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1-01-2013 Taking action on a new idea or embracing a new paradigm are favored in spite of the fact it may necessitate some restructuring in various parts of your life and set you off on an entirely new path and direction.  Breaking free from the past including letting go of out-dated ideas is a fruitful but often difficult endeavor, though it will ultimately be worth it.  There's no better way to start a new year than leaving behind old baggage or something that has been holding you back.
1-02-2013 Committing to change at the emotional level, especially when you know it will be beneficial, is favored, even if it entails a few major challenges to make it so.  Sometimes old ideas die hard but letting go may be required in order to progress to a higher level of existence.  Most of us survived the 12/21/2012 debacle but the important thing is to recognize and act upon anything you learned from all the hype.  It still may be a rather unfriendly world out there but much (if not all) of what you encounter in life is what you attract so make this a year to think positive.
1-03-2013 Letting go of that old belief or mindset may not be as easy as you'd hoped.  This is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak, where you really decide what you want versus what you may need to give up in order to get it.  The bottom line is if your life isn't where or what you want it to be then something has to change.  Period.  Not to sound like a broken record (an analogy that probably doesn't even make sense to anyone under 40) but if you keep on doin' what you've always done, you'll keep on gettin' what you've always got.
1-04-2013 An unexpected emotional blast from the past is possible today to which you may overreact.  Take a few deep breaths and think hard about any action that you may live to regret.  The aftertaste of revenge is often not as sweet as the initial blast.  It will probably take some effort but communicating in a sensible, somewhat detached way is probably a good idea if you can keep your head on straight and be as fair as possible.  If that ain't gonna happen, then go vent on someone you can trust and let it go.
1-05-2013 Thoughts regarding your ambitions, past or present, are likely to call for action today and a possible course change to take control of this part of your life.  This motivation could come from a variety of sources but something is likely to get you fired up with ideas or the ambition to take care of business, whatever it may be.  It could simply be a clash with your existing boss which gets you angry enough to finally look for something else or perhaps some other event or situation that helps you decide enough is enough if you aren't pleased with the status quo.
1-06-2013 More motivation to take charge and head in a different direction is possible today along with the potential for an opportunity from someone you respect, perhaps an older person, mentor, or former boss, maybe even an existing one.  There's quite a bit going on that you're not going to ignore but will probably take action on.  It will probably take some effort on your part to make it work but looks like it's worth checking out at least.
1-07-2013 Taking action on a new idea, especially one that takes you in an entirely different direction, is still favored, even though it's going to require a bit of effort on your part to make a go of it.  Something from the past may be holding you back which you'll have to break away from first.  Other obstacles, such as naysayers, are also likely whether it's a bank saying no to a loan or an older person thinking you're crazy.  The trick is to get this person on your side by listening politely to their advice and picking their brain for additional ideas which could be more helpful than you'd expect.
1-08-2013 That transformational change of direction is fading, hopefully into a new course of action based on a new belief or sense of confidence in yourself as an individual.  Whatever you're here to do only you can accomplish and at times it feels as if there are too many obstacles to overcome or effort needed.  If nothing else, recognize what you accomplished this past year, some way in which you're better off or smarter than a year ago.  Then make up your mind to improve on that, even in a small way.  Taking control is still favored so remember if you don't use that energy it will use you, perhaps in some way you won't like.
1-09-2013 Learning from the past and doing something differently than before may not be as easy as you thought at first.  One thing to consider in trying to figure out why is how authentic you are.  Are you hiding behind facades or beliefs that really don't represent who you really are?  Do you feel as if you're simply playing a role as opposed to being who you want and doing what's in your heart?  What secret ambition, probably one you've had since childhood, are you suppressing?
1-10-2013 A surprise of some description is all but inevitable today and likely to get in the way of something you want to accomplish.  This could be as simple as discovering your driver's license expired so can't renew it online or discovering some dirty little secret you can't do a thing about, at least without paying a significant price.  Nonetheless, if you have any friends in high places they may be able to render some assistance, even if it's no more than some sage advice that takes you in a different direction.  On the positive side, it's a good day for changing your opinion on something or looking for love in some of the right places.
1-11-2013 New Moon today as described in your sign's monthly horoscope.  There's a lot of energy in ambitious Capricorn for this one which can help you get organized and go after something you want, especially anything that represents an entirely new start or past ambition you may have previously given up on.  As always there are some obstacles to deal with but having the right mindset is the key to overcoming them.  This includes letting go of any old baggage holding you back as well.  If your confidence needs a boost, get a hold of some good motivational material such as that offered by Mike Dooley or Robert Anthony (and I wish I were being paid to tell you that!)
1-12-2013 Clashes with authority figures are still a possibility which could come as a surprise so the obvious action to take on that one is make sure you obey the traffic laws.  Unexpected insights are likely which have an affect on your general outlook as they clash with old view of things.  Taking action will still meet with obstacles but that should improve a few days hence.  You may find yourself daydreaming a lot today which is fine as long as you're not driving at the time.
1-13-2013 An unexpected situation related to love or money is possible today but it can probably be taken care of by using sound information, logic and being at least a little philosophical.  You will probably change direction in some way as a result, but look for the hidden lesson in it all.  The most difficult thing most people have to deal with in this life is relationships and unfortunately neither you or anyone else comes with an instruction manual.  Astrology can provide a close second, however.
1-14-2013 It's time to break away from something or someone in your past, change your expectations with regard to love and/or money, and start to rebuild, even if it's from the ground up.  If this is difficult, which is likely given that Pisces Moon, at least try to approach it with a modicum of logic regarding what you have to gain from the status quo.  A whole, new attitude for a relatively new year may be exactly what you need.  Capische?
1-15-2013 Seeing something clearly for the first time could occur in a flash like the proverbial lightning bolt today.  Taking action may not be easy since you may not know exactly where to go from here and inspiration could be illusive.  A hard look at your sense of security in all its forms is called for along with a plan for how to achieve it in this rather unstable world we're all occupying at this time.  It's time to think differently and act differently than you have in the past.  Have you figured it out yet?
1-16-2013 The conjunction of Venus and Pluto is exact today which is likely to unearth something that needs attention.  Insights and inspiration can help you understand the situation and figure out any action you should take, perhaps only on the mental or emotional level, to resolve it.  Often such situations don't require actually talking to the other person, who in some cases may be unavailable, either because you're no longer talking to him or her or perhaps because they've died.  Nonetheless, this is a time for shedding baggage which can lighten your load considerably.  This may not be about a relationship but could also relate to your finances or any number of things which involve getting rid of something you no longer need.
1-17-2013 Opportunities are out there in a variety of places, some which may surprise you, but they may get somewhat lost in the challenges, which may also surprise you.  Echoes from the past continue to reverberate and demand action and change which is probably not easy.  Remember that thoughts become things so the first thing you need to do is think it through, adjust your attitude accordingly and then you'll eventually know what to do.
1-18-2013 You could encounter a variety of conflicts today which will push any opportunities off your radar as your head and heart argue over what to do and the potential for deception, delusions and a general sense of being in the fog begins to close in which will be in effect for a fairly long time, unfortunately.  If you started the New Year with a "bang" as far as your ambition is concerned it is likely to start to fade rather rapidly as obstacles arrive.  This is definitely a time to think outside the proverbial box and approach things in a different way.
1-19-2013 Things have improved a bit since yesterday but there are still some obstacles which need to be overcome.  A close examination of your core beliefs is one consideration.  Times have changed and maybe it's time your philosophy of life did, too.  Being too idealistic can be as detrimental as being too pessimistic.  Strive for something in the middle while maintaining optimism.  Breaking away from the past is still on the agenda and perhaps more difficult than ever.  While you're considering your philosophy of life also think about what you have to gain by clinging to something the probably didn't work.
1-20-2013 The Sun goes into Aquarius today but is unrelated to the general mental fog which is likely to persist for a while so don't trust the accuracy of every thought or bit of information that comes along.  The idea itself may be a good one but make sure you fully understand and apply it properly.  Anything pretty far out is going to take a significant amount of effort to make reality so bear that in mind if nothing else.  All that aside, this is a favorable time to break from old paradigms and develop a new worldview.  One more thing to watch for, if you don't get your way there's a chance you might encounter a temper tantrum, either your own or someone else's. 
1-21-2013 Things just improved quite a bit, even though there are still a few challenges out there.  Nonetheless, there is significant hope for cutting through that fog and finding something really good on the opposite side.  Opportunities to break away from anything holding your back are there if you turn on the logic and determination to take action rather than sitting in whatever it is that has you stuck.  Calling in favors from past mentors or bosses is one possibility and inspiration is there as well but you may have to find a quiet place for undisturbed meditation to access it.  (No, I don't think a pitcher of margaritas will have the same effect.  Sorry.)
1-22-2013 Those opportunities are still out there so if you haven't found them yet, keep looking.  Mitigating misunderstandings and cutting through the fog are favored, even though you may not like what you find.  The power to unearth something and rebuild it are particularly favored not only today but for a while to come with Pluto and Saturn in mutual reception as well as forming a sextile.  If there is something that requires some leverage against unexpected change this can provide some cosmic energy to help things along.  Venus is free-wheeling out there right now which could have interesting implications for love or money.
1-23-2013 Communicating with your boss or other people in authority may present some challenges.  No matter how much you have going for your point of view in the way of logic and data you may come across as a bit aggressive or even rebellious and thus meet with simple push-back resistance.  There are times when all the logic in the world makes no difference if someone has the attitude, "My mind is already made up. Don't confuse me with the facts."  Don't give up, however, even if today turns out to be a bust.  Truth will eventually stand.  Unfortunately, as many scientists have found who have new, groundbreaking ideas, that progress may only come as their opposition dies off.  Meanwhile you might want to hang out with more like-minded people.
1-24-2013 All sorts of stuff going on today as the Moon moves through Cancer.  As most of you probably know the Moon rules function and triggers events so watch for various things to happen today which have been brewing beneath the surface.  New may necessitate a new direction that will require restructuring a few things.  Information should be fairly easy to access, however, but the usual admonition to trust but verify remains.  Expanding your individuality is a positive way is favored.  Authenticity in who and what you are is emphasized.
1-25-2013 Finding balance in family or relationship issues between practicality and emotion may be an issue today.  The majority may be overruled today but that doesn't mean you have to change your own view of things.  Breaking away from old paradigms remains on the agenda with a variety of helpful insights available that may go against the grain.  Take the time to think things through from all perspectives to gain understanding even if when you're done you don't agree.
1-26-2013 Full Moon today as described in your sign's monthly horoscope on this website.  Remember that a Full Moon typically brings an ending, culmination or shift to a new phase.  This one hints at confronting something favored by the majority that is contrary to your personal interests with a stone wall of sorts between the two.  In other words, look for an obstacle which relates to the necessity of breaking away from past while learning from it at the same time.  Finding unique viewpoints and solutions are favored which can show you the way to meet any challenges. 
1-27-2013 Conflicts of an emotional nature are still possible and may relate to responsibility or the need to do things differently than in the past.  I know hearing that again is probably pretty boring but that is what's out there and of course making major changes usually don't happen overnight.  This is an excellent day to give some thought to what your opinion and attitude really is.  Goofing things up is part of the human condition but there is always something to be learned from your mistakes so you can do better in the future.  Figuring out how you can do exactly that is probably the one thing you can accomplish today even though it may be a case of no pain, no gain.
1-28-2013 Conflict is still somewhat likely, particularly if someone is really set in getting their own way.  If that someone happens to be you the first thing you need to do is give your demands a reality check.  Then decide if it's worth a fight, given you may be acting in an unreasonable manner.  After that give some thought to why you may have wanted whatever it was in the first place since it might have deep and persistent roots which means it'll come back like a noxious weed in the petunia patch.  Having an "Aha!" moment may answer a few questions but letting go may not be easy.  If that's the case don't worry, now that it's been identified you at least know what you need to work on.
1-29-2013 If you come up against a figurative roadblock today don't panic because it's likely to simply indicate you need to make a few adjustments to your current course.  It can actually point the way to some serious opportunities, so look around and see what your other options are.  They are likely to require some effort, but in the long haul will be worth it.  Getting organized is essential, so don't think you can get there without doing so, like it or not.
1-30-2013 This could be a day when a surprising confrontation with someone in authority who is likely to be on a power trip occurs in one form or another.  This may be a time to remember that "you can't fight city hall" and not exacerbate the situation with undue resistance.  A philosophical approach, but not to the point of being too idealistic, may help mediate the situation unless you have a favor out there you could call in.  Attention to detail is important as well or may miss something that could help your situation.
1-31-2013 A blast from the past may erupt today with your best recourse that of a philosophical, fact-based attitude.  Delusions, especially those of your own making via imagination, are particularly to be avoided.  Remember the best way to scale a brick wall is to go over or around, not through it, regardless of how hard your head happens to be.  Your friends may have a detrimental effect on your wallet today but alternatives and comprises may find a solution everyone can accept.
2-01-2013 If you're hanging onto any inaccurate opinions or attitudes this would be a good time to take a close, objective look and let them go, as appropriate.  Clinging to old, outmoded beliefs is often self-defeating and may sometimes create unpleasant situations where you are forced to acquiesce.  That Libra Moon should help you see both sides as well as that Aquarius Mercury which can open you up to being more logical and opening minded about whatever the situation may be.  Venus and Mars are both a sneeze away from changing signs, so expect the male - female dynamic to shift energies in the next day or so.
2-02-2013 Unexpected information could clarify a misperception related to love or money.  It's hard to say whether it will be good news or bad but has the potential to cause some friction.  If there is something about your life that you need to change now is a reasonably good time to do so.  There is a free flow of energy that relates to taking control and putting together a plan for change so put it to good use before it reverses later this month and send you back to the drawing board.
2-03-2013 You head and heart may disagree today, perhaps about something related to the past that you really need to let go or get rid of.  Following one of your dreams is possible but is going to take a bit of effort to achieve.  Ideas and opinions may be a bit delusional these days even if they seem good at the time, especially those that may come under discussion while hanging out with friends.  Something may sound appealing, new and exciting when in reality it's not, only the product of jovial energy perhaps mixed with a few too many adult beverages.  Maybe your best bet is to volunteer up front to be the designated driver.
2-04-2013 A few conflicts are likely today, perhaps simply differences of opinion, but that usually doesn't end well if one of them is an authority figure and that person isn't you.  Tact is advised.  As they say, when you find yourself in a hole the first thing to do is stop digging.  There are some favorable things out there mixed in, however, with getting together with friends in a spontaneous manner one possibility and some intellectual stimulation interacting with some unconventional individuals another.  These should help smooth over any of the bumps in the road so you can end the day on a pleasant note.  You might want to avoid the usual verboten topics, however, to be sure.
2-05-2013 Today should be less stressful than yesterday except for the possibility for some confusion.  This would be particularly in the "not good" category for driving, especially if you happen to have bad weather wherever you are.  Be sure to plan for everything to take a little longer, people to have more of the "deer in the headlights" look than usual, and the potential for something to come out of the blue, whether it's a hair-brain opinion or someone running a stop sign.  On the positive side, a few pleasant surprises related to love or money are possible.
2-06-2013 Misunderstandings and arguments are fairly likely today and they're likely to involve something near and dear to you, in other words your beliefs.  Most people have walls topped with razor wire built up around their philosophy of life which are virtually impossible to scale.  Being defensive is usually the initial reaction.  Getting past that with logic is about as likely as getting the proverbial tiger to change its stripes.  The best thing you can do is value the person if not their opinion and listen with compassion, hoping they'll do you the same favor.  And if you're sincere, you may actually learn something new.
2-07-2013 Be aware of that stellium in Pisces which will have even more planets in attendance by the end of the month.  It's an excellent time for daydreaming, inspiration and enlightenment, learning to meditate or taking a yoga class.  It's not so great for making informed decisions, logical thinking or organization.  Watch your budget as well as your heart, especially today, because the temptation to go after something you want is likely to be strong but may not be based on sound reasoning.
2-08-2013 No telling what could happen today but it's bound to be interesting.  An unexpected or exceptionally weird conversation or argument could get blown all out of proportion yet somehow manage to come out reasonably well.  Trying to communicate in any fashion could be very messed up, confusing, emotional or way too much information.  Delusion and exaggeration just somehow seem to be inevitable in one form or another.  There's also the chance that it won't even be real per se, but encountered in the form of entertainment.  Watch for it, though, because it will be there somewhere, maybe even in your dreams.
2-09-2013 It's still a mixed bag out there with a new cycle getting ready to start tomorrow with the New Moon.  Thus, it could be a busy day tying things up and buttoning them down from events the past few days.  Mars and Mercury are still traveling together in the same degree which would ordinarily bring direct and potentially slightly aggressive communications but with them in Pisces it may be more like a shipwreck.  Your friends may not have a favorable influence on you currently but may tend to take you away from fulfilling your responsibilities.  This is not necessarily a bad thing but beware of spinning tales to cover whichever side you choose to ignore.
