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1-01-2009 Thursday The planetary parade with its various components playing a game of celestial leapfrog continues today.  Of the twelve signs of the zodiac, the Sun, Moon and planets are only occupying four of them, so you can see how this is a bit lopsided.  Capricorn and Aquarius have the majority of them with Saturn all by himself over in Virgo, where he gave us all a New Years present by going retrograde yesterday.  He's doing what he can to cause you to rethink and restructure your dreams and putting all sorts of resistance out there as far as any changes are concerned.  If you have any secrets, they may leak out today, or you may stumble upon something you'd rather not know.  Someone who's a bit too in love with his or herself will get on your last nerve today, either because of their looks or bank account.  More than likely they're not nearly as well off as they would have you believe so consider the source and move on.
1-02-2009 Friday A variety of frustrations and annoyances continue to get our attention as the planets continue their somewhat cramped trek around the Sun.  Strange little occurrences that seem just a bit beyond coincidence continue to cause a frown or two.  As we endeavor to fix whatever it is we find that all the usual resets and jiggles don't do the trick like they usually do, yet ultimately we do something that works, even though we may not know what it is.  Conceit and flattery are out there as well, both of which usually have an ulterior motive.  There's a lot of general dissatisfaction out there today and a sense of rebellion, in the emotional sense at least, regarding the many obstacles that are keeping us from attaining our dreams.  Use Saturn retrograde to restructure a few things to develop an appropriate detour.
1-03-2009 Saturday Emotional upsets are possible today so avoid anything you know will take you there such as ex-spouses, in-laws, or driving the Interstate.  Ruminating on past offenses will be particularly easy, so if you can't resist, at least don't put yourself in a position where it could get you in trouble of some sort.  Saturn went retrograde on New Years Eve, one of those "in your face" behaviors in which the planets excel.  Restructuring your life in some way will be on your agenda for the next several months, so expect to make some serious adjustments to where you thought you were going and be ready to make some significant changes, either voluntarily or of necessity.
1-04-2009 Sunday Today is a favorable one for finding out more about someone you care about.  Being candid and  honest is going to come naturally and provide an environment conducive to learning something you didn't know before and deepening your relationship.  You may inclined to be more aggressive than usual today.  Try to keep your head on straight and not give into your temper or other emotional whims.  Saturn is getting into his back-pedaling today as he's reminding you once more that your dreams and hopes may require some adjustments.  It may appear to be a Catch-22 situation, but during Saturn's retrograde cycle you stand a good chance of getting it figured out.  Saturn is resisting change on one level and demanding it on another.  Don't be surprised if you're a little confused.
1-05-2009 Monday Expect a few flashbacks and memories to come your way today of loved ones past and present.  Indulge in it as much as you can as it will be the most pleasant thing you'll encounter today compared to other things, such as if you do something foolish like turn on the news.  This is something you don't want to do if you want to remain in a halfway decent mood because it's sure to be annoying.  It's pretty hard to combat everything coming your way because so much of it is not only entirely insane but likewise totally out of your control.  Whatever excuses they offer will ring hollow and simply irritate you even further, so your best bet is to put on your blinders and ear plugs so you can escape somewhere pleasant and effectively ignore it for a while at least.
1-06-2009 Tuesday Irritations are still a dime a dozen, though they're more concentrated than they were before.  Now it's largely about the fact you're surrounded by idiots with no means of escape apparent no matter where you look.  No matter how much they claim you need to help clean up the mess, all you're going to see if the money disappearing from your wallet, which you won't like.  Your head and heart will be in synch on this one with the desire for more stability ramping up at the emotional level.  Since there are no easy solutions out there think about the things you can control.  If stress is bothering you more than ever, put that at the top with some means for reducing or expressing it in a positive way.  After all, it is a new years and it's never too late to make some resolutions.
1-07-2009 Wednesday You are likely to be annoyed by something else today that society is trying to dump upon you as Pluto, the auditor from Hell, plods along through Capricorn exposing the various things that the bureaucracies in our midst have tried to cover up over the past several years.  Not much you can do about it, however, other than try to get over it, even though your reaction to realizing that your assets are under attack will be emotional.  In case any of you think that I'm making this stuff up to fit what's in the news, rest assured that I am not.  Tune in for some unexpected insights over the next several days that will throw some light on how you can deal with it in a way that will remodel some of the things you do in a beneficial way.
1-08-2009 Thursday Emotional meltdowns that seem to come from nowhere or have no rational explanation are afoot today.  A general grumpy or sad feeling is out there that may feel like post-holiday let-down, but it's those dang planets continuing to mess with us.  If you feel like commiserating with someone of similar mindset, go ahead.  Just be sure to listen as much as you gripe.  Trying to expand your independence will be stomped on by the powers-that-be such that you'll realize that you're up against more resistance than you expected.  There's a lot of inertia when you're trying to move uphill so sometimes it's beneficial to take a rest and reevaluate your planned route.
1-09-2009 Friday Today's chart looks like a game of laser-tag, so that should tell you something right there.  Old memories are scratching at the door and revisiting them will be more than a trip down memory lane.  You'll see things a lot differently now and might even change your mind about a few things if you're big enough to not cut off your nose to spite your face.  Disruptive change, stability, and fantasies are still in some sort of awkward dialog, but it looks like stability is in the driver's seat more than you realize.  It's all a matter of who's in charge as opposed to who's on first, if you know what I mean.  Brace yourself for those holidays bills start rolling in, which could change your mind on a few things real fast. 
1-10-2009 Saturday Today would not be a good day to get into it with your mother or mother-in-law, especially if she's already in a bad mood.  Bureaucracies and big corporations continue to spill their guts on the macro level, but what about yourself?  If your assets are a little shaky, use those astroquakes to do a merciless forensic analysis of your checkbook for excessive spending habits.  More than likely it's those little things that add up faster than you realize.  Be honest.  It might only be a buck here and there, but when you start multiplying that out over a year it's significant.  Commit yourself to some constructive change, even if it's note quite a New Years Resolution.  Talking with your loved ones will be itchy for another day or so, then tomorrow Mercury goes retrograde, though that is a favorable aspect for revisiting old issues that need to be worked out.  Just don't buy anything electronic or mechanical.
1-11-2009 Sunday That game of zodiacal leap-frog continues, projecting all the good will of a crowded bus.  Innovation will bump up against a wall, dreams and inspiration will evaporate in the light of reality, and talking to your significant other or even balancing your checkbook is likely to be an exercise in frustration.  Mercury goes retrograde today until February 1, so make sure you don't go out and buy anything electronic or mechanical or it will challenge your sanity for its entire lifetime.  Don't take any of this personally, however, because it's one of those things that's just there, kind of like a traffic jam.  Adjustments in your perceptions and understanding are in-work, which will be beneficial later.  Hanging in there with what stability you can find in the status quo is the theme of the day, even if it means putting a few things on hold.  The planets are moving, albeit slowly, so this, too, shall pass.
1-12-2009 Monday Don't fall for everything you hear, or you'll set yourself up for a major nuisance later.  We're all looking for some good news, and it's out there somewhere buried in your natal chart because the transits alone aren't being very helpful.  The Sun in Capricorn tends to be a bit solemn and it certainly hasn't disappointed us so far with the doom and gloom.  This is not always a bad thing, however, because in times like this drawing on every ounce of practicality that we can muster is what will get us through.  Now is the time to ditch bad habits, especially if they're expensive, and do what little things you can to bring more structure into your life.  The principles of common sense are the same now as they've always been, so if you've been ignoring them maybe it's time to recognize they're calling your name.
1-13-2009 Tuesday Long-term adjustments and changes are still out there and will be for a while, which is a good thing because those things that take a while are less likely to give us a whiplash in the process.  Watch out for delusions today, both from others and self-imposed.  Wishful thinking seldom gets you anywhere worth going.  If you're thinking about how to increase your stability, you're probably on the right track and if you're not giving it any thought, you should.  When the Universe lends a hand it usually is a big, fat hint that something is coming down the pike that you should prepare for.  Past memories will surface today for no apparent reason.  Think about what the message might be that they came back when they did.  In my experience, there are no coincidences.
1-14-2009 Wednesday The good news today is that the male-female thing is looking reasonably favorable, with the females acting like females and the males acting like males.  Of course this is frequently also the problem, but today it should be a good thing, provided you withhold any criticism, which is likely not to go over very well.  It's a favorable day to do unfavorable things, such as start pulling together your tax records.  Remember that the devil's in the details, so the more organized you are the better.  There are two retrograde planets out there which lend themselves to rebuilding some part of your life.  Mercury is giving you the chance to rethink something and Saturn is prodding you to get your ducks in a row, possibly at work or regarding your health.  Sounds like they're both trying to say it's still not too late to make some New Years Resolutions.
1-15-2009 Thursday As a rule Saturn is comfortable being in charge, which he is today as he continues to persuade you to get your act together.  Some part of your life could benefit from more discipline and surely you already know where that is.  No doubt it will require giving something up, but the results should be worth it.  We all have bad habits or self-defeating behaviors we'd do well to ditch, so give it some thought.  If you're tempted to take advantage of those after-Christmas sales, just make sure that nothing electronic or mechanical is on your list.  Disruptions and annoyances are still out there and could involve someone from your past, possibly an authority figure.  Nonetheless, you should have your head on straight today, making it a favorable time for making a decision.
1-16-2009 Friday Be careful driving today or doing anything else with an element of risk.  Especially keep your temper under wraps, or you may not like the result.  How's that Mercury retrograde working out for you?  Remember moving forward isn't likely but it's a good time to rework something, which is progress of a different kind.  The guys and gals should still be on reasonably good terms, particularly since their respective planets are in environments where they're quite content and function well.  The guys like to be in charge and the gals like to be protected, so see what you can do to make it work for you.  How you see the world is undergoing some renovation, whether or not you're aware of it.  If you've missed it so far, give it a few days and you should be able to figure it out.
1-17-2009 Saturday Fantasizing, particularly about luxuries or beautiful things that aren't quite in your budget, is likely today.  Enjoy it for what it's worth and put it on your wish list, but not your credit card.  Mercury retrograde is causing its usual amount of blips, depending where he happens to fall on your natal chart.  Remember that this is a positive side to rework, revise, edit, re-plan or address any activity that isn't complete, but could use some review or perusal.  This would be particularly apropos if you're putting together a charter for a new organization, planning a group activity, launching a new project, and so forth.  Moving forward isn't likely until after February 1, but your time will be well-spent if you make sure that everything is in order in the mean time.  Finding things you overlooked is very likely so your rework will result in a better product, which will save you time and trouble in the long run.
1-18-2009 Sunday Some interesting surprises are on the way relative to your love life and/or your finances.  This information will give you something to think about regarding whatever you're trying to get a grip on these days.  Change and revamping takes courage, but Mars is handing some out these days, so take advantage of it while it lasts.  Retrograde Mercury, who is honking up your electronics and mechanical devices, is about to get cozy with Jupiter who tends to exaggerate and inflate what he touches, so no telling how that will come out.  Pluto is dabbling in there, too, so expect any hidden flaws not to be so for long.  The male-female thing still looks fairly good, so take advantage of it while it lasts.
1-19-2009 Monday There's a nice window of opportunity out there today just waiting for you to open it up and step through.  This will be something that touches on your deepest passions and while it might be fleeting, it will nonetheless be quite memorable.  It may take courage to step forward, but if you really feel like it's the right thing to do, give yourself permission to do so.  Irritations are out there still, perhaps involving people from your past or even things or events that may be reminding you that you never quite resolved them, even if you thought you did.  Computers, internet connections, cars, cell phones, you name it, are all misbehaving these days thanks to Mercury retrograde.  Just for fun, count how many things happen today where something wasn't working right.  I promise I'm not making this up.
1-20-2009 Tuesday The parade of planets we've been tracking the last month or so has now moved into Aquarius, including the Sun, which will give us all a nice breath of fresh air compared to stuffy Capricorn.  For starters, you'll find yourself doing a lot of talking today, even if it's to yourself, which isn't always a bad thing.  You may meet someone new or be attracted to someone or something and be tempted to respond in a way that's entirely out of character over the next several days, but your common sense is going to give you a nudge or two to keep you in line.  Do the math and see if you can afford the price before doing anything foolish.  In other words when you ask yourself, "Why not?" make sure you answer the question before proceeding. 
1-21-2009 Wednesday Annoying scrutiny by those who have some measure of power or authority over you will undoubtedly come your way sometime today.  Don't overreact and it should go away on its own accord.  Mustering the courage to make some changes is favored as a viable plan gradually begins to form.  you're going to have to give something up to get there, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.  It's just a matter of changing the channel your current programming happens to be on.  There's ongoing opposition to any innovation, but there's something to be said about "tried and true."  Talk is still plentiful and there is probably more to do than you have time for, especially with all the computers and cell phones misbehaving.
1-22-2009 Thursday Your personal view of the world isn't in synch with reality these days, not that what you believe isn't realistic but simply that the world isn't cooperating very well.  Evidence of this will surface today and may even force a few decisions or changes in your point of view or plans for dealing with it.  It's a favorable time for some deep introspections and to confront anything that need resolution that you've been ignoring.  The drive and courage to move in a different direction is available as long as you maintain a positive attitude.  Dreams aren't necessarily dead, just under revision.
1-23-2009 Friday How are those revisions working out for you?  Remember to bear in mind that this is a favorable time for reworking old plans that didn't quite work out or putting the finishing touches on something.  If you've been putting off a repair of some description, it's a good time to get that taken care of as well.  Moving forward with something new is going to be an exercise in futility for a little more than a week, so your time will be much better spent cleaning up any past messes.  Even any of those hidden flaws that may manifest themselves at inopportune times are doing you a favor in the long run as they'll bite you sooner or later.
1-24-2009 Saturday There's a lot of positive energy out there today related to taking a new direction with something in your life.  Trying something new takes courage and emotional commitment as well as having a viable plan.  Couple this with a surprise opportunity of some sort and you may just have something you've been looking for without knowing previously what it was.  Expect to make a few adjustments to make it work, since nothing worth doing every comes free of cost, but you're going to like the final result, which will give you the opportunity to expand upon your sense of self and identity in a positive way.
1-25-2009 Sunday All that positive energy that was out there yesterday is still there so if you haven't quite figured it out yet, you're getting another chance.  Logic will be stronger today than emotion, but this will give you the opportunity to figure things out from the rational side, which never hurts.  Expanding upon your personal goals and sense of direction is favored, but a speedbump or two will undoubtedly appear.  Remember that worry is a misuse of good creativity, so make sure that your devil's advocate isn't less realistic than your idea.  If none of this rings a bell, just take note of the things that get your attention for no apparent reason.  There is one, you're just not seeing it yet.
1-26-2009 Monday New Moon that brings a solar eclipse today, which will vary in its effect depending on how it hits your individual natal chart.  Changing some of your associations with a favorable outcome is one possibility and it also bodes well for relationships.  Remember you can't expect perfection if you can't offer it, however.  Arguments about old, unresolved issues are highly likely today, but again, the result should be positive.  Any misunderstandings that resulted from an overactive imagination can be resolved at this time, provided you put emotion and pride aside and factor in a large dose of logic.
1-27-2009 Tuesday If anything is on the verge of breaking down you can bet it will probably do so today.  The cause may be a bit elusive, but it won't change the reality that something has broken.  Rebuilding something in your life is in work whether or not you're aware of it.  Take a hard look at your dreams and open yourself up to inspiration to assist you in identifying what it is.  We all need to get away from time to time, even figuratively.  Do something to relax or escape today, even if it's no more than watching an uplifting movie or reading a good book.  There are a lot of little nuisances and annoyances out there today that are too numerous to name, so resist their affect any way you can.
1-28-2009 Wednesday If you feel as if you're stuck in reverse, there's a high probability that you are.  Mercury retrograde may be good for redoing things, but it's also good for honking them up, which has certainly prevailed of late.  Communication problems abound as well, which are a Mercury RX hallmark, and include everything from human conversations to cell phones and computers.  Saturn is retrograde, also, and that bad boy is not only connecting with seven of his fellow planets but is also trying to get us all to do some serious restructuring of our lives.  If things are going wrong all around you, other than reacting with simple frustration, take a good look at the root cause.  Chances are something wasn't right to begin with, which precipitated the problem.  Now is the time to get it fixed once and for all so you can move on to more interesting pursuits.
1-29-2009 Thursday That parade of planets that's been in force for several months now continues along their trek in a game of celestial leap-frog.  Just when you think one of those fast-moving inner planets is going to get a lead, it inevitably goes retrograde and puts things back where we started.  Mercury is in that state for a few more days and then gratefully will right himself and allow people, cell phones, internet connections and so forth to resume their usual flow.  If you haven't gotten everything straightened out yet that's been messed up for a while, git 'r' dun in the next few days so you can be rid of it once and for all.  Communications have been not only confused lately, but people's patience is pretty thin as well.  Egos are inflated and we're all reluctant to rethink our dreams.  Nonetheless, arguing with the planets usually isn't very effective, so your best bet is to fall in line, like it or not.
1-30-2009 Friday Something from your past may come back and bite you today.  This will be annoying, but watch your temper and don't overreact or you will make it worse.  Just take your stripes, say your mea culpas, and call it good.  Changing something from its original plan could open up an opportunity today, so don't be too determined to keep it the way it was unless there's a good reason not to mess with it.  This could extend to not only ancillary issues, but the very core of the idea itself.  Lots of things are up for revision these days, so get all the facts and listen with an open mind.  Inspiration is out there and you don't want to squelch it with disbelief before it even gets off the ground.
1-31-2009 Saturday Lots of ruminations are out there today via the internalized energy of two retrograde planets, Mercury and Saturn, who are having a friendly conversation today.  Now is an outstanding day to utilize this aspect to "get back to the drawing board" on something.  More than likely something isn't working out exactly as you'd hoped so now is the time to take a good, hard look to figure out what needs to be changed to find success.  You should feel good about whatever you come up with, though there is still some resistance to change.  Over the next few days flashes of past mistakes in the name of love or money will be parading through your thoughts.  If you didn't understand it then, maybe you will now, which will allow you to put it in the Lessons Learned bank and avoid making the same mistake again.
2-01-2009 Sunday Watch your temper today as anger is going to be close to the surface as Mars throws a square to that Aries Moon.  It's a favorable day, however, to gather information relative to anything you may be working on changing about your life or environment.  Finding the root cause for problems related to love or money is also a possibility, though this is also what might irritate your temper.  While not everyone is comfortable with recreational fighting, sometimes venting and getting things out in the open is healthy in the long run.  If you think of the cultures that are known for being extremely animated and emotional with lots of yelling and screaming, you'll also note they're the very ones that do a lot of kissing and hugging and are known for close families.  If it comes to this today, just make sure you recognize it as an information exchange and don't take anything too personally or it will be counter-productive.
2-02-2009 Monday Today the emotional tendency will be toward stubbornness, so if you didn't get those issues resolved yesterday, today one or both of you isn't likely to be prone to negotiations.  Talking about money or relationships is still favored nonetheless, you just might not agree about what needs to be done to fix it.  Your best bet is to agree to disagree, think about it for a few days, and then try again when the sparks have died down.  Since the guys and gals will generally be getting along in spite of this, just chill out and emphasize the things you agree on for today and everyone will be a lot happier.  After all, it is a Monday so you don't want to make it any worse than it already is.
2-03-2009 Tuesday If you've been pondering those security issues, some clues and encouragement are out there today.  Be wary, however, because the possibility of an annoying deception is out there as well, so sift the data carefully looking for scams or inaccurate information.  If there's something amiss you'll find it if you look for it with due diligence.  If there's the potential for power struggles in any of your relationships, they're likely to surface today as well, even though male-female relationships should be running relatively smoothly.  Thus, the competition or power play is likely to be coming from someone of the same gender.  This is a day when trusting your feelings is a fairly good bet; in fact your head and heart are likely to find the same page quite readily.
2-04-2009 Wednesday The key to success today lies in obtaining the information you need to balance out your need for stability versus your need for creative change.  This information can come through a variety of sources whether it's an enlightening conversation, applicable magazine article, internet blog, or your own thoughts.  Make sure it's accurate, however, because there's a chance of deception, particularly since the tendency today is to be reasonably open-minded.  This tug-o-war is an ongoing challenge that you need to address carefully without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.  Relationship challenges are out there as well today, yet oddly enough getting along with the opposite sex is favored.  Thus, it's a good time to talk about any problems you're having.  Clinging harder is not the answer as it may tend to suffocate it and only make things worse.
2-05-2009 Thursday Emotions today will be rather logical from that Gemini Moon and will help you sort out the two sides of the stability vs. freedom issue.  Many people feel trapped right now and the tendency to blow it all off is quite tempting, but the end result would not be pretty, even though it would be temporarily satisfying.  Keep gathering information and thinking about it with the willingness to make a few adjustments and you'll make progress.  This is not going to be solved anytime soon since it's not a simple problem but one that's been developing over a long time.  Remember it takes a lot less time to tangle something up than untangle it and life is not much different.
2-06-2009 Friday Adjustments and plotting another course are the themes today along with being open-minded and giving your ego a rest.  No matter how much you may think your way is the only acceptable solution, trying to see things from the other person's knothole is usually enlightening if you shut up long enough to listen and quit defending your own position.  Digging back into your distant past, whether your childhood or another lifetime, can provide some clues today.  Remember the old adage, "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it," applies to numerous situations.  Keep the dialogs going and be open to inspiration, provided it's not entirely unrealistic.  Daydreams are okay provided you recognize them for what they are and no more.
2-07-2009 Saturday Another "Cat's Cradle" day is out there, but today logic is not likely to score very high.  You may acknowledge its validity, but your heart won't be in it and you won't agree to anything that is strictly based on facts and not feelings.  Wishful thinking and unrealistic expectations need to be set aside and replaced by more viable plans and compromises, but as much as you know that to be true, actually agreeing to it is another story.  If the issue is a worn out relationship, it doesn't necessarily mean it's dead, only that it needs to be refreshed.  If it's your finances that are getting you down, you'll be just as emotional because we all love our wallets and creature comforts, sometimes more than the people around us.  This is a time for seeking answers but not necessarily finding them.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't try, however.
2-08-2009 Sunday Having the courage to do something you really don't want to do it out there today, but you're still going to have to make an effort to make it happen.  Opening yourself up to new ideas or others' opinions may be a bit uncomfortable, but you'll be better off if you do, even if it ultimately requires a few changes to your original plans.  Romance is generally favored today, though something about it may be bothering you at a deeper level that you can't quite identify, possibly the fact that giving up your freedom makes you squirm no matter how good things are in other ways.  It's not a very good day to see things clearly and won't be for a few days, so it's best to not make any important decisions at this time if you can avoid it.
2-09-2009 Monday Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse today, which is explained more fully in your monthly horoscope.  Clashes with authority figures is a possibility today, particularly those who are on a power trip of some description.  Everything is up for review these days and relationships are no exception.  Just remember to be fair and count the positive things as well as the negative.  There's a real tendency to be a bit too idealistic for the next few days though empathy should be running fairly high as well.  In other words, your ability to understand what others are trying to convey will also be increased.  This is generally a good thing, but if you tend to be too accommodating you run the chance of someone taking advantage of you.  Lending a sympathetic ear isn't going to cost you anything, but if they expect you to pull out your wallet and help in more material ways, think about it for a day or two.
2-10-2009 Tuesday Relationship forensics are still in favor, particularly today as you'll tend to be more critical than usual due to that Virgo Moon.  Adjustments and changes in plan are all over the place and apply to your thoughts and beliefs as well.  That dual between your need for structure and security versus the desire to blow it all off and do what you want for a change is really heating up and gaining more momentum, though it's likely to be oscillating back and forth where one day one course of action sounds really good and the next day it switches courts.  Freedom has an edge today, probably due to various annoyances associated with the status quo.  Add it to your decision tree but don't make any irrevocable decisions for a few days.
2-11-2009 Wednesday Opportunities for deepening a relationship are out there today, though you might still be tripping over something from your past.  Forgetting past mistakes and any pain they may have caused is never easy, but the worst part is when it keeps you from moving forward and enjoying new experiences.  If you're being too hard on yourself or others, today is a good day to set it aside and envision where you might be able to go if you think more positively.  Empathizing with others is favored today in a big way, but don't be so overcome by compassion that you sacrifice more than you should of your own identity. 
2-12-2009 Thursday Those relationship vibes are still out there with the emotions likely to be stronger today than yesterday. Nonetheless, that old baggage is still interfering.  Being logical is essential and recognizing that every relationship has its own personality and no two are ever going to be the same, even if you should want them to be.  Having the courage to change your pre-conceived notions and try something different could be the answer.  That part of you that's simply begging to be set free while another part of you clings to the status quo is in there making some noise as well.  Your best bet today is to not take things too seriously but to just chill out and see what's around the corner. 
2-13-2009 Friday The ability to understand others better than usual is still out there, so use it to resolve any old issues that might be keeping you from doing what you really want.  This could apply to either relationships or perhaps a money-making venture you'd like to pursue.  Keep your eyes open for opportunities as there are some out there today, though a change in your existing plans may be required to pursue them.  Those relationship vibes that have been out there for several days aren't necessarily about a romantic involvement, but could involve a business relationship or even simply finding a new friend or group to hang out with.  Make up your mind to be happy and see where it takes you.
