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You've Been Warned. . .

Our ancestors didn't understand why eclipses happened, but their meaning was clear: The gods were not happy. Ancient Greeks figured out the mechanics sufficiently to predict their occurrence.

Why bother if they were meaningless?

The "Enlightenment" threw anything unproven in a laboratory based on 18th Century science out the window as "myth and superstition," such as astrology. If so, why did certain elite groups such as the Rosicrucians and Catholic Church continue to practice it? A devious move, perhaps, to keep this powerful tool out of the hands of the common man? Why else do they claim, "Millionaires don't use astrology but billionaires do?"

Ignoring the truth doesn't change the truth. The heavens still speak. The Holy Bible states the stars and planets were given "for times and for seasons." God hasn't changed and neither has His promise. Sadly, even churches no longer pay attention, but condemn astrology as "of the devil."

How can God's creations be from the devil? Who would say that other than the devil himself?

Biblical prophecies are corroborated by similar predictions from other religions and indigenous peoples. They're coming to pass at an astounding rate, though the dumbed-down masses remain oblivious to their importance.

The Great American Eclipse in 2017 was visible from coast to coast. Its symbolism indicates a country divided. In October 2023 another solar eclipse path crossed the country with another coming in April 2024 that will cross them both.

What did the October 2023 eclipse tell us? Its path paralleled the U.S. Southern Border. Did it implicate the immigration crisis?

What will the total eclipse on April 8, 2024 deliver? The paths of all three form two ominous "Xs" on the United States. Do these figurative crosshairs indicate God has had enough?

Discover how these "signs in the heavens" predict the downfall of the United States as physicist and professional astrologer, Marcha "Whobeda" Fox, interprets their symbolism alongside subsequent events.

Buckle up, America. You ain't see nothin' yet.

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