Lilith: Dark Maid of the Sith, available in Kindle and pdf format as well as the science fiction Startrails series available in both Kindle and print copy on

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