2-14-2009 Saturday Happy Valentine's Day and I hope you have the opportunity to spend it with someone who's special to you in some way.  The opportunity to expand upon an existing relationship or to develop a new one is still out there, though expressing your feelings today may be harder than usual.  If you haven't shed that old baggage yet, today may be a good one to make some progress in that direction.  There's a whole bunch of planets hanging out in friendly Aquarius these days that will help everyone to be a little more tolerant of others and work together in a more harmonious way, at least as long as it lasts.
2-15-2009 Sunday Opportunities for developing or enhancing a relationship with someone of the opposite sex are beckoning you today, though there's a chance that this may involve a group interaction and numerous individuals as opposed to one in particular.  Don't come on too strong, however, and if you're simply there for personal benefit, don't publicize that as it's not likely to be in your favor to tip your hand on that one.  That pair of eclipses we just had nudged us toward expanding or changing our group associations, so this is a favorable follow-up to that, particularly with four planets as well as the Sun in Aquarius, 11th House of groups and such.  We all need some sort of social life and there's no time like the present to pursue that part of your life.
2-16-2009 Monday If you're involved in a group activity of some sort, either socially or in your work or family environment, there's a lot of energy out there to help you these days.  This includes attention, thinking outside the box, a lot of drive and energy, and even some inspiration.  If you need funding, opportunities are out there for that as well.  The one thing to look out for is someone who's so passionate about the entire project that they actually become a hindrance, either by telling everyone else how it should be done or simply stirring everyone up.  If there's anything wrong with your plan or anything has been covered up heretofore, there's a good chance that it's going to come out in a rather annoying way.  Your best bet is to take it in stride with as much aplomb as you can manage.
2-17-2009 Tuesday There's a very nice sextile pattern out there which should bring something favorable your way today.  In fact, about the only thing out there that isn't good is that ongoing tug-o-war between your need for change and freedom versus stability and a few annoying thoughts or information relative to something that wasn't properly resolved.  The drive, enthusiasm, and energy to go after something is accessible and if it requires funding to do so, that should be there as well.  The motivation to pursue it for the right reason is even out there.  This could be a project, relationship, new approach to an old problem, attitude, or just about anything.  If you want something, there's a good chance the Universe is trying to give it to you.  Do your part and it should be yours.
2-18-2009 Wednesday The Sun goes into Pisces today which will bring an energy shift you're likely to notice over yesterday.  Pisces is dreamy, is all about transcendence, and thrives on experiences that escape the humdrum existence most of us experience on a daily basis.  That change versus stability issue is still out there and today you'll be caught in the middle and arguing with yourself over both sides.  Philosophical reasons will be a dime a dozen and easily found to support both sides.  Pay attention because they're more important that you realize.  Opportunities to expand your social circle of friends are still out there as well pursuing a romantic interest.  Just make sure you don't come on like the proverbial bull in a china shop.
2-19-2009 Thursday More opportunities have sprung up, though they may simply relate to overcoming something from your past that needs to be put to rest once and for all.  Insights you've never had before into the situation are one possibility, which will help you resolve it emotionally.  As much as we'd like people who've hurt us in the past to apologize or admit their faults, this seldom happens to our satisfaction.  However, hanging onto old resentments hurts you more than it does them and continues to give them power over you.  There's no time like the present to walk away from something that is preventing you from succeeding in some area of your life.  Dump that old baggage and move on.
2-20-2009 Friday Intuition and insights into uncomfortable situations past and present are strong today.  If there's anything that isn't quite right and should be straightened out, give it some thought and you're likely to come up with a solution.  This is especially likely to involve a loved one or someone from your past who needs some help.  If it's something that goes beyond what you can handle on your own don't hesitate to ask for help because it's out there.  Understanding at a deep level will come more easily than usual and also lead you to the information you need to take care of business.
2-21-2009 Saturday Opportunities to express yourself with the opposite sex continues to be favorable, whether or not you're in a romantic relationship.  Clearly the two genders think differently and when they can combine their insights in a positive way it results in beneficial insights on both sides.  Relating to other's points of view is favored generally now that the Sun is in Pisces where their theme song, "Kumbaya," plays in the background while they transcend to another dimension where life is never boring, everyone is happy, and spirituality is a way of life.  Of course admitting and learning from worldly mistakes is favored in such an environment, and today is a good one for looking at some of yours for rectification.
2-22-2009 Sunday Nothing much has changed since yesterday other than the location of the Moon, which has moved from Capricorn into Aquarius.  Thus, you have another day to work on those things you didn't address yesterday and continue to make progress communicating with members of the opposite sex and take a candid look at some of the things you've swept under the carpet over the years.  With the Moon in Aquarius you'll be more inclined to socialize and want to be around people so invite some friends over and relax.  Things have been hectic and stressful for a long time and it will do you good to chill for a change.  You'll be surprised how much more manageable things feel when you let them go for a while, even a few hours.
2-23-2009 Monday Today is an absolutely excellent day to spend some time relaxing with those closest to you.  Connections abound at all levels that create multiple opportunities for deep and meaningful conversations and discussions, particularly late in the afternoon and evening when that touch of erratic emotionalism fades away.  Concerns for responsibilities and obligations and what to do about them are being stirred up as well, but with communications going well you stand a good chance of coming up with some viable plans for a solution.  Find a pleasant and preferably quiet environment and exploit these favorable aspects for all their worth.
2-24-2009 Tuesday If you missed out yesterday on those pleasant and productive discussions it's still not too late.  In fact, today may be even better than yesterday for expanding your view of the world from someone else's knothole.  Delving into your past, either with each other or in your childhood will be useful as well as you may discover the root of some self-defeating behavior that is holding you back in your relationship.  There's a New Moon coming that will further help you initiate a new start, new attitude or new endeavor, so don't let today slip by without putting it to good use.  Even if you're one of the rare few whose relationships are all in perfect order, take advantage of these lovely vibes to make some pleasant memories with someone you love.
2-25-2009 Wednesday A few annoyances are starting to creep in there at the emotional level, but conditions are still favorable for continuing that dialog with someone (or perhaps more than one person) close to you.  Worries and concerns will be the primary topic.  The main thing to watch out for is simply whining and griping as opposed to simply accepting whatever it is and striving to find a viable solution.  Even if there really isn't anything you can do about whatever is bothering you directly, you can always work at developing a more positive attitude.  This often isn't easy but it almost always helps, not only to make you feel better but to find a better approach for dealing with it.
2-26-2009 Thursday Positive information exchanges that will have a long-term affect on your attitudes and beliefs are still out there but the challenges and conflicts are starting to creep in.  These are most likely to relate to something or someone in your past, either conscious or subconscious, and relate to an authority figure of some description.  If you have a problem with authority, this may be where it originated.  If you've come up with any plans for that stability versus change dilemma, you'll be driven to put them into action today, even though they're likely to require a few adjustments along the way.  You may also tend to be a bit too forceful in expressing your views, so try to tone it down to a reasonable level, i.e. focus the energy in a non-aggressive manner. 
2-27-2009 Friday You may not have any choice in making a few changes to what you thought you were going to do about those changes you want to make.  Maybe you don't even want to make them, but to maintain the status quo, but circumstances are dictating otherwise.  This dilemma is going to be out there for a while, so don't expect to resolve it overnight.  Positive vibes are back in the communications area, however, which will help you think with both your head and heart then discuss it with someone close to you in a productive manner.  Opportunities for deepening the relationship are there which will manifest through intense and lengthy conversations.  Talking in person is preferred; otherwise watch the minutes on your cell phone to avoid unpleasant surprises later.
2-28-2009 Saturday Information pertaining to those adjustments to your long-term plans may contain a few surprises which could result in your feeling trapped by circumstances.  Impatience to move forward is likely to be frustrated, sending you back to the drawing board for an alternate solution.  Catch-22's are out there galore, so seeing a clear path may not be possible just yet.  Continue to nurture your relationships and build on them and feel free to daydream.  Just recognize it for what it is so as not to confuse it with reality and remember that "If only..." is frequently in this category and usually self-defeating.  The more optimism you can maintain in spite of the circumstances the better your chances at finding a positive solution.
3-01-2009 Sunday Questioning your beliefs at an emotional level are likely to occupy your thoughts today, particularly as they relate to where your life is going and what you need to get where you want to be.  While part of you may see the efficacy of being altruistic, another part of you isn't quite so generous.  The key is to find a proper balance where you don't allow others to override those things you want to do that hopefully don't impinge on those "others" in some way.  Adjustments, mid-course corrections, and justifying your position is still emphasized, as it will be for a while.  It's always good to have a solid basis for where you're coming from and today the planets are trying to help you find that definition.
3-02-2009 Monday The moon is throwing some more complications out there today that may manifest as either stubborn or slightly selfish behavior, either on your part or that of someone you're close to.  If you're in a position where you or the other person needs to give something up, you're not likely to be very happy about it.  Arguments are highly likely as their rationale will be either unsubstantiated or completely misunderstood by the other party.  An annoying event or news that presents a nuisance is also possible today, which may set the whole thing off.  Things will calm down tomorrow so put it aside as much as possible until you sleep on it.
3-03-2009 Tuesday The Moon has moved on to more logical territory today, allowing you to be more objective regarding those issues that came up yesterday and seemed like such a big deal.  While they'll still retain their annoying or inconvenient flavor, you'll be in a much more reasonable frame of mind today to deal with it.  Impatience to dig your way out of that hole you may be in is still nagging at you, but letting go of your security blanket is still not on your list of options.  It may appear that things will never come around to where you'd like them to be, but it's really just a matter of time.  As you know, nothing remains the same, even when we want it to.
3-04-2009 Wednesday The Moon is trying to mediate that security versus change issue today and might do a better job than you think since she's in logical Gemini.  She's also throwing numerous harmonious vibes toward your thought, beliefs, drive to get moving and even your dreams later in the day.  Annoyances and disruptions still prevail, but your ability to work your way through them should be relatively enhanced.  Try to focus on your opportunities as opposed to the obstacles and you're more likely to find a way to higher more pleasing ground.
3-05-2009 Thursday The Moon and Pluto will be exhuming something from your past today, most likely related to your childhood.  Use it as an opportunity to learn something from the adult perspective that you lacked at the time.  As children we expect adults to be perfect but by the time you get there yourself you should start to realize that isn't the case.  Your energy may be down, but inspiration should be up.  Don't expect to accomplish too much as daydreaming will probably have more appeal, especially if you latch onto something from your past to ruminate upon.  All in all, try to find some time to relax and perhaps indulge in a movie or good novel to escape, even if it's only for a few minutes.
3-06-2009 Friday That Cancer Moon is helping us all to be more understanding and nurturing, perhaps being more tolerant than usual of those who are different than ourselves.  Opportunities for getting to the root of our security needs are there as well, which can ultimately help us define how much we need and how much we don't.  You may have some pretty wild ideas come at you over the next day or so.  Be cautious about acting on them, however, because there's a good chance your sense of realism is being grossly compromised.  It's okay to brainstorm and even daydream, but just don't sell the farm to pursue it just yet.  Helping others for purely selfless reasons is favored, however.  Do something nice for someone without any hope of recognition or being paid back and the warm fuzzies will do you as much good as anything.
3-07-2009 Saturday The need to adjust your course to a slightly different direction relative to something you want is out there, due to finding out something you weren't aware of previously.  You won't like it, but will also know it's the right way to go.   If you're feeling rebellious you're not alone, or you may simply be restless and anxious for change.  We all have a sense of being stuck in reverse these days, thanks to Saturn retrograde, but what we're supposed to be doing is restructuring some area of our lives.  The next few days consider what that might be and don't forget to examine your attitude as well.  Opportunities to expand a relationship with either a group or possibly an individual are out there.  We can never have too many friends, so give it some thought.
3-08-2009 Sunday A classic Mr. Spock dilemma regarding the good of the few (you) versus the good of the many (others) is out there, implying you may have to give up something you want for the common good today.  Adjustments will be required even if it's to nothing more than your attitude accompanied by a concerted attempt at being unselfish.  This is not to say that you should let other people walk on you, only that you need to be as fair an objective as possible in recognizing whether you're being selfish.  The likelihood of something unexpected happening, either as an event or as a sudden realization, are high for the next several days.  Everyone is likely to be a little quirky, including you, so don't do anything you'll regret in the morning.
3-09-2009 Monday Emotional dilemmas will be a dime a dozen today.  It's not a good day to take action on anything other than possibly doing something for someone else with no expectations for payment in cash or otherwise.  Being impulsive is likely to result in nothing, so dream away but don't do anything stupid that you'll regret later.  Surprises of a personal nature are on the way, if not today, then within a few days, that will reflect upon your responsibilities in some way.  Opportunities for expanding one or more relationships are out there, as well as talking out things from your past that you've tried to cover up.  Getting rid of old baggage is usually exhilarating so give it a shot.
3-10-2009 Tuesday It's a good day to make a strong, emotional commitment to someone or something, which will take you in a different direction than you'd previously been headed.  Opportunities to examine things at a transformational level are there as well.  This will all be contingent on being able to make some possibly dramatic personal changes.  If you're not able to do that, then more than likely the rest isn't going to work, either.  Dig deep into your old baggage to see what's lurking in there and holding you back.  The Full Moon is coming up today which should help culminate something in your life, so there's no better time than now to take a step forward instead of back.
3-11-2009 Wednesday Something may surface today that causes you to either see things a bit differently, or perhaps initiate a change of course.  If you haven't given any thought to your beliefs and expectations lately, it's a good time to do so.  More than likely there's something there you've been neglecting that could use some attention.  Maybe you haven't been living what you belief or acting with the integrity you should or maybe there's something you really ought to be doing yet you've frittered away far too much time making excuses, legitimate though they may be.   If you're still feeling as if you're stuck in the mud, think about how your own behavior is contributing.  Maybe there's something you need to do to get unstuck.
3-12-2009 Thursday If you can achieve anything you can believe, then today is a good one to figure out what that might be.  We can all use a tune-up from time to time where we review what we're all about, reassess our goals, and determine what we should be doing to attain them.  One place to take a good, hard look is your emotional health.  If you've been feeling burned out lately, maybe it's time to figure out what you need to do to rectify it.  Going on a two week cruise to the Bahamas probably isn't in your budget, especially these days, so put your imagination to work and figure out what you could do as a reasonable facsimile.  If you've been under pressure lately you'll be even more inclined to do something really crazy that might bite you later if you don't get a break.
3-13-2009 Friday If you're the artistic type, today is a good day to indulge yourself in your talents.  Inspiration from the heart should be in rich supply which will help you express something from within yourself in an effective way.  This may even help you with that much needed overhaul of some of your beliefs.  If you're not walking the talk, you're probably not fooling anyone but yourself.  Without integrity you're likely to waste a lot of time chasing your tail instead of your destiny.  That ongoing restructuring activity is still out there and will be for quite a while.  However, the sooner you get it figured out and take care of business the sooner you'll be able to move forward.  The planets will usually only hold us back long enough for us to figure things out.  If you don't ever get it on one transit, rest assured it will come around again and get you on the next pass.
3-14-2009 Saturday Communicating your deepest feelings will be easier than usual today, so if you have something you need to say from your heart, go for it.  You may also tend to be a bit unrealistic or even delusional, however, so make sure you engage your brain to some degree.  As they say, birds of a feather flock together, so another thing you should be looking at today is whether those around you are helping you become the person you want to be or if they're holding your back.  Just because you feel comfortable doesn't mean that you're in the right place. 
3-15-2009 Sunday If there's anything about yourself you aren't entirely happy with, whether it's your appearance, attitude, or job description, today is a good day to make a commitment to change since your heart is likely to be in it.  You may encounter a Catch-22 of some description, but that doesn't mean that you're on the wrong path, only that a detour may be required to reach your destination.  Keep a close eye on your dreams and make sure they're within the realm of possibility.  Otherwise you're setting yourself up for disappointment.  Furthermore, if they're dependent on someone else, make sure that someone is aware or they're likely not to provide the help you're looking for.  Change isn't always easy but it's usually worth the effort.
3-16-2009 Monday The opportunity to let something go and move forward onto higher ground is out there today, but you're going to have to get a big philosophical before you'll figure it out.  A hint in the right direction will come from someone you may not even know and what they say may even be annoying, but when you turn on your objectivity you'll realize there was something there you needed to know.  Expect a few nuisances to get in your way, but recognize them for what they are and don't overreact.  Getting mad that traffic is all tied up isn't going to make much difference in how fast they get out of your way, anyway, so use the down-time to do some thinking or dreaming while you're alone and have the chance.
3-17-2009 Tuesday Information pertaining to whatever it is in your life that you need to be restructuring should come your way today, though your reaction is likely to be a bit emotional and laden with thoughts that you really think you deserve better, and perhaps you do.  Like it or not, an adjustment or a change of your present course will be required.  Opportunities to expand your beliefs in one way or another are out there as well, along with a chance for taking control of the situation.  Relationships should run smoothly, however, so it's a favorable time to discuss the options with someone close to you.
3-18-2009 Wednesday Information should still be coming your way relative to whatever it is you need to be remodeling in your life, whether it's your health habits, finances, relationships, work ethic, or anything else that needs your undivided attention.  You may not like everything you're hearing and you're likely to be torn between two choices, but it should be clear that a decision needs to be made.  This will be further complicated by the fact that your head and heart will be at odds today, but that is likely to be related to either something unresolved from your past or a power struggle going on, whether it's within yourself or involves someone else.  Continuing on the same course we've been on simply isn't going to bring the same results as in the past and the sooner you figure that out the sooner you'll make progress in a new direction.
3-19-2009 Thursday If you're feeling impulsive about love or money, expect something to get in the way today, even if it's only your own emotions warning you to be more practical or reminding you of past mistakes.  The drive to move forward and take control of a situation is strong and opportunities to do so are out there, provided you proceed in an intelligent manner.  Be sure to take a long, hard look at what's really holding you back.  More than likely it's something within your own belief system that only you can overcome.   The sooner you figure out what it is, the sooner you'll be able to make that change in your present course that will make a big difference in where you're headed.
3-20-2009 Friday If you need to change your course, it always pays to look at a map and in the case of your life, this would require a close look at your beliefs.  Opportunities to examine them in depth with both your head and heart are out there today, which should help you determine the answer to a few things.  The Sun goes into Aries today, which will give us all a nice boot in the rear to take action.  If there's something holding you back, it's probably something in your rearview mirror you should have cut loose a long time ago.  There's no time like the present to git 'r' dun.
3-21-2009 Saturday Resistance to change the next few days will be based on an ideal that probably only exists in your mind.  Continue to give your expectations, assumptions, and paradigms a close look, bearing in mind that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Getting your head and heart on the same page is possible, provided you take off those blinders and quit allowing past mistakes from holding you back.  Getting mad at yourself or anyone else in the equation won't get you anywhere, so just let it go and move on.
3-22-2009 Sunday If you haven't made a few adjustments in where you're going voluntarily, something may make that decision for you.  Be wary of deception today of all varieties as there's a good chance that some of the information coming your way isn't based on fact, regardless of its source.  Innovative ideas are possible, but turning them into reality will present a significant challenge.  Moving forward is likely to encounter some speed bumps, possibly from someone on a power trip or perhaps you're still holding onto that old baggage you should have dumped by now.  Frustrations will be a dime a dozen today, so don't expect to make much progress.
3-23-2009 Monday There may be a tendency today to sit around singing "The Age of Aquarius" but bear in mind that the Moon isn't in the seventh house neither is Jupiter aligned with Mars.  More frustrations are on the menu today, whether it's because you're disappointed in the people around you, individually or collectively, or because you can't quite seem to figure out how to get your ideas off the ground.  If you haven't done a deep, forensic analysis on your beliefs and expectations yet, circumstances will probably force the issue.  Continue to look and listen with a heavy filter of skepticism as deception continues to be out there in a much thicker layer than usual.
3-24-2009 Tuesday If you've been hitting various obstacles lately regarding where or what you'd like to do, most of it should be gone by next week.  Annoyances related to money or perhaps your relationship with someone are out there as well, but don't go off half-cocked after something that isn't going to make it anything but worse.  Unexpected events are likely for the next few days, but it's also a favorable time to come up with some original and innovative ideas.  Just make sure delusions don't creep in and spoil the entire scenario.  We're all undergoing an internal remodel of some description these days, which isn't surprising if you take a look at the world around you.  We all have an integral part to play within our sphere of influence and any changes we make will have a ripple effect on others, so consider your choices carefully before taking any drastic action.
3-25-2009 Wednesday The likelihood of emotional outbursts is high today along with breakdowns or other surprises that are less than enchanting.  Your significant other may be getting on your last nerve, but it's in your best interest to not make him or her your target as it could make things even worse.  In other words, make sure you direct your frustration in a direction that doesn't ricochet back in your face.  Whatever you thought you believed in may be letting you down, which will necessitate a few changes, but this won't necessarily be a bad thing.  All that emotional energy will have a motivating effect, so pay close attention to what's really going on beneath the surface and what you need to do about it.
3-26-2009 Thursday New Moon today, which should usher in something new in your life.  Pluto has some heavy involvement in this one, which implies such things as power plays, hidden or secret elements coming to the surface, or a transformational event or experience of some kind.  Friction in male - female relationships is likely, so it may be advisable to spend the better part of your waking hours with those of the same gender as yourself.  There's a lot of energy out there that is great for kicking off new ideas.  If there's been something you've been ruminating upon for a while, now may be the time to put your thoughts into action.
3-27-2009 Friday There's a lot of energy out there today that will be useful in motivating you to start something new, especially in light of yesterday's New Moon.  Note that if today is your birthday, you should have a favorable year ahead where you will be perceived in a favorable manner with respect to your ideas which will give you an untold advantage in accomplishing your goals.  For the rest of you, this pertains largely for today.  However, bear in mind that there will be obstacles along the way, either from those in a position of power who wish to undermine you or perhaps you'll simply be tripping over your past, particularly if it's riddled with self-doubt.  Opportunities will be out there, perhaps somewhere you haven't thought to look before, so think about what you could have if that genie appeared. 
3-28-2009 Saturday A forensic analysis of your situation with respect to love and money is called for today and something is going to surface that you didn't realize before.  Tune into your past for some hints on how to handle it, perhaps something Mom told you a long time ago.  Restructuring your beliefs is still in progress, with a few surprises and new ideas thrown in the mix that will give you some more to think about.  If you're inclined to go after some thrills to get away from your normal routine, expect that either your boss or other responsibilities are going to have a different take on it and try to hold you back.  Nonetheless, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so don't forget to balance the consequences with the benefits.
3-29-2009 Sunday Any plans are likely to be frustrated today, so your best bet is to just take it easy and not make any that are cast in concrete.  Unexpected expenses due to something breaking down due to a hidden problem are a strong possibility and are likely to involve either something with moving parts or electronics.  If you're trying to move forward and expand some area of your life, emotional inertia will be holding you back, no matter how much sense it may make to pursue it.  Just about everything is being torn down, exposed, and reworked these days now that Pluto is getting down and dirty in Capricorn.  If you don't believe that, just listen to the news or pick up a newspaper.
3-30-2009 Monday Today will be a Monday with a capital "M".  Adjustments and compromises are all over the place, so making significant progress on anything doesn't look very promising.  However, it is a favorable time to take a good hard look at anything you already know needs to be changed in some way.  Every now and then the Universe throws a big STOP sign in front of us so that we'll reassess where we are and where we're going.  Today is one of those days.  If you can't beat 'em, and believe me you're not going to change the planets, join 'em.
3-31-2009 Tuesday Things have improved a little over yesterday, but not much.  You'll probably have at least one annoying conversation today and if you don't that probably means that you were the annoyer as opposed to the annoyee.  You'll be torn between two options today with one a bit impulsive and emotional, the other boring and practical.  Use the logic coming out of that Gemini Moon to decide, which should help you figure things out with both your head and heart.  If there's any area of your life you've been neglecting, it's going to get your attention sometime soon.  Throw some conscious thought in that direction over the next few days and you'll be able to find at least a hint.
4-01-2009 Wednesday Feeling restless or argumentative is highly likely today as a parade of memories marches through your head, perhaps of your childhood, past loves or mistakes that were never rectified.  There are lessons there, so take the time to identify them because they're trying to tell you something.  If you're getting a handle on whatever it is in your life you need to restructure, your efforts at moving forward may be frustrated for a while, so continue to plan and make sure you have all your facts straight before making a false start that will bite you later.
4-02-2009 Thursday Those frustrations are still out there and further complicated by those things you uncovered yesterday.  Emotional conversations are going to be the norm, but this is not always a bad thing.  Getting in touch with your own heart will help direct you where you need to go.  Information should be coming your way regarding whatever it is you need to be working on these days, so gather and plan away for when the time is right to pursue it.  If anything is amiss in your love or financial life, it is likely to surface over the next few days, but it's a favorable time to talk things out as long as you keep your emotions under reasonable control.
4-03-2009 Friday