2-10-2013 New Moon today in Aquarius as described in your sign's monthly horoscope.  Communications could be difficult with misunderstandings, impatience and general confusion all over the place which could result in hurt feelings as well.  Bear this in mind if you are talking to a child, student, employee or other subordinate because you may not get the results you were looking for from the conversation.  Taking responsibility is favored but make sure you understand what you're taking on.  In other words, reread the 2nd sentence again.
2-11-2013 You may afloat today with all the energy in Pisces.  You may not be able to stay focused, feel much motivation much less energy, or understand much less care what is going on around you.  If you are feeling on top of things, bear in mind that others probably are not.  Especially be careful driving during this time when being somewhat distracted is highly likely.  If your Sun is in a mutable Sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) you will be hit the hardest by this Piscean Parade so bear that in mind if you need to make any important decisions.
2-12-2013 With Mars and Chiron in conjunction today take a bit of extra care for your personal safety since that combination may not be too favorable.  That is particularly the case with them both in Pisces where delusions and illusions tend to operate on steroids.  You may think that paying your bills on time is an option but it's highly likely you will be alone in that assessment.  If applicable, take the initiative to discuss old unresolved issues with someone who may be able to do something about them.  Cleaning out the garage or attic, literally or figuratively, tend to feel extremely liberating.
2-13-2013 Continue to be cautious today in word and deed or you may have to pay the price.  On the positive side, resolving an old issue that caused your emotional issues is favored by discussing the matter with someone older or at least wiser.  Make sure you have your facts straight in expressing your opinion or you may come out of it with your credibility in shreds.  Responsibilities continue to get in the way of love and money so deal with them with as much understanding as possible.
2-14-2013 Happy Valentine's Day!  If you are celebrating this particular holiday you should probably steer away from the usual verboten subjects of politics and religion since misunderstandings and excessive reactions to defending your beliefs are a bit strong.  Various obstacles to romance in the form of work or money are also likely so plan accordingly.  Reminders of people from your past may take you by surprise but put it into the context of understanding you have now that you didn't have then and you may be able to let a few things go.  Most people carry enough extra weight these days without adding to it with old baggage.
2-15-2013 Three malefic planets are in cahoots today which may or may not be a good thing.  The thing is that even soft aspects can turn on you when you're dealing with Mars, Pluto and Saturn.  On the positive side, it's good for dealing with an old issue that could involve some species of authority figure such as your boss or parent.  Mars may be a bit foggy or unrealistic in Pisces, so the implications are that you may be delusional in any action, but with a bit of luck the results should be okay, especially if you utilize a designated driver.  Embracing rebellious philosophies has a few things going for it, but make sure they're not too idealistic or even delusional.
2-16-2013 The opportunity to get something done, perhaps even of a spiritual nature as opposed to physical, continues along with a brief chance to get in touch with your emotions.  In addition, starting on a new endeavor in pursuit of your dreams could draw from that sextile and mutual reception between Pluto and Saturn for the passion and organization required to make it work. Overestimating what you can accomplish is a possibility, however, which could bring a few surprises.  For example, a sudden influx of ideas or information could turn out to be in the "TMI" category and leave you running in circles, but that can be managed as well with sufficient discipline.
2-17-2013 Your head and heart may be squared-off today or simply be unable to reach agreement.  Some of this could relate to having too much data to deal with which you can't successfully sort into logical sequence.  An intuitive flash could possibly bail you out so don't discount unorthodox solutions.  Sometimes you CAN have your cake and eat it, too.  Taking action on a vision which could lack any substance other than wishful thinking could find a pathway today which just may look oddly familiar.
2-18-2013 The Sun enters Pisces today, increasing that sign's energy even more.  You may encounter some interesting information which has an important and possibly surprising impact in some manner.  Saturn stations retrograde for his annual trek backwards which always tends to slow things down a bit.  Delays and limitations are typically emphasized during this time, making it more difficult to make forward progress.  More details on what you might want to watch for are covered in your sign's monthly horoscope.
2-19-2013 That Pisces Parade may feel like cosmic valium these days with your motivation somewhere off in Lalaland.  It's inevitable that something in your chart is being aspected by one of the planets in that sign which tends to sap your motivation, concentration and ambition generally. If you can't get it together to act on something new see if you can garner enough energy and interest to rework your intent or plans to see if you can improve them in some way.  Anything that involves dealing with something from the past, hidden issues, power trips or control is likely to stall and require a new approach now that Saturn is retrograde so don't be surprised if you encounter a few walls.
2-20-2013 The Sun and Neptune are conjunct today which will give that Piscean energy a considerable boost.  How this affects you will depend on if, how and where it hits your chart.  On the positive side it could be some serious inspiration, on the negative side a giant delusion.  Since I can't possibly know which it will be for everyone out there, be aware of the possibility and scrutinize anything suspicious.  Bear in mind that Mercury goes retrograde in a few days which will confuse things even more.  Logic is in short supply lately but sometimes going with your intuition and gut feeling is your best bet, anyway.
2-21-2013 If you have a dream you want to take action on take a look at your existing plan as objectively as possible and look for ways to improve it.  Draw from experience, both your own and any others with a good success rate, so that you're not reinventing the wheel and wasting time with fruitless efforts.  Saturn retrograde will slow things down a bit but sometimes a slower pace is more conducive to steady progress than fits and starts.  Furthermore, Mercury goes retrograde in two days which is a favorable time for reviewing and re-planning, also, but not so great for new endeavors.
2-22-2013 The possibility of a flood of TMI causing confusion is stronger than ever and likely to get worse before it gets better.  Going back to basics is favored, even if it's simply to decide the main objective of what you want to accomplish.  Could be you're barking up the wrong tree.  A friendship could change direction or you may simply find a new appreciation for those around you, which reminds me of the lyrics of a campfire song that went "Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver and the other is gold."  Considering what those metals are worth these days, you need to treat your friends accordingly.
2-23-2013 Mercury stations retrograde today which could throw a glitch in everything from conversations to internet performance.  This is a time when resistance is truly futile as it tends to be when it's you versus a planet.  Remember that this is the time to rewrite, rethink, reconsider, repair, redesign and "re" just about everything as opposed to starting a new project.  Getting your way today simply isn't likely to go the way you'd like and could result in a temper tantrum of sorts.  Just be aware that if you indulge in that kind of behavior it may splash on the wrong people.
2-24-2013 Relationship conflicts are possible, particularly if one of you is being just a wee bit selfish or self-centered.  You may also encounter this if you get together with friends where one person is trying to get everything his/her way.  If your beliefs or expectations are too idealistic you're likely to encounter information to that effect along with an opportunity to change them to a more reasonable outlook.  It's never too late to change your point of view or attitude.
2-25-2013 Full Moon today in Virgo as described in the monthly horo for your sign.  This one comes with some very interesting energy which is likely to stir up something.  Remember that you can change the past simply by changing your attitude toward it.  Inspirational energy abounds these days for gathering new insights and compassion toward those who may have hurt you at one time or another.  Finding balance between being critical versus compassionate can possibly be achieved by examining the relevant facts.  They're out there if you want them but you may be in for a surprise.
2-26-2013 Venus enters Pisces today, sign of her exaltation, adding to the entourage swimming their way through the 12th sign of the zodiac.  Count them:  Venus, Neptune, Sun, Mercury, Mars and the asteroid, Chiron.  That covers just about everything from soup to nuts, leaving us earthlings (and anyone else who may be on this planet) saturated with the domain of the fishies.  Dreamy, unmotivated vibes are everywhere with it unlikely anyone feels much like doing anything other than relaxing, indulging in some form of fantasyland or possibly drawn more than usual to your favorite adult beverage, which is probably a bad idea given that you can probably feel inebriated from the cosmic energy alone.  This is a great time for meditation, contemplation, charitable service, and spiritual pursuits.  Enjoy it while it lasts.
2-27-2013 Relationship surprises are possible today, perhaps due to information surfacing related to something from the past.  Not to worry, however, because there are some helpful vibes out there to take care of the matter once and for all, even though it will probably result in a few adjustments.  Mercury retrograde is an excellent time to rethink something and retrograde Saturn is also about restructuring.  Just because something in the past didn't work out doesn't mean that a few tweaks can't change that for the future.  If nothing else, taking out the trash either literally or figuratively tends to be a good thing to do.
2-28-2013 Rethinking old relationship issues and/or discussing them with the relevant party remain favored today as the Moon continues through Libra.  While you may not like everything that comes out, hiding from the truth seldom is a good thing in the long run.  Accepting and resolving past problems and mistakes, regardless of who's at fault, are required steps to healing and getting over them so you can move on as opposed to burying them which typically means they will come back to bite you or even repeat until you figure it out.
3-01-2013 It may be easy to get your feelings hurt today, perhaps due to a disappointment that results from unrealistic expectations.  Realism is difficult these days but is nonetheless a rather large part of the world we live in.  The most important and perhaps difficult part will be to recognize you weren't seeing things clearly and let it go rather than hang onto it.  There are some helpful vibes out there, however, to do just that if you maintain a charitable attitude to the offending party and recognize that you've honked things up yourself from time to time.
3-02-2013 Rethinking and resolving a past issue is worth considering today, perhaps due to an unexpected reminder of what it's costing you not to do so.  Confusion or perhaps even outright self-deception could be at the root, the price of which may be higher than you really want to pay.  Revenge may be sweet, but like sugar is often detrimental to your mental, spiritual and often physical health.
3-03-2013 All those planets in Pisces should be helping you to chill out a bit, perhaps because your get up and go got up and went, leaving you with as much ambition as a garden slug.  That energy can come across as compassion, which can be a good thing generally, but be on the lookout for anyone who may be trying to take advantage of you as well with an artificial sob story.  Finding the facts these days may be a bit difficult and even your instincts could be less astute than usual.  With Mercury on vacation, doing the backstroke somewhere off in the Bahamas or South Pacific, making major decisions, especially those that could impact your wallet, may still not be a real good idea.
3-04-2013 If you feel inclined to pull range or act snooty in any way give it serious thought with regard to backlash.  If you don't have your facts straight you could label yourself in a very negative way which will be difficult to reverse.  This applies whether you are a grunt or a CEO, both of which are quite capable of goofing up when they come off as a know-it-all.  As they say, it's better to appear a fool by remaining quiet than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
3-05-2013 This is a favorable time to work out any relationship issues which have caused disappointment or hurt feelings in the past.  Broaching the subject could bring out a flood of information that is mind-boggling, but discovering what the other person has going on in his or her head can be important if you really want to understand what caused problems in the past.  This is especially true if you or the other person isn't very good at expressing themselves.  The cosmos is behind you today in getting it out on the table for discussion and finding a resolution that is satisfactory to all concerned.
3-06-3013 You could run into someone or something from your past today or be reminded in some way.  If it still bothers you then take a few deep breaths and take another look from a different perspective.  As they say, it usually "takes two" to mess things up.  If either of you were perfect it wouldn't have happened, n'est-ce pas?  Examine your attitude and expectations for ways in which you may have contributed to the situation, make a few conscious changes to your point of view and a then, if at all possible, forgive both yourself and the other party, letting it go once and for all so that it doesn't have the power to bother you again.  Now.  Doesn't that feel better?
3-07-2013 Revisiting past issues continues to be favored, provided logic isn't required to resolve it, in which case, forget it.  Clear communications are definitely not likely, at least of the mental variety, but emotional, intuitive or the "gut feeling" variety are enhanced.  This could be a favorable time to draw from your subconscious for answers that have be elusive otherwise.  Too many ideas or theories can be more confusing that ever if you try to sort them all out with your head so use your heart and go with your feelings.
3-08-2013 No matter how hard to try to think clearly there is likely to be some significant challenges.  The brain fog continues with no hope for improvement for at least another week and now your emotions are trying to pick up the slack.  It's possible to detach yourself emotionally and look at things with some degree of logic but processing the information to a logical conclusion may still be lost in space.  Yes, this is getting old, and if these astrocasts make less sense than usual it's because astrologers are likewise affected by this cosmic soup.
3-09-2013 Confusion and deception are slightly improved but going with your instincts and heart are still favored.  This is an excellent time to learn to gather data with sense other than the usual five senses.  Getting in touch with your subconscious is easier these days, making it favorable for meditation and spiritual pursuits.  Not everything can be answered with logic, so take advantage of this time to access parts of your psyche usually kept at bay by your brain.
3-10-2013 The Moon has joined the Plethora of Pisces Planets Parade, as if it wasn't intense enough already.  You'll be happy to know that in a few days they will gradually begin to exit with Mercury to station direct in a week, which should improve things somewhat, or at least diminish the cosmic fog to some degree.  Being overwhelmed, confused, or not being able to comprehend incoming information is particularly likely.  The probability of misunderstanding something or somewhat is extremely high today so if you feel like a space cadet rest assured that you're in good company.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
3-11-2013 New Moon today as described in your sign's monthly horo.  This will give a significant burst of energy to everything already attending the Piscean Convention in the zodiacal 12th house.  On the mundane scene it looks as an avalanche of information may expose some of the power grabs in progress these days.  Remember that the 12th house includes spirituality, enlightenment, inspiration, dreams, visions, institutions, seclusion, confinement, hidden enemies and self-undoing which suggests that these matters are essentially on steroids these days.  Use it to your advantage and also watch your back, just in case.
3-12-2013 That Piscean entourage is gradually diminishing as Mars and the Moon enter Aries.  However, you aren't out of the woods yet.  Unexpected misunderstandings perhaps due to refusing to face reality are possible and could cause some power trips.  If you tick off the wrong person, in other words, they may elevate it and bring unexpected trouble.  Not paying attention to details is another stumbling block out there and could be a snare set by those at the top, so continue to watch your back.  It doesn't do much good to sit around singing "Koombayah" if there are lions in the brush eyeing you for dinner.
3-13-2013 Confusion still predominates, particularly with regard to information related to philosophical issues.  Of course it's a target-rich environment out there these days with it hard to tell who's telling the truth and who isn't.  Rethinking your own position certainly won't hurt as you attempt to sort out not only your own position but how to deal with some of the others.  Now that Mars is in Aries he's rarin' to go, but having a clear picture of exactly where that is will probably not happen until at least March 17 when Mercury goes direct.  Sorry.
3-14-2013 It's likely you will change your mind today about something that springs up from the past, possibly a matter or situation you thought you understood but didn't with clarity coming from someone you look up to.  This is one of the things Mercury RX is good for, rethinking and revising, especially with Mercury in a Mutable sign which happens to be the antithesis of logic.  That Planetary Convention in Pisces has been quite a trip with the important part to get something positive out of it in the way of insights or inspiration. 
3-15-2013 Ah, the Ides of March are upon us though we have clearly been slogging through the cosmic swamp for a few weeks now.  Mars is now liberated and in cahoots with Neptune to take action on one of your dreams.  Both planets are in dignity, making this energy strong.  HOWEVER, before acting on it make sure you do so in a sensible way, balancing these two influences which can tend to be impulsive (Mars) and delusional (Neptune) which would clearly not yield what you were hoping for.  Clear thinking is not out there yet and processing what could be too much information is more likely to result in a brainfart than viable plan, suggesting the cosmic soup these days is actually some form of chili.
3-16-2013 At long last Mercury is applying the brakes and preparing to go direct.  That, alone, is cause for celebration, regardless of anything else going on out there.  For those unfortunate souls who have a planet around the stationing degree you may, likewise, feel as if the brakes are on.  If so, consider what message was in this for you.  You can hire me to tell you if you like, but if you give it some thought and ponder what you're feeling you can probably figure out what you're supposed to rethink, reconsider, re-plan or redo.  I, for one, have five planets in the same degree as something in my natal chart so expect something of note to occur.  If you don't hear from me again I was either kidnapped by ancient aliens in a flying saucer or won the lotto.
3-17-2013 Mercury stations direct today which should be a tremendous relief, but bear in mind that he is in the sign of his debility AND fall so the improvement may not be too stellar.  Confusion still reigns but at least now the end is in sight, at least to some degree.  The sudden impulse to take action on some information is possible but that information is highly likely to be messed up in some way or another to be sure to check your sources and math, as applicable.  Remember, also, that there's a yod a.k.a. Finger of God out there that is trying to push you in a slightly different direction, perhaps based on that same information.  The trick is to do appropriate research and consult with someone who knows what's really going on.
3-18-2013 If you're inundated with choices and don't know which way to go can should be able to tune into some inspiration for an action plan that won't necessarily be easy but should be viable.  Expanding your view of the world based on incoming data is a general theme out there, particularly by questioning old paradigms and breaking away from anything that proves inaccurate or simply not working as expected.
3-19-2013 Getting much done may be a challenge for at least part of the day until the Moon slips into her home sign of Cancer while the Sun teeters on the edge of Aries and will begin the new astrological year by tomorrow.  Pay attention to the shift in energy and how it affects you for future reference.  We're gradually coming out of the fog and into the light of day so keep your running shoes handy and watch and/or listen for the "go" signal.
3-20-2013 Uh oh, The Moon is up to no good today with it highly likely something from you past could come back and bite you.  Be that as it may, there's a good communications flow there to help even though it will be saturated with emotion.  That, of course, is not always a bad thing and certainly better than keeping it all bottled up, unless, or perhaps especially, if you're given to breaking things when you get upset. The Sun is now in Aries, changing the energy to one that may or may not be more tolerable, depending on your native sign. 