Something needs to be changed, but you may be going back and forth regarding exactly how to go about it, which will more than likely get your goat.  It's time to get totally logical about it and develop a step-by-step plan, which will help organize your thoughts in such a way that the path will be obvious.  You should feel more affectionate than usual toward your loved ones today, so be sure to make their day by telling them.  Hard lessons from the past regarding love or money may still be giving you a bad time.  Your best bet for getting rid of them is to learn from them and move on in a different direction than before.

4-04-2009 Saturday If you've been neglecting some area of your life, the Universe has been trying to call your attention to it since early March.  You only have a few more weeks to figure it out, so give it some thought.  Opportunities for giving your belief system and expectations in general a good, hard look are out there.  Don't hesitate to listen to opinions other than your own, for a sanity check if nothing else, though if you listen with an open mind you might learn something new that will prove beneficial.  It's time to restructure something in your life and if you don't know what that is, just look to something that isn't working for a few ideas.
4-05-2009 Sunday You may be trying to hang on to something today that is either no more than an illusion or something that you'd do well to let go.  Those efforts to rebuild something aren't going too well, either, I suspect, with your attempts to move forward either being delayed or just not working out.  There's a lot to be frustrated about today as a result, but learning to deal with such things is what life is all about since things will never be "perfect", no matter how hard we try.  The key to much of it is being able to communicate openly, honestly, and logically in both directions, which means you need to listen as well as talk.  Remember you were given two ears and one mouth for a reason.  Pluto, who is all about death and regeneration, went retrograde today, giving you a rather apropos early Easter greeting from the Cosmos.
4-06-2009 Monday Inspiration is out there today, but make sure you don't mistake it for reality.  Utilize it for artistic expression or recreation, but don't expect to take it to the bank, at least not in its current form.  How are your relationships working out for you these days?  If they're less than enchanting, maybe it's time to look deeper than the "he said, she said" level for some answers.  Remember, you can't expect perfection unless you're prepared to offer it, so if you want better relationships maybe you ought to take a look in the mirror.  Considering the "Law of Attraction," the more you have to offer, the better quality people you'll bring into your life.  Kapeche?
4-07-2009 Tuesday Wanting something with all your heart isn't what it's going to take to obtain it.  However, if you use all that emotional energy to commit to doing what it takes it becomes a possibility.  A change of course if out there today with your heart leading the way.  Resistance is futile, and since you haven't gotten there so far, obviously you haven't been on the right path or have been missing the signs along the way.  Of course Timing is Everything, but you need to be ready when the opportunity comes your way or you'll miss out entirely.  The first thing you need to do is visualize where you're going.  If you haven't figured that part out yet chances are you'll continue seeing little but fog.
4-08-2009 Wednesday Running into something from your past that you've either been trying to ignore or simply didn't get at the time is all but inevitable today.  Give it serious thought because it may be standing in your way in more ways than you realize.  Those false starts are still out there, but you don't have all the data you need yet, so be patient and observant for what you're missing.  An argument or lively discussion, probably about some philosophical subject like politics or religion is out there today, but that's such a target-rich environment these days it's almost intuitively obvious, astrology or not.  Be that as it may, you may learn something by listening to someone else's point-of-view, so at least listen.
4-09-2009 Thursday The Full Moon is really stirring things up today amongst various other things that should make it a rather interesting day.  You'll be chomping at the bit to get moving on your hopes and dreams for the future and won't be happy at the delays that are still holding you back like a hobbled horse.  You're not going to like some of the information and conversations that come your way, some of which may challenge your existing beliefs and expectations.  Continuing to uncover and understand the past is a paramount task that usually uncovers a smelly finding or two, but doing so always proves useful as that is the only way we can recognize our bad habits for what they are and learn from them.  With Pluto retrograde until fall, there will be a lot of that going on so brace yourself.
4-10-2009 Friday Expect to hit a figurative wall today regarding something you really want to do.  However, the key to progress lies in letting something go that you've been hanging onto for too long.  We can't move forward with all our baggage from the past; it simply gets too bulky to haul around at some point.  Take a good, hard look at your belief system for flaws, even if it's not your idea of a good time.  If you're not sure where to look, start with your spiritual health.  If it's malnourished, you won't be able to obtain the inspiration you need.  Take a renewal break of some description and give some serious thought to something you need to rebuild.
4-11-2009 Saturday Be wary of deception today, either self-imposed or from others around you.  If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so deploy your radar, or better yet, your x-ray vision, and don't take anything at face value.  Conversely, it's a favorable day to get into some changes in your emotional makeup that will benefit you in both the long and short-term regarding some of those things you really need to fix but have either been ignoring or putting off.  Our emotions derive from our thoughts and beliefs, so take a deep breath and peek at whatever it is that's really holding you back.  Determining where you may be a click off and even being able to discern where the misperceptions originated in your past are all possibilities, so give it a try.
4-12-2009 Easter Sunday It should be easy to get into the Easter spirit today as memories of Easters past are likely to surface more readily than usual.  As memories tend to behave, however, holographic entities that they are, they'll link together in a stream of consciousness which, sure as God made little green apples, won't necessarily all be of events that you care to remember.  If any of them do turn out to be less than pleasant, before dismissing them make sure you extract the lesson lurking there.  If we don't learn from our mistakes we will inevitably repeat them until we do.  Easter is all about death and regeneration, and retrograde Pluto is all about that as well.  There's no better day than today to let go of something from your past so you can move forward renewed.  If you can do that, you'll truly have a Happy Easter!
4-13-2009 Monday All those things you were fired up to take care of a day or two ago may not sound as appealing today.  Resistance to your will may take a variety of forms and even give you a rude shove in a slightly different direction than you'd hoped.  Deception is still out there for another day or two, so don't make any dramatic changes to your original plans just yet.  Give it more thought, perhaps from a slightly different angle, and see where it all falls out toward the end of the week.  Draw from all possible resources, including your deepest instincts and ability to flush out facts that may have been hiding before.
4-14-2009 Tuesday There's a nice sextile pattern out there today that could bring some opportunities to define your dreams and thus get your head and heart on the same page.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that there are just as many things out there trying to discourage you.  Defending your beliefs in an argumentative way, resisting change, and being less than enchanted with your financial condition or love life are also vying for attention.  Use these various frustrations and dissatisfactions to figure out what you really want and you'll have a win-win situation.
4-15-2009 Wednesday Today is generally not looked upon fondly being as it's "Tax Day."  If you're just now putting them together, make sure you're seeing things clearly and not fantasizing those deductions.  Be extra careful today as accidents or unexpected events are very possible, though these are just as likely to be unexpected revelations as physical encounters.  It's another good day to think about lessons your mother taught you, which will have more meaning now that when you were a child.  Working on your belief system and spiritual health is still favored as well as data gathering relative to that figurative remodeling project we all should be working on. 
4-16-2009 Thursday There's a nice Grand Earth Trine out there today that will facilitate some productive thought regarding matters of a practical nature.  If you have planning to do of any description, this should help you put it together.  Some inspiration is available to help as well, but make sure it's not too farfetched.  You'll be impatient to get started, which might not happen for about a month, but that can't be helped so simply start putting the pieces together so you're ready to move forward when the time is right.  If your finances are a bit hosed up like most people's these days, don't forget to take a look at them as well.  Do an objective forensic analysis on your spending habits and mistakes along those lines so you can avoid similar problems in the future.  Reviewing your relationships in a similar manner is also favored.
4-17-2009 Friday Ideas are still flowing on what needs to be rebuilt in your life, so take note and consider it a gift from the cosmos.  Your head and heart will be at odds today, but both have a valid point of view so pay close attention to what each is saying and then decide accordingly.  Annoyances and nuisances are afoot, creating false starts and various other obstacles but opportunities should present themselves to get around them if you're paying attention.  Areas of your life that you've been neglecting should be vying for your attention for the next several weeks, so be sure to factor in the time needed to take care of business.
4-18-2009 Saturday Deep introspection into your past will be possible over the next few days so if you have any baggage you need to unload, now is a favorable time to take a look at what you'd be better off without.  Financial and possibly relationship-related annoyances are out there, but if you turn on some objectivity you'll find that they're really not worth getting upset over.  Figuring out what needs to be reworked in your life is also possible, if you'll continue looking at things with a practical eye.  The Universe is trying to get your attention regarding a few things and it's usually a good idea to listen.  If you don't learn the lesson now, it will come back for an encore that may be more intense that the current version.
4-19-2009 Sunday For the next few days be thinking about that baggage that is thwarting your progress.  It's probably not the most pleasant of thoughts, but until you figure things out you're going to continue tripping over it and you'll move forward a lot more easily without it.  Granted, you may have to open it up and go through it, which will be less than enchanting, but unless you're ready to just let it go entirely that's what it will take.  Your beliefs and expectations about a few things will come up for review as well and you're likely to get defensive and hang onto them when you'd really be better off letting them go.  There are going to be some annoyances for the next week or so, too, which aren't going to help anyone's mood, either.  Some surprises relative to someone of the opposite sex are out there as well, which could actually be pleasant unless you let your ego and probably some of that baggage get in your way.
4-20-2009 Monday If you get into an argument today make sure that you're basing your side on fact, or you might have to eat crow.  Thoughts of past relationships, or perhaps even a current one, will be up for review for the next week or so.  Take a good, hard look at any power issues while you're at it and be honest, especially if the other person believes it's a problem.  The Sun went into Taurus today, which will turn our thoughts to having more stability in our life but may also incline us to be more stubborn than usual, also.  Money problems will be more annoying as well if they're keeping you from something you want.  Right now there's a cluster of planets in Pisces that's stirring us up emotionally, but the good news is that in a week or so it will split up.  Mars and Venus in Aries, however, may not exactly serve as peacemakers.
4-21-2009 Tuesday If you have any relationship issues, past or present, (and who doesn't?) the cosmos is trying to get your attention in no uncertain terms as Pluto throws a square toward that Mars/Venus conjunction.  The Mars/Venus conjunction will really ramp up the male/female energy which, as you probably know, can be really, really good or really, really bad.  Lively discussions about beliefs and expectations are just waiting to happen, which have the potential for clearing the air in numerous ways, provided you maintain an open mind, though this is never easy.  Dragging all that baggage along indefinitely, however, doesn't do anyone any good, especially you, so take advantage of this while it lasts.
4-22-2009 Wednesday Discussions relative to your beliefs, expectations, or dreams may be somewhat stressful today, but will represent opportunities for change of a positive nature.  All that old baggage may be starting to stink a bit from something left to decay that should have been thrown away long ago.  The smell may evoke thoughts, memories, or even encounters regarding people from your past, particularly old love interests.  If the memories are less than pleasant and represent something that should be resolved, don't ignore it any further.  Being defensive keeps us blinded in a way that will have us running into the same walls in the future, so think about whether or not it's worth it before burying it again.
4-23-2009 Thursday Compromises will be necessary today in order to keep the peace, so don't let that Aries Moon go to you head.  Guys and gals will be acting true to their gender today making their interactions rather intense, particularly if it involves something unresolved from their past.  Take a good hard look at your expectations and see if they've got any holes in them before making too much noise or you might come out looking pretty foolish.   Excellent opportunities for changing your point of view are out there today if you'll just turn off your pride and listen to reason, either yours or someone else's.  Annoyances are out there, but there's a lesson there, so pay attention.
4-24-2009 Friday Opportunities to release old, out-dated beliefs or expectations are favored today, provided you're being honest with yourself.  Hanging onto them when there's information to the contrary all around isn't going to get you anywhere but frustrated.  The choice is yours whether to acknowledge your faux pas and move on or to hiss like a cornered rat.  Male-female encounters are still intense, but that can be either good or bad, depending on how you handle it.  If you feel as if something is holding you back, it probably is.  Haven't you figured out what that is yet?  As Obi Wan would say, "Listen to your feelings, Luke."
4-25-2009 Saturday Venus and Mars have been in conjunction for about a week and will continue until the first part of May, then resume again in June for a spell.  This male-female tÍte-ŗ-tete is generating all sorts of interesting dialogs, especially considering the fact that Pluto, the zodiacal roto-rooter, is also involved.  If you teased someone of the opposite sex in 5th grade and never properly apologized you may get a phone call out-of-the blue from the recipient telling you that s/he has been in therapy for 40 long years because of it.  Those individuals that are in close proximity will either nearer and dearer than ever or getting on your last nerve.  If you need a more graphic example, try watching the old 80s flick "Ruthless People" which may well have been inspired by a similar transit.  Nonetheless, it's a good time to talk about your deepest feelings, concerns, beliefs, expectations, dreams, and anything else of interest between you.
4-26-2009 Sunday Heart-felt discussions are still favored, particularly those that involve your dreams, expectations, beliefs, ideas, wishes, woo-woo experiences and so forth.  Conversations with your significant other are still a bit tense, though self-understanding is possible, which can unearth your own ulterior motives of which you weren't even aware.  Disruptions and unexpected events may deliver an annoyance or two in your direction, perhaps involving someone from your past, though they could also catalyze an opportunity or two as well.  There are lots of diverse energies in the mix out there that will make it a complex and possibly hectic day, so don't plan on getting too much done and just roll with the punches for best results.
4-27-2009 Monday The mix of planetary energy out there is bound to make for an interesting and perhaps hectic day.  All that male-female business is still in full swing along with some serious retrospections into our past.  Ideas or perhaps information that comes your way may appear rock-solid but there's a good chance that it's skewed in some way or another, so as they say, trust but verify.  Things all around are in quite a mess these days and we're all likely to indulge in some pretty idealistic thoughts and beliefs regarding how to fix it, particularly when some unexpected event comes along that's majorly annoying.  Rather than trying to fix the entire world, start with your own immediate surroundings.  Start with your relationships, then take on your checkbook, and then worry about everything else.  Chances are if you get those things shaped up the other issues won't be nearly as intimidating.
4-28-2009 Tuesday Nothing much has changed since yesterday other than to intensify emotionally.  When something hits us there, however, we are more inclined to act, which sometimes all the logic in the world cannot accomplish.  Encountering someone from your past either in person or down Memory Lane may give you pause today.  Think about why that particular person or experience appeared at that point in time and act accordingly.  One place to get some emotional satisfaction these days is through doing something for someone else with entirely selfless motives.  Pursuing your own interests could well turn out to be a train wreck, but being good simply because it's the right thing to do will make you feel better about yourself and everything else.
4-29-2009 Wednesday Things out there are calming down just a bit, at least as far as the male-female thing is concerned, though there's still time to address some of that old baggage if you haven't done so yet.  Annoying disruptions due to deception or being disillusioned are a dime a dozen today.  Don't believe everything to hear, see, or read and don't trust your own ideas particularly, either, unless you know for certain that they're based on fact.  Resist the temptation to tell less than the truth, a.k.a. lies of omission, because they will catch up with you sooner or later.  Getting your head and heart on the same page is going to be easier than usual today, which should help figure things out.
4-30-2009 Thursday Resolving old issues, particularly with respect to male-female relationships, is still on the agenda, with opportunities to communicate favorable.  Surprise events or disruptions will stir you up more than usual today, particularly if they create a Catch-22 situation with your current set of beliefs.  You might want to take a close look at them to see if they're realistic or you're viewing them through the proverbial rose-colored glasses.  Don't believe everything out there today because the chances of it being exaggerated and based on delusions is highly likely; this applies particularly to the news.  If you have any shopping to do for electronic or mechanical devices, you have less than a week to complete it before Mercury goes retrograde on May 6. 
5-01-2009 Friday Pluto is still trying to get you to resolve those old issues with someone of the opposite sex, but at least the intensity between you is diminishing a bit.  Annoying disruptions and possibly a few surprises are out there due to inflated delusions, but before you get your panties in too much of a wad realize that you're probably not basing your assumptions on accurate data.  Get the facts before jumping to conclusions.  If you have something in mind you want to get started on, you'll be impatient to get started, but may have trouble deciding whether to go with your head or your heart.  With Saturn still retrograde and Mercury heading in that direction on the 6th, you don't have much time to figure it out before it will be back to the drawing board, anyway, so don't rush any important decisions. 
5-02-2009 Saturday Today's chart looks like a game of Pick-up Stix, which some of you may recall from your childhood, and it may well be a good figurative analogy to what's going on.  It's going to take some carefully planned strategies and a steady hand to pick your way through the day.  Catch-22's and adjustments are everywhere that tie in your past, emotions, over-inflated expectations that aren't even close to being realistic, and a sense of entitlement that you're not getting what you want.  Your sense of reason is playing in the background, somewhat like when you're on a diet (or should be) and you just can't keep your car away from the drive-up window of Starbuck's for a Triple Expresso Latte Caramel Explosion.  Everyone needs to indulge themselves once in a while and today is as good of day as any.  Go for it.  That triple latte with eight thousand calories will be worth it if it keeps you from having a meltdown.
5-03-2009 Sunday This is a favorable day to discuss any remaining issues in one or more of your relationships, but especially the male-female variety.  You're likely to find that your view of past events is off a few clicks and finding out the other person's true motivation will make you feel differently about the situation than you did before.  It's always gratifying when a misunderstanding can be resolved, which is part of getting rid of that old baggage I've been harping on lately.  In other areas, expect the unexpected as far as your beliefs and expectations are concerned.  If you've been harboring inflated hopes, aspirations that aren't based on any dimension of reality, or misrepresented yourself in some way, be prepared for a wake-up call.