If you're inclined to have a temper you may have to keep it under wraps today, particularly if someone mouths off about something they know nothing about.  Try not to take it personally and if possible educate the person without blowing a fuse.  Remember that we've all been in a general state of confusion lately and it could be no more than an honest mistake or misunderstanding.  It's also person that the person simply has the intelligence of an avocado but that really isn't for you to judge anyway.

3-22-2013 Energy and drive is picking up in such a way that it's time to start thinking about what the lessons of this past Mercury retrograde were and how to apply them to you life.  Look for significant events that gave you pause, odd situations or events, and anything else out of the ordinary for clues.  Creativity and innovation are increased and moving forward on any inspiration is favored and taking the needed steps to bring it into reality.
3-23-2013 Opportunities are gathering that support your dreams and visions for the future with taking action possible, even though it will probably require a fair amount of work and planning on your part to bring to fruition.  A few adjustments and course changes are likely to be required so maintain an open mind.  If you feel as if you're overwhelmed and can't see clearly which way to go you're not alone.  Jupiter in Gemini is like upending a 1000 piece puzzle on the floor and wondering what the big picture will be.  That will be there for a while so just take it one piece at a time until the picture starts to take shape.
3-24-2013 Maintain balance between logic and insights when considering your various options and bringing them into focus so you can take appropriate action.  Unexpected information from the past could complicate matters, but if you maintain some flexibility you will figure out what adjustments is required.  An expert opinion may help sort things out so if you're totally lost or confused don't hesitate to ask someone with more experience in whatever you're pursuing.
3-25-2013 Decision making could be difficult today where the options are entirely overwhelming.  One solution could be to talk to someone older and wiser who can help you sort through things in a fairly logical manner.  Trying to make sense out of confusion is not always easy but often possible with the right equipment, kind of like figurative fog lights.  Casting off the past and setting off in a new direction where you take on additional responsibility is favored provided you are determined to make a go of it.
3-26-2013 Decisions, decisions, decisions.  There's a lot of activity out there that is hinting at various changes coming your way.  Opportunities abound with perhaps so many that there may be too much to process within a short time span, resulting in total confusion.  When logic fails, turn to your intuition and gut feeling to guide you, perhaps in an entirely new direction.  Draw from experience but make sure you're not stuck in the past and hoping something will work better this time than last, which is unlikely to be the case.  A fresh, innovative idea is likely to be the key.
3-27-2013 You may notice a ripple effect today which involves various relationship issues, particularly if you don't feel as if you're getting what you want or need from the other person.  Power trips and/or struggles are possible as old issues surface and demand attention, particularly if they've been ignored previously.  Communicating in a compassionate way is favored, however, though the necessary authority and energy to rebuild is out there, provided you're willing to compromise and keep an open mind.
3-28-2013 A triple conjunction between the Sun, Venus and Uranus in Aries today could stir up a few things related to love or money which will take you by surprise and necessitate a few adjustments.  It could involve your past, power trips or control in some way and motivate you to break away from anything or anyone that has been holding you back.  Putting all the pieces together won't be easy but is certainly possible and could be the cause of some figurative explosion.  If you have any planets between 8 - 11 degrees you are most likely to see something significant.
3-29-2013 Today is a pretty much a continuation of yesterday and whatever happened then.  9 - 11 degrees continues in popularity and likely to be messing with your chart if you have anything in that range.  This could be the time that you gain a sense of direction and know what you need to do and perhaps even how to do it.  The only thing holding you back is likely to be your past or someone on a power trip who doesn't approve of your plans.  Put your heart into it with sufficient passion and you should be able to break through any opposition.
3-30-2013 This week has seen numerous aspect pattern with the potential to be stressful.  Of course not all stress is bad, even a favorable situation or opportunity that stretches your abilities can show up with a square.  The emphasis is on releasing the past and finding your authentic self, whether it's in your relationships, career or following your dreams.  Bear in mind that nothing is impossible as long as it doesn't violate the laws of physics.  Learn from those who have gone before and make any necessary adjustments to your attitude to make it so for you as well.  The information is there, you just have to gather it together in the proper sequence.
3-31-2013 It's possible that the past will present an obstacle of some sort and make it difficult to follow your heart.  At this point you'll need to decide whether to approach it as a full frontal assault or perhaps take a more indirect route.  Study the pros and cons of each both at the logical and intuitive level, where you are likely to find various contradictions.  Don't expect to find all the answers today but rather concentrate of deciding exactly what the question is.
4-01-2013 Don't be surprised if something from your past comes back to bite you whether it's a person, situation, mistake or baggage of some description.  The point the Universe is trying to make is it's time to take care of business, like it or not.  Taking responsibility may be part of the message or simply seeing the big picture and letting go of something that is taking up space in memory you need to purge.  If you want something new and better to come into your life you need to get rid of that old stuff sitting around gathering dust whether it's in your utility room or your heart.
4-02-2013 You may still be wrestling or perhaps just now encountering something you need to be rid of, once and for all.  Maybe that mess in the garage has finally gotten on your last nerve or perhaps it's your job or a false friend.  All that energy in Aries is screaming at you to "git 'r' dun!" and will even loan you some motivation if you tune into it.  Breaking away from old paradigms or obstacles is greatly favored, even if it takes a bit of effort to make it so. 
4-03-2013 Blasts from the past continue on the cosmic radar, perhaps related to old flames or impulsive actions where you weren't acting in a particularly responsible manner.  This is likewise not a time to take unnecessary changes of the same variety.  Rectifying old issues will take a significant amount of effort but if you gather enough facts and take the right attitude it's possible.  Finding a philosophy of life that fits you well is an ongoing quest that may require a unique approach for satisfactory results.  You are not only what you eat but what you think as well.
4-04-2013 Gratefully at least part of the Aries Assembly has moved past squaring Pluto which should improve the general feel of things somewhat.  You may have a slight sense of being oppressed or being held back from something you want to do, possibly due to delays and limitations or even lack of confidence.  Considering today's date is 404 it's only appropriate that you feel as if life is giving you a "website not available" message. If past failures haunt you note that they don't determine the future any more than past successes.  Learn from them but don't let them affect trying to move forward with undue pessimism.  In another day or so you should feel more energized and less tied to the past so in the mean time think about what you would do if the obstacles were magically removed. 
4-05-2013 This looks like a favorable day to chill out with your friends, even if it's a bit of a gripe session.  Expressing your emotions may not come easily but the distraction of doing something will help, especially if you feel as if you're in a rut.  Feeling a bit stuck or trapped is possible but it may be more in your head than you care to admit.  Examine any obstacles carefully and as objectively as possible.  Then decide whether to go around, climb over the top or sit in place.  Your call.
4-06-2013 Mercury has exited his retrograde shadow period which is at least one good thing about today so anything that comes along and looks like an opportunity should be a bit more feasible.  Encounters with the opposite sex are still favored as Mars and Venus travel together with the Sun not far behind, perhaps causing so much glare that you don't recognize a good thing when you see it.  A change of direction continues to be worth considering which could relate to your beliefs and/or breaking away from something which has you bound.
4-07-2013 Your intuition may be stronger than usual today, perhaps even to the point of being able to read someone's  mind.  This is not always a good thing, however, if you pick up on thoughts out of context.  Furthermore, we all have things cross our mind that we don't necessarily plan to act upon.  Be aware that seeing the big picture philosophically may be difficult if it's an emotional issue and emotions aren't always accurate.  It can also be difficult to understand something emotional on the logical level or vice versa, considering that these two mix about as well as oil and water.  Consider that you may be seeing things exclusively through your own knothole making them subjective and not necessarily accurate.
4-08-2013 Encounters with the opposite sex are likely to have a burst of energy again along with the opportunity for some meaningful communications, even though it may involve a fair amount of effort to achieve.  Emotions are likely to be running high and it's possible they may not blend too smoothly with the Aries energy and drive for action.  For the next few weeks changes needed to restructure a situation will be brewing beneath the surface.  As your view of things continues to evolve don't be surprised if you feel restless yet can't quite identify why.  Not to worry, it will come out sooner or later, probably as a big  "Aha!" moment.
4-09-2013 Watch for an opportunity to express how you feel about some issue while keeping in mind that being too forceful can have the opposite effect from what you want.  Being honest and enthusiastic is a good thing but above all be respectful of the other person's point of view.  Mercury is still in Pisces so you may still be a bit idealistic or unrealistic in your ideas which can apply to just about anything including love or money.  Discipline and control may not come easily today but it will be worth the effort in long-term benefit.
4-10-2013 New Moon today as described in this month's horo for your sign.  This one has a lot of energy, not only because it's in Aries but also because Venus and Mars are conjunct the New Moon.  This has various implications for encounters with someone of the opposite sex including something new or beginning a new phase of your relationship.  The gals have a bit of an advantage to express their feelings but whether or not the guys will listen is quite another story.  New Moons imply a fresh start, however, so there's always hope.
4-11-2013 Butting heads with an authority figure is possible today.  Calling in a mediator or perhaps a favor may be helpful in resolving the situation as well as turning on the charm as much as possible.  Being pushy, on the other hand, is not likely to end well.  Breaking away from something you perceive as a rut is possible but primarily only at the planning level.  Something has to change in some way so give it some thought.  Once you figure out what it is then you'll need to decide whether you're willing to let it go.
4-12-2013 Going after what you want or need is still favored, even though it's going to take some effort to accomplish.  Passionate pursuit toward rebuilding something can provide the chance to be rid of something from your past you no longer need but letting go is easier said than done.  If you want to have you cake and eat it, too, expect to make some changes.  The real key is whether it's worth it or not.  Tune into some inspiration as well as logic to weigh out the pros and cons which should help you decide.
4-13-2013 Logic and emotions could get tangled up today, particularly regarding something you're passionately trying to go after.  You may want it so badly that it's all you think about, yet a clear picture of what you're trying to accomplish may not be guiding you.  For example, they say it's more effective to visualize what you want specifically versus simply "money."  Rather, picture what you would do with the money instead, allowing the Universe to bring it to you through any means possible as opposed to limiting it to your own earning power. 
4-14-2013 This is a favorable time to think about how your thoughts and opinions have evolved with experience and whether your core beliefs have kept up and evolved accordingly.  Sometimes you can get stuck with old paradigms that really don't work anymore for whatever reason.  Things never stay the same, even when you'd like them to, and sometimes you need to do some housecleaning literally and figuratively.  Now that Mercury has stepped into Aries that brain fog we've all been living with for quite a while now should start to clear and help you see more clearly, especially as it relates to your goals.
4-15-2013 Energy shifts are coming, one planet at a time.  Today Venus goes into Taurus which she rules, bringing her energy into a more comfortable and familiar range.  This is a favorable day to think about what you really need and communicate to others so they don't have any excuse for not doing their part.  Speaking from the heart is favored yet not in an emotional manner but with sound reasoning behind it.  Take action today to express what you expect remembering if you don't ask you don't get.
4-16-2013 If something takes you by surprise today whatever it is don't overreact.  It may be something from the past coming back to haunt you but bear in mind that there is a silver lining there somewhere.  There's a lot of inspiration out there that will more than likely come more as a feeling than a thought.  Run it to ground and you're likely to discover an important lesson which will ultimately result in positive and interesting opportunities for change.
4-17-2013 If you're torn between work responsibilities and play your best bet is to try and make work into play.  In other words, do something you enjoy about your job as opposed to that task you despise, assuming you have some choice in the matter.  If you feel trapped or oppressed this is likely to be more annoying than usual and may require some course changes or adjustments to be negotiated with your boss.  Taking action on your fantasies is slightly favored today if you're willing to put some effort behind it.
4-18-2013 What you want continues to bump up against what you can have these days with a variety of obstacles popping up like mushrooms.  There's nothing more frustrating than wanting to move forward on something only to repeatedly find one hidden problem after another.  If you're trying to pursue something too fast that could be part of the problem or simply a few flaws in your action plan.  If you don't have one then that explains a lot right there.  Not much is coming easily these days so take a few deep breathes, remember to follow directions and keep things in perspective.
4-19-2013 This is a great day to figure out exactly what you want and what you need to do to get it.  As noted yesterday, not much comes easily these days but that doesn't mean it's impossible, only that it will require some planning and effort on your part.  If anyone or anything gets in your way it's likely that patience will be in short supply and you're likely to speak your mind.  Bear in mind that there are times that being too candid can have unfortunate consequences so focus on gathering some allies to your cause as opposed to alienating anyone who could be useful in the long-run.  In other words, a few adjustments are going to be required so accepting that from the start can be good for your blood pressure.
4-20-2013 The Sun as well as Mars enter Taurus today which will help slow things down just a bit and perhaps improve your patience and determination.  Tact filters are still in short supply so continue to maintain an open mind toward adjustments and compromise rather than that of a bulldozer.  This is a favorable time to draw from experience, make a conscious effort to remember any past situations that resemble current challenges and use those lessons to figure out the path of least resistance.  Information overload may be part of the problem and not being helped if your patience is spent but that incoming Taurean energy should help.
4-21-2013 This is a great day to do some planning and visualizing toward what you want, either in the short or long term.  A practical approach is best for pursuing dreams and aspirations and there's some cosmic help out there as long as you don't get too stuck on the various obstacles.  Resolving past relationship issues has a nice window of opportunity going for it today as long as you don't get stuck in the past.  Being either too critical or too idealistic isn't going to work so strive toward to attain a happy medium couples with constructive change.
4-22-2013 There appears to be quite a bit of conflict between what you should do and what you want to do today with an important change required to figure out how to balance things out.  Ideas should be a dime a dozen, provided you aren't stuck in old paradigms that are what got you into your current situation in the first place.  Nothing much is likely to happen today but it's a favorable time to give it serious thought, sort through the options and adjust your sites.  Use your imagination, figure out what you would do if money was no object, then start building your vision.  Until you do the Universe doesn't have a clue what to deliver.
4-23-2013 If you took my advice and worked on developing a vision for your future yesterday then today is a favorable time to talk about it with someone you trust and who will be brutally honest if required.  This should not be a naysayer but someone who can help you determine what is holding you back.  Responsibilities tend to usually come up first and you certainly don't want to let them slide.  The key is to figure out how you can meet them without working so hard.  You won't be able to follow the same path to get there so part of this exercise is to figure out what you need to do differently which is going to probably involve eschewing the past.  If nothing else, there's your $5 word for the day.
4-24-2013 If you're feeling stuck, rather than spinning your wheels now is a good time to start figuring out how you got in that swamp in the first place.  Misplaced priorities or Champagne taste on a beer budget could be part of the problem.  Living your dreams begins with focusing on where you want to go, not satisfying every whim.  Now is the time to put on your thinking cap and figure out what needs to be trimmed, eliminated or downright changed to get on-track for what you really want.  Saturn retrograde is about restructuring some part of your life so put that energy to work in some part of your life you want to change.
4-25-2013 Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse today as described in your sign's monthly horoscope.  This one won't be visible in the United States since it occurs in the daytime when the Moon is still below the horizon but can be seen by those of you on the other side of the world.  Lunar eclipses tend to affect you on the emotional level with the effects lasting longer than the usual garden-variety lunation.  This one hints at the need for balance between security and passion with an imaginative approach favored for figuring out your best course of action.  Saturn's involvement indicates delays and obstacles but not necessarily a deadend though patience is advised.
4-26-2013 Lots of opposition out there today which is likely to bring out numerous emotions.  Going after what you want is favored and there's plenty of information and ambition out there to back it up but you're going to have to make a few adjustments along the way.  The best way to do this particular two-step is using your imagination as well as learning from the past which may actually entail resolving anything lurking out there that's holding you back.  That infamous, or perhaps I should say explosive, Uranus - Pluto square is converging as well so blasts from the past of all varieties may be coming your way as well.
4-27-2013 If you decide to pull rank on anyone today make sure you have your facts straight or you may wind up looking like a dolt.  Delays and obstacles keeping you from what you want continue which will require some ingenuity to navigate, perhaps by calling in an old favor or drawing from some old lessons or experience, either yours or someone else's.  Your best bet is to steady the course, keep you eyes on your destination and keep your ego in balance to avoid making foolish mistakes.
4-28-2013 Wanting to take a break from your responsibilities and just chill out or better yet escape entirely is possible today, even more-so than usual.  The harder you've been working or worrying lately the stronger this urge will be.  Consider that this may be a wake-up call from the Universe that you're either taking things too seriously or simply not maintaining proper balance in your life.  It's interesting that in astrology the twelve houses relate to different parts of life.  Current planetary placement emphasizes security, both financial and emotional, as well as obligations, power grabs and corruption and the exposure of such things to the public eye and the need to adapt to a rapidly changing world.  Finding time for yourself, family, work and relationships is a challenge but something you'll have to manage on your own, which is what free will is all about. 
4-29-2013 The conflict between what you want versus meeting your responsibilities such as paying bills is still active but it looks as if help in the form of inspiration could be on the way.  If you haven't figured it out yet take a break sufficiently long to meditate and/or do some serious daydreaming about possible solutions, carefully working around every obstacle that presents itself until you have a viable plan.  The solution is likely to involve a significant change of course with a new set of challenges but no one ever said it was going to be easy.
4-30-2013 The Moon is in cool and collected Capricorn today which can help you assess any emotional situations you may be dealing with in a less volatile manner.  Take another look at the facts in an objective way and it's likely you'll be able to come to grips with it better than before. There is probably still some challenges as far as having enough time to get to everything you want or need to do.  A break would do you good and if you put some effort behind it you can probably manage it, even if you have to call in a favor or two to cover you.  If you can't quite pull it off then at least spend some time doing something you like, even for a little while.
5-01-2013 The answers you need are there, you just need to synthesize past lessons-learned to figure out where to go from here.  Your thinking will have a slightly different quality and pace now that Mercury has entered Taurus, perhaps lacking the drive it had a day or so ago, but on more solid ground.  Sudden flashes of brilliance are possible which can help light the way ahead provided you can truly identify past lessons and break the patterns that caused them in the first place.  Logically you are likely to figure things out but getting them sorted out emotionally may take a bit more time and consideration.
5-02-2013 The prevailing astro-weather these days hails from Taurus, Earth sign energy with an emphasis on security of all varieties, whether financial or emotional.  Obligations could be keeping that at bay, however, or you may simply be facing the issues that are in the way with a mind of how to mitigate any problems.  What you're picking up as far as information, whether objective data or that of the subjective variety from friends, may not be helping, particularly if it isn't solution-based.  Coming up with an imaginative and optimistic to-do list is favored and also keep your eyes open for any opportunities, even if they mean a little extra work.
5-03-2013 It will be difficult to resist temptation today, whatever form it may take whether it's that triple chocolate caramel latte or that hot babe sipping the margarita and giving you the eye.  Your imagination may be your greatest ally these days as you try to sort things out and decide where you're going and how you'll get there.  It seems, at least in my circles, that everyone is slightly lost or struggling with decisions that have no easy answers.  Saturn retrograde tends to slow things down considerably so it's not likely you'll find a panacea anytime soon, but keep your eyes open for something to come your way out of the blue that may start you off in the right direction.
5-04-2013 You may still be feeling less than ambitious which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  This is an excellent day to chill out, if at all possible, do some daydreaming and indulge your senses for a virtual vacation if nothing else.  Disruptions or disturbances of some sort are highly likely over the next several weeks so count each day without one as something to be grateful for. 
5-05-2013 Taking control of your life is favored today along with understanding old issues from a new perspective.  One way to change the past is to transform your understanding and feeling toward past events and the individuals involved.  Seeing things from their knothole, even if you don't approve, can help you achieve forgiveness so you can let it go and find a new level of peace.  As long as you hold anger and resentment in your heart against someone you are still under their control and you are only hurting yourself.  All that Taurus energy may tend to be stubborn but if you use it to relax and indulge yourself then focus on Venus in that sign where she's in dignity and sextile a Pisces Moon you should be able to make some progress.
5-06-2013 You may be inclined to have a "no more Mr. Nice Guy" attitude today which may work in some cases and backfire in others.  Energy and determination to go after what you want is great as long as you're not stomping on anyone who gets in your way in a manner you may live to regret.  It might work better to internalize all that drive and turn on the charm rather than go forward with all the finesse of a bulldozer.
5-07-2013 Being set on what you want and determined to get there is favored along with lots of ideas on how that can be accomplished.  A sense of control and power is good for such pursuits along with a detailed image of the final result.  Obstacles or delays are likely but an imaginative approach should help you find viable detours.  One thing to bear in mind, however, is to not expect something that didn't work in the past to magically do so this time.  Remember that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  If it was good enough for Einstein, who supposed said that, then it should be good enough for you.
5-08-2013 Indulgence continues to be the theme with motivation likely to be in the pico-flux range.  For those of you who wonder what that means, figure it's a fancy, high-tech way of expressing what Rhett Butler said to Scarlett as he slammed out the door.  You know the one: "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."  At least that will apply to things that involve work or discipline.  There's a tremendous amount of wisdom incorporated into the zodiacal energy cycles and IMHO it's best not to fight the Universe, if you know what I mean.
5-09-2013 New Moon/Solar Eclipse today which will be visible in a narrow path across parts of Northern Australia and the South Pacific.  It's a member of the Saros Series 15S family which has the general theme of relieving tension but with a touch of melancholy.  Looking at this chart one thing that comes to mind is the lyrics from the song "What a Feeling" by Irene Cara, specifically the words, "Take your passion and make it happen."  Good advice in any decade.
5-10-2013 Taking control is still a theme with the availability of ideas and information required to do so available.  This is not going to be an overnight process but one that takes slow, deliberate action to accomplish.  There is nothing impulsive or sloppy about this, rather the determination, drive and patience required to do it right.  It is likely to involve breaking away from something that has held you bound so it makes sense it won't happen overnight.  Nonetheless, the energy is there to help you gradually get it together, one step at a time, whatever it takes to take care of what you really need the most out of life.

Ideas continue to flow but they may not get off the ground too easily as you fall into a mantra that sounds a lot like "easier said than done."  This could be because they are too grandiose or simply due to tripping over those "cursed how's" regarding what needs to be done to get there.  Mars is the planet that typically fuels motivation but he's in debility in Taurus where he tends to get stuck in the mud.  Nonetheless, that slow pace can allow thoughts and ideas to ripen to maturity, perhaps providing instructions along the way so never say never.


Delusions about money are likely over the next few days so if you're inclined to be impulsive or a shopaholic you'd do well to avoid environments that may be detrimental to your financial health.  This is not to say you shouldn't do something pleasant, which can help mitigate those fiscally unhealthy urges, but may help you recognize and appreciate what you do have already and help convince you not to indulge in something else.  Relationship expectations may be unrealistic as well so make sure you take an objective view before getting into something you'd do well to avoid.

5-13-2013 Brace yourself for what could be an emotional storm of some sort today.  Unrealistic expectations could be part of the cause coupled with a Grand Water Trine which will gratefully be of short duration since one component is the Moon in her home sign of Cancer who fortunately moves quickly.  Any failed relationships are likely to come to mind along with a total memory lapse regarding why it didn't work out.  Indulge in a meltdown if you enjoy such things but the good news is that tomorrow you'll probably feel a whole lot better.
5-14-2013 The Moon is really stirring things up lately with a Grand Water Trine the other day and a Cardinal T-Square today which could bring something from the past your way along with a few surprises.  Not seeing things clearly or being delusional before may be part of the problem and while you may not like to face reality, it's usually a good idea to do so once in a while.
5-15-2013 Uh, oh, that Uranus - Pluto square is partile (same degree) today which doesn't bode too nicely for a few surprises.  Freedom versus power grabs is one thing to watch for, either at a personal level or in the news.  Rectifying old delusions related to love or money continue as well as recognizing a new course to pursue.  Communications are favored as well, particularly as they relate to something that needs to be settled once and for all.
5-16-2013 As the Moon sweeps through Leo you can expect to get a clear picture of what you want.  It's not always easy to get in touch with your feelings but these cosmic vibes are bound to help.  Getting there, however, is going to require some major adjustments and overcoming a variety of obstacles along the way.  Nothing is impossible so don't be discouraged, just realize that planning is integral to success.  Mental activity is increasing as Gemini continues to welcome the usual planetary entourage.  Mercury, ruler of thoughts and ideas, is there now and the Sun will be there in less than a week so be prepared to put on your thinking caps.
5-17-2013 Going after what you want is likely to encounter a few obstacles today which may relate to trying to do too much at once or not narrowing down your objectives.  Breaking free from old hang-ups which require some course changes is not going to be easy but with the right people cheering you on it can be accomplished provided you recognize how much effort is required.  Dreams can come true but it takes more than simply wishing to make it so.
5-18-2013 If you're been unrealistic in your approach or a bit sloppy about details it's likely to come home to roost today and require a new direction, whether it involves love or money.  What you need to know is out there and may be easier to find that you think.  Flashes of inspiration are likely but may not be entirely enchanting in their revelation.  Being willing to change your approach is the key, but it may not be as easy to do so as you'd like to think.
5-19-2013 Don't believe everything you see, hear or think today though the possibility exists that you may be able to blend facts with imagination in a positive way if you recognize delusion when you see it.  In other words, this could be a good day for creative problem solving, particular love or money issues lurking in the background.  It might be a little difficult to get started, especially if your heart isn't in it, but if you're the self-motivated type you can probably make a go of it.  Watch out for surprises and stumbling over past issues in the strangest places but be sure to look beneath the surface for the lesson.
5-20-2013 Big energy changes today as the Sun and Moon both enter Air Signs which are loaded with mental energy.  If you've felt stuck but didn't know exactly what to do this energy will be good for figuring a few things out.  More than likely there will be changes of direction involved, especially if it involves letting go of something from the past or cleaning up some old mess.  Solutions could come as a sudden flash so take note and pay attention then run it to ground, no matter how crazy it may sound.
5-21-2013 Relationship surprises are possible today and run a fairly high risk that you will not be seeing things as they really are.  All that energy in Gemini should help overcome that, however, with the Libra Moon contributing fairness and balance.  If you can, watch for Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the west after sunset where they will be a trio of evening stars for a while.  If you're up before dawn, Mars is the morning star in the east.  Mars is still stuck in the mud in Taurus which has been a huge damper on ambition for quite a while now.  That will last until the end of the month but should improve June 1 when he goes into Gemini.  I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to feeling motivated again.

Pursuing something you want could hit a figurative wall today that could cause the image to fade somewhat, probably due to an influx of data that doesn't look particularly favorable at first glance.  Hidden in there, however, is exactly what you need to know and consider rather than simply striking off into the wilderness unprepared.   Don't be discouraged, simply examine the facts then resume your trek, armed with new information you need to get to your destination.