5-04-2009 Monday Impatience with annoyances caused by incompetent people will be stronger than usual.  Inaccurate information, especially if it falls in the "big fat lie" category, will really tick you off.  If you're trying to straighten out a mess of some description with a bureaucracy, however, this is a favorable time to do so.  Just be persistent but patient, even if the other person really is a certifiable moron, and progress is likely.  Adjusting your thoughts regarding past events or relationships is in your best interest, even if you're still less than enchanted with something.  It's always good to know when to cut your losses and hanging on to something that is clearly either overcome by events (OBE) or no longer relevant just clutters up your cerebral hard drive.
5-05-2009 Tuesday There's an astrological love triangle out there today that might not be any more fun than the literal kind.  Fortunately, one of the components is the Moon, so will move on quickly, but in the meantime emotional connections from your of the romantic variety will be surfacing in a variety of way.  There are lessons to be learned there that you missed the first time through, so sit up and take notice.  Unexpected events of a disruptive nature will be out there for the next month and then some, so don't count on any existing plans to proceed exactly as hoped.  Huge deception is possible but so is significant expansion of your existing insights and beliefs as they apply to those around you.  Getting in touch with your emotions is favored today, likewise some progress regarding something in your life that needs to be restructured.
5-06-2009 Wednesday Adjustments, changes of plan, and Catch-22s will get your attention today through a variety of snags that will eventually become downright annoying.  This, of course, will make you more prone to be irritated by those around you, but if you get into an argument, do your best to be fair and see the situation from the other person's knothole.  They may indeed be right and the less noise you make the easier it will be to admit you're wrong.  Ruminating on the past will bring a variety of new insights that will prove useful in several ways.  Rethinking your financial situation continues to be appropriate as well as considering ways to find more stability in your life, whatever it takes.  Keep putting your plans together because the time is coming up in a little over a week when you'll be able to finally move forward.
5-07-2009 Thursday The theme for the day is that you're going to change your mind about something.  An emotional transformation about some aspect of your life is going to give you an entirely new outlook on something that will border on downright passion.  A sense of idealism may be the root cause, but this is not always a bad thing.  There are numerous charitable causes out there today that are worthy of your support.  Giving something back is a good way to get your mind off your own problems.
5-08-2009 Friday The various changes of heart and mind you encountered yesterday will receive some resistance today, which will give you even more to think about.  Just when you think you have life figured out it's inevitable that something will come along and throw it all out the window.  Full Moon today, which will culminate something, perhaps in a passionate way.  There's no time like the present to give up a bad habit, a bad thought, or someone who has a negative effect on you.  Restructuring your view of the world starts with changing your view of yourself.  Recognize your potential and quit wasting your talents and abilities.  If you think you can do better in any area of your life you probably can.
5-09-2009 Saturday The Catch-22s are still out there and will be for a while longer.  Information that's been hidden, buried, or ignored for too long will surface over the next several days and perhaps cause a conflict or power struggle along the way.  Moving forward is going to be meeting a lot of resistance until some adjustments are made, but over all you should be on the right track.  Your emotions may be stirred up a bit and refusing to listen to reason.  More likely they'll be leaning toward some major ideal or starry-eyed dream that has about as much chance as the proverbial snowball in Hell.  There's a lot going on that will contribute to a hectic day, but it can still end with some satisfaction if you are willing to be flexible with your plans.
5-10-2009 Sunday The conflicts and annoyances along with emotion versus logic flip-flops are out there again but before you get too riled up take a few deep breaths.  Remember that Mercury is retrograde, so moving forward is not going to go as smoothly as you'd like, especially if data or communications are involved.  Editing and revising or re-planning and rethinking, however, should do well, as you're likely to uncover you missed the first time.  Unexpected mix-ups are going to be the norm for a while, so get used to them to spare yourself any additional stressors.  The one thing that looks good for today is getting in touch with your significant other or someone else you care about.  In other words, it should be a good day for "mom" if you tell her you love her, regardless of anything else that is going wrong.
5-11-2009 Monday Today will be a Monday with a capital "M."  Adjustments, conflicts, delusions, disruptions, people trying to deceive you, changes to existing plans, and even to what you thought you knew about something are out there as thick as flies at a feedlot.  Don't get defensive if someone challenges your view of something because the chances are good that they have some valid points and the louder you argue the dumber you'll look.  Moving forward with a project you've been trying to get off the ground will require a few tweaks, so since Mercury is retrograde anyway, give your plans some close scrutiny.  There are a lot of speed bumps in the way this month, but if you get everything mapped out, come June you'll be able to get to it.  Plan now to be ready.
5-12-2009 Tuesday If you've been grappling with something from your past today will be an excellent time to get a grip on things and perform a few attitude adjustments.  This is likely to come about by a revelation of some description that could be triggered by an unexpected event.  Whatever it turns out to be, it will have a major impact on your existing beliefs such that you'll make a 180-degree turn from where you thought you were before.  If you're still chomping at the bit to get moving on something, some plan changes are likely to surface in that regard as well.  Take them in stride and be prepared to see progress after May 16, but don't be surprised if real progress doesn't come until after the 30th, thanks to Mercury Retrograde. 
5-13-2009 Wednesday The good news today is that obtaining an emotional commitment to some new goals and ambitions will be there for the asking.  The bad news is that you're likely to encounter some flack from those around you, possibly including your significant other, which will necessitate a few adjustments to what you'd originally hoped to shoot for.  Make sure than you're basing your decisions on facts because the chance of falling for a big fat lie is high along with various disruptions and annoyances that will distract you away from what you'd really prefer to be doing.  Keep an eye on your ego through all this as well, particularly if you don't like something simply because it's inconvenient.  Remember humility and patience.  Just because moving forward today proves to be a bust doesn't mean you're on the wrong road.
5-14-2009 Thursday Don't be surprised if communications of all sorts are all honked up today, not only due to Mercury Retrograde but exacerbated by the fact he's in cahoots with Jupiter, who tends to expand anything he touches, as well as Neptune, the king of illusion.  Don't take anything electronic or mechanical for granted, or better yet avoid them if at all possible, but by all means, back up your work regularly.  On the positive side, give anything of an emotional nature you've been ruminating upon lately some quiet time today as you're likely to discover a few things you hadn't considered before that will make a difference in how you feel. 
5-15-2009 Friday Those communication conflicts are still out there, doing their very best to make you crazy.  Group interactions or gatherings will be particularly challenging, especially if there is any audio-visual equipment involved.  Annoyances or nuisances that come from out of the blue will be a dime a dozen and I'd bet dollars to donuts that the people you encounter driving aren't paying attention, either.  It's a good day to take it easy, not expect to accomplish much, and just chill out as much as possible.  Enjoy a good movie (provided you can get the VCR to work) and call it good.
5-16-2009 Saturday Not much has changed since yesterday other than adding an emotional punch to all the hassles.  Everyone will be seeing things through their own knothole with their personal set of rose-colored glasses that are probably fogged up a bit as well.  Unexpected news or events of a disruptive nature are on the agenda again, though there's an opportunity for you in one of them if you listen carefully and act accordingly.  Making plans for something that you've been wanting to do for a while is favored, but keep it at the planning stage until the end of the month.  Adjustments to the distribution of responsibilities between you and your partner is favored as well but stick to the facts and leave the emotional element out of the conversation, even though that's probably how it got started in the first place.
5-17-2009 Sunday Hanging on to your own point of view because you really don't want to see anyone else's is a potential problem today, particularly if you aren't exactly playing with a full deck, if you know what I mean.  The potential for confusion, not seeing things as they, and relying far too heavily on your emotions will all serve to make you a regular space cadet.  Annoyances are out there, as expected with Mercury retrograde, but at least Saturn went direct yesterday, which will help a few things to get moving at last.  Continue to clean out that old baggage as well since talking to yourself may be the most intelligent conversation you'll have all day.
5-18-2009 Monday Resistance to authority or something you should be doing will be strong, but depending on its necessity, you'll be able to mitigate it with an attitude adjustment.  Look at the positive side:  Obligations aren't always fun to meet, but they do eventually bring rewards of one kind or another.  If nothing else, you feel better about yourself, even if no one else even notices.  Thus, continue to beware of self-delusions, i.e. ignoring something you should be paying attention to for your own good just because you don't feel like it.  Look out for deceptions on the part of others as well, who could also keep you from the task at hand.  Annoyances of a disruptive nature will be a distraction but don't use them as an excuse, either.  
5-19-2009 Tuesday It just gets better and better, and if you have one or more planets right around 24 - 29 degrees you are probably feelings it with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune all in that range.  Some of the aspects are friendly, some aren't, but there should be some unexpected opportunities buried in there if you're paying attention.  Continue to be skeptical until you see the cold, hard facts and recognize that communicating intelligently with others is going to be a challenge.  Emotions will be running deep, which will further complicate matters; sometimes you should listen with your heart and others you need to use your brain.  If you succeed in doing so you will be numbered in the minority today.
5-20-2009 Wednesday Expressing yourself should come relatively easily, but you may be inclined toward being a bit of a buffoon and may not have your facts straight; if you have the self-discipline to keep your mouth closed, then you'll definitely notice this particular characteristic in those around you.  Surprises and disruptions are still all around, being flexible with your budget is still required, like it or not, and if you do some serious thinking about your goals you should be able to come up with an innovative solution or two to something that's been eating at you for quite some time.  Now that Saturn is no longer retrograde, you'll be able to move forward without those shackles that have been in place since New Years Eve.  Once we get rid of Mercury retrograde on the 30th, we'll really be good to go.
5-21-2009 Thursday The Sun goes into Gemini today, which will facilitate the transfer of data with an emphasis on logical thought.  We'll also be more flexible than when the Sun was in Taurus.  A Catch-22 related to your budget may get your attention today, or possibly with regards to a relationship where you can't win for losing.  If you have a bit of an attitude when it comes to authority figures, the root cause may surface if you give it half a chance.  Thoughts and ideas will be profuse and range from the profoundly inspired to nothing but hot air; make sure you can tell the difference.  It's still a favorable time to think outside the box, but not so far that you wind up in deep space.
5-22-2009 Friday Big fat delusions are still a possibility along with a host of little ones, so don't make any major decisions without checking the facts.  This still applies to your checkbook or credit card, so don't whip them out without knowing exactly what the balance is.  If you do, you may find yourself in a awkward position.  Any old baggage related to restrictions or obligations can be dealt with efficiently today, so put on your thinking cap and do whatever it takes to get things squared away.  You'll be amazed at how good it feels to get it out of the way.  Any innovative ideas you come up with today will have an opportunity embedded in them, so don't dismiss them too easily.  A touch of rebellion is also possible, but this is not always a bad thing.
5-23-2009 Saturday Opportunities, annoyances, and conflicts are all over the place today.  An argument or disagreement is just about assured along with a surprise or disruption of some sort, that isn't going to turn out to be as it initially seemed.  Expressing your emotions will be either harder than usual or entirely misunderstood, so be prepared to be misunderstood.  Likewise, you probably won't understand what others may be trying to say to you, either.  Restlessness or an adjustment to your views due to a change of course will either dig up some old dirt or result from it.  It never pays to put off taking care of such things because they always tend to surface at the most inopportune times.  This is likely to have something to do with how you feel about authority figures or the bureaucracies we need to deal with on an ongoing basis.  Sometimes your stuck and sometimes you have other options.
5-24-2009 Sunday New Moon today in Gemini which will herald something new coming into your life, and if it's your birthday it will be a year filled with new beginnings.  These won't necessarily be of a material nature, but could involve a new emotion, insight, understanding, or bit of information that will allow you to see the world through a slightly different lens.  Be on the lookout for deception, however, or the lesson you take away may be not to trust everything you hear, regardless of the source.  Sometimes people who really care about you unwittingly provide inaccurate information, which happens all the time with forwarded emails that can't stand up to the urban legend test.  Lots of minor disruptions and distractions will keep you from what you'd like to accomplish, so your best bet today is to use it in its proper role as a day of rest.
5-25-2009 Monday Unforeseen problems or something you've been ignoring will necessitate a change of course today.  Be particularly skeptical of any information that comes your way in any form until you either see it in writing from a reliable source or check it out carefully yourself.  Erratic emotions will attempt to lead you astray unless you force-feed them with logic, which is out there.  Lots of little annoyances will provide a host of distractions from the business at hand.  Remember that Mercury is retrograde, which tends to mess up numerous things such as electronics and mechanical devices, but it's an excellent time to rethink or re-plan something to make sure you have all the i's dotted and t's crossed.  Proper use of the energy will preclude the more negative manifestations, so think positively.
5-26-2009 Tuesday Thoughts from the past, particularly your childhood, will come to mind today that you should give more than casual attention.  It relates to the present in some way that you would do well to determine.  The possibility for bad information or even blatant deceptions continues, which will be on the agenda for several days to come, so get in the habit of checking the fine print.  Getting along with the opposite sex may be more difficult than usual as the gender differences will be more blatant and get on your last nerve in a variety of ways.  Your best bet is to just accept it as the way it is and profess viva la difference.  On the positive side, the opportunity to move forward with some inspired idea is there, but make sure there's more to it than simply a vision that could evaporate in the light of day.
5-27-2009 Wednesday Rethinking a few things is a good idea today and you should know exactly what I'm talking about.  Chances are good that you haven't been seeing things clearly and there are a few things that need to be straightened out.  A bunch of annoying distractions, disruptions, and surprises are also out to get you and make this "hump day" a real delight.  Chances are even your mother will be getting on your last nerve in one way or another.  If you mother's not around, I'm sure some other female in your life will do the honors.  Nonetheless, there's something good going on at home that should make you smile and that seemingly crazy idea that's been bumping around inside your head lately might just be something worth pursuing.  
5-28-2009 Thursday The countdown continues for the next two days, after which Mercury will once again go direct, saving our sanity in just the knick of time.  This retrograde period hasn't been as bad as some, but nonetheless it's been noticeable, particularly in the computer world, which didn't disappoint us for lack of erratic and undependable behavior, making this month a real delight if you're on the computer as much as I am.  Human communications have been a challenge as well and today one of the women in your life will be a case in point.  Those annoyances and disruptions are still afoot, but so is that opportunity to pursue what may seem like a crazy idea that is definitely tripping along on the genius/insanity interface.   Expect a compliment today that will feed your ego, probably as the result of something you said or did that displayed an inordinate amount of intelligence.
5-29-2009 Friday Big deceptions are possible today so don't believe anything you hear without proof and then get it in writing, just to make sure.  Opportunities are out there but it will be difficult to separate the real ones from those that are only illusions.  Remember when something sounds too good to be true it usually is.  The only possible exception would be in the romantic or sentimental spheres, especially those involving a female, which look quite favorable except for one caveat:  all that feminine energy could result in some whining or nagging, which won't be about anything new but fall in the category of the "same old thing."  Expect some power plays in the next two weeks which may include some of your own.  If you pursue them in a appropriate manner you can entertain a reasonable expectation for success.
5-30-2009 Saturday Those power trips will have an extra boost today emotionally, which can be a good thing if you handle it properly; if there's something you want to accomplish, chances are good that you'll succeed.  This could even apply to getting rid of some old baggage, so if you have something that needs unloading, now is as good a time as any to do so.  Keep your radar deployed for deceptions or illusions since they're still out there.  Mercury is in his final throes of retrograde today and as with any 180 degree change of direction that occurs on a line, it will involve coming to a complete stop before proceeding the opposite way.  It will take a few weeks for things to get back up to speed, but then we won't have to deal with it again until September.
5-31-2009 Sunday The ambition to take control of something is still going strong, so if you're trying to accomplish something like break a bad habit the planets are in your favor.  Assuming control in other areas are possible, too.  For example, if you're an Aries, a push careerwise is favored.  Opportunities to pursue your dreams are out there, but the path is going to be strewn with a few annoying surprises along the way.  Your head and heart will not be on the same page today, even if it seems as if you're being logical.  Chances are you're expecting too much, or even perfection, which will set you up for disappointment.  Be sure to remember that just because someone is in charge doesn't mean they know what they're doing.
6-01-2009 Monday There's a lot of astrological action out there today, most of which will present a challenge of some description.  Emotions are likely to be erratic, but inclined toward fairness, though this can be a problem if someone is moving in on you with a power trip.  Adjustments will be required to keep everyone happy but make sure that both parties (including yourself) are bringing something to the party.  Continue to be vigilant as far as deceptive information is concerned, even though it may not be an outright lie.  Confusion and indecision are definitely hanging around a bit too much for comfort, particularly regarding money and relationships.  Something else to watch out for the next few days is a challenge from an authority figure or having to confront your own sense of responsibility or lack thereof.
6-02-2009 Tuesday If your responsibilities or obligations are raising your stress level, you'll find a way today to talk yourself out of them.  This may be good for your stress level, but not so good for your credit score, so be sure to factor in some common sense.  Wanting to take control of something or someone is still on the agenda; good luck with that, since everyone else is experiencing the same transits, too, though of course they hit everyone's natal chart slightly differently.  A good place to start would be to take control of something you do that's self-defeating, such as your spending habits.  Continue to be vigilant as far as not believing everything you see or hear, yet remain open to inspiration, which is out there as well.  It's a real challenge to sort through the numerous dichotomies out there right now, so you're not alone if you're feeling confused.
6-03-2009 Wednesday There are a lot of relationship-type vibes out there today that you should put to good use.  Just bear in mind that as far as conversations or decisions are concerned the guys and gals are going to be on different pages with the guys leaning toward practicality and the gals leaning toward fantasy.  However, applied in the proper manner this could be a good thing, if you know what I mean.  Responsibilities, obligations, bureaucracies and authority figures will be stumbling blocks along with a few surprises that may necessitate an unexpected change of course, but if there's one thing today won't be it's boring, so make the most of it.