5-23-2013 Finding the necessary passion required to make a significant change that may involve breaking away and leaving something behind is possible.  Depending on what the situation is, however, make sure you have your facts straight and aren't operating on wishful thinking or delusions.  Surprise attacks from hidden forces such as the weather or other similar entities over which you have no control will continue for a while, so be sure to "watch your six" and don't take unnecessary chances.  Now is the time to face reality, even if you aren't particularly pleased with what that represents.
5-24-2013 Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse today as described in your sign's monthly horoscope.  The Sun/Moon system squares off with Neptune which warns of deception that could involve your belief system in some way.  Changes and restructuring of something you are suppressing is favored as you accept and gather more information.  Data related to love and money is favored and likely to have an influence on your actions and decisions.  Energy supporting objective information and logical assessment is gathering so put it to good use.
5-25-2013 Solving an existing problem by changing course is still favored so think about anything you haven't been seeing clearly and consider what may need to be done to get it on track.  Letting go of something that is holding you back is another ongoing theme and may be tied into the problem as well.  On the other hand if you don't have any problems, there's a good chance that you're refusing to face something that is, in reality, holding you back.  Data gathering is greatly favored so "seek and ye shall find" is highly likely at this time.
5-26-2013 You may be inclined to think you know it all today but rest assured that is probably not the case whether it involves, love, money, or something more philosophical like the price of gold.  A change of course is favored but your resistance may be too high to see its advantages.  It all comes back to that ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto that is calling to you to break free from something that is holding you bound.  This is an excellent time for meditation provided you can put the logical part of your mind at rest, which is yet another thing these days that's easier said than done.
5-27-2013 Resistance to change is common but seldom logical, unless you're deliriously happy with the status quo.  Not too many are these days, so this begs the question, what would you like to change?  And if that doesn't go full circle, I don't know what does.  So.  If you're feeling stuck maybe it's time to figure out why.  Indecision is typically the most uncomfortable place to be.  All that Gemini energy should get the wheels turning in your brain so listen up to some of those big ideas out there today.  In less than a week Mars goes into that sign as well so get ready, set....
5-28-2013 Logic and practicality are relatively strong today which may help you make some hard decisions, perhaps in the "tough love" department.  Venus and Jupiter are traveling together which will tend to expand the love goddess' influence and may also be slightly biased toward logic and data.  If there is someone in your life who treats you well and sincerely cares about you then this may be the time to recognize what a person like that is truly worth and show your appreciation.
5-29-2013 Talking situations and decisions over with your friends is favored today as well as networking, group activities and goal setting.  Pursuing what you want in a logical way is favored but it's going to take some rearranging of your responsibilities and lifestyle.  Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are clustered together  and should be visible as evening stars.  Their energy is conducive to formulating some big ideas about love or money so, weather permitting, spend some time gazing upon these cosmic jewels and paying attention to what comes to mind.
5-30-2013 If you haven't talked those ideas over with your friends yet, done some networking or put together some plans for going after your dreams and aspirations, then definitely do so today as the Moon, ruler of function, trines Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in logic-driven Gemini, providing fuel for some good ideas.  They may be a bit grandiose, but like they say, "It's better to aim for the stars and drag your feet in the treetops that aim for the treetops and drag your feet in the mud."
5-31-2013 Logic and intuition don't always go together very well but there is hope today that you can blend them in such a way that you can retain the best of both.  Mars has moved out of sluggish Taurus into Gemini which should help you get moving on those new ideas.  Mercury, however, has left the Gemini pack and is now in Cancer which will give your thoughts an emotional component.  Nonetheless, this could actually help you get everything together on the same page if used correctly.
6-01-2013 The month begins with a lovely Grand Water Trine connecting Mercury in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.  Water signs are loaded with emotion as well as resilience.  Today favors transformational change, perhaps as you commit your heart to a new direction.  This could be a day of important new beginnings, acknowledging any challenges that may be required, then taking that all-important first step.  There's an excellent combination of emotional energy coupled with strong rationality regarding what you want.  This is a winning combination for nudging your head and heart in the same direction.  The Moon is waning in Pisces, last sign of the zodiac, suggesting the end of a cycle, making this a favorable time to wrap things up in one area so you can move toward another.
6-02-2013 This is an excellent time to ponder your dreams, particularly those you may have allowed to die.  No matter how illogical, they deserve attention because the demise of every dream takes part of you with it.  Granted, some are irretrievable but you can still come up with a reasonable facsimile.  Perhaps you can mentor a child toward the same goal and thus experience it vicariously or replace one of the key components with a reasonable substitute.  If all else fails, give it a decent burial, giving yourself closure so you can move on toward a new vision unencumbered.
6-03-2013 Are you feeling that Grand Water Trine yet? It will be reinforced by the lunations coming up later this month so put it to good use!  Hints on how are in your monthly horoscope.  Logic and intuition may clash over the next few days.  Just make sure it's really intuition and not delusion, however, which is another possibility.  An unexpected chance to make a few changes and break for freedom from whatever shackles you happen to be wearing may be out there so pay attention.
6-04-2013 Getting a clear view of the possibilities in your life is favored today, even though you may not have a clue how to make them so.  The trick is to do something, no matter how small, that moves you in the right direction.  If it's your attitude that needs changing, then open up your mind to alternate opinions and gather the information you need to either support your beliefs or push them in a new direction.  Ambition may be in short supply but maybe some quiet contemplation is what you need the most.  Be warned, however, that during working hours that may not endear you to your boss.
6-05-2013 Today's aspects are a prelude to the New Moon coming up in a few days and essentially the same, so check your sign's monthly horoscope for details.  There are likely to be some challenges as unexpected news comes your way that has either been buried or relates to the past.  Emotions are easily expressed through the energies of that Grand Water Trine as it continues to come together.  It will be there for a while so be sure to use it to get in touch with your emotions and ponder what you want most at this point in your life.  Then ask yourself why you're not going after it.
6-06-2013 Wanting to move forward on an idea is going to require quite a bit of effort but it will eventually be worth it.  It's important to strike a proper balance between vision and reality, not allowing either to prevail to the exclusion of the other.  You are likely to encounter obstacles due to others not being able to believe in it like you do.  With Saturn still retrograde, making forward progress has been a challenge for some time now, which is not helping, either.  Saturn goes direct in a little over a month which will help so in the meantime keep collecting information, devising a viable plan, and keeping the faith it will work out.

Brace yourself for blasts from the past that could have the potential to get your panties in a wad, possibly for nothing since what you're hearing may be entirely inaccurate.  Even if it's not, try to listen with your heart which will help keep things in perspective.  That said, it's actually a favorable day to get old issues out into the open even if a bit of yelling is involved before the dust finally settles and you can see things clearly.  Resolve it now, if possible so you can enjoy that New Moon tomorrow and use it to start a new cycle.

6-08-2013 New Moon today as described in your sign's monthly horoscope.  Don't be surprised if someone brings up something from the past that you've probably forgotten all about by now.  This is not necessarily a bad thing but a chance to clear up old issues which were likely to be the result of unrealistic expectations.  This is a favorable time to think about a new approach or even building a new foundation for the relationship based on good communications and doing your best to meet the other's needs.  Remember it's supposed to be reciprocal, though, not one person carrying all the weight!
6-09-2013 The waxing Moon is an excellent time to start a new endeavor but keep it short because Mercury goes retrograde later this month which will put things in reverse.  There are challenges out there which could be family or relationship based.  Which is a pretty safe statement to make since NOT having something going on in that area is pretty unlikely.  This is a favorable time to talk about it, however, when expressing how you feel and listening with your heart are receiving a bit of cosmic assistance.  A helpful change of direction is vying for your attention so listen up, even though you may not think it will work.  There's a good chance it's your intuition trying to get your attention so tell your logic to take a rest.
6-10-2013 Yikes!  Venus, the Moon and Mercury in Cancer have linked up with that Uranus-Pluto square creating a triple T-square which is likely to bring some sort of emotional blast your way.  Luckily the ones in Cancer move relatively quickly so it will be of short duration.  What you want to do may be a bit confusing or you simply don't have a clear picture of where you want to go.  Intuition is still favored these days, though, so don't expect everything to make sense or derive from your conscious mind.  Going off in a new direction may be another way to rectify any logic-intuition conflicts.
6-11-2013 That Grand Trine has temporarily slipped away until later in the month with the Full Moon will pick up the slack.  Meanwhile you have some conflicts to deal with, possible lots of it, with your head and heart likely to be at odds regarding which course to take.  Discerning the difference between intuition and emotion is important, given the former is typically accurate while the latter often is not.  This is a time to identify what your own physical clues are to what is going on around you.  If you're never paid attention to how such things manifest, maybe it's time you figured it out.  Watch for that proverbial "gut feeling" and learn to read it for what it really is, whether it's too many double bacon cheeseburgers or a premonition.
6-12-2013 There's a lot of conflict out there today to get tangled up in and probably frustrated.  If you feel as if something is holding you back, it could simply be lack of motivation or perhaps the need to make a few course changes.  Not being willing to let go of something, perhaps your ego or sense of control, may be part of the problem.  This is a favorable time to be charitable and do something for someone just because it feels good to help as opposed to expecting something in return.  If you don't have time to do so in a physical sense, consider contributing to a cause that has meaning for you, even if it's only a small amount, i.e. the proverbial widow's mite.  This can help give you at least a few warm fuzzies to balance out what could be a rather unsatisfying day otherwise.
6-13-2013 A change of direction is still indicated with the side note of leaving something behind, possibly some form of baggage that's been holding you back.  It could be lack of confidence or some other form of not thinking what you want is possible.  You're right, it's not, unless you make a few adjustments, mental or otherwise.  If a specific individual is the naysayer you might want to consider whether that person is exactly what needs to be left behind, at least their opinion if it's someone you really care about in spite of their sorry attitude. 
6-14-2013 Those oppositions and squares just don't want to quit lately and aren't very helpful for getting things done.  Surprises related to love or money are still possible as well as a variety of family issues which could arise out of the blue.  A new direction is definitely favored and a chance to do so could come your way unexpectedly.  This is a favorable day for doing something for someone out of the goodness of your heart.  Doing so in secret would be even better.

Taking action toward freedom in whatever form you're looking for is a possibility but it's not going to be handed to you on a silver platter.  It's going to take imagination, research, information and a few course changes along the way to make it happen.  If you think money is holding you back then you need to change your thinking.  Maintaining an outlook that you lack something is exactly what will maintain that condition.  It may sound sappy to say you should be thankful for what you've got but until you really are it's not likely you're going to magically acquire more.  If nothing else focus on the abundance already present in your life rather than what isn't there.

6-16-2013 Coming up with excuses, blaming, rationalizing and generally feeling stuck are likely sentiments today, all of which could indicate you're trying or working too hard.  After all it IS the day of rest so give yourself permission to take a break and do something to de-stress.  As expected, I can hear those excuses already of all the reasons why you can't do that.  In which case, go back and read sentence #1.
6-17-2013 Relationship issues are possible today and likely to relate to control and the need to break away.  An escape route is out there but you're going to have to look for it and recognize it can ultimately take you on a much better path.  Rational/logical solutions are favored which will involve a change of course but that doesn't mean it's not going to represent a challenge or considerable effort to achieve.  If one thing appears obvious, however, it's that it's time to take action.  Take a close look at what's holding you back since answers are lurking out there just waiting to be unearthed.
6-18-2013 If you didn't take care of those relationship issues yesterday you may want to leave sleeping dogs lie for a while since emotions are likely to dominate and depending on whom you're dealing with that may cause a few issues if the other person is trying to simply be fair and logical.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, only that it often goes over like the proverbial lead balloon if one of the parties is having a meltdown.  Structure, including that inherent in relationships, could be dissolving these days as well.  A little over a month from now when Saturn goes retrograde it will be time to start rebuilding.  For now you may do best staying as far back from the demolition crew as possible.

Some of that cosmic tension has relaxed, thank heavens, but be a bit cautious with any impulsive moves.  After feeling stuck for a few days it's probably tempting to dive right in but what you think you'll accomplish may be an illusion.  Ideas too big to fully comprehend are possible with a bit too much emotion pumping them up to a substantial bubble, which is what you get when Air and Water signs work together.  It's "hump day" so you may do best to simply ride it down the other side and see what greets you at the bottom.

6-20-2013 Just about everyone has been getting a taste of that Uranus - Pluto square these days, often in the form of broken down cars, appliances or household issues.  If anything is on the edge of breaking down this aspect is likely to be the straw that breaks the camel's back so bear that in mind where your budget is concerned.  Communicating from the heart is favored today as well as gathering the information you need related to any technical issues.  Another long-term aspect is that Saturn - Neptune trine which is supportive energy for reworking your dreams and aspirations, pursuing a plan to increase your spirituality or possibly even something like starting a yoga or tai chi class but you have plenty of time to figure out which direction is best for you.
6-21-2013 Today marks a new season and the summer solstice for the Northern Hemisphere and winter solstice for the Southern.  Typically, at least in mundane astrology, the Sun's ingress into a Cardinal Sign not only marks the beginning of a new season measurable by the position of the Sun, but the chart sets the tone for the coming three months.  The quincunx between the Moon and Jupiter somewhat stands out today's chart since that aspect calls for an adjustment or change of course with the signs involved suggesting  passionate emotions are likely to collide with information and logic.  In other words, reasoning with someone having a tantrum or meltdown isn't likely to be effective. This is very likely to result in conflict not only because of that ongoing square between Uranus and Pluto but spurred on by a sextile between Mars and Uranus which brings action as the natural consequences of conflict and probably won't be pretty.  The trine between Saturn and Neptune can manifest dreams or conversely breakdown structure and reality.  Looks to be a long, hot summer.
6-22-2013 That Grand Trine is back, thanks to the Sun, which will facilitate getting in touch with your emotions.  If that emotion happens to be anger it's likely to come out, all right, but the facts are probably going to be skewed by perceptions which could be way off.  It doesn't look as if a rational discussion is likely so you may want to work it off vicariously via a video game or movie with an appropriate level of action (okay, violence) rather than having a meltdown that could make matters even worse.  If you're the target, you may want to make the same suggestion before the person takes your head off or vice versa.
6-23-2013 Full Moon today which is described for your specific sign in the monthly horoscopes found through the link below.  Things today may tend to be a bit unstable, both mentally and emotionally.  Of course Full Moons have a rather bad reputation for such things, anyway, but this one may be a bit worse than usual.  Being bombarded with too much information or feeling overwhelmed is possible along with not having a clue what to do first.  If this is the case your best bet is to sit it out as quietly as possible and do something that evokes pleasant memories such as look at old vacation pictures, even if it turned out like a Chevy Chase movie.  Remember the classic formula:  CRISIS + TIME = HUMOR
6-24-2013 Taking charge of your emotions but still communicating from your heart will require a bit of a balancing act today but probably is possible.  That easy flow of intuition coupled with determining what you want is a very useful bit of cosmic help for deciding where you want to spend your time, money and energy.  Granted, it's rare to have all three at the same time, but at least you can define a goal.  Too much information is still floating around and taking action would be fine if only you knew which direction so focus on what's going on inside until the fog clears.

Taking advantage of the energy comprising that Grand Water Trine may require a change of direction that could turn out to be more logical than expected.  If your situation requires some detachment that Aquarius Moon is good for that but will require some effort to achieve amidst all that water which constitutes memories and emotions amongst other things.  Note that Mercury is stationing retrograde, also in a water sign, and will throw it into reverse tomorrow which is actually favorable for rethinking a few things but not for new ideas, signing contracts, purchasing electronic or mechanical items and so forth.

6-26-2013 The Moon continues to set off a few things today as she tends to do as the ruler of function.  Listen to your heart, being sure to distinguish the difference between its messages and your emotions which can sometimes be inaccurate or deceptive.  That Grand Trine is still in effect for a few more days so continue to ponder what you want the most out of life.  Mercury stations retrograde today which puts a different spin on things and may bring back old memories of past relationships that you will see in an entirely different light than the first go-round.  If a reconciliation is viable it's worth consideration.  Otherwise at least learn from the experience to improve your chances the next time.
6-27-2013 Over the next day or so you may encounter an emotional blast from the past that gives you a lot to consider.  Mercury just went retrograde which is when the cosmos reminds us that mistakes are part of life and rethinking or redoing something is often the best action as opposed to never looking in your life's rearview mirror.  This is what lessons, particularly those with karmic overtones, are all about.  Anything you don't get right or learn in this life you get to repeat in the next.
6-28-2013 A few days ago Jupiter rolled over into Cancer, sign of his exaltation where his expansive nature has a more nurturing environment.  For the past year he's been in Gemini providing too much information to grok so this should be a welcome change, particularly for Sagittarius since he's your sign ruler and Pisces as your traditional ruler.  See if you notice a calming influence instead of that "all dressed up and no where to go" feeling.  Over the next few days there could be some conflicts between love or money and responsibilities.  Sometimes you need a break but that doesn't mean you need to over indulge.  Stay within your budget or the end result may not be pretty.
6-29-2013 Family issues of one kind or another are likely to stir things up a bit.  If this situation is an old one which has been buried previously, don't you think that maybe it's time to confront and resolve it, once and for all?  There are numerous cosmic helpers out there today along those lines, particularly Mercury retrograde in Cancer.  Philosophical Jupiter exalted in the same sign is now participating in that Grand Trine which combined with some compassion and a sense of relationship responsibility can possibly take care of business provided everyone avoids being too egocentric.  It may be a challenge to avoid too much "me, me, me" unless you concentrate on "I" messages as opposed to "You."  in other words express your feelings without blaming the other person since you are responsible for your own feelings and reactions.  Ponder how a "perfect" person would handle the situation and do your best to follow suit.
6-30-2013 As you've probably noticed, Mercury is retrograde and today he's semisextile Mars which may bring about a touch of anger and frustration if you're dealing with any emotional issues.  This is a time to consider your responsibilities versus your ideal situation and what you may need to do to get a better grip on them both.  Breaking free from something is likely to be necessary whether it's a bad habit or a "favorite mistake" as the old song stated it so nicely.  Getting your emotional house in order is receiving a lot of cosmic help these days so slow down enough to take stock of your situation and consider what may need to change.
7-01-2013 Situations involving control issues, especially within families, are possible along with the rebellion such tactics usually spawn.  Of course such matters are complicated and everyone has their own rationale.  Hashing out old issues is actually favored these days so take the time to talk about it, even if the discussion gets a little loud.  Emotions continue to flow freely but until we understand those close to us at that level the relationship is going to be superficial.  Changing how you interact with people you've known for a long time is difficult but possible as long as both parties agree that neither is the center of the known Universe.
7-02-2013 You're probably going to have to make a few adjustments to what you want if you expect to get it and depending on your age and what you want show that you're responsible enough to handle it.  People tend to judge your future behavior by past behavior so give that some consideration as well along with any changes you want to make to score a bit better in the future.  True change typically has its roots in emotional motivation followed by commitment as opposed to logic which can be helped along by that Grand Water Trine.  See your monthly sign horoscope for more information on how it affects you.
7-03-2013 Old unresolved issues may be out to get you today but there's a good chance you can get a new take on them and gain a better understanding than you did before.  It's really not a matter of whose fault it is or who's right or wrong but more a matter of what your true feelings are (or were) for one another.  Getting in touch with what your heart wants you to know is favored, even if you have to dig your way past a bunch of old self-justifications to get there.  This is an excellent time for healing old rifts.  If not now, when do you plan to do it?  In case you've forgotten, life is too short.
7-04-2013 Surprises, disruptions, and various complications are likely to be the theme for the day.  Expect to deal with a variety of adjustments and course changes as the day progresses.  Some of these will be physical and some mental or emotional, but not necessarily a bad thing.  Taking a philosophical and perhaps somewhat idealistic yet compassionate view of certain situations in your life are calling for your attention and the willingness to rebuild a better foundation.  Digging in your heels and refusing to change could result in a whiplash as opposed to an easy ride so keep an eye on your pride factor and what it might wind up costing you before refusing to compromise.
7-05-2013 Wanting your cake and eating it, too, is possible these days which, when denied, could generate a a need for freedom such that you really wish that everyone would just leave you alone, especially if they can't do your bidding.  The real trick is to figure out where those sentiments are coming from and why.  Breaking away from old baggage is favored these days as that Grand Water Trine continues to stir things up at the emotional level.  Jupiter's philosophical energy is quite at home in family-oriented Cancer which will help you process old issues and hopefully resolve them and leave them in the dust where they belong.  Done right, you may not even care anymore about your cake or whatever it represents.

There are numerous cycles in effect today, some overlapping, some not.  The emotional energy continues along with some pressure to deal with an old issue.  You may be trying to let go and suddenly discover that it's not as easy as you thought it would be.  Defending your position may be required, which could meet with some serious resistance.  Mercury retrograde in emotional cancer may fog the issue somewhat but can be useful for getting it all out, once and for all.  If you don't know what you think or how you feel about a certain situation it's probably Mercury stirring up more information which has been buried in your subconscious.  Listen up.


Conflict embroiled in emotion is still vying for a change of direction but you may not know what it is until the end of the month.  That's okay, it gives you plenty of time to get used to it, especially if you're one of those who doesn't like change.  Again, as if I haven't already said it enough, unless you are entirely enamored with the status quo change can be a good thing!  Wouldn't you just kick yourself if you knew you were the one holding it at bay?  Hmmmmmm?

7-08-2013 New Moon today as described in your monthly horoscope.  Watch for something new to come out of it that is likely to be family-related in some way or another.  Rethinking old situations continues along with some cosmic help in working things out via a fresh start.  The mental noise should be quieter now with Jupiter comfortably situated in Cancer, sign of his dignity.  This is warm and fuzzy compared to the TMI vibes when he generated in Gemini.  Things in the world around you may be going crazy but this could be a call to make your private world the haven it should be.  Now all you need is the courage it takes to make any needed changes and make it so.
7-09-2013 This is an excellent day to think back to something that is bothering you and see it in an entirely different way.  That is not to say this will be easy and if it's not something you feel you can do you might ask someone you respect with a bit more mileage on their odometer to help you figure things out.  Breaking away from an old habit, attitude or situation may still be holding you back.  Make sure that delusions of grandeur or ignoring or wanting to escape reality aren't factors and if they are make the necessary adjustments unless you can defend your position appropriately.
7-10-2013 Getting in touch with your emotions, particularly as they relate to love, is favored today in multiple ways.  It's also possible that they will surprise you, either yours or someone else's.  Changing your mind is another possibility, though this may take some convincing.  If you haven't reviewed your personal philosophy of life in a while now is a good time for that, too.  Take a close look at your beliefs and expectations, whether they relate to your religion, political leanings, or relationships and see if life has taught you anything that might necessitate a few changes to keep up with the evolving you as opposed to the old you.  Remember that your beliefs are largely the result of your experiences, thoughts and ideas and if they've changed then you can rest assured you beliefs could stand an overhaul as well.
7-11-2013 Saturn stationed direction several days ago so you should be feeling the energy shift by now.  Saturn RX tends to slow everything down, throw a variety of obstacles in your path and give you the feeling you're living in a time warp or hopelessly stuck in the mud.  Mercury is still RX, however, so rethinking or reconsidering is still favored but a plan of action should be gradually coming to the surface of your mind.  Now is when that Grand Trine can really show its stuff as you start to synthesize all that cosmic input and figure out where to go from here.  It may take some effort to find exactly what you're looking for but it's out there.
7-12-2013 Conflict related to breaking away from old paradigms that are no longer accurate or effective continues.  If you've been operating under a delusion that particular revelation certainly is never pretty but confronting it will always become necessary at some point.  Often your pride can survive more intact if you're strong enough to admit you were wrong rather than trying to dance around it, deny it or make excuses which usually don't fool anyone but yourself.  Honesty continues to be the best honesty, especially when you know you were wrong.
7-13-2013 A careful review of your existing beliefs versus what life has been telling you continues as a quiet cosmic message the Universe is broadcasting.  This is a time to search your heart and mind for any inconsistencies and work at rectifying the conflicts.  Finding and being your true self with superficialities eliminated shouldn't be that difficult yet most people really don't have a clue who and what they really are or what they have the capability to become.  The world at large tries harder every day to keep you in a fog.  The question for the day is whether or not you like it there.

The tendency to be too fair and allow others to drive your train is possible today.  While being considerate is certainly a virtue it requires balance, particularly if you're just giving in to avoid an argument.  Compromising your beliefs is a sure way to get lost in those of others and finally not really know what your view of the world really is much less what you're willing to stand up for.  Spend some time today figuring out if you really know where the boundary lies between being politically correct and a feather in the wind.

7-15-2013 The Moon is moving some territory today that is going to stir up a few things, most likely about relationships.  It remains an appropriate time to discuss old issues and actually someone might force the issue today when something sets them off.  Emotions continue to rumble and now that Mars is moving into range of that Grand Trine a temper tantrum could erupt, especially with Venus somewhat disconnected.  Be sure to take your chill pill and if you're the one that simply has to bring it up make sure you do so in the most tactful manner possible unless you're into recreational fighting.
7-16-2013 Getting what you want is possible but it's going to take some effort on your part to make it so.  It's not going to be handed to you so action of some description is required.  There's a huge amount of passion out there which will certainly provide a boost if that fits into the equation.  Undoing or redoing something is likely to be the part that isn't that easy.  How badly you want whatever it is will determine not only whether you take action but also whether or not you ultimately get it.
7-17-2013 Mercury retrograde is still grinding away at something that needs to be resolved, perhaps something hurtful from your past that should be healed and released, once and for all.  There are few on this planet who don't have something that fits that description lurking in their psyche.  It could even be so deeply buried that you're no longer aware of it, but it's nonetheless there, continually leaking into your subconscious like an emotional abscess.  No doubt dealing with it has all the appeal of a root canal but that cosmic help out there can be of significant assistance for you to take care of business even if all you do at this point is recognize that it's there.
7-18-2013 Resistance, resistance, resistance.  Looks like there's quite a bit of it out there today.  Unexpected news or some sort of disruption is more than likely and may necessitate rethinking a situation that's been bothering you for some time.  Unless your family is perfect, and I have yet to meet any that are, this is likely to relate to your home life, past or present or possibly both.  Emotions are running high, especially if you're feeling ignored, misunderstood or simply invisible.  Whatever this is, it will probably culminate a few days hence with the Full Moon so you have a little while to get your act, defense or proposal together.
7-19-2013 A change of direction that may feel like a kick in the butt may turn out better than you expect.  Try to think positive, even if it doesn't seem that way at first.  Getting someone to listen much less give you what you want is going to take a high degree of charm and tact which won't be that easy to achieve if all you really want to do is take control and tell them where to go.  Emotions are still in high gear, that Grand Water Trine in full force driving an easy flow based on a new attitude, taking responsibility and pursuing your dreams.  Now if you could just someone to listen...
7-20-2013 The drama continues with a variety of emotion attached.  Mercury stations direct today trining the asteroid, Chiron, the "wounded healer" which could prove useful for getting over something you've been carrying around for a long time.  This could come through a variety of channels.  Increasing insight or understanding is one possibility or perhaps finding it within yourself to forgive, whether the person deserves it or not.  You've heard it before that hanging onto old issues only hurts you and not the perpetrator so this could be a good time to recognize that and act upon it, once and for all.
7-21-2013 Thoughts and emotions are probably bouncing all over the place as Mercury gradually goes direct in emotional Cancer opposite the Moon in cool, collected Cappy.  Mars and Jupiter are conjunct in Cancer which can produce some serious action-oriented energy which could be blown out of proportion to the issue at hand and the Sun is in the 29th degree of Cancer, another placement that can be bursting with energy.  Pluto's involvement introduces power and control issues as well as the need to resolve old issues or eliminate something you no longer need.  And by the way, this could all come out of the blue and take you completely by surprise and doesn't even consider what's going on with that Grand Water Trine, which is still in effect.  So, this looks like a good day to chill out as much as possible and take a close look at anything transpires that fits any of these possible scenarios.
7-22-2013 Full Moon today which has a whole lot of action attached to it.  As always, a culmination or ending is likely and will be described in more detail in your monthly horoscope on the Valkyrie website.  Whatever you were ruminating upon during the Mercury retrograde cycle is likely to demand action which you will have a definite opinion regarding.  Balance, compromise and negotiations are all over the place and if the issue involves a relationship you may find yourself dealing with practicality versus idealism or complete lack of reality.  Responsibility is another potential issue, all of which carry strong emotional overtones and will relate to what is likely to be very subjective opinions, which is pretty typical when things get personal.  The thing to remember here is that often there is no right or wrong, only opinion, and the primary consideration should be what you stand to lose if you cut off your nose to spite your face.
7-23-2013 The Sun went into Leo yesterday, firing up his energy compared to his sentimental journey in Cancer.  That square to Saturn could bring some conflicts between what you want to do versus what you should do, not that such a situation is particularly unusual for most, especially if you don't like your job.  A huge percentage of people these days are not happy on the job.  If you're one of them, now may be the time to do something about it.  If you can't find something to like about it, whether it's the job description or industry itself or perhaps your coworkers, then maybe it's time to move on.  Take some time today to define what your perfect job would be.  If you don't know what it is how will you ever find it?
7-24-2013 Getting a new take or attitude relative to some emotionally charged issue is likely.  What you think is likely to not be in synch what that opinion of others, particularly authority figures.  This is a time when the facts may not be clear, perhaps because they're being distorted by your emotions.  While the Moon is in Aquarius it's easier to be a bit detached but once she goes into Pisces, it's likely you'll see things in a different light.  Sometimes it takes a while for the facts to sink in or assimilate information.  Give yourself plenty of time to process what's going on before taking any rash action you may regret later.  Balance practicality with idealism as much as possible and be sure to recognize that ignoring the facts does not change the facts.
7-25-2013 Getting anything done today may be a challenge due to numerous interruptions or unexpected events or situations that get in the way, bringing to mind that quote about "the best laid plans of mice and men."  Moving forward may present an exercise in futility due to outside forces but you need to make sure that they're not actually internal, i.e. something holding you back that manages to create various obstacles which serve as a handy excuse.  Make sure your goals are realistic even though "dreaming big" is permitted.  Like they say, it's better to aim for the stars and drag your feet in the tree tops rather than aim for the treetops and drag your feet in the mud."
7-26-2013 There are three aspect patterns out there today besides a few single ones.  You're probably sick of hearing about the Grand Trine and that T-square has been around for a while as well.  The Readers' Digest version of those two remains an opportunity to restructure your beliefs, redefine your dreams and go after them at the emotional level and tension breaking away from the past in order to pursue what you want, respectively.  The new addition is a sextile pattern built upon the Grand Trine which is a tidy little loop that should bring an opportunity to get it together by working through the details of your new expectations without losing the magic of your dreams.
7-27-2013 Keeping your cool today may be a bit of a challenge and may not necessarily be the summer weather if you're in the Northern Hemisphere.  This is a day when facing reality may not exactly bring happy news.  Much of it is likely to be emotional, however, or clash with your existing expectations in some way.  Authority figures could be a problem so make sure you don't paint a target on your butt by doing something like speeding or breaking some other traffic law.  If you happen to be a law enforcement official, you probably won't have much trouble making your quota today for whatever jurisdiction you happen to support.  Much of what's going on is simply building up to that Grand Sextile in a couple days.  More details on that are available in your sign's monthly horoscope for July.
7-28-2013 Fantasizing about what you want is fine as long as you realize that it's just that, a fantasy.  Of course there are some things you can manifest through visualization but getting your own way where others are concerned isn't necessarily going to happen.  Temper tantrums aren't going to help in the long run but taking a less self-centered approach via negotiations might.  Reciprocal relationships bring benefit to both parties so give some thought to what you're willing to pay to get what you want and you may discover you really didn't want it as badly as you thought.

Grand Sextile today, a rather rare event that you can read more about in your sign's monthly horoscope.  This represents a tremendous blast of astrological energy which is bound to trigger something.  The Grand Sextile itself if generally a good thing, somewhat like a planetary family reunion.  Nonetheless, there is more out there than the Grand Sextile because a planetary line-up like this also brings oppositions, in this case four, and a few of the non-participants, such as the Sun and Uranus, are creating a few T-squares to contend with.  The combined effects of this cosmic kaleidoscope could be like a fuse setting off everything at once.  Take note of what happens today, both personally and at the mundane level.  If nothing seems to occur, at least note the date because something may turn up later that was set in motion today.

7-30-2013 The Grand Sextile is long-gone but a miasma of aspects remains that looks like a game of Pickup Stix.  Big news that relates to family seems to be one theme of that stellium comprising Jupiter, Mars and Mercury in Cancer.  In addition, the first two are also party to a T-square which has definitely been stirring things up such as surprise events and power struggles.  The Sun is still squaring Saturn which has the definite potential to bring clashes with authority figures.  Top that off with thinking you're perfect actually being a delusion and all wrapped up in that emotional Grand Water Trine and things are bound to get interesting and result in a transformational change of direction.  Advise for the day:  Brace yourself.
7-31-2013 In case you're wondering what happened to that Grand Water Trine, it's still there, but gradually diminishing.  More than likely its emotional energy is operating somewhat below your radar as a variety of less than friendly aspects begin to form.  Close encounters of the power trip kind seem prevalent lately, both on the authority figure side as well as people simply having enough and pushing back.  Freedom has a price, however, even though it's worth thinking about, depending on how badly you want it.  Of course if you're on a financial treadmill things get complicated really fast, which gives you even more to think about regarding what "quality of life" is all about.
8-01-2013 Mental activity is likely to be fairly high, making it a great day to do some brainstorming, particularly with regard to what you really want.  Surprises may be right around the corner which are going to necessitate a few changes of direction.  As I've said before, unless you're entirely satisfied and deliriously happy with the status quo, this can be a good thing.  It may be time to take action on an existing relationship with meeting someone of interest a possibility as well, so look your best and be on good behavior because you never know who might be watching.
8-02-2013 About the only thing that has changed since yesterday is that the Moon is slightly better behaved, i.e. not aspecting quite so many planets as she goes void of course.  That means she won't make any more aspects until she goes into Cancer.  The Moon rules function so this often means that not much will happen, essentially freezing yesterday's happenings until tomorrow or so.  This gives you time to think about whatever is going on and decide where to go from here.  Mercury is also void of course, however, so getting your thoughts together may be easier said than done as well.  But then we can all use a day off from time to time, your brain included.  Your best bet is to relax and see what the morrow brings.
8-03-2013 There's a whole lot of energy in emotional Cancer today so don't be surprised if your feelings are a bit more sensitive than usual.  If your Sun Sign happens to be cancer you're probably going to feel this for sure  since the sign's occupants are somewhat evenly spaced and most are opposing Pluto, drawing in the past with a sprinkling of surprises from Uranus.  Making up your mind regarding what you really need is favored along with making a few adjustments to head in that direction.  Just in case it applies to anyone on your mind today, remember that no life is ever wasted, you can always serve as a bad example.

Watch for an opportunity related to love or money that may be closer to home than you realize.  This is a day when being your authentic self is favored, expressing yourself in a way that no one else can.  While this may sound easy, it may be harder than you think if you're hanging onto something you really need to let go.  The Universe is transmitting what could be seen as mixed messages these days but there really is a method to its madness.  Delve into your heart and find the dreams you've been suppressing for whatever reason and ask you why.  Then figure out what you may need to leave behind to go after them.  Once you determine whether or not it would be worth it you will have at least gotten farther than you were before.  N'est-ce pas?

8-05-2013 The emotional current continues with the possibility of not only expanding upon but getting on track to manifest your dreams.  This is not to say that the journey will be entirely without opposition but you have to start somewhere.  If you feel as if there is still something holding you back you're probably right and it may be deeply buried within your psyche.  Breaking away from old baggage or confidence issues is favored but first you need to figure out what you really want. 
8-06-2013 New Moon today in Leo which is described for your individual sign in this month's horoscopes.  Watch for a surprise, a continuation of emotional rumblings and tension as that T-square continues to develop into another cosmic energy blast later this month.  The energy between the sexes is favorable and could bring someone new into your life provided those of the female persuasion aren't too picky.
8-07-2013 With so many outer planets somewhat stuck in long-term aspect patterns it may seem as if much doesn't change day to day.  When you think about it, though, your life doesn't change that much day to day, either.  However, this also implies that long-term changes are afoot that may not be that apparent.  You could encounter an opportunity to do something you want but have to deal with numerous hassles before it's possible and thus tangle with a bout of indecision.  How badly you want the results will eventually determine your move, even though you may be somewhat lost in the meantime.  Accept that this is a time when feeling like a buoy afloat in a choppy bay is normal and keep watching the horizon for the beacon you need to lock onto to navigate to your destination.
8-08-2013 If you're dealing with a fantasy that you really want to go after this is an excellent day to take it seriously and figure out how you're going to go about it, right down to the finest detail.  As they say, rules are made to be broken and along those same lines, obstacles are meant to be overcome.  Spinning your wheels a bit and not knowing which way to go first is pretty likely at first but maintain your optimism and there's no telling how far you'll be able to get.

This is an excellent day for a cleaning frenzy, getting organized, rearranging furniture and even thinking about any home improvements you'd like to make, even if you can't afford them right away.  You'd be surprised how the means can come along once you make up your mind what you want to do.  You may encounter some resistance from others in your household who may not where you put the couch or their favorite chair, but simple changes can liven things up a bit and be refreshing in their own way.  It may also give you the inspiration you need to clean out that hall closet.

8-10-2013 A conversation could have a fated ring to it today, either involving a flash of deja-vu or insight that ignites a few new insights or ideas.  The challenges are still out there, without a doubt, but life is definitely like that sometimes.  Frustration and feeling emotionally tangled up in emotion is still possible, especially as you encounter obstacles, but getting in touch with your true self is one way to help alleviate the confusion as you determine what you really want versus what you may think you want.  Using your imagination to find a suitable detour is favored so don't underestimate your ability to handle the situation.
8-11-2013 Bringing something from your imagination into reality is still favored, though it may be a bit of a challenge to figure out exactly how you'll be able to do so with naysayers another possible obstacle.  This implies some changes or adjustments may be required, so if you keep hitting a wall try a different approach.  There are plenty of challenges out there today so don't be surprised if you run into a few, especially involving the people in your life.  Cooperation is probably less than stellar with surprises likely.  Check your monthly horoscope for more regarding that persistent T-square which is likely to be the source of any trouble you encounter.
8-12-2013 Unexpected news or information is likely in the coming week which may require a change of plans.  Keep this in mind and try to be flexible to minimize any inconvenience to your schedule.  The news itself may be positive yet still result in some disruptions and hassles.  Keep everything in the proper perspective and don't let your imagination make these minor disturbances or hectic pace into more than it is.  With that T-square still out there expect continued blasts from the past but still maintain a positive attitude.  You know the one, about making lemons into lemonade.
8-13-2013 The Moon is at it again, digging up surprises that could bring about unexpected changes of direction.  These could be based on incoming information or ideas, either of which are going to require some regrouping.  An innovative and original approach is favored along with a fair amount of passion toward what you want to accomplish.  Breaking free from the past continues as an ongoing theme which is receiving some cosmic assistance provided you're doing your best to maintain a positive attitude.
8-14-2013 There's a chance you'll meet someone of interest today but don't put too many hope into it because about the time of interest the Moon goes void-of-course.  Your head and heart may be in conflict today with neither being willing to budge, that condition further exacerbated by being ego-centric.  In other words, it's not a particularly good day to try and work out and relationship or personal issues so you may as well indulge yourself in something relatively harmless until you can feel an attitude shift occur, most likely about the time the Moon goes into Sagittarius, which will be 1:04 a.m. GMT which translates to 7:04 p.m. CDT.  Sorry, but the rest of y'all are on your own since listing every time zone worldwide isn't in my job description.  :-D 
8-15-2013 This is definitely a day to look for the silver lining in anything that takes you by surprise, causes a disruption or brings a hectic pace you're not prepared for.  It may be fleeting, but in that short moment when a philosophical attitude flies through your brain you'd do well to grab it and run.  The alternative is likely to be elevated blood pressure or a headache which isn't healthy for you much less those around you who have to listen to you rant.  Just sayin'.

The Moon and Jupiter are in mutual reception which means the two are working together nicely to bring you to a heartfelt view of something that's been bothering you for quite some time, especially if you've been tripping over your ego lately.  A change of direction is advised, which may be motivated by some unexpected news or information.  If you've been trying to break away from something that's been keeping you in place for far, too long you may start to see your way more clearly.

8-17-2013 Figuring out what that T-square's message is for you is in your best interest, particularly today when the Moon may set a few things off that relate to it.  An opportunity to see things in a different light and be able to set them in order is out there but it always helps if you know what to look for since it may not be intuitively obvious.  Your thoughts may be random and not focused as well as your incentive lacking but rest assured that your subconscious is processing the input and will let you know the scoop when the time is right.