6-04-2009 Thursday The potential for wanting to pursue something or someone with a lot of passion is out there today, particularly if you're in that Mars/Venus conjunction mode of finding a partner.  If this is the case don't leave any rock unturned as the love of your life could be found in a very unlikely place, such as that cop writing your a ticket or that babe behind the counter at the tax office.  This is not to say that you'd benefit from making a pass at either one, especially if done without the right amount of finesse, but the idea is that you shouldn't discount any place that could present an opportunity.  If you feel inspired to go somewhere you typically don't go, please do as you never know.  If you've been neglecting any responsibilities lately, expect them to get your attention as well.  If you're lucky, taking care of one might bring you in touch with the other.
6-05-2009 Friday That Scorpio Moon is messing with just about everything out there today which will splash on everyone in one way or another.  Remember if there's one thing Scorpio does well it's obsess, so be on the lookout for it to manifest in a way that could be self-defeating.  Continue to work on developing a healthy sense of skepticism since deceptions are still the rule of the day and will be for months to come; today use that Scorpio discernment to flush them out.  Expect the unexpected over the next day or so and plan for it by not booking your schedule so tightly that there's no time to deal with contingencies.  You're going to have to take care of them whether you have the time or not so keep your stress under control by factoring them into your planning.  If nothing comes up, then you have some much-needed time to relax.
6-06-2009 Saturday Unexpected news with an opportunity attached is a possibility to watch for today.  That Mars/Venus conjunction is tightening up which will tend to motivate you toward keeping company with your favorite person of the opposite sex.  If there's anything you need to work out or talk about now is a favorable time to do so, but be willing to make some adjustments rather than expecting  the other person to accept all the responsibility for any misunderstandings.  Don't trust your memory too much since chances are good that it wasn't exactly the way you think and if you make too much of a fuss  you're likely to look pretty foolish when the other person produces evidence to the contrary.  Acknowledge past mistakes then move forward, which will be a lot easier without all that extra weight.
6-07-2009 Sunday Full Moon today that will highlight your obligations and responsibilities in some way.  See your Sign's monthly horoscope for the details.  If you're on the prowl for a partner, the planets are trying to help you out, so keep your eyes open.  If meet someone special or you're already connected, there's a good chance you'll have a transformational effect on one another.  Unexpected news or information of a disruptive nature are possibilities today, but since deception is out there in spades, make sure that you have all the facts before reacting.  Otherwise you'll not only have the annoyance of the inaccurate information but all the hassle that goes along with undoing your response.  Measure twice, cut once.
6-08-2009 Monday Today is an excellent day to work out those old issues with your significant other that have been out there for a while.  Relating to the past in a positive manner such that you learn from it and move on is favored thanks to a touch of inspiration that should result in compassion and understanding that may have been lacking before.  This is not to say that the conversation will be painless, but it does present an opportunity to put it to rest once and for all.  If you're in a new relationship, which wouldn't be too surprising with that Mars/Venus conjunction, now is a good time to get to know each other better by opening up about some of your past experiences.  Unexpected disruptions or news that takes you by surprise is another possibility today, but remember to give it the acid test for accuracy.
6-09-2009 Tuesday Opportunities to deepen a relationship are still out there in case you didn't have a chance to do so yesterday.  Don't hesitate to be sincere, even if it means getting a little emotional; sometimes it's through our emotions that we communicate most effectively at a level that transcends words.  Like they say, people won't usually remember what you say but they will remember how you made them feel.  Discussions regarding relationship responsibility issues are particularly favored, though this doesn't necessarily mean that it will be an easy discussion or without conflict.  While this can be another emotional conversation it's also one that can preclude problems later.  Regarding other conversations and situations be suspicious of anything you hear today as it's likely to be inaccurate, deceptive, or delusional in some way. 
6-10-2009 Wednesday Continue to watch for unexpected opportunities that could spring up in the most unlikely places.  Reality checks are still on the agenda if you don't want to be deceived and the good vibes for communicating with your sweetie and deepening your relationship remain for a while as well.  Being able to express how you feel will be easier than usual today and you should be able to do it in a structured, non-emotional manner, which may come in handy.  You head and heart aren't quite in synch today, however, so you'll need to work on that with regard to something you're pondering.  The urge or necessity to get organized is out there as well, perhaps driven home when you can't find something you need, so put that one to use as well.
6-11-2009 Thursday If you haven't found a partner yet, don't give up because that Mars/Venus conjunction is going to be out there until the first week of July.  Retrospection into past relationships, especially those that didn't end well, is also favored so you can clear the deck for something new to come into your life.  The most difficult thing we need to learn in life is how to get along with others and those closest to us present the greatest challenges.  Thus, you are not alone, but it's definitely in your best interest to take care of business unless you want to keep hauling around that baggage.  Also keep watching for those opportunities that are still out there, remembering that they always lurk where there's chaos and there's plenty of that these days. 
6-12-2009 Friday There are probably some things you really ought to do today, but spending some time with your friends or family is going to be a tremendous temptation, which will probably win out.  Chances are you needed a break anyway and it IS Friday.  Unexpected news, events, or insights are still out there as well as the risk of either deception or not seeing things clearly.  Bear in mind that being too idealistic is as unrealistic as outright fantasies and could show up in the oddest places.  Make sure your decisions have a lot of logic going for them or it may bite you later.  As far as being on the prowl for a partner if you don't already have one is concerned, how's that working out for you?  If your idealism is looking in that direction, remember that you can't expect perfection unless you're prepared to offer it.
6-13-2009 Saturday Disruptions due to unexpected events will be the norm for the next week or so and will come trailing numerous annoyances, if they haven't already.  Inaccurate information, only seeing what you want to see, or flat-out ignoring the truth, even when it's starting you in the face, will only set you up for more trouble later.  This is where you should take advantage of that Gemini Sun for the coming week before he goes into Cancer to take a good, hard look at what you're dealing with along with the pros and cons of the various choices you've come up with.  This is where you can turn some of those fantasies into reality provided you run them through the correct filter.
6-14-2009 Sunday There's quite a variety of vibes out there today that may bear some resemblance to a roller coaster ride.  Bothersome authority figures of some description will require an adjustment to your attitude, even if you do a lot of kicking and screaming; chances are you won't win so you might want to save your energy and just comply.  At the same time your sense of benevolence will be heightened toward others which could inspire a charitable action of some sort that will bring you great personal satisfaction.  This somewhat adds up to championing an underdog in some way, however that plays out for you.  Unexpected news and disruptive events are going to be out there for about a week so spend a few minutes of contingency planning to minimize the inconvenience. 
6-15-2009 Monday Adjustments regarding how you see something are on the way due to previously unknown information.  This will be even more likely if you've been prone to "group think."  Once you take a good, hard look and think about it you may find your thoughts on the matter shift significantly.  Unexpected events and disruptions are out there just waiting to annoy you but it's a good day for thinking "outside the box" and garnering some inspiration.  If you're still looking for a partner, don't give up as that Mars/Venus conjunction is still closing in.  As with everything else, however, be careful what you wish for.  To be successful relationships require responsibility.
6-16-2009 Tuesday Expect to encounter a power trip today, either in the form of stark ambition or possibly even aggression.  If you've set your sights on something, it's a good time to do some planning and figuring out exactly what you need to do to get there.  Surprises in general are still out there and a hectic pace where time simply seems to evaporate before your eyes is likely.  Uncovering information, finding hidden problems, and determining how to deal with them are also on the agenda.  Inspiration is out there to help things along and it's also a favorable time to simply relax and enjoy a good movie, book, game or anything else that stirs your imagination.  In other words, there are a whole lot of different possibilities out there today, making it easy to see why it might be hectic.
6-17-2009 Wednesday Those planetary interactions are still profuse but they're generally favorable.  Don't be discouraged by Catch-22s or changes to your existing plans because they're likely to turn out better in the long run.  It's an excellent time to do research, so if you have anything on your plate in that regard, take advantage of it while the getting's good.  Shopping for a serious relationship where you're willing to put in what it takes to make it successful is favored as well.  That Mars/Venus conjunction is particularly favorable for those getting married this month, providing a nice astrological wedding present that's hard to beat. 
6-18-2009 Thursday There are numerous favorable aspects out there today, so take advantage of it any way you can.  This is not to say there won't be a few disruptions or unexpected events, but the general energy flow is harmonious.  Confronting something from your past with a mind toward resolution should go well, particularly if you harness some of those charitable vibes coming you way which will help you to see it from the other person's point of view.  Moving forward with a relationship is another possibility which is especially strong today.  Just remember that it will involve give and take, so be willing to accept your share of the responsibility.
6-19-2009 Friday The overall astrological climate today looks quite favorable, though the pace will probably continue to be rather hectic.  Digging through that old baggage is still a possibility as well as a tendency to obsess, perhaps on something or someone that seems to be holding you back.  Inspiration is out there to assist, however, with the solution more likely to come if you kick back and relax that beat it to death.  Working out those roles and responsibilities associated with your relationships, especially those with members of the opposite gender, are favored today as well.  That Mars/Venus conjunction is exact today so put it to good use, especially since the Moon is in that same neighborhood giving it an extra astrological punch.
6-20-2009 Saturday That Mars/Venus conjunction is cruising right along, which should be making for some interesting happenings in relationships.  Making plans and defining boundaries are favored along with figuring out roles and responsibilities.  Getting closer to someone helps us see ourselves better anyway, but Pluto is pushing that agenda as well.  If there's anything worn out or no longer useful in your life, now is a favorable time to let it go.  Daydreaming and fantasizing will be a nice escape, but just make sure you do so in the appropriate venue, i.e. not while driving to or from work.  If there's something that you always wanted and never had, maybe it's time to figure out why.
6-21-2009 Sunday Deep introspection into such things as your upbringing may take you by surprise by creeping through your mind today for seemingly unknown reasons.  If your homelife growing up was over strict, now is a favorable time to look at that from a different perspective that employs more logic than you typically would use to assess it.  Use these new perspectives and insights to give yourself permission yourself to heal from past hurts and let that part of you go such that you can move on.  That male/female attraction is still out there in spades, w whether you're the pursuer or the pursuee, make use of it the best you can.  If you're one of those who's been pestered by increased attention from members of the opposite sex the past few weeks, rest assured the in another week or two it will be gone and you'll realize it wasn't entirely the fact that you're irresistible.  If there are no prospects on the horizon, pursuing more financial security is another topic that could be addressed in a meticulous, methodical way. 
6-22-2009 Monday New Moon today in Cancer which will bring something new your way in a surprising manner that is either related to your home life or the area identified in your monthly horoscope.  It is likely to involve unearthing and addressing something you've effectively stuffed away somewhere, so keep a shovel handy.  It will help you clean up something from the past due to increased understanding which will allow you to heal, if you'll let it.  Mars and Venus are still in a bear hug in sensuous Taurus so utilize it as you see fit.  If you're not interested, avoid eye contact with those of the opposite sex.  Incorporating more structure and obligations into romantic relationships is also easily addressed with this transit, thanks to a helping hand from stern and disciplined Saturn.  
6-23-2009 Tuesday That Cancer Moon will be stirring up emotions at all levels today so don't be surprised if you're feeling things at a deeper level than usual.  This will bring various opportunities to get in touch with your feelings so don't ignore its message.  If you're usually a logical person, this may feel a bit uncomfortable, but rest assured that your emotions can teach you things your brain cannot.  As Obi Wan Kenobi so aptly stated, "Listen to your feelings, Luke."  Think about some of the decisions you made in the past and whether they were made with your head or your heart, then decide which ones turned out the best.  A balanced mix between the two is preferred, but it's important to get familiar with your own decision style so you can recognize which way you tend to lean and whether the results are taking you in the direction you want to go.
6-24-2009 Wednesday Any thoughts regarding the past that have been troubling you will stir up a few ego issues today that you'll need to adjust accordingly.  Expect challenges to any plan you're putting together or anything you think you have figured out because information is coming your way that will throw a speedbump or two.  Digging around in your past is still on the agenda, but a few pleasant surprises are waiting to be found as well.  Ongoing annoyances are still out there as they have been for several weeks.  If you're having a hard time getting anything done or time seems to evaporate before you can make any progress on that to-do list, don't think you're alone.  Building relationships is still favored, likewise pursuing a path that will yield more financial security.  It will take some work and discipline on your part, but it's possible.
6-25-2009 Thursday Confronting your past is still on the agenda and resistance is futile, so best to face it and get on with it.  A hectic pace full of disruptions that makes time evaporate before your very eyes remains in place as well and will continue for the next year, so get used to it.  Expecting the unexpected and allowing yourself more time to get things done is your only defense.  Defining the boundaries of your relationships, particularly those with your significant other, is likewise still a theme; it's considerate of the Universe to allow these aspects to linger in view of its propensity to likewise allow time to slip away far too easily.  Opportunities to promote your knowledge are there, but make sure you have your facts straight or you'll look like a dolt.  Showing off for the opposite sex is nearly guaranteed to come out that way, so chilling out is your best bet.
6-26-2009 Friday If you've been the slightest bit irresponsible about something and thought you were getting away with it, you're likely to find out to the contrary today.  The consequences, if any, may be less than enchanting and cause a bruise or two to your ego.  Nonetheless, if you're willing to take your stripes, learn your lesson, and change your ways, the outcome will be not only positive but satisfying.  That Mars/Venus conjunction is still hanging in there, so if you haven't found a partner yet don't give up.  Not everyone is looking, however, so don't be surprised if you get a few eye-rolls or brush-offs from people who've been hit on just a few too many times lately and are no longer amused.
6-27-2009 Saturday A confrontation with an authority figure is a possibility today and your best bet is to be obsequious or it won't end well.  If you're the authority figure, it probably won't be pleasant, in fact it will probably be quite annoying, but you are very likely to prevail.  However, you need to think twice about whether or not you really need to create another foe for the sake of a power trip.  Communications for the next few days will tend toward being heated more than usual, so remember to take a "chill pill" if you or the other person isn't into recreational fighting.  Delusions about money are another possibility today.  Just because something sounds like a good, solid investment doesn't mean it is.  There is very likely something you don't know that will bite you later.
6-28-2009 Sunday Whoa, there's all sorts of stuff going on out there today thanks to the Moon who's throwing vibes in several directions.  That Mars/Venus conjunction is still active, and if you're one who's been acutely aware of this aspect because various people are suddenly finding you attractive, that's likely to continue today so if you're not particularly enjoying it, keep a low profile.  If you've been living in a dream world of any description, criticism or a sanity check is on the way which will give you some things to think about regarding a change of direction.  Erratic emotions are possible along with being overly picky or critical of those around you.  Resist the temptation to psycho-analyze people today; just cut them some slack for being human and call it good.
6-29-2009 Monday Dealing with past issues that weren't properly resolved is still on the agenda today, so you might want to get them taken care of while the Universe is prodding you along with some extra help.  The more unpleasant they may be, the more important it is that you clean them up now.  Your head and heart may be at odds with each other with your heart trying to be fair while your head is singing a different tune.  Inspiration is out there as well, but make sure it's not too far removed from reality to be viable.  Look out for fantasies or delusions about love or money, the truth of which will come out in a surprising manner.
6-30-2009 Tuesday If you found yourself a partner during the recent Mars/Venus conjunction that had everyone on the prowl, you may find that the person you thought was your ideal isn't exactly what s/he appeared to be.  This may via a surprising bit of information that has a lot of logic behind it, but measure the facts carefully because they may not be what they seem.  Now is the time to consider very carefully what the pros and cons are because you're very likely to find yourself in a Catch-22 situation.  Rest assured that tomorrow you're going to feel entirely differently than you do today, so don't make any irreversible decisions you may regret later.
7-01-2009 Wednesday The need to escape in a sensual or pleasurable way may be frustrated today, even though you have a perfect image in your mind regarding why you'd like to do.  The opportunity may come through nonetheless in an unexpected way, but it probably will be quite different that what you'd imagined.  While this may be pleasant, it won't be what you'd hoped for and you're likely to be disappointed that things didn't turn out as hoped for.  Console yourself with the thought that, as Scarlett O'Hara so eloquently put it, "Tomorrow is another day."  Hang on to your fantasies for reference later because you simply weren't in the right place at the right time.  Remember, timing is everything.
7-02-2009 Thursday Watch your temper today as it will be easy to get fired up about something that really isn't worth the consequences.  Conflicts between what you need and what you can have are still out there, but the real question is whether it's a "need" or a "want."  Obsessing on it really won't justify it, though it might be interesting to run it to ground and understand why it's so important.  After that, put some logic behind it and see which one it is.  If it's truly a need, then couple discipline with passion and do what's necessary to make it so.  The results may surprise you. 
7-03-2009 Friday Thoughts of the past will create numerous distractions today, but rather than trying to push it aside, it may be best to just deal with it, resolve it, and move on.  Life often doesn't meet our expectations, but taking it personally isn't going to change anything besides your attitude.  It's nice to hold to an ideal, but frequently they simply aren't based in reality, creating disappointment all around.  However, if you take the inspiration and apply it in a sensible way it can bring you amazingly close to what you're hoping for.  Relationships are a target-rich environment for disappointment for these very reasons.  More often than not, the one who really needs to change is you.
7-04-2009 Saturday That Mars/Venus conjunction that's had singles on the prowl for a partner the past few weeks is gradually dissipating, but in the meantime they're going to have one last inflated blast of hope that they'll find their perfect mate.  If this sounds a bit like what you've been up to lately, remember that you can't expect perfection unless you can offer it; more than likely you need to adjust your sites just a bit.  If you've been shut down numerous times by those whom you really thought were realistic prospects, consider that maybe, just maybe, you were aiming a little too high.  If you get on the right track, opportunities are still out there that could take you by surprise.
7-05-2009 Sunday