An encounter with someone such as a boss or other authority figure type is possible today and your reaction is likely to be hard to contain.  Whatever it happens to be, a temper tantrum isn't likely to help things in a positive direction.  Of course this is usually the case but keeping your cool may be more difficult than usual.  Turning on the charm will get you a whole lot further and preclude pushing the wrong buttons on this person which could activate a power trip and an ending you do not like.

8-19-2013 With the Sun and Mercury traveling together through Leo you and everyone else is slightly more likely to speak your mind with little regard for others or their opinions.  Needless to say this is not being particularly politically correct and may institute a few problems.   If you have to referee or intervene in one of these confrontations you may find it difficult to maintain the needed detachment, even though there is help in that regard if you're open to being charitable and compassionate about the situation.  At the least, perhaps you can call a simple time-out until everyone can just calm down.
8-20-2013 Full Moon today in Aquarius as described for your Sun Sign in the website's horoscopes.  This one contains quite a bit of conflict but considering that a Full Moon typically brings an ending or culmination perhaps it simply represents, as they used to say, that the light at the end of the tunnel is the headlamp of an oncoming train.  Sometimes things get more complicated before they can be solved, usually because you learn more considerations.  Whatever your situation may be, whether love, money, job or school, may be it's reaching a crescendo after which the Universe will quietly reveal a solution.  Namaste.
8-21-2013 If you've been unrealistic about a relationship now may be the time you finally recognize it and consider what can or needs to be done.  This is not to say it will be easy, but getting in touch with the situation as it is, determining whether or not it's working for you, and then taking appropriate action whether it's a heart-to-heart talk or a big heave-ho, is favored.  Temper tantrums are often tuned out but in other cases that's what it takes to get the other person's attention, short of walking out the door.  Decide which approach may work for you, especially if you're at the point where you don't think things can get much worse.
8-22-2013 The Sun goes into Virgo today accompanied by a Grand Square that will evolve into another Grand Sextile albeit a sloppy one in a few days.  Grand Squares a.k.a. Grand Crosses tend to bring quite a bit of tension and this one is all in Cardinal Signs which will means numerous things are pulling against each other in opposite directions.  You may encounter a meltdown sometime before the days is out, perhaps your own.  Bear in mind that you may not be seeing things clearly, for whatever that's worth.
8-23-2013 Relationship issues are likely these days which may seem to come up out of the blue.  It's very possible that nothing has really changed except in your mind where you're suddenly seeing something you missed before, either because you didn't want to or simply were unaware.  Wanting to do something, even if it's wrong, is likely with these energies but bear in mind you may not be seeing things clearly or processing the data in the best possible way due to all the emotional energy out there.  You'll probably be better off in the long run if you take a break for a day or two to let things settle, at least until Mercury moves into practical Virgo tomorrow which should help you figure out an appropriate solution.
8-24-2013 If you have old issues lurking around in old dusty corners you may encounter something or someone that forces you to deal with them, like it or not.  Think of it this way:  If you don't take out the garbage from time to time it's going to stink up your kitchen.  If you allow emotional garbage to accumulate in your heart it's going to likewise eventually cause a stink.  The problem with such matters, however, is once emotions get involved you usually don't see things clearly because you're only seeing things from your own knothole.  The challenge today is to try and take yourself to the next level, practice more compassion and understanding and see where you can go from there
8-25-2013 Brace yourself, folks, today we get another miasma of aspects similar to the Grand Sextile last month.  See your monthly horoscope for your sign for more detail.  The Cardinal Grand Cross in this one brings more tension as well as a call to action which is thus less friendly in that respect.  Granted, the orbs are pretty sloppy but viable and with that much energy going in so many different directions it's likely to be a hectic and surprising day.  The good news is that with the Sun and Mercury in practical Virgo and the Moon in stable Taurus the ability to stay grounded is a bit better, but keep an eye out for weirdness during this cosmic explosion.
8-26-2013 The Grand Sextile has passed away but the Grand Square/Cross has not along with a sextile pattern, which hails a bit of good news with regard to coming up with a plan to take some sort of control of the situation.   Being realistic may present a challenge but that can be a good thing, provided you balance any idealism out with common sense.  Relationship and family issues as well as interesting happenings on the mundane scene are likely for the next little while so at least you know where it's coming from.
8-27-2013 That Grand Cross/Square is in effect for a few more days so you can expect more of the same that's been coming at your the past few days.  If things have been quiet, peaceful and not disruptive or disturbing, then count yourself amongst the lucky ones.  Opportunities to deal with an old situation are still out there as well, so regardless of what's going on, it's a reasonable assumption that even if things are a bit rough at the present, all's well that end's well, or in some cases ends at all.
8-28-2013 It may be more difficult than usual to get your head and heart on the same page today as your sort out new information.  Logic is favored, which can be a good thing, but in things of the heart you should still let your heart rule.  Just make sure you know the difference between intuition and pure emotion, which can be misleading.  Nonetheless, you may come up with a different solution that may involve a slight change of direction versus where you were before.  There are challenges out there but likewise opportunities to start anew.
8-29-2013 Unexpected news, information, thoughts or possibly a mechanical or electronic failure may bring about a surprise or sudden change of direction today.  This won't necessarily be catastrophic but disruptive nonetheless.  Being flexible will make all the difference in just how much.  All that other stuff is still grinding away but with Mars out of Cancer and now cruising through Leo there will be less emotion associated with your ability to take action.  There's a caveat with that, however, since it will take a day or so to adjust to the energy change.  In the meantime you may be subject to false starts or indecision but that will settle down once you get a clearer picture of what you want.

That Cancer Moon is likely to stir up some more emotions along with some opportunities to consider a variety of home and family issues.  It's a favorable time for a cleaning frenzy whether it entails gathering up a bunch of stuff to take to the thrift shop or working through old issues involving someone close to you.  It's still probably difficult to see things through anyone's viewpoint other than your own but an unexpected event or conversation may bring new information that changes a few things.  Do your best not to distort your view because even if you thrive on drama it's not likely to help resolve the situation.

8-31-2013 Emotional reactions may be stronger than usual today, especially as they relate to sudden or disruptive relationship issues.  These could dig up something from the past and open old wounds which need to be resolved.  Communications are favored which should be practical and logical but avoid being critical, which only turns on the other person's defenses.  A viable solution to issues past, present and future is possible if you avoid being too self-centered or bossy about what needs to be done.

What you want versus looming responsibilities may be an issue today with a few surprises interfering with existing plans.  Challenges that involve family may get in the way of other relationships so bear that in mind to avoid disappointments or misunderstandings.  Dealing with something from the past is favored along with some important lessons that go along with it to avoid future situations.  Being flexible is important these days unless you enjoy being frustrated with last minute changes.

9-02-2013 Emotional insights are likely that may come out of the blue and hit somewhat like a train.  Seeing the necessity of changing directions is possible along with some inspiration relative to which way to go.  The cosmos has been providing numerous mixed messages lately but the answers are out there.  You just may need to do some serious digging to find them.  It may be hard to focus today, however, with your thoughts all over the place.  Just let them wander for now because in a day or so it will start to make sense.
9-03-2013 Make sure that what you want has a basis in reality and if not make the necessary adjustments to your plan of action.  The Moon is void of course for several hours today, meaning nothing much is likely to happen so it may be best to put anything on hold that isn't clear.  Finding hidden flaws is favored and may be the catalyst for changes.  Challenges persist and will be out there for the next few weeks so use that Virgo Sun and Mercury to deal with things in a logical, practical and detail-oriented manner.

Adjustments and course changes can be expected today, perhaps due to not understanding or not seeing things clearly the first time.  Reality versus illusion is likely to come up at least once so be wary with any decisions made at this time.  One possibly exception, however, may be relationship issues where it may take some effort but it looks favorable for communications, particularly about practical matters.

9-05-2013 New Moon today as described in your monthly horoscope.  There's a lot of connected energy out there which will stir up several areas of your life all at once.  Unexpected adjustments or course changes are likely this month which will be accompanied by confusion as you figure out which way to go.  Taking care of something you've buried under the rug or ignored is favored, perhaps through intervention from someone in authority, provided you ask with a nice "pretty please."  Communications, especially within relationships, may be a bit intense but productive as long as you don't get lost in detail or criticism.
9-06-2013 Things seems to be calming down slightly except that T-square will undoubtedly continue to generate a hectic pace and various surprises for a while longer.  A change of direction or adjustment is probably already in progress, but not necessarily a bad thing.  If you've felt stuck or indecisive, you may finally figure out a new course of action and find some opportunities.  With the Sun and Mercury in Virgo it's an excellent time to get organized, go on a cleaning frenzy, balance your checkbook, and so forth.  The past two months have thrown some intense cosmic energy your way.  Give some thought to some of the major happenings in your life and how things may have changed, particularly any major obstacles that you somehow managed to get past, perhaps with unexpected help.  If you're still in the midst of wading through them, watch for some relief via inspiration or perhaps simply escaping long enough to get your stress level under control.
9-07-2013 That Grand Cross will return briefly today thanks to the Moon, which could bring an unexpected or disruptive situation with a relationship.  A bit of a power struggle could ensue but may not end well, depending on who has the most power in the relationship.  In other words, one possibility is that you or someone close to you may want to "do your own thing" today yet meet with considerable resistance.  It's been said that in any relationship the person who cares the least has the most power, so bear that in mind.  If an authority figure is involved, then you already know who probably has the ace in the hole.  Talk it out as fairly as possible and peaceful resolution may be achievable.
9-08-2013 The potential for clashes with authority figures continues so if you're expecting one anytime soon you may want to examine your approach carefully to optimize your chances.  Usually in such cases you automatically assume that they're being unfair but do you best to see the other side of things because digging in your heels and being a jerk about it is extremely unlikely to help the situation.  First impressions are important and if you're viewed as an arrogant you-know-what you are not going to like the outcome.  If you're not dealing with an authority figure you may be up against a different type of wall, but the approach of being willing to change course still applies.
9-09-2013 If you're trying to get some done there's a good chance that a bunch of interruptions or disturbances will get in your way.  Try to remember that there is a reason for everything and that perhaps there's a message there that relates to timing.  Drawing some information from both experience and inspiration is favored, so put it in "pause" for the day and see what comes your way that may make things easier in the long run.  Challenges are there to help you grow and learn but beating your head repeatedly against a stone wall can get old and result in a major headache so if you're feeling as if that's the story of your life just go with the flow today and see what comes from it.  After all, it IS Monday.
9-10-2013 The Moon is void of course the majority of the day so it's likely to be relatively quiet at best and frustrating at worst if nothing seems to work or move at your bidding.  Acquiring new ideas or inspiration is favored so use this time to consider any current projects and how you can improve them.  There's too much mediocrity in the world these days so make sure you're not contributing to it.  This could be your last chance to pursue a relationship so if that applies to your situation you might want to give that plenty of thought.
9-11-2013 If there's something that's been bothering you lately today is a good one for finding new insights and maybe even some honest-to-goodness inspiration that will help you figure out what to do about it.  You will still have some challenges you need to deal with but following your heart is favored, even if you need to give something up to go after it.  Take a good, hard look at what has been holding you back then decide if it's time to bid it adieu and get moving in the direction you really want to go.
9-12-2013 A wide variety of conflicts are out there today include one between your head and heart.  Getting them to agree may be difficult so be sure to listen carefully to both sides and perhaps wait until tomorrow to even try to decide because you probably won't be able to, anyway, and there's no point losing sleep over it.  Those changes of direction are still out there so if you haven't encountered one yet you may not be paying attention.  If things aren't going as planned give it some consideration.
9-13-2013 Sudden or unexpected news that could relate to something or someone you swept under the rug years ago could turn up over the next few days.  There is quite a bit of suspicious looking energy out there today and with it Friday the 13th there's no telling what could turn up, superstitious or not.  Let's just say the cosmos is reinforcing that particular concept which should make for an interesting and perhaps memorable day.  This is not to say it's all bad, there are some nice things out there as well that involve imagination.  If you feel as if something has been holding you back this is an excellent time to break free even though it may not be easy to do so.
9-14-2013 Things could get thrown all out of proportion today, especially if something takes you by surprise.  Just a word of caution, this is not a day when you want to drive over the speed limit or do anything marginally legal because your chances of getting caught are higher than usual.  There's some good stuff out there, like hearing from someone related to your distant past, or the potential for enjoying yourself through some form of escape or fantasy.  Depending on your choices, just make sure you have a DD or perhaps stay home, just to make sure.
9-15-2013 There's some weird stuff out there that suggest it's not what you know but who you know as well as perhaps a few pleasant surprises resolving problems.  Unexpected news or information, particularly related to unresolved issues from your past, is possible but properly used can have a reasonably happy ending if you take action and communicate in a fair and reasonable manner.
9-16-2013 The Cosmic climate remains about the same with the likelihood of surprising news or information higher today which may be a bit of a disruption but there's bound to be an opportunity in there as well, even if it's not a simple thing to pursue it.  Not much is easy these days and having too much going on all round you isn't helping.  Do you best to maintain your objectivity, find time to relax and regroup, and by all means don't let your stress level get out of hand.  Then take a deep breath and decide where to go from here.
9-17-2013 Family and relationship issues may make an appearance over the next few days, particularly any that relate to taking responsibility or doing something as promised.  If you happen to start a new relationship at this time you may be more inclined than usual to have unrealistic expectations or not see things clearly, perhaps through your own use of rose-colored glasses or perhaps due to outright deception.  Good communications are always important and starting out being open with one another is definitely in your best interest for the long term.
9-18-2013 Your emotions may be more of a driver today than usual which bears some watching because you may not be seeing things clearly.  There's a significant difference between listening to your heart and your intuition and following your emotions, which may be operating off inaccurate information as opposed to your subconscious.  A change of direction of some description may be called for but make sure you have the facts straight before jumping over the edge.
9-19-2013 Full Moon today as described in your sign's monthly horoscope on this website.  Sudden changes of direction may take you by surprise but are likely to bring an opportunity as well.  You may not have the luxury of sitting around thinking about it, however, so remember than windows of opportunity can close.  If there is someone out there you need to talk to about something, do it.  If there's something from the past you need to resolve because it's keeping you awake at night or invading your dreams, do it.
9-20-2013 Mercury has been stirring up a few things lately that more than likely pertain to communications, specifically in relationships and even more specifically, families.  If things aren't going the way they should for whatever reason, now is a favorable time to take the bull by the horns and figure out what changes need to be made to get things on an even keel.  This is not to say that there is any fault involved, only that assurance that everyone is getting what they need so as to preserve the integrity of the unit.  Sacrifices have to made from time to time by everyone, but recognizing the importance of taking care of each other is something that needs to be nurtured on a regular basis and if you haven't done so in a while now is the time.  Structure in the form of tough love or even scheduling fun times together are a few areas to consider.
9-21-2013 Changes of heart and direction are possible today, perhaps due to clashes with the opposite sex.  Looking at this chart gives me the impression that there will be a few people getting the "heave-ho" due to unresolved issues, probably some of which are related to responsibilities.  Communications may not be going too well which of course doesn't help the situation any.  Arguments are likely but sometimes getting everything out on the table is the best thing you can do.  Keeping everything bottled up hoping it will go away usually results in an explosion.  If that's you, see what you can do to bring yourself to talk about it and if it's the other person see what you can do to coax them to open up. 
9-22-2013 Today the Sun goes into Libra which marks the Fall or Spring equinox, depending on whether you reside in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, and the beginning of a new season.  There are a few things out there that could spell some trouble, not only for today but perhaps the next three months since ingress charts for cardinal signs tend to define the character of the entire season.  Refusal to budge from your existing position is likely which will probably maintain support from family members if no one else.  A change of direction is probably necessary, but whether or not you'll do so may be a matter of who holds the bigger stick.  With both the Sun and Neptune unaspected there's no telling what will come up as well as whether or not it will be real.  As always, time will tell.
9-23-2013 Today is another day where communications are emphasized, particularly on the subject of needs.  No matter how strong and self-sufficient you may be you still have them, including those that may come from the other people in your life, such as the need to love and be loved.  Now that the Sun is in Libra, the sign that rules relationships, it's as good of time as any to think about the people in your life and whether your relationship is reciprocal or one-sided.  If the people around you are unhappy you're likely to be unhappy, too, so it seems logical that giving a little from both sides may be worth it.  But first you need to talk about it, capisce?
9-24-2013 Your mind may tell you one thing today while your intuition prods you in a slightly different direction.  Reserve judgment is you can until all the facts are in.  The battle of the sexes rages on, which of course is nothing new.  If you're of the female persuasion and find yourself being a bit on the clingy or obsessive side, note that this may not be seen as a good thing by the object of your affection.  Of course that Uranus - Pluto square is still scowling down upon you and may necessitate justifying your position, especially if you get caught between a rock and a hard place.
9-25-2013 Adjustments and changes of course are all over the place and resistance is probably futile.  Relationship issues continue to be at the forefront and don't bode well if you're being too possessive or clingy.  Looking at the situation in a logical way is your best bet for coming to an agreement.  If you're in a rebellious mood and going up against an authority figure such as your boss or government employee remember that you get more flies with honey than vinegar.  Pushing against someone in a position of power is not likely to succeed under the prevailing cosmic energies.
9-26-2013 The need to justify your position or make a few adjustments continues.  Standing firm in what you want without being willing to negotiate is likely to be self-defeating where a more favorable outcome is possible.  As the Sun transits Libra, the sign that rules relationships, it's a favorable time to take a close look at how you're getting along with the people in your life who mean the most.  Sadly, it's human nature to take advantage of those we see every day and treat strangers with more compassion and respect.  Now is a favorable time to speak from the heart and improve your relationships with increased understanding.  What are you waiting for?
9-27-2013 Making sure you have all the facts is probably going to require some effort which may be in short supply with the information you need not available via your smart phone.  If you feel as if you're besieged with obstacles a change of course is advised but the going may not be much easier in that direction, either.  About all that is really working today is emotions and they may have been what got you into that mess in the first place.  It's going to take some effort however you look at it so maybe you may as well take a nap and deal with it tomorrow.
9-28-2013 Compared to some of what's been out there the last month or so a simple T-square is almost refreshing.  While something may still bite you from the past it could also be your own rebelliousness or need for freedom that works against you at this time.  Keeping everyone in your life happy can be a chore at times but unless your sadistic or perhaps masochistic at heart, you're usually happier when those around you are, too.  You may not know exactly what to do to solve those communication problems, but it's getting to the point that doing nothing may be your worst course of action.  Even a good argument can clear the air and ultimately have favorable results.  Think about it.
9-29-2013 Leo Moon + Leo Mars could spark a few interesting conversations today that could tend to be a bit on the egocentric side.  Just remember that applies to the other person, too, so it would be a good thing to give equal time and listen attentively as you would want him or her to do for you.  Breaking away from something keeping you bound is trying to get your attention, whether it's a bad habit, a job your hate, a dysfunctional relationship or old emotional injury from the past.  Give it some thought during the coming week.

Be on the lookout for surprises as the Sun lines up with that Uranus - Pluto square over the next few days.  That bad boy will be out there until 2015 and you can expect all sorts of wild things to occur during that time.  As Richard Tarnas stated so eloquently in Prometheus the Awakener, "...Uranus is empirically associated with the principle of change, rebellion, freedom, liberation, reform, revolution, and the unexpected breakup of structures; with excitement, sudden surprises, lightning-like flashes of insight, revelations, and awakenings; and with intellectual brilliance, invention, creativity, originality, and individualism."  Then consider that Uranus is in cahoots with Pluto, god of the Underworld, an combination that also occurred in the 1960s when the two were conjunct.  Any questions?


Your imagination is still in high gear which is great for any creative projects you may have in work.  Inspiration is always welcome but the usual counsel stands to make sure you know the difference between intuition and emotion.  Learn to discern the difference in how they feel, physically, which will help.  A sudden or even disruptive change in your responsibilities is a possibility but with it will come an opportunity, even though you'll have to put some effort into it.  If you have any friends in high places and you need a little extra help, this could be a reasonably good time to call in a favor, if needed.  Just be sure to do so in the correct way with any requisite genuflects so as not to appear presumptuous which could backfire.

10-02-2013 The Moon could deliver an interesting surprise today that has its roots in the past and changes things in an interesting way.  This is not to say it will be without any effort on your part but there are some definite opportunities out there as you follow your intuition and are willing to be responsible for your own emotions.  Being willing to negotiate is important and be sure to include a mix of logic, passion and practicality as well for best results.

Access to inspired information or perhaps a blast of enlightenment is possible that could bring about a significant change in your stand on some issue.  On the other hand, deception is everywhere these days so giving it a sanity check certainly won't hurt.  There are opportunities out there, some of which relate to taking control and others that can help you get in touch with your true feelings about someone or something.  If you're still in a standoff about love or money, maybe it's time to decide, once and for all.

10-04-2013 New Moon today as described in your sign's monthly horoscope in the usual place on the website.  This lunation had the ill-grace to hook up with that Uranus-Pluto square and form a Cardinal sign T-square which is bound to kick something into motion as Cardinal signs are prone to do.  Being in Libra, which rules relationships, see what surprises and blasts from the past show up in the next few weeks. especially with Venus and Mars still squared off as well.  Responsibility and freedom are likely keywords which usually mix as well as oil and water.  Opportunities to work a few things out are possible but the result could be taking off in entirely different directions, especially if everything gets blown all out of proportion.  Happy Hour, anyone?
10-05-2013 The persistence of some of the aspects out there is undoubtedly strengthening their effect, especially those that involve relationships.  While the Sun is in Libra and especially today with the Moon there as well it will be more surprising if you don't have a relationship issue come up.  Even if you're a hermit living in a cave these transits will probably conjure up memories of those in your past and more than likely remind you why you're in seclusion.  If you have outstanding issues with your parents and they're still alive this could be a favorable time to talk about it.  If they're no longer around it may be just as helpful to discuss the matter with someone else.  Probably the biggest issue with family relationships is their emotional volatility.  Even the most rational people can be entirely emotionally driven when it comes to childhood issues, probably because it's their inner child whose toting around the wounds.  Astrologically, wounds relate to the asteroid, Chiron.  You can learn more about him here.
10-06-2013 News from someone in a position of authority could bring a sudden change of plans today that could come with echoes from the past.  Memories of a passionate nature could be evoked along with various fantasies, some of which may not be even close to true or accurate.  The battle of the sexes rages on, but only for a few more days before a temporary respite will relax that one to some degree.  If you feel as if things are a bit blown out of proportion or exaggerated lately it's probably unaspected Jupiter unrestrained and all over the place in Cancer, sign of his exaltation.
10-07-2013 Unexpected news or information is still on the agenda and could even come in the form of an idea or new understanding that is going to facilitate a shift of some sort.  Jupiter is back in the game but could simply throw his massive self around and induce exaggerations or overreactions.  While Jupiter can be lucky and expansive there are times when he simply is inflationary.  Today that effect is likely to show up on the emotional plane which is not always a good thing.  Nonetheless, it's better to feel a negative emotion from time to time as opposed to never feeling anything at all.
10-08-2013 More surprises are expected which will ultimately bring about a few course changes but before you do anything too dramatic make sure you have your facts straight.  There's a fairly high chance that you won't see things clearly either because you're being a bit snooty, delusional, unrealistic or holier than thou about it or perhaps a combination of all four.  Being fair and independent at the same time is difficult anyway  and a massive dose of emotional energy isn't going to improve the situation.  Look things square in the eye and determine what it reminds you of from the past and you're likely to have an "Aha!" moment.  Remember that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  N'est-ce pas?
10-09-2013 As hard as you try to ignore that Uranus - Pluto square it refuses to go away.  Everyone I talk to these days reports all sorts of problems with things going wrong, devices not operating properly, nothing working on the first try, dropping stuff, frustrations, and annoyances in general everywhere.  I wish I could tell you that it's nearly over but I'd be lying if I did.  Continue to add the potential for deception over love or money and being more impatient than usual while this cosmic nonsense continues.  Ooommmmmmm...
10-10-2013 Are all your memories good ones, especially those involving relationships?  If so, you're among the rare and lucky ones.  The good news for the rest of us is that the cosmic climate is good for working them through and transforming them.  Restructuring them in a positive way is possible but will take some effort on your part.  These ingredients include forgiveness, finding the positive side (which isn't always easy), recognizing the lesson and how you've grown and matured as a person for having known this person.  Allowing others to be who and what they are, even if they're not what you'd prefer, is the astrological soup du jourBon appétit.
10-11-2013 Getting your head and heart on the same page could present a considerable challenge today, perhaps due to rumblings from the past that include resentment or some other deep feeling.  Talking it out with someone you trust and respect may help you get a different fix on the situation but it may not be sufficient to resolve it.  Other than obsess on it try to look at it philosophically, as long as you don't impose idealistic standards that no one could possibly meet.  Remember that men may not be from Mars or women from Venus but they are definitely programmed by them respectively so sex-linked priorities are seldom going to match in every regard.  Remember the old saying that women expect one man to meet her every need and men expect every women to meet his one need.  Comprendez-vous?
10-12-2013 About the only way to make progress these days is to be willing to change direction, which is better than making no progress at all.  Resolving issues from the past is a continuing theme worth noting with forgiveness an important element.  The Sun has hooked up with Jupiter which brings some tension to the table which can be just what is needed sometimes to kick things into gear.  One possible message from those two could be similar to the observation of Mr. Spock of Star Trek that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.  There's certainly a target rich environment out there these days where that applies.
10-13-2013 Talking through differences is favored but ignoring the emotional elements will not bring a permanent solution.  Getting what you want these days isn't very likely with negotiations the only recourse to avoid a complete standoff.  Idealism in any form applied to love or money will get you nowhere with common sense in short supply, implying that solutions will likewise be illusive, or so it seems.
10-14-2013 Feeling as if it's you against the entire world is possible today, followed by a meltdown.  There's been quite a bit of that lately.  Just a bit of forewarning that in a few days our little buddy, Mercury, goes retrograde.  Yes, I know, it seems as if we just got through one of those annoying spells but they happen at least three times/year.  During his sojourn doing the backstroke he's going to retrace his steps over where he is right now as well as everywhere else he's been this month, so there's a high likelihood you're going to be rethinking much of what you thought or did during that time, perhaps because more information comes out or perhaps simply because you see things differently.  Now doesn't that make you feel better about being indecisive?  NO?  Sorry, I don't like it either.
10-15-2013 Expressing yourself from the heart with passion is favored if you feel as if you're not being treated fairly.  Surprises related to love or money are possible but be sure to use plenty of common sense before taking action.  Coming up with some good ideas is possible but they could also be overly optimistic.  This is not a bad thing, necessarily, unless you get totally carried away.  In other words, don't sell everything you own and buy a ticket to some foreign destination where you plan to make a fortune selling tacos on the beach.  Enjoy your fantasy but realize that you need a viable plan.
10-16-2013 If you're trying to take action on a new vision or inspiration be sure to find the proper balance between where you want to go and the details needed to get there because getting lost in either one will hinder your success.  Grandiose ideas are flowing but plunging ahead blindly at this time is not advised as Mercury gets ready to station retrograde on the 21st.  In other words you're likely to miss a few things that will require a change of course along the way and if you get in too deeply right off the bat it will be a lot more trouble to rework things later.  Therefore, proceed if you must but do so with caution and recognizing that some adjustments are likely to demand attention along the way.  
10-17-2013 Brace yourself as that Uranus - Pluto square approaches exactitude again on November 1.  They are now in the same degree of their respective signs (i.e. 9 degrees) so if you have any planets between 8 - 10 degrees of anything you will probably see something, even if it's just another day of nothing going right the first time.  It looks like a favorable day to surprise your sweetie with something, however, which can help alleviate some of those other effects that are less than enchanting.  Just make sure you take care of the details, such as making sure the car has enough gas to get to your destination, you don't forget the event tickets, and stuff like that.
10-18-2013 Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse today with surprises all over the place, some of them likely to be pleasant, particularly if you see past any flack to the opportunity beneath.  Eclipses tend to be major triggers for significant events so the effects of this one will last beyond today.  Your monthly horoscope in the usual spot has more details for your specific sign.  Balancing action with reality is still in force as well as course changes as you take a new approach.  Don't get too attached to any ideas that come at this time, however, because Mercury goes retrograde in a few days which could command a few changes.
10-19-2013 Tick-tock, tick-tock, Mercury is getting ready to station in two days at his current degree so any ideas you come up with or try to launch at this time are likely to hit a quick reversal.  Not all reversals are bad, however, especially if you don't like the status quo.  Positive aspects today suggest listening to your heart as you examine the past with more detail than you have previously.  Remember, if you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got SO it's important to examine things that didn't work out closely and objectively enough to understand why they didn't and thus avoid making the same mistake again.  If you've been blaming someone or something else maybe it's time to take responsibility for how you contributed to it.
10-20-2013 Today information or a directive may come your way that you tend to resist, possibly because it goes contrary to what you've always believed in the past.  Talking it over with someone you trust, not just someone who will automatically agree with you, is one way to deal with it.  Balancing reality with inspiration is a continuing challenge and of course surprises and upsets continue to litter the path ahead.  With so much getting your goat lately, be sure to take a break as well as make an effort to do something nice for someone else which will improve the day for both of you.
10-21-2013 Uh, oh.  Today's the day our little friend, Mercury, stations retrograde, again in a Water sign lending an emotional element to his message. This is further strengthened by his trine with Jupiter which will tend to exaggerate it even more.  Mercury RX is always a time to rethink, reconsider, redo, repair and so forth and changes of direction are highly likely as a result.  Changing your mind as you take an objective look at the situation is highly likely.  Surprises are highly likely and the admonition to maintain proper balance between fantasy and a detailed action plan is still in force.
10-22-2013 This last day of a Libra Sun is a favorable time to rethink something from the past and move toward doing something about it.  This could be in a physical sense but it could also simply be dealing with it emotionally or mentally.  Remember that you can restructure memories of the past by adding information that came out later as well as changes to your own perspective.  As you grow and progress in maturity often new insights arise that can help you deal with old situations better than you were able to at the time, particularly those that involve childhood issues.  At a certain point everyone needs to figure out their parents were human and therefore imperfect and liable to make mistakes.  Funny how kids are expected to make mistakes but parents aren't.  Hmmmmmm.....
10-23-2013 The Sun enters Scorpio today which will shift the energy significantly from airy, fair and usually logical Libra.  Scorpio is a passionate sign that bespeaks experiencing every aspect of life to the fullest.  If you've lost track of your dreams this is an excellent time to get back in touch with them.  You may feel as if the world is against you as far as attaining them but that is only an illusion.  The most important thing you can do is define exactly what you want in the most intricate and detailed terms possible.  Then spend a few minutes every day after that imagining that it's already yours and put the Universe on notice to bring it your way.  A few times a year I post my favorite Goethe quote and there's no time like the present to do so again:  "Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.  Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation) there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans that the moment one definitely commits oneself then providence moves, too.  All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.  A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.  Whatever you do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.  Begin it now."  What's the catch?  Simple.  You have to truly believe you'll get it.
10-24-2013 That inspiration toward defining your passion is still out there for a few more days so if you haven't given it some thought yet now is the time.  Someone (I think it may have been Mark Twain but I'm not sure) said "Do what you love and never work a day in your life."  What needs to change to make it so in your life?  Of course being a beach bum or game tester may be a bit of a stretch but in reality you would probably get bored after a while and realize that really wasn't your dream job, just a much needed vacation.  What do you love to do that will give something back to the world?
10-25-2013 Are we having fun yet?  I try to maintain a positive approach on these astrocasts but I must say that between that Uranus - Pluto square and now Mercury retrograde it's likely that things aren't going exactly smoothly.  They sure aren't around here.  However, since it's going to last a while I'm looking at it as background noise and business as usual for a while, but don't think I'm not aware of it.  Big surprises and changes of direction regarding love or money are likely as you revisit a variety of things.  There are actually some favorable vibes out there in spite of the noise so turn up the gain on your sense of humor and look for valuable lessons and insights that may be flushed out as you deal with the various annoyances.  Like they say, whatever doesn't kill you outright only makes you stronger.  Just think, when this is over normal life may be a piece of cake by comparison.
10-26-2013 Breaking free from old issues, particularly those that involve hurt or disappointment, is favored these days as Chiron, the "wounded healer," and Pluto converge on an exact sextile.  This ties in nicely with Mercury retrograde which is the time to rethink and redo.  Recognizing this is a good idea will be relatively easy compared to getting your heart to agree, but a huge dose of love and forgiveness can give you the assistance you need to take action.  This is the time for fall cleaning so be sure to include getting rid of old emotional baggage on your list of things to eliminate from your life.
10-27-2013 Looks like another busy astrological day with the Moon helping you decide what you want.  Unexpected changes are likely and will cause disruptions.  Rethinking is the theme while Mercury does the backstroke and you can expect to restructure something as well as he conjoins Saturn in a few days.  Mercury retrograde periods can be annoying as far as technology misbehaving is concerned but it can be very useful for reconsidering, rethinking, and so forth.  If you don't fight against it you can be amazingly productive.  Think of it like swimming against the current when you try to resist cosmic energy.  It just ain't gonna work.
10-28-2013 Expect a sudden change of direction, perhaps due to discovering something that was missed originally.  You may not be happy about it initially but rest assured that it will ultimately turn out to be a good thing in spite of any inconvenience or upsets.  Making something better will usually work to your advantage.  New insights into how to proceed can make for a smoother journey later, somewhat like discovering you were using an old out-of-date map to plan your vacation or, I suppose these days, an outdated GPS.
10-29-2013 There's a closed loop aspect between three malefic planets to keep an eye on which involves that ongoing Uranus - Pluto square and Mars.  The implications are that an unexpected event that involves an incident or situation left unresolved from the past will necessitate action which will ultimately resolve it.  Another thing to consider today is that same degree or partile conjunction between retrograde Mercury and Saturn.  The message of that one is to rethink and restructure something you're passionate about.  With them in Scorpio it could also involve a secret of some kind.  This aspect would be especially favorable for something such as revising a will or estate plan.
10-30-2013 Rethinking something you have strong feelings about and dramatically changing your mind and heading off in a new direction are favored today, perhaps as a result of that closed loop aspect pattern that popped into existence yesterday.  It's still there today and further emphasized by the Sun which is pushing hard to break away from the past and take off in a new direction.  Bear in mind that you should emphasize the "rethinking" part for a while and make sure you known what you're doing.  New endeavors are still discouraged with Mercury retrograde but making a few fundamental adjustments to something already in existence is exactly what these backstroke spells are all about.

Opportunities to deal with something from the past are favored, whether it involves old emotional issues or something as simple as cleaning out the garage or back closet.  You're likely to find some hidden treasures in the process such as something you thought you'd lost or forgotten about, even if it's part of yourself.  This is likely to take you by surprise and perhaps set you free in some way, even if it's from worry, and might even set you on a new or different path. 

11-01-2013 Rethinking something important and then taking appropriate action could take you unexpectedly in an entirely new direction today.  Shedding old baggage from the past may be necessary, but there are favorable indicators for doing that as well.  Of course that is easier said than done but if you sincerely wish to do so you'll find how to do so.  There are numerous programs and motivational speakers who do an excellent job helping to clear and clean old programming and allow you to move forward where you've always wanted to go unencumbered.
11-02-2013 It's still not too late to go off in a new direction as you reconsider what you want most out of life.  This is your chance to rethink, reconsider, redo, or essentially hit the "restart" button.  Freeing yourself from anything holding you back is not necessarily easy but definitely worth the effort to do so.  The cosmic energy out there right now could be very helpful in getting your act together and figuring out how to make the necessary changes to make it so.  If you've been procrastinating or don't quite know what to do, at least give it some thought.  The eclipse tomorrow and various astrological events this month can provide the needed inspiration if you open yourself up to advice from the Universe.  See your sign's horoscope for this month for more information.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse today as described in your sign's monthly horoscope.  This one is annular, meaning the Moon is too far away to totally obscure the Sun, leaving a ring around the edges.  It's visible in a narrow band across the Atlantic Ocean and the middle of Africa.  It's a member of the 16 North family of the Saros Series and supposed to carry friendly, inspirational energies which are further enhanced by various features such as the trine between retrograde Mercury and Neptune which suggests inspiration upon rethinking or reconsidering something that may relate to the past.

11-04-2013 Things are looking reasonably good out there today with the possible exception of you folks who are Fixed Signs, i.e. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.  With all those planets in Scorpio it's possible that one or more of them is messing with your Natal Sun and thus causing a stir.  Other than that, there are some opportunities to pursue something you want really badly and actually develop a means for doing so.  Draw from experience, which is your best teacher, and avoid anything you may have goofed up before.  Planning is great currently but remember that Mercury is still retrograde which isn't a very good time to actually start a new endeavor.

Fantasies about love, money or ambition that focus on refining a current plan are favored.  Talking it over with someone you trust who may have a bit more experience is a good idea which may shed even more light on the subject.  The greater clarity you can achieve for your vision the better your chances of achieving it.  The best way to draw something to you is to feel as if it's already there, so close that you could almost reach out and touch it.  Use the passion of all those planets in Scorpio to generate the emotions that put the Universe on notice to deliver.

11-06-2013 Other than that Uranus - Pluto square things are relatively quiet today.  An opportunity to assume more responsibility and perhaps power is possible today but with Mercury still retrograde it looks as if it would be better applied to an emotional or subconscious effort as you rethink something from the past.  There's an emphasis on responsibility generally today as the Sun conjoins Saturn with the sextile with Mars implying it's a good day to own up and do things correctly.

Running into someone from the past or perhaps the memory of one is likely today.  Take some time to ponder that person and what impact they had on your life, whether it was good or otherwise.  Everyone comes into your life for a reason and it's important to learn what you're supposed to, especially the ones that don't end well.  If you don't then you'll get to try again later and there are some things you simply don't want to do again.  Rethinking and restructuring the past are favored as well so while you're at it see if you can flip a bad memory into a positive one by finding its valuable lesson. 

11-08-2013 There are quite a few opportunities developing out there so use the last few days of Mercury retrograde to give them a careful review versus the status quo.  Take control by developing a plan for which you can access considerable inspiration at this time.  Rethinking love and money situations as they apply to your visions for the future are likewise getting a green light as well as calling upon friends and family to help when the time is right.  This is Mercury retrograde at its best, providing a time to go back to the drawing board and reconstruct what you want to achieve based on lessons learned and wisdom gained.
11-09-2013 Following your own path as opposed to that of convention is likely with resistance high to any sort of coercion so bear that in mind if you get into some sort of disagreement.  Taking action in a planning situation is favored as Mercury begins to station preparatory to going direct tomorrow, especially if they involve love or money, two things that tend to be near and dear to just about everyone's heart.  Imagination and even inspiration is favored as you rethink or reconsider something.  Just remember that you sometimes need to invite inspiration since it can be subtle and require a quiet, contemplative environment to come through loud and clear.

Mercury stations direct today while in a partile trine with Neptune who will station direct on November 13.  Having the planet that rules thoughts and communications (Mercury) in nearly exact trine with the planet the rules enlightenment and inspiration (Neptune) for a stationing event should throw a rather nice blast of information your way from the cosmos.  Thus, if you've been looking for answers, insights or ideas this is an excellent time to access them or at least put in your request.  The response may not be immediate but this is definitely the type of energy that can bring something your way direct from the Universe so set some time aside for contemplation or meditation which is the best way to receive the message.

11-11-2013 Mercury is now direct and still hooked up with Neptune so the path to inspiration is still there.  If you have anything lurking around in your subconscious or perhaps even your conscious mind that you know you should let go of this is an excellent time to deal with that as well.  Perhaps some new insights will assist with the matter.  Healing old issues from the past is often necessary before you'll be able to move forward whether it's about love or money so give it some thought.
11-12-2013 If you haven't received any inspired thoughts or insights the last day or so then today offers a few more aspects that should yield cosmic assistance including a partile trine between the Sun and Jupiter as Jupiter stations retrograde, bringing his expansive nature to bear and support pursuing your passion, whatever it might be with a bit of help from the Moon as she briefly connects with them both to form a Grand Trine.  The past three days have included numerous aspects delivering energies to help you access your subconscious and find the path to pursue your dreams.  If you haven't tapped into them yet what are you waiting for?
11-13-2013 Brace yourself for an emotional blast from the past today.  You may even initiate it as you start putting together the message and lesson from Mercury's last retrograde gig.  Family issues are possible and while it's likely they'll be mostly favorable, over-inflating them into more than they are could occur due to wishful thinking.  Preparing to take action on a project, either a new one or resuming an existing one, is favored so take another look at your plan and get ready to go for it.