That Mars/Venus conjunction is fading fast and any acquaintances made during that time may be as well.  There's a good chance that anyone you thought you connected with was an illusion of sorts and no doubt the feeling's mutual.  You may be able to fix it with some attitude adjustments and self-analysis, but if not, call it tuition and move on.  Course changes are going to be the rule in the weeks to come, so exercise those flexibility muscles and get ready so they don't give you a whiplash when they occur.  The eclipses this month promise some sudden reforms and also indicate that old methods are no longer going to be effective.  Don't take it personally, it's just the way it is these days.

[Moon Void of Course 1:17 pm - 8:07 pm CDT]

7-06-2009 Monday Thoughts and memories from the past, especially those that had a transformational effect on you, will come to mind today.  There is also the potential for new insights that have a similar effect and necessitate some adjustments in either your current plans or attitude.  It's a favorable time to focus on work that needs to be done around your home of either a physical or emotional variety.  However, if you dive into a project you may find that it's not as easy as you originally thought or that it's going to take much longer than planned.  Don't over-simplify what you think it will take to get something done or it could bite you in both the pocketbook and schedule, especially if you promised someone you have to answer to that you'd be done at a certain time.
7-07-2009 Tuesday There's a Lunar Eclipse today but you probably won't be interested in watching it in the wee hours of the morning on a weekday.  It's effects astrologically, however, could prove very interesting, particularly since they deal with reforms and changing our existing approach to our problems.  Now is a favorable time to give this some thought, particularly as it applies to your personal issues and situations with which you're dealing at this time.  Financial issues are a target-rich environment for most of us and relationships wouldn't be far behind.  Finding the truth of anything is difficult these days, but it's essential to do so, especially if it involves an important decision.  Don't take anything for granted, and while you may have to approach things differently than you have in the past, don't forget that there are certain time-worn principles that always apply.
7-08-2009 Wednesday An unexpected event or encounter will trigger thoughts regarding a past relationship that will serve as an annoying reminder, but listen carefully because it could result in an "Aha!" moment that motivates a shift in the depth of your understanding.  Integrating this into your emotional intelligence will be beneficial to present and future relationships, so take heed.  Look out for someone who may try to take advantage of you through deception; if something simply doesn't sound quite right, it's probably not so trust your instincts.  An opportunity to take care of some responsibilities at home should present itself today as well.  Note however, that accomplishing anything before 9:03 am isn't likely so keep your expectations low until after that.
7-09-2009 Thursday The trend toward unexpected encounters with the past in one form or another continues.  There is no such thing as a coincidence, so give it some serious thought to "Why this?" and "Why now?"  If you follow these thoughts to their logical conclusion you will absorb something you missed previously that will ultimate bring about a few adjustments in how you feel about something.  Continue to be wary of snake oil salesman, but just because something takes you by surprise doesn't mean that it isn't legitimate, so watch for opportunities where you least expect them.  If something from the past bites you unexpectedly, call it tuition and move on.
7-10-2009 Friday Be on the lookout for someone trying to take advantage of you today.  They are likely to use a very emotional argument and know exactly how to push your buttons, so be on high alert and consciously engage all the logic you possess before reacting.  If you handle it properly a surprise opportunity could come your way, so keep your emotions in check with logic as much as you can.  Ideas for organizing your home are free-flowing these days, so don't pass up the opportunity to put things in order.  Surprise encounters from the past are still on the agenda and will continue to try to trip you up for quite a while to come.  Expect them and be prepared not to react until you've thought them through.
7-11-2009 Saturday Pay close attention today that no one messes with any of your belongings or property, including your willing submission regarding what's in your wallet.  Your expectations of your significant other may oscillate a bit between your emotional ideal and reality, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.  Unexpected encounters with your past will be out there for a while, so watch for the lessons you missed the first time around.  Any indiscretions, particularly if they involved your finances, are going to be thrown back in your face during that time, so learn from them and make some adjustments to your current plans to avoid a recurrence.  An older family member may offer some sound advice that you should consider seriously.  There's nothing new under the Sun meaning any mistakes you may have made are not original, so don't flatter yourself.
7-12-2009 Sunday Paybacks are hell and there may be some out there today.  However, there are some important lessons in there that will benefit you substantially if you're paying attention.  If you have any encounters with someone who has power and/or influence over you in some way, you'll be inclined to come back with a defensive or aggressive response.  This is likely to produce a Catch-22 situation because if you annoy them, your chances of winning are zilch, yet if you don't defend your position, you will also lose with the status quo.  Maintain as much control as you can so that you can base your argument on logic and you should be able to negotiate a suitable compromise.  Family members may still be part of the solution to your problems, provided you go about asking in the proper way.
7-13-2009 Monday

You emotions may be a bit erratic around the middle of the day, so don't take yourself too seriously.  If you're indulging in a bit of a pity-party over past mistakes, get over it, no matter how many stripes you had to take.  Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions.  Do the math and move on.  It's a positive day to communicate with family members or take stock of anything that needs to be done around the house.  Remember that the message from that eclipse last week was that of reforms and finding new ways to approach old problems.  Think outside the box and see what you come up with.  [Moon Void of Course 2:03 am - 8:40 am]

7-14-2009 Tuesday Expect a few surprises around home today, but regardless of how they may seem at the time, their ultimate outcome should be positive.  Rectifying past mistakes is still a theme that may be coming at you in a less than friendly manner.  Rest assured that you are not alone and deal with it the best you can.  That Aries Moon may be stirring up yours or someone else's temper today so be sure to duck if you see it coming.  Annoyances, even if they're only persistent interruptions and distractions, are still out there and will be for a while.  Idealism is floating out there somewhat like a toxic cloud, so continue to scrutinize anything important before acting on it or you may regret it later.
7-15-2009 Wednesday

A bunch of unexpected information may come your way that will include the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Before you react too strongly or make any important decisions, however, check your sources, because there's a high probability that it's inaccurate and compounding it with an emotional reaction really won't help matters.  Drawing from experience is a good bet today, either you own or someone else's.  Disruptions and annoyances of all varieties will be out there, so don't expect to get much done, particularly when you consider that the Moon is void-of-course for the better part of the entire business day.  [Moon void-of-course 9:07 am - 4:30 pm ]

7-16-2009 Thursday Information coming your way is likely to be charged with emotion and therefore subject to being distorted in a variety of ways, particularly with respect to how others interpret the situation and what the prevailing attitude happens to be.  Catch 22s are a dime a dozen, implying that course changes will be required just about everywhere.  Changes and surprises are everywhere and in many cases forced upon you by prevailing authority.  Being unwilling to adjust at first can be expected courtesy of that Taurus Moon, but continue to sift and analyze the data to determine you best course of action.  Deception and illusions are currently so strong that confusion is likely to be the norm, so don't think it's only you.
7-17-2009 Friday

If you or someone else in your household has been slightly less than honest, it's likely to come out, along with a flood of issues from the past that relate in some way or another.  Get your head and heart on the same page the best you can then maintain an open mind so you can avoid being defensive for best results.  You're likely to be surprised by what you discover, but in a positive way.  News regarding love or money getting squashed or limited may come your way today as well, unless that's the issue that precipitates all that other action.  [Moon void-of-course 2:48 pm - 8:41 pm]

7-18-2009 Saturday Feeling like you're getting wrapped around the axel, losing things, or not getting anywhere will be the norm for the next day or so.  One favorable thing out there, however, is a good opportunity to talk with your significant other about any issues you may have to work out.  Logic and good sense is likely to prevail even if the subjects are a bit emotional in nature.  However, don't go into this or any other conversation unless you're willing to adjust your thoughts, opinions, or attitudes or you'll get nowhere.  Disruptions related to old unresolved issues are on the agenda for a while to come, so if there's anything lurking out there you didn't take care of properly such as old bills, renewing your driver's license or car registration, or anything else that involves a bureaucracy or corporation, you can expect someone to bring it to your attention when you least expect it.
7-19-2009 Sunday If you've been trying to dig your way out of a mess or two you may see something that resembles the light at the end of the tunnel today, which is hopefully not the headlamp of an oncoming train.  Adjustments are on the agenda, either still or again, depending on your situation, but bear in mind that this is what survival of the fittest is all about.  Sometimes all it requires is an attitude adjustment and the drive to move forward with confidence once you identify the way you need to go.  Surprises, disruptions, and time evaporating before your very eyes need to be contended with the best you can because they won't be going away anytime soon.  Working out financial and relationship problems is still a challenge, but bear in mind that those things that don't kill you outright make you stronger.  [Moon void-of-course 4:12 pm - 9:51 pm]
7-20-2009 Monday Unexpected events at home will bring about some changes in your mindset today, but not necessarily in a bad way.  Deep introspection into your home life, past, present and future, will command your attention in a variety of ways that are likely to change your view of things in a significant way.  Opportunities to expression yourself in a logical way are out there but don't be too forceful in making your point or it may be taken as a jab instead of a point.  What you want versus what you can get regarding your finances and/or romantic interests will be in a face-off as well.  If you've been trying to fool yourself or someone else about something chances are you won't be able to maintain the facade for much longer.
7-21-2009 Tuesday

Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse today, the effects of which are described in the July horoscopes for your specific sign.  Between this eclipse, the lunar eclipse earlier this month and the one coming up on August 5, the Universe is trying to make a point of something.  Adjustments based on old issues that are crying for absolution will no longer allow you to ignore them.  Discussions with the appropriate parties may be a bit heated, which isn't necessarily bad, but stick to the facts if you want to make any serious progress.  The necessity for more order and structure in some part of your life will be intuitively obvious if you quit making excuses.  If you don't the Universe will probably arrange something to get you on the right track.  [Moon void-of-course 8:35 pm - 9:28 pm ]

7-22-2009 Wednesday If you've been neglecting some area of your life, expect a wake-up call sometime soon if it hasn't arrived already.  If it's time to get organized, either mentally, physically, spiritually, or financially, then you'd better get to it and "git 'r' dun."  Being defensive, particularly with yourself, is extremely ineffective, so don't waste the time; direct that energy in a more logical direction that will take you where you want to go.  Attitude adjustments based on lessons from the past are overdue, just like some of those bills languishing on your desk, so ditch any self-defeating behaviors and take a long hard look at what needs to be done.
7-23-2009 Thursday

You may have your ego trimmed or need to make a few adjustments to your attitude if you encounter an authority figure today.  This is especially true if it has anything to do with something you've been neglecting such as an unpaid traffic ticket, overdue bill, lapsed insurance, or some other issue that involves a bureaucracy or corporation.  This is likely to come out of the blue and the chances are good that you'd forgotten all about it or mistakenly thought it had gone away.  Don't expect specialized treatment or think that you're above such things since from their knothole you're no different than anyone else, regardless of your intent.  It's likely to cost you money, which will be a major annoyance, but call it tuition and make sure you don't do it again.  [Moon void-of-course 2:28 pm - 9:23 pm CDT]

7-24-2009 Friday If you haven't had any unpleasant surprises that hit you in the pocketbook yet, today may be the day.  Chances are a detail slipped by that you either missed entirely or forgot about and now it has grown teeth and come back to bite you.  Pluto in Capricorn is not only going to expose all sorts of dirt as it applies to bureaucracies, corporations, and the people who run them but will also dig up anything you've been trying to hide from them as well.  Temper tantrums or self-flagellation will not help to save your energy to deal with it in an adult manner.  Meeting your obligations, particularly financial ones, is certainly not fun, but failing to do so is ultimately worse.
7-25-2009 Saturday

If you've fallen prey to any illusions lately, especially big ones, you're going to have to make some adjustments emotionally before you can accept the fact that you messed up.  This will splash on your ego as well, and remind you of previous mistakes, which will probably make you feel pretty dumb.  Other surprises are out there as well which will present a nuisance at least and a challenge or crisis at worst.  In other words, this doesn't promise to be a particularly good day unless you turn on some serious optimism, show some charity toward yourself and others, and chill out with a good book in a duly peaceful environment.  You're not going to get anything done from dinner time on anyway, so you may as well give yourself a break.  [Moon void-of-course 5:14 pm - 11:25 pm CDT]

7-26-2009 Sunday You may have a surprise encounter with someone in the "ex" category today that will stir up some old memories.  These could be either "Thank you for reminding me why I left" or "What was I thinking?  I should have stayed."  If it's the latter, make sure that you're thinking clearly as you are probably forgetting a few things which combined with that Libra Moon may be throwing a little two much fairness and accommodation into the mix.  On the other hand, maybe you should have stayed, but make sure you're not looking at the past through those proverbial rose-colored glasses.  Inflated delusions about our relationships will be out there for a few days, so keep that in mind.  Same goes for your wallet.
7-27-2009 Monday There's an awful lot out there for a Monday so it's not likely to be a quiet, uneventful day.  On the positive side there's a nice Grand Air Trine out there that should enhance your communications with someone you're close to.  It's a very favorable time for sharing your dreams, but bear in mind that they may not be any more than that.  Responsibilities and reality are lurking in the background, so enjoy them for what they are and call it good.  On the not-so-positive side there's a T-square out there that looks like more surprise encounters with an old flame.  This could occur in person or in memory, but either way there's a reason so look for the lesson you missed the first time.  [Moon Void-of-Course July 27, 8:53 pm  - July 28, 4:56 am]
7-28-2009 Tuesday Don't believe everything you hear today because it's likely to be exaggerated at best and totally wrong at worst.  Your significant other will be full of surprises the next few days, so bear that in mind if their behavior is more erratic than usual.  Ruminations about past loves and financial issues will also be out there for the next week or so.  Getting a grip on something in that category is favored today which can reveal its lesson to you in a useful manner if you're willing to listen.  If it's someone else delivering the message don't trip over your ego and miss the point.  Inspiration relative to your relationship with either someone close to you or your finances is also favored, but don't take action on it just yet in case it falls into the category of things referred to in the first sentence above.
7-29-2009 Wednesday If your spending habits are self-defeating this is likely to be something you'll have to confront, perhaps in an unexpected way.  Delusions about your bank account or how much expendable income you have are likely so don't make any large purchases based on that presumption or it will bite you later.  Also be careful who you trust these days because the snake oil salesmen are out there in force, as they always are during an economic crunch.  Be very cautious regarding any information or even thoughts that come your way over the next several days because they're very likely to be inaccurate, deceptive, or nothing more than an illusion. 
7-30-2009 Thursday