Old baggage related to love or money could trip you up and perhaps even earn more of an emotional response than it deserves.  There's no time like the present to quit playing the "Blame Game" and take responsibility for your part in any issues but to be fair also give yourself credit for anything you've handled correctly.  No one is perfect and screwing things up from time to time is part of life and the learning process.  The trick is to learn as quickly as possible to avoid encores.  Take some time today to think about whether you're heading in the right direction and if not what adjustments need to be made.

11-15-2013 New insights may trigger an emotional response today that relate to security needs associated with strong opinions.  Venus and Pluto join up today which is quite likely to bring someone from your past, most likely a female, to mind.  Pursuing your passion with total abandon is favored, perhaps as a result of these revelations from the past that bear a strong, heart-felt message you may have previously missed.  To quote Mr. Spock, "Live long and prosper."
11-16-2013 The Moon is stirring up a lot of action as she aspects several planets today as she cruises through Taurus.  Now that Mercury has gone direct but still trining Neptune that inspiration is still out there for the taking which may help motivate you toward anything that's been on hold for a while.  There may be some resistance that relates to responsibility which should be properly balanced with your heart's desire.  Learning from the past to determine what you really want is favored as well as moving in that direction.
11-17-2013 Full Moon today as described in detail in your sign's monthly horoscope in the usual place.  After the lunation the Moon goes Void of Course for about 9 hours which implies nothing much of any import will happen today so you may as well relax and take it easy.  Mercury and Neptune went direct last week and Jupiter went retrograde so that gives you some thinking to do about your dreams, beliefs and expectations, and whether you are in synch with your expressed philosophy of life.  Putting together a new project or plan and committing to its completion and success are favored so charting the path ahead would be a good way to spend the day.  If you get stuck consider what you may need to let go in order to get there.
11-18-2013 Your head and heart may have a brilliant flash of insight today that has an important impact on breaking free from something that's been holding you back.  I know, I sound like a broken record (for those of you old enough to know what that analogy even means) lately on shedding old baggage but Pluto rules that kind of stuff and it's also incorporated in Scorpio's domain, which is currently loaded with planets and therefore energy.  I seriously think that anyone who doesn't think they have any old issues to resolve is either a liar or in serious denial.  If you're one of the rare ones who's honestly free already then enjoy your day!  The rest of you might want to check out the upcoming free Enlightenment Fest for a bit of assistance.
11-19-2013 Deciding or perhaps even being forced or coerced into a change of direction is possible today based on previously hidden news or information.  You may not like it initially but when you figure out what to do  you'll be positioned to benefit from it.  You may hesitate to take action, perhaps because you really don't have all the data you'd prefer, so you may have to tune into your intuition or get advice from someone more experienced to validate your plan.

Drawing from the past to stabilize or perhaps re-stabilize a relationship is favored, motivated by overwhelming feelings that wash over you and paint a pretty picture from the past viewed through rose-colored glasses.  Allowing your heart to lead is often good advice but make sure it's not leading you back somewhere you found to be a dangerous road.   What didn't work previously isn't going to this time, either, unless you make some serious adjustments and acknowledge all the potholes that broke figurative axels and and drive-shafts along that same rutted road previously.

11-21-2013 This is the last day the Sun will be in Scorpio before leaving for Sagittarius.  The last degree of a sign contains a lot of energy which has accumulated during its transit which implies you may see something today that reflects that build-up.  Emotions are likely to be stronger than usual and continue the recent theme of blasts from the past, particularly those regarding relationships.  Talking things out is favored, either with the relevant person or a trusted or perhaps older friend who may be able to help you sort things out emotionally.  Once the Sun enters Sagittarius the energy will be more philosophical and help you to finish the process once the emotional component is released.  Give yourself an early holiday present as that season approaches and rid yourself of anything that's keeping you from being as happy as possible.
11-22-2013 The Sun entered Sagittarius today and over the next few days may give a bit of resistance to any dreams you've been holding onto.  Use this energy to do some troubleshooting to find any holes in your aspirations as opposed to allowing it to discourage you.  Sagittarius is philosophical by nature and ruler of higher learning which at times can be a bit snooty.  Use this to advantage to discover what you need to do to go after what you want, whatever it may be.  It's been said that pessimists are usually right but optimists accomplish far more by ignoring those who say it can't be done.  Which one are you?
11-23-2013 You could be a bit forceful expressing yourself today so if you find people backing away with a fearful look that's likely to be the cause.  Letting go of something, either by choice or necessity, is likely to be part of the issue with the unexplored ground ahead a bit too daunting for comfort.  Finding a new point of balance may feel as if it's somewhere between a rock and a hard place as reality and dreams clash but new endeavors, especially those filled with promise, often start out that way.  Keep your chin up and remember that unless you're totally satisfied with the status quo that the only way things will improve will be through some sort of change.   Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

Rectifying any conflict that arises today is most easily done by accepting responsibility for your own actions (or lack thereof) even if it's emotionally taxing to do so.   There's quite a bit of conflict out there and it's one of those situations where "resistance is futile," meaning that it's unlikely you can avoid it entirely.  Those of you with heavy Libra influences are probably groaning already, but consider yourself forewarned so you can lie low for a few days.  Philosophical views may be too idealistic, complete freedom from control may be impractical and what you want from others may be entirely unreasonable from their view of the world.  That's just the way it is today so take a chill pill and deal with it the best you can.

11-25-2013 This day could bring some confusion, particularly between your head and your heart.  The key will be to distinguish between inspiration versus delusion.  Expansion of some part of your life versus restrictions on the other, perhaps related to love or money, are each vying for attention and demanding balance.  Saturn and Mercury are conjoined which can be useful for determining what it is you want the most, what you're willing to sacrifice as needed and get on track.  Research and planning are favored so be sure to put on your thinking cap and take advantage of those helpful vibes while they last since when it fades away it will be a year or more before it comes again.
11-26-2013 A unique but fleeting opportunity could come your way that is going to require taking action fairly quickly.  If you've been busy preparing for something, then this could be the break you've been waiting for.  Pay attention to detail and make sure you have your facts well-organized, then balance it out with an appropriate amount of optimism and the needed resources.  Believing in the end result may be the most important element at this point.  Break away from your doubts so a lack of faith doesn't squash your dreams.
11-27-2013 Using information, facts and discipline to resolve an issue are still favored.  Your opinion regarding the situation is likely to clash with an idealistic view but since the world is far from perfect this does not necessarily indicate it's wrong.  An unexpected event could help your case so watch for it.  The Moon is void of course for about ten hours so it's another day when nothing much may actually happen.  Those of us in the USA are gearing up for our Thanksgiving weekend which typically includes too much food and too much football.  If you're getting together with family drive carefully since there are a few things out there that could bring some unpleasant surprises.
11-28-2013 That Libra Moon stirring up a few things from the past today.  With all due respect to fairness, don't forget to be fair to yourself as well.  Libra is about balance and this is as good of time as any to take a close look at how much you think of yourself versus others.  Going too far either way is not good.   If you're a "me, me, me" type then this doesn't apply to you.  On the other hand, if you're always worried about the other guy and beat yourself up needlessly, give some thought to whose happiness is more important.  Being too self-sacrificing is not a virtue and you will probably eventually crash.  Strive for balance, for yourself as well.  Everyone will be better off in the long run.  Trust me.
11-29-2013 The tension out there persists with something brewing on the mundane scene as far as the 9th house is concerned which includes politics, religion and academia to name a few.  Keep an eye on the news for something unexpected to occur in that area the next day or so.  Your own view of life may encounter a breakthrough about that time as well which may relate to a family or relationship matter that has been brewing for a while.  Taking action to facilitate an resolution whether or not you are one of the primary parties involved is favored, particularly if the situation has been grating on your last nerve and you're ready for it to be taken care of once and for all.

If that unexpected breakthrough hasn't appeared yet it's still possible to make an appearance and cause a somewhat visceral reaction that changes a few things.  Dividing you time amongst existing priorities is always a challenge and isn't going to be seen the same by everyone involved.  It's important to consider everyone's needs and opinions, subjective though they may be, and recognize the impact you have on those around you.  Drawing from experience and similar situations from the past is favored, especially those that didn't end well.  Remember that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

12-01-2013 Things are looking up a bit out there as the Moon facilitates some opportunities that could involve love or money.  Harmony between the sexes is favored as well which is an excellent time to work out any issues you've been dancing around or even butting heads over.  Any philosophical differences out there are also benefiting from favorable vibes for mutual understanding that could come unexpectedly or in a surprising way even if it's a situation where you balance things out and simply agree to disagree. 

New Moon today as described in your monthly horoscope for your sign in the usual place on the website.  This one could bring some pleasant surprises and opportunities that won't necessarily be a cake walk but probably worth pursuing.  It still may not be too late to pursue something related to love or money, particularly if you have some information supporting the effort.  Taking responsibility or being more organized with regard to a family issue is also still favored, even though working out a compromise that works for all concerned will take some work. 

12-03-2013 Taking action on new information is still favored so if you're waiting for answers take a look around and see if they're hiding in plain sight.  If you're putting together a new plan it may be a bit over-inflated but it's likely that will be self-correcting due to budget issues.  Breaking free from an old belief or attitude is still favored and may be precipitated by tripping over something you thought you'd secured under the proverbial rug.
12-04-2013 Changes to your point of view as you let something go from the past can be the catalyst for a new endeavor if you pay close attention to what you discover today.  A change of heart is often exactly what you need to pull yourself out of a pre-holiday funk. Your heart may have trouble letting go but sometimes all it's doing is keeping you from finding a new source of happiness.   Interactions with the opposite sex should be favorable over the next few days so take advantage of that in any appropriate ways to which you feel inclined, particularly as they relate to letting go.
12-05-2013 You may be feeling a squeeze of some description right now as something you've been ruminating upon of an emotional nature tries to sort through information, reality and what your true attitude and opinion happens to be.  This is a time to ponder your own view with your head and heart as well as having a serious discussion with someone you respect.  It's likely this individual will be of the opposite sex, who often has a different view of the same situation and can give you something new to factor into the equation.

Practical solutions to weighty problems can still be achieved, even though it's going to take a lot of mental and emotional energy to figure things out.  If you haven't gotten there yet and also haven't talked about it to someone you trust and respect then it's time to do so because you probably won't be able to figure this out by yourself.  What is holding you back probably is tied to the past and you should be able to nail it down today if you take the time to give it the mental energy it deserves.  Getting a grip on reality is one of the challenges so find the most logical, practical person you know and pick their brain.

12-07-2013 If a relationship issue has been brewing lately it may culminate soon as Mars prepares to enter Libra where negotiations are favored.  Emotions could be cranked up a bit, though, which can contribute to a do-loop that requires justifying your position and/or changing course or no progress will ensue.  Not seeing things clearly and misunderstandings are possible, which will add to the problem so stick to facts and be as objective as possible as you try to sort things out.  Jupiter retrograde can help facilitate a review of your expectations and taking responsibility for your own actions which will go a long way toward rectification.
12-08-2013 Discussions could get emotionally charged today and deviate significantly from reality as power struggles become more important than truth and resolving the issue.  Mars has gone into Libra which has implications that arguments and disagreements will increase but the god of war does tend to be slightly subdued in this sign that houses fairness.  In many cases it's important to get things out in the open even if a lot of yelling is involved.  Depending on the nature of your issue mediation may be your best path or in extreme cases your only hope.

The Moon will connect briefly with Saturn and Jupiter today to form a Grand Water Trine that could result in an emotional tsunami, perhaps over unexpected news that could actually be quite favorable.  There are a few challenges out there and the need to change directions in a few areas which isn't always easy since that always involves a period of instability.  Quarter moons are particularly good for getting your head and heart on the same page but that will change in a few days so you might want to put off any major decisions until you can see things more clearly.

12-10-2013 There are some opportunities out there that may be in disguise as an irritation and require a few changes to pursue.  One possibility that really doesn't look that appealing would be that you get chewed out by your boss for being a worthless drone which helps you decide that you definitely need an attitude adjustment that ultimately leads to a promotion or better job.  Another could involve recognizing that your expectations of your lover are only likely to be met in fairy tales and decide maybe s/he isn't so bad after all.  The theme of the day seems to be somewhere between "you don't know what you have until you lose it" and "the impossible dream."  Happy Hour, anyone?
12-11-2013 If anyone crosses you today your reaction is likely to be quick, defensive and vocal.  Sometimes when that happens it only means someone hit one of your invisible subconscious trigger points that relate to the past and it really isn't about them or the current situation at all.  If you can anticipate what the conflict may be then maybe you can plan a more suitable response.  Otherwise be prepared to count to ten or beyond before losing it so you don't inadvertently attack someone who really didn't mean to push your buttons.  After all, it's the holiday season so everyone is supposed to be happy, happy, happy, right?
12-12-2013 Adjustments continue to be required, perhaps due to unforeseen circumstances or not seeing things clearly in the first place.  Attitude adjustments seem to lead the pack, perhaps as information comes out that was previously unavailable.  As most of you have probably discovered by now the most complicated thing you have to deal with in this lifetime is usually relationships.  This time of year can often complicate them even more, especially when it involves family members who unfortunately don't always get along, a problem that dates back to Cain and Abel.  Astrological compatibility can explain a lot so you might want to peruse the compatibility section and see if you have any AHA! moments.

Yes, it's Friday the 13th but I'll ignore that if you will.  The mix out there today is mostly waning aspects other than two that are in the same degree and are likely to predominate.  Taking action on a relationship issue continues to require a sanity check whether it involves unrealistic expectations or deception.  Either way, a change of direction is likely right around Christmas if not before.  Family issues and all the complexities involved there are still under review and could benefit from some expert advice.  No matter where your family falls in the functionality scale they're the only one you've got which should be worth something.


The Moon is busy doing her job as ruler of function which implies a few things may happen today that are worth noting.  You may feel at first as if you're caught between a rock and a hard place but sometime after you figure out what you need to do instead or to get out of it you'll discover that you are better off as a result.  Jupiter retrograde and Saturn are still working nicely together which provides energy that's good for preparing something for expansion by thinking big, optimistically and creating a plan to get there.


Logic and illusion regarding someone you know could clash today and require that you justify your position or make a few adjustments.  Finding the correct balance in a relationship between being together while still maintaining some degree of individual freedom could be one thing to consider.  Old unresolved issues could be part of the problem as well.  If you're trying to control the situation you may need to take a close look at why you feel a need to do so because it's possible that's the problem that needs to be addressed.

12-16-2013 It looks like lots of obstacles, challenges and changes out there today so you should probably not expect anything to go as planned.  Opinions, emotions and even actions are likely to have to take an entirely difference course, which can cause a variety of upsets at worst and general sense of instability at best.  While this is likely to be hectic and maybe frustrating, it's part of the process in getting from point A to point B.
12-17-2013 Full Moon today as described in your monthly horoscope you can reach through the links elsewhere on this page.  This lunation between Gemini and Sagittarius suggests taking a close look at some of your beliefs and attitudes and seeing if any new information you've gathered is calling for some changes.  I heard it said not long ago that when people really want to believe something that they stop thinking.  This can apply to just about anything whether it's relationships, religious beliefs, scientific debates, or political ideologies (or idiotogies).  Take an objective and fair look at all sides and see if some adjustments are appropriate.
12-18-2013 The Moon is messing with that Uranus - Pluto square which could bring something out of the blue with an emotional impact related to something or someone from your past.  Meanwhile, Mars is up to no good as he moves into position to form a fairly long-duration T-square which isn't exactly friendly given we have a difficult aspect pattern linking three malefic planets.  With Mars in debility in Libra, the sign that rules relationships, this looks as if you may trip over one of those old issues you thought were effectively swept under the rug sometime between now the the first week of January.  Think about what such an encounter might comprise and follow the Boy Scout motto to be prepared so it doesn't blindside you.
12-19-2013 Watch for an opportunity today that won't be obvious and may even come disguised as an irritation but there could be some money-making potential if you put in the required effort.  Nonetheless, there's a rather unfriendly T-square coming together out there which is going to bring a variety of challenges and surprises your way over the next few weeks.  It's likely to include relationships, specifically those from the past or perhaps unresolved issues from the past.  Don't shy away from them because no matter how much you ignore them they won't go away.  Rather work at getting to the root cause, use your heart along with your head, and factor the Golden Rule in there somewhere as well.
12-20-2013 If that relationship issue has shown up today is a favorable one to sort through your side of the story, not only as you see things through your knothole but also with regard to what you need to do to manage the situation.  This is not to say that it will be the proverbial piece of cake but coming up with a plan and approach is favored.  Remember, however, that in order to solve any problem you need to be on a higher plane of thinking than you were when it developed.  Today the focus is on you.  Make sure what they see is the best you have to offer.
12-21-2013 Venus stations retrograde today plus it's the Capricorn ingress a.k.a. winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and summer solstice in the Southern.  Venus RX is a time when you examine and question what you value which of course leads to whether your priorities are in synch with what you discover.  Pondering that relationship issue falls into that territory as well and you may stumble upon some of your own actions that contributed to the situation.  It usually takes two, as they say, and recognizing your own part in any debacle is the first step toward resolving it.
12-22-2013 An opportunity to increase your status or pursue one of your heart-felt ambitions could present today.  Get out there and really talk to people and listen carefully for anything you may be able to use as a stepping stone to your dreams.  Maybe it's just a matter of committing yourself to what you want and whatever it takes to get there.  Challenges will be out there for a while but overcoming them is often the most rewarding and satisfying part. 
12-23-2013 This is a favorable day to figure out what Venus retrograde's message is for you.  You can find more information in this month's horoscope for your sign, but basically this is a time to examine what you value most in life and whether your actions are in synch with them.  Examine what's in your heart then compare that to what comes from you head in the way of rationale.  If there's any disparity then it's time to do some serious thinking, especially if you discover that you have a recto-cranial inversion as far as your behavior is concerned versus what is most valuable in your life.  Change is seldom easy but if your priorities are out of whack there's no time like the present to make some changes.  Like they say, few people lie on their deathbed wishing they'd spent more time at work.
12-24-2013 There's a possibility of a visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past if you haven't taken care of business as you should.  There's a lot to be learned from holidays, their inherent  as well as subconscious meaning, and your feelings and interactions with those with whom you share these occasions.  Now is a time to think positive, remember the Golden Rule, and remember this is the time for Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men.  All of them.  Even your obnoxious brother-in-law.
12-25-2013 The Ghost of Christmas Past is still out and about and furthermore the aspects out there aren't overly friendly considering this is a day when there will be numerous parties and family gatherings.   Of course what really counts is how this hits your individual chart because often things that look nasty in the transits turn out to be good things when they interact with your chart.  However, the transits do tend to reflect the feeling of the world at large.  With that in mind and considering that forewarned is forearmed, be extra careful driving, keep your words sweet in case you have to eat them later, and remember 'tis the season to be jolly.  Merry Christmas.

Issues related to responsibility, meeting obligations or an encounter with some sort of authority figure (which includes the police, so watch your driving) is possible at this time so make sure you don't paint a target on your back, if you know what I mean.  Various jurisdictions are hurting for money these days and one fairly easy source of revenue is traffic fines.  Those of you who drive vehicles that are known to be cop magnets should be especially careful or the damage to your finances from the holidays could be a lot worse.  Bottom line, be careful, obey the speed limit and if possible avoid travel entirely if the weather is bad.

12-27-2013 This is an excellent day to get in touch with your thoughts, feelings, dreams and aspirations.  The New Year is only a few days away so this is an excellent time to think about what you want to accomplish in 2014.  I have found that making a list, even if I don't look at it on a regular basis, at least plants it in your subconscious.  In my experience when I look at it again at the end of the year I have usually made significant progress on the various items.  If you're really ambitious you could always take it a step further and figure out how to get there, but even committing your wildest dreams to paper can have a magic effect.  What do you have to lose by trying it?
12-28-2013 Things continue to be a bit tense as the Sun converges on Pluto to give a blast of extra energy to that somewhat untrustworthy and rather unfriendly looking T-square.  About all I can do is recommend a bit of caution, particularly with regard to anything you say, think or do that might turn out in a way you don't like.  Arguments are likely to come quite easily so be sure to choose your battles wisely, especially if your natal Sun is in a cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn).  Connecting emotionally with your deepest desires and what drives them is favored.  Just bear in mind if they're controversial you may not want to make too much noise about it at this time.

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