Today's chart looks like a game of pick-up-stix, if you're old enough to recall when people played with something besides a computer.  Watch out for deception today, no matter how much you may want to believe it.  Chances are you won't be seeing things the way they really are, so be cautious.  Some good could come from it, regardless, however, so don't throw the baby out with the bath water.  Watch out for a surprise or disruption due to something that hasn't been properly resolved.  Change is the answer that will come only if you adjust your thinking to be in synch with reality.  The same goes for affairs of the heart; a change of course is required to get where you want to go.  [Moon void-of-course 6:55 am - 2:10 pm CDT]

7-31-2009 Friday Hassles and surprises from past lovers are still out there, so if you have an ex out there, especially one who's less than friendly or not wrapped too tight, look out.   Unexpected news that requires a change of course is also likely.  In fact, news and information is going to be coming at your from numerous direction, some good, some not so good.  Don't believe everything you hear without knowing it to be fact, however.  Avoid conversations about controversial subjects, e.g. politics or religion, because they probably won't go well.  If you haven't taken a look at your investments lately, probably because you're afraid to look, do whatever is required to shore yourself up and decide what prudent moves you should take.
8-01-2009 Saturday

Today looks like a good day to sleep in and mind your own business as much as possible but that probably isn't going to happen.  Unexpected or surprising events on the part of a loved one are likely to dig up some old dirt that somehow relates to a serious act of rebellion or disregard for authority on your part, possibly eons ago.  This could be thrown back in your face and create quite the little domestic storm, especially if things get too emotional.  A change of course is undoubtedly required and somehow something in your past is going to give you the ideas you need to navigate through it.  If this doesn't fit your situation, thank your lucky stars and be sympathetic to any of your friends that have that kind of a day.  [Moon void-of-course August 1, 11:42 pm - August 2, 2:08 am CDT]

8-02-2009 Sunday Resolving issues from the distant past are favored today along with the opportunity to settle any disputes at home, especially if yesterday dug up anything along those lines.  The issues are still there, whatever they might be, and aren't going away for a while, but understanding may be achieved so you can work together to work things out.  There's a chance that whatever authority figures are involved aren't acting in an appropriate manner, but if they have the authority to make it stick you're probably stuck.  It may be one of those situations where you pay your dues, call it tuition, and move on.  Make sure that any information that comes your way is accurate before acting upon it; chances are it won't be, so don't make things worse by looking foolish on top of everything else.
8-03-2009 Monday Respect for authority may be more evident today than yesterday but that's likely to come as a result of having it forced upon either you or the other party as opposed to willful submission.  Understanding of past mistakes, particularly as they relate to relationships, is favored; if you take a few quiet moments to consider the situation, you should be able to see a few things you missed before.  If you don't let your pride get in the way, you may even find it in your heart to be more compassionate than before, even if you don't feel inclined to rush right out to contact the offending party.  Chances are they've forgotten it by now anyway, so unless the urge is entirely overpowering, just assimilate your new understanding and call it good. 
8-04-2009 Tuesday

Something good can come from an event that takes you by surprise today, perhaps involving your boss, some other authority figure, or even a bureaucracy.  This is not to say that it won't be annoying, but play your cards right and it should work out to your favor.  Communicating with those close to you is still being enhanced and thus opening the way to discuss any old issues or situations that need to be resolved.  Such things don't diminish with time as you may expect but often get worse due to embellishments due to an inaccurate memory or other subjective information.  The only way to take care of it will be to dig it up, look at it in the full light of day, and do what needs to be done to resolve it once and for all.  [Moon void-of-course 7:21 am - 3:08 pm CDT]

8-05-2009 Wednesday Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse today; see this month's horoscope for your specific astrological sign for how it is likely to affect you.  This is the third eclipse in the past month and may constitute a one-two-three punch.  The general theme relates to sudden reforms and there are certainly enough of them out there lately, though not necessarily going in the right direction.  With Pluto in Capricorn, sign of bureaucracies and such, the truth will eventually come out in spite of efforts to cover things up.  If you feel inclined to make any sudden changes in your own life, make sure they're the right thing to do rather than a product of impatience and the determination "to do something, even if it's wrong."  When things get tough we tend to think in terms of what's good for us and often forget about the effect it could have on others.  Give this some thought regarding what the price may be of moving forward in a determined but perhaps blind manner.
8-06-2009 Thursday

An encounter or confrontation with someone who has some measure of control over you is likely to be the main focus today.  While you won't initially like the conversation, if you're objective it will result in a change of heart that will ultimately work in your favor.  Remember, there's no faster way to cause someone to fall on their butt in a tug-o-war then to let go of the rope.  This is no time to trip over your pride or be rebellious as that will only exacerbate the situation, particularly if this is someone you do or should care about.  Communications should go well if you'll put away the power trip and make an effort to at least understand.  [Moon void-of-course 6:20 pm - 3:34 am 8/7/09 CDT]

8-07-2009 Friday Disruptions and surprises from people who have some influence over you will be the norm for the next few months.  Your conversations and thoughts are likely to be somewhat emotional today, no matter how hard to try to stick to logic, particularly if they involve someone or something you care about.  If you've been bombarded with ideas lately, you're probably impatient to put them into action.  There's a tendency out there, however, to be over-confident and ignore the groundwork that's essential to any project's success.  This process doesn't have to be onerous, but it's in your best interest to do some careful planning and data gathering or you're likely to encounter a few unexpected and less than happy surprises later.
8-08-2009 Saturday If there's someone on your case, most likely you'll be more emotional about it than usual, which probably won't do you much good.  This will be especially true if you really did mess up in some way and the data is speaking for itself, probably with a fair amount of embellishment from others.  This calls for some adjustments on your part, especially to your ego, so that you can accept the responsibility in a graceful and mature way.  This will help your case in the long run because if you're not screaming in protest they're more likely to listen to your side of things.  If the information turns out to be inaccurate, remaining calm such that you exude confidence will help.  Should the data be correct, being reasonable and gracious about it will leave a much more favorable impression than going off like a cat in a roomful of rocking chairs.
8-09-2009 Sunday

If you're trying to get to the bottom of something today would be a good one to find some quiet time to give it serious thought.  What you discover is likely to either be a surprise or disruption that requires a change of course or attitude adjustment if you want to resolve it or make it go away.  Bucking the system isn't favored for the next two weeks, so if that's your only recourse, wait if you can and in the meantime gather as much information as you can, the more detailed the better.  On the positive side, it's a good time for spending time visiting or talking to family members you may have been out of touch with for a while.  [Moon void-of-course 6:45 am - 2:23 pm CDT]

8-10-2009 Monday It's a busy day astrologically with every planet and astrological entity putting in its respective two-cents worth; just what we all need on a Monday.  For the next few days egos are going to be inflated, so bear that in mind considering you'll probably be one of them.  Thus, it may not be a particularly good time to get a point across to someone who doesn't already agree.  There's a lot of information going around that's probably going to affect you in a variety of ways and may require some adjustments or course changes.  Good news and opportunities are out there along with the drive to move forward with them so rather than wasting your energy arguing or trying to teach a pig to sing, which frustrates you and annoys the pig, start putting together a plan that incorporates all that new information.
8-11-2009 Tuesday

There's as much going on out there today as yesterday with egos still in bloom and confidence a bit over-inflated as well.  Fighting city hall probably isn't going to do you much good other than get your blood pressure up, so take a few moments to figure out an alternate plan.  Depending on what the situation is, think nepotism as the adage "it's not what you know but who you know" still stands.  There's some good ideas and inspiration to get you motivated but make sure you're not heading toward a mirage.  Today should be a good one if you're a creative sort so if you have something that fits that description in-work find some time today to work on it.  [Moon void-of-course  2:03 pm - 10:50 pm CDT]

8-12-2009 Wednesday The theme of last month's eclipses that related to rapid reform and finding new innovative means for solving existing problems is definitely being repeated today.  Mental energy will be high, though it's important to not get moving so fast that you miss important details.  Assuming you're working within your knowledge base you should be able to find viable answers, but don't let your ego get in the way if someone points out you've entered Fantasyland.  Use your imagination, but maintain clear boundaries between reality and illusion.  Communicating with family members is favored today as well, so don't pass up the chance to have a meaningful conversation with those who mean the most to you.
8-13-2009 Thursday

This is another day where there's a whole lot of astrological shakin' goin' on, for those of you old enough to remember that particular song.  The good news is there's an interesting mix of challenges and opportunities.  Adjustments to existing projects are still in-work, or should be, even if they grate against your ego.  Haste makes waste, so take your time and do it right or there will be a price to pay later.  In fact, I can even tell you when that will be, i.e. September when Mercury goes retrograde.  You'll probably still have to rework and revise a few things but at least do what you can correctly so you're not looking for mistakes.  Your need for structure and security will be strong today, so use that motivation to figure out how you're going to get there.  Conversations with family members are still favored so get some of those difficult issues solved while the getting's good.[Moon void-of-course 9:17 pm - 4:25 am CDT]

8-14-2009 Friday The aspects the last few days have been pretty consistent so the Universe is obviously trying to tell us something and give us the time we need to get it together.  There's no excuse not to take your time and pay attention to the relevant details in whatever project you're working on.  Inspiration and collaboration are favored so don't try to do it all yourself.  Don't trip over your ego unless you're also willing to take all the blame.  Disruptions and unexpected events related to anything left undone as far as bureaucratic duties are concerned are out there.  If you haven't renewed your insurance, paid your car registration, or some other activity your probability of getting caught is high, so git 'r' dun.
8-15-2009 Saturday The Moon is moving in on all that mental activity and giving it more of an emotional spin.  This could fire things up a bit as various parties disagree with one another in a way that's counterproductive to your goal.  However, since it's the weekend, those vibes are probably simply shifting to your homelife.  Undoubtedly you have projects to pursue there as well so the same advice stands as far as taking your time and doing it correctly the first time.  Getting others to help may not be as effective as it is on your day job but logic should prevail, even if conversations get a bid loud.  Those bills your forgot to pay or other obligations you procrastinated are still waiting to bite you if you don't get to them soon.  You know how much you hate late charges.
8-16-2009 Sunday My-o-my, the planets are busy today.  Conversations are going to tend toward being serious and may be directed at ridding yourself of any inflated goals you've been pursuing, especially if they're unrealistic.  You're probably not going to want to let go of them, in which case any opposing factors are likely to bombard you with data, including some from the past and a few things you didn't even know, to convince you otherwise.   Rebellion on your part is likely to be your first impulse, but rest assured that it is likely to get you nowhere.  Rather than waste your time fighting a losing battle, turn all that energy toward some new inspiration and a new plan.  Opportunities are out there, you were just chasing after the wrong one.  [Moon void-of-course 12:19 am - 7:13 am CDT]
8-17-2009 Monday And I thought yesterday had a bunch going on!  Whoa, those planets are really talking to one another these days so if things have been crazy and hectic in YOUR life you know who to blame.  There's a possibility for some sort of news today regarding love or money, especially if your birthday is on February 10, July 14, or September 14.  If your ego is out of line, it's in your best interest to reign it in before you tick someone off who could help you.  Unexpected hassles from someone with some measure of authority are possible as well along with some rather forceful power-trips, so tread a bit lightly.  If there's something you really want, it's a good day to go after it, but just be sure to navigate around all that other stuff that could trip you up.
8-18-2009 Tuesday Things are still pretty scrambled up out there and aren't changed much from yesterday.  If you're struggling between your obligations and your dreams, maybe it's time to figure out how you can make them one.  This is seldom easy and will take work, but there's a lot out there right now pointing in that direction.  If you really want something but are hesitant to go after it there is no time like the present to figure out why.  Self-defeating behaviors are just that and if they've been holding you back it's time to put them in their place.  Changes, some dramatic, and numerous adjustments and course changes will be required.  These won't all happen in a day but will be the theme for the next month or so.  It thus behooves you to figure a few things out and then get ready, set, go! [Moon void-of-course 1:09 am - 7:57 am CDT]
8-19-2009 Wednesday There are still numerous aspects at work that haven't changed much over the past several days, plus they'll be emphasized even further by the New Moon tomorrow.  Significant happenings should be expected when the Universe is this busy.  Thoughts about your responsibilities and how they tie into your dreams and what you really want in life are really trying to shift you in a new direction.  This will not be an easy road but nothing worthwhile ever is.  Change is seldom easy, but there's a lot of energy out there to help you overcome any inertia to get started.  Past unresolved issues will require attention before you can move forward but once you make up your mind what you want and set your sights on it without wavering you'll find a way.
8-20-2009 Thursday New Moon today which should have a significant impact on your life, regardless of your astrological sign; see your monthly horoscopes for the details.  You are going to be inclined to assert your will such that you can move toward something you want, perhaps something deeply rooted in your past that you've finally decided to go for.  We can generally obtain anything we set our mind to, provided we're willing to pay the price.  A tug-o-war between responsibility and freedom will be ranging in your head and your determination will be the key to which way you go.  Adjustments galore will be required and various course changes.  The choice is yours.  Bon chance. [Moon void-of-course 4:02 am - 8:00 am CDT]
8-21-2009 Friday Another busy day with numerous aspect patterns out there that will be complicating your life in a variety of ways.  Undoubtedly life is not dull presently and today's planetary antics are a good reason why.  On the other hand, the Universe is doing his part to assure you don't get bored.  If the current economic woes are hitting you hard more than likely you're watching your dreams fade, albeit reluctantly.  It's up to you whether or not you'll accept that prognosis.  While society in general seems to be against you and watching the news certainly doesn't help, there is no better time to commit to the fact that you create your own destiny.  Often until he hit bottom we don't make up our mind to pursue higher ground.  What are you going to do to take a step closer rather than watch it evaporate?
8-22-2009 Saturday

The intensity of life continues with a persistence only possible with the planets and their determination to steer us in the right direction.  That's right, they not trying to make us miserable, they're trying to each us.  Change and rebellion against the status quo continue to be a theme and it's up to you how you'll use that energy.  You're in control more than you realize and if you're holding back you need to figure out why.  Past failures are no indicator for future ones unless you don't learn from them or allow them to hold you back.  Ideas and resources for pursuing your dreams are there, you just need to look outside the box to find them.  Remember what Goethe said, which is one of my favorite quotes of all time:  "Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back-- always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now."   [Moon void-of-course 5:44 am - 9:12 am CDT]

8-23-2009 Sunday Have your figured it out yet?  While you still have to operate within the laws of nature and the Universe it doesn't mean that it can't be done.  Your dream may be fading as you become overwhelmed by the opposition which, granted, is pretty stiff these days.  The Sun went into Virgo today, which doesn't help matters any as this practical Earth Sign hits you with a glaring sense of reality.  All that means is that you may need to fabricate a new path that takes you a different way than you've traveled before.  Looking at the facts never hurt and now is a tremendous time for some serious data gathering.  Turn a deaf ear to all the gloom and doom and see what's in it for you.  You'll be surprised what you find.
8-24-2009 Monday The Moon gets into the act today, further scrambling up all that's been going on the past week or so.  The good news is that there's a lot of logic and drive combined with emotional commitment to your dreams that is exactly what you need.  With your head and heart in the same place there are few if any limitations.  Challenges are out there to be sure, but the information and energy you need to overcome them are there as well.  Adjustments and seeing things differently than before are still necessary but those are within your sphere of control more than you realize.  Opportunities may come your way based on someone from your past combined with your ability to come up with a detailed and logical plan.  So what are you waiting for?  [Moon void -of-course 12:10 pm - 1:16 pm CDT]
8-25-2009 Tuesday Not much has changed other than Mars slipping into Cancer, though that Scorpio Moon is probably stirring up something.  There are numerous challenges out there on all fronts with little doubt that some plans are going to have to be adjusted, delayed or postponed.  In spite of all the obstacles, there are still opportunities out there for positive change.  Communicating with women is favored, which may bring a few surprises though they should be good ones.  Men, on the other hand, may be a bit on the contrary side, particularly those you share a home with.  If you have any dealings that need to be taken care of with a bureaucracy or corporation largely because they've honked up your account or some other part of your life through a mistake today is a good one for getting it rectified.
8-26-2009 Wednesday

That Scorpio Moon is throwing some passion in a variety of directions so if you haven't already started in a slightly different direction this may provide the jump-start you need to make an emotional commitment, without which you probably won't make a single move.  There are four planets at zero degrees of their respective signs today, three of which are involved in a T-square, so if you were born on the first day of your particular sign you are going to have a rather significant day.  You may find yourself caught in the middle of a power struggle as you attempt to pursue an opportunity.  Old issues or something you weren't aware of will require a slight change of course, but that is where the true opportunity lies.  Change is favored today so give it serious thought.  [Moon void-of-course 12:35 pm - 9:16 pm CDT]

8-27-2009 Thursday You ability to move forward may be tied to some hidden obstacle that resides in your past.  If you haven't figured it out yet, the Universe is giving you a helping hand, so listen up.  Once you have that particular issue resolved, your ability to make the needed adjustments and course changes will be increased.  Being indecisive as you weigh all the pros and cons could get in your way, but that is not necessarily a bad thing since you need to have sufficient information sorted out properly in order to make a sound decision.  Getting your head and heart on the same page isn't going to happen today, but at least start figuring out what the options are.
8-28-2009 Friday Look for an opportunity to learn something new today of a stimulating nature.  It may grate against some of your existing responsibilities and thus necessitate some changes to your view of the world, but this could represent a step forward if you've felt as if you were stuck lately.  Conflicts in how you feel about the world at large are still operating with your sense of fairness likely to be violated in one way or another.  Nonetheless if you have something you need to get straightened out that involves a government agency, bureaucracy or other established authority figure it's a favorable time to present your case, provided you have all your i's dotted and t's crossed.  [Moon void-of-course 11:26 pm - 8:44 am CDT]
8-29-2009 Saturday Challenges continue to prevail and life is still hectic, which isn't going to change anytime soon.  If you still have your head in the clouds of delusion a few glimpses of reality are going to start getting your attention anytime now.  Much of what we want these days comes under the heading "People in Hell Want Ice Water."  Expect some friction between the guys and gals today; it's probably best to work on your respective chores and projects as independently as possible.  There is some good news out there that holds an opportunity related to either love and money or maybe, if you're really lucky, both, but stay away from the classic controversial subjects such as religion and politics.  On the other hand, maybe you ought to briefly discuss the latter.  Political opinions are pretty polar these days and if you find out the truth at a difficult moment the result may not be pretty.
8-30-2009 Sunday Little surprises that necessitate communications with those in authority who are throwing their weight around will continue to get your goat and annoy the heck out of you.  Nonetheless, if a conversation with someone who meets this description is required it's in your best interest to consider carefully how much power you really have before firing away, no matter how much they deserve it.  Some people have the ability to wreak a lot of misery and revenge so it's best not to get on their bad side, no matter how much they deserve it.  This is where you need to trust in the law of karma and let the Universe take care of those who get their yaya's out of annoying others.  What goes around comes around. 
8-31-2009 Monday Expect a compliment or two today, especially if you happen to be a Leo.  Everyone needs to be especially careful while driving or pursuing any other activity or especially sports with an element of risk.  If you've messed up anything related to your responsibilities or obligations you're likely to be bummed out by it today and tend to beat yourself up more than necessary.  Call it tuition and move on.  However, if you've been entertaining any delusions or fantasies it's best to chase them out the door as well.  The guys are likely to still be a bit more terse and direct in their conversations, which tends to get them in trouble with the opposite sex, so you gals would do well to cut them a bit of extra slack today which is likely to be appreciated more than you realize.  With the Moon void-of-course from noon time until bedtime, there's a good chance you won't get as much done as you'd like. [Moon void-of-course 12:09 pm - 9:43 pm CDT]
9-01-2009 Tuesday Arguments and disagreements will come easily and probably involve a power struggle, even if you don't recognize it as such.  Adjustments to your dreams are required these days, which is never pleasant, but remember this is only an adjustment, which should make them more realistic and therefore attainable.  If you find it difficult to get anything done lately that's out there, too, so about all you can do is learn to be more flexible and roll with the punches.  On the positive side, it's a favorable day to get in touch with your emotions and express them to someone you care about, even if you're having a disagreement about something.  Often the most important basis for any discussion lies in knowing the other person cares about you and not just getting their own way.
9-02-2009 Wednesday Striving to find balance in a trying situation is still challenging your sense of fairness, though part of you probably wants to be in charge or control the situation just to be done with it.  Depending on its scope, it's not likely to be resolved today.  Don't pay too much attention to what others are telling you without checking the facts, and checking them very closely, at that.  Adjusting your course may be required but make sure you do it for the right reasons, not because someone else told you to.  Disruptions that keep distracting you from what you need to do also continue and will become even more frequent for a while so be sure to plan for such things by not expecting to keep a schedule, no matter how carefully you planned it initially.  [Moon void-of-course from 9/2/09 11:19 pm - 9/3/09 9:58 am CDT]
9-03-2009 Thursday

The hectic pace is still making it difficult to get things done and concentrating on your tasks is a challenge as well.  Details dissipate in a fog and ideas that seem good at the time turn out to lack the structure they need to be viable.  I will take a lot of discipline and deliberate concentration to overcome this tendency but it's essential if you don't want to mess anything up.  Any idea, no matter how good it may seem, if finding a lot of challenges from opposing forces.  Whatever conclusions you may reach will require further study later this month when Mercury goes retrograde.  An opportunity to find insights into your past, perhaps by running into someone or perhaps simply a memory, is likely today.  Think about what the message is since there aren't any coincidences.  [Moon void-of-course from 9/2/09 11:19 pm - 9/3/09 9:58 am CDT]

9-04-2009 Friday Full Moon today which is fully described for your individual sign in your monthly horoscopes.  Conflicts between responsibilities and freedom are emphasized which will also manifest as continued interruptions and distractions from getting things done that you need to get done.  This will be further exacerbated by having a hard time concentrating or staying focused on the task at hand.  Lively discussions on the home front need to be resolved with a fair solution so try to be as fair as possible and see the situation from the other's knothole as well as your own.  Power struggles are out there but should start to fade a bit over the next few days.  Meanwhile, expect resistance, especially if it involves a bureaucracy of any description.
9-05-2009 Saturday Your conversations will be lively over the next few days but a sense of fairness will prevail, even if tempers flare.  Tension at home will be the norm for a while, but achieving understanding of each other through open and considerate communications will have a positive outcome.  Anything that isn't properly resolved will come back as a rerun between September 7 - 28.  Your schedule or plans, no matter how well thought-out they may be, will continue to disappear before your very eyes for the next few weeks so rest assured that it isn't you but rather it's the Universe, more specifically Neptune who's to blame.  Unexpected disruptions and unexpected events will further cause a certain degree of chaos so be sure to build in plenty of wiggle room to avoid frustration.   [Moon void-of-course 10:53 am - 8:14 pm CDT]
9-06-2009 Sunday Communications will tend to be emotional today and include various elements of anger, some of it suppressed from long ago.  Nonetheless, this can be a useful and cleansing dialog provided you stay on topic and don't fight dirty.  Saturn is really doing a number on any delusions you may be toting around with the results often less than pretty.  Think about any behavioral adjustments you'd do well to make before they catch up with you whether it's an out of control spending habit or any other irresponsible actions.  The Universe is not very friendly at the moment and unless you're feeling pretty lucky I wouldn't tempt fate.  Saturn, the King of Karma, and Uranus, instigator of the unexpected do not make a fortuitous combination.
9-07-09 Monday Labor Day If you shirk any of your responsibilities, no matter how inconsequential they may seem, you may find them biting you rather quickly.  This is not the time to be casual about your obligations unless you enjoy having them stuffed up your nose.  There are some stern taskmasters out there with Saturn and Uranus still in cahoots, which isn't usually a good thing.  In other words, this is NOT an aspect where you can expect to win the lotto.  If you've been out of touch with reality you can bet that's going to end real quick as well.  Adjustments, course changes and Catch-22s will be parading for your review in no time if you even take one peek through those rose-colored glasses.  You still need to be careful driving as there's going to be more than the usual amount of crazy drivers and road rage with that Aries Moon.  Considering today is a holiday, take that to heart and be extra careful if you're on the road today.  There's nothing out there that could be construed as lucky through any stretch of the imagination.  Be careful.  Really.  [Moon void-of-course September 7 from 6:12 pm - 4:18 am September 8.]
9-08-09 Tuesday Mercury went retrograde yesterday, which is usually no cause for celebration, other than the fact it will help get rid of that Mercury - Mars square which hasn't been particularly friendly, especially when it was also connected with Pluto.  Car accidents of a serious nature were quite pervasive during that time last week.  Now those two will be more interesting in slowing down or stopping your progress so expect signal outages, road work, and other commuter delights to get on your last nerve.  If you have a new romantic interest you're likely to discover that you have a few philosophical differences that could be a problem.  Best to get them resolved now rather than later, even if it means a no-go with the relationship.  There's enough to disagree about without bringing in one of those biggies like politics or religion.
9-09-09 Wednesday Today is one of those very cool dates where people like to do things such as get married or have babies, largely because they're so easy to remember.  Astrologically, it's not necessarily a remarkably fortuitous day, but we can use our free will to turn any trying aspect into something positive.  Expect to make a few adjustments to your beliefs today, particularly if you've been entertaining any fantasies with regard to your work or responsibilities.  There may be a conflict between your love interests or pursuits and your group or organizational ties over the next few days.  Your best bet is to follow your heart and instincts, which today at least, should be on-target.  Communications at home are still a bit tense and with Mercury retrograde should be more focused on rethinking past issues than moving forward.
9-10-2009 Thursday Looking at your past baggage in a more objective, logical way is possible today.  When you step away and look in from the outside it's easier to resolve old issues than when you're roiling in emotion; see if there are any attitude adjustments you can make and move on.  If you're having a conflict with someone consider getting a mediator today to help sort things out rather than simply butt heads, which may not end well.  Over the next few days plans are likely to dissolve suddenly before your very eyes.  Don't take it personally but revisit the original motivation for ways you can improve it.  Take about two and a half weeks to rethink it. [Moon void-of-course 1:17 am - 10:17 am CDT]
9-11-2009 Friday It's still a favorable time to converse with those close to you about things you may not have discussed before.  Going deep and meaningful is especially advisable and you'll get some help from the Cosmos in so doing.  Interruptions and disturbances that interfere with your plans and responsibilities are still going at it.  There are lessons in everything so doesn't let them pass you by without pondering its meaning for you at this time in your life.  Don't be afraid to make a few unexpected attitude adjustments along the way that will let you see a few things you'd previously missed.
9-12-2009 Saturday The Moon is in logical Gemini, which is helpful for analyzing your emotions, particularly those that may be related to the various frustrations, disruptions, and thwarted plans you're dealing with.  Consider some adjustments or course changes, especially if you're in a Catch-22 situation.  On the positive side, inspiration or accessing your deepest desires is possible, which may help point the way.  Someone from your past, either in person or in memory, holds a lesson for you that may also help understand your situation in greater depth.  Remember that Mercury is retrograde, which is the time to rethink, replan and reconsider either something you are working on or want to pursue.  Moving forward until the end of the month or even mid-October isn't too likely, so make sure you have all your ducks in a row between now and then.  [Moon void-of-course 5:30 am - 2:20 pm CDT]
9-13-2009 Sunday The Universe is lending you a helping hand toward rethinking your past.  Consider what may be giving you the most trouble these days and where its roots reside.  Remember, if you want to get rid of weeds in your yard you need to extract them by the roots for permanent removal.  Plans probably don't mean much these days as the planets rule and they're trying to tell everyone to go back to the drawing board.  Solutions are out there, but not the ones you have in mind.  Innovation and a new approach are lurking just beyond the horizon, waiting for you to spot them with some long-range, out-of-the-box thinking.  Now is not the time to dig in your heels and expect to get your way; the Universe will only laugh if you do.  Direct your anger and frustration in a positive direction as opposed to internalizing it.
9-14-2009 Monday

Someone or something is trying to point you toward a new vision or some other type of inspiration today.  An unexpected event is likely to call your attention to it in a manner that is impossible to miss.  This is a reality check you would do well to heed.  It is an excellent time to figure out exactly what it is you want from life and how to get it.  If you've been too idealistic or unrealistic about your expectations, it's time to confront the facts and revise your plan accordingly.  It's difficult to be optimistic these days but that may only be because you're looking in the wrong direction.  Now is the time to take off those blinders and take a good, hard look at what is holding you back.  [Moon void-of-course 7:57 am - 4:39 pm CDT]

9-15-2009 Tuesday The challenges continue in what has been a less than friendly environment induced by our planetary friends.  Information and news relative to things that have been covered over is everywhere so if you lied on your income tax return, don't be surprised to get a call or letter from the IRS.  Adjustments will be required in a variety of venues, some of which won't even make much sense, but there's a good chance that over the long haul the required course changes will turn to your advantage, even if your ego takes a bit of a beating.  This will be more annoying than harmful so keep your reaction within suitable range.  The important thing these days is to try to figure out where you're going then keep it in focus.  Don't be surprised, however, if the visibility is no farther than the length of your arm.
9-16-2009 Wednesday The planets are in a fairly stable configuration for a few days so not much has changed other than the Moon, and she's doing her best to improve things the best she can.  Her current message is to take a close and honest look at your past relationships, both at home and of the romantic variety, and take care of any unfinished business.  There are a lot of people having a hard time right now and hauling around all that excess baggage isn't going to make it any easier.   It's also a favorable time to express your heart-felt affections to your loved ones.  This in itself can often make a big difference in healing old emotional injuries.   [Moon void-of-course 10:11 am - 5:56 pm CDT ]
9-17-2009 Thursday The status quo continues, though friendly Venus is still lending a helping hand regarding our romantic and financial past.  A surprise in one of these areas is likely to necessitate an adjustment that you'll have to make, like it or not.  Taking personal responsibility is advisable but if the rationale is a bit fuzzy take another look.  Being flexible and amenable to change is your best bet these days, but again make sure you're not gazing upon another piece of pie-in-the-sky.  There's a tendency out there today to expect perfection.  Just remember that you can't expect it if you can't offer it.
9-18-2009 Friday That New Moon today is making quite a statement, the full content of which you can learn about in your sign's monthly horoscope.  A change of course is definitely in the works, which appears to be based on reality executing a full frontal assault on any delusions or idealism.  Pluto seems to be reminding you that those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, at whatever level you choose to look at it.  If you don't figure this out by yourself there's a high probability that something is going to bring it to your attention in a rather unexpected manner.  The aspects out there aren't exactly friendly so there's a good chance you're not going to like it.  [Moon void-of-course 5:56 pm - 7:26 pm CDT]
9-19-2009 Saturday Unresolved issues from the past are still revealing themselves like broken sewer pipes, bringing people and situations to your attention that you would much prefer to forget.  Today there's a little extra help out there to aid your empathy and understanding, but make sure you're not looking at things or people through rose-colored glasses.  Boundaries are a big issue in relationships and there will be some adjustments called for to find the correct balance.  Again, the best indicator of the future is the past so don't get too carried away trying to be fair.  Disruptions and unexpected news or information from those in authority is likely to be involved as well.  Not to worry, chances are the facts aren't on target so this, too, shall pass.
9-20-2009 Sunday The planets are stilling being unfriendly so it behooves you to proceed with caution.  Mercury retrograde is never a good time for anything electronic or mechanical and the fact that it can mess with your thought processes as well results in all sorts of accidents and other problems.  Unless you're trying to fix or revise something already in existence, moving forward is going to be hindered.  Unexpected disruptions and obstacles are inevitable and even if you put a whole lot of energy and drive behind something chances are that it will not go where you want it to.  On the nonproductive side, it's a favorable day for relaxing, daydreaming, or other activities that you haven't had time for.  Since being productive probably isn't going to happen anyway, Whobeda recommends that you just chill out in the safest place possible.  [Moon void-of-course 12:43 pm - 10:52 pm CDT]
9-21-2009 Monday There are all sorts of things going on today that will undoubtedly keep you hopping.  Unexpected events, disruptions and surprises of one sort or another are all over the place, particularly as they relate to communication problems (and, yes, that includes your computer or cell phone misbehaving).  If you work in the IT, telephone, or cable field it's going to be even more fun.  Any hidden flaw is going come out with a vengeance, so don't make any plans you can't change.  In fact, that goes for everyone.  Misunderstandings abound with reality having a difficult time staying in focus.  Anything you're trying to accomplish at home is not going to go as planned, either, so be prepared for a change of course.  Doing detailed research regarding your past and future finances is favored, however, so if you want to make progress somewhere, try there.
9-22-2009 Tuesday

Those surprises and disruptions are still out there and it's highly likely that your reaction is going to be fairly high on the emotional scale.  The solution remains the ability to be flexible and willing to adjust your course based on new data.  Mercury retrograde is having an especially strong influence on Virgo types this time since that's where he's currently doing the backstroke.  If it's occurring on top of your Natal Sun, so much the worse, which is the case if your birthday is within a day of September 18, one way or the other.  Don't believe everything you see or hear, regardless of the source, and be prepared for some power trips over the next few days as well. [Moon void-of-course 9:33 pm - 5:43 am CDT]

9-23-2009 Wednesday The Sun went into fair, well-balanced Libra today, which may help solve some of whatever you have brewing out there, especially those issues from the past that have been rising up like smoke from a pile of fresh manure.  These could be related to your public image or career or maybe the problem is firmly rooted in the present and require a new approach regarding your home.  Opportunities await if you take a philosophical approach, but this could cost you something you may not be willing to give up.  If something has become a bit fuzzy lately, do what you can to bring it back into focus by reviewing the basics, then make the necessary adjustments.  Times are still tough, but when the going gets tough the tough get going.
9-24-2009 Thursday There are some rather solemn aspects out there forcing us to look at ourselves along with our expectations, particularly as they relate to family members.  Close inspection of your foundation is also advisable, both literally and figuratively.  If you've ever had foundation work done on your home, which is common here in Houston, it can either be a dirty mess that is horribly disruptive, or done in a clean, professional manner than leaves the situation far better than previously, other than a little bit of sweeping.  Thus, if you need some work in this area, do your homework and employ the appropriate help.  Get references and define your expectations.  Those fuzzy boundaries often fade off into quicksand.  If you're in denial that anything is wrong, sooner or later that sinking feeling will convince you otherwise.  Reviewing old issues is a positive use of Mercury retrograde, which has otherwise been quite the event this month.
9-25-2009 Friday The unexpected disruptions and disturbances continue, wreaking havoc of all types on any attempt to plan or keep order, which is disappearing before our very eyes.  During times like this is when you can really show your stuff, however, in being able to react quickly and find a way to benefit from all this chaos.  Watch for new paths to pursue that could represent inspiration; trust but verify.  You may also find yourself being confronted with something that you'd thought had been resolved a long time ago.  Fairness should prevail, however, so maintain as much aplomb as possible until it gets sorted out.  Now is a favorable time to take a good look at your finances and make sure everything is in order.  Avoid emotional spending, especially if it involves a large purchase of something that is mechanical or electronic; don't forget Mercury is retrograde, making such an action a bad idea for a few more days.  This Mercury retrograde period has spread the joy around in ways too numerous to mention.  Undoubtedly, the fact he's in cahoots with Uranus, planet of disruptions, surprises and the ruler of electronics, isn't helping.  Just a reminder during this time, if something goes on the fritz and requires replacement, you should wait until after the 28th to buy a new one. 
9-26-2009 Saturday The unexpected disruptions and disturbances continue, wreaking havoc of all types on any attempt to plan or keep order, which is disappearing before our very eyes.  During times like this is when you can really show your stuff, however, in being able to react quickly and find a way to benefit from all this chaos.  Watch for new paths to pursue that could represent inspiration; trust but verify.  You may also find yourself being confronted with something that you'd thought had been resolved a long time ago.  Fairness should prevail, however, so maintain as much aplomb as possible until it gets sorted out.  Now is a favorable time to take a good look at your finances and make sure everything is in order.  Avoid emotional spending, especially if it involves a large purchase of something that is mechanical or electronic; don't forget Mercury is retrograde, making such an action a bad idea for a few more days.  This Mercury retrograde period has spread the joy around in ways too numerous to mention.  Undoubtedly, the fact he's in cahoots with Uranus, planet of disruptions, surprises and the ruler of electronics, isn't helping.  Just a reminder during this time, if something goes on the fritz and requires replacement, you should wait until after the 28th to buy a new one. 
9-27-2009 Sunday

Electronic as well as some human communications are still all honked up thanks to Mercury retrograde, but fortunately that will end tomorrow.  If you haven't had any computer, cell phone or car problems in the last week, you have some magic formula going for you that you could get rich with if you could share your secret.  If you have any old business to straighten out with a bureaucracy or authority figure the planets are in your favor as long as you don't cop an attitude.  Same goes for home, provided you're assertive, honest, and do something to kiss-up that's not too obvious.  That Libra Sun will help everyone be a little more fair than usual, but anything smelling like a power trip will turn it off in short order.  Honest, heart-felt, and accurate communications are the key.  If you can't do it right, don't do it at all.  [Moon void-of-course 9:33 pm - 5:07 am CDT]

9-28-2009 Monday Your drive to get something done on the homefront will be the pivot point to control any unexpected events or old issues that arise today.  If you have any encounters with authority figures blowing smoke at them is not going to help you rectify the situation.  In other words if the nice man in the uniform tells you that his radar indicated 87 mph don't try to tell him that you were doing 55.  It's a good day to hang with friends (provided you drink responsibly).  Sometimes having someone to commiserate with is as good as it gets.
9-29-2009 Tuesday The really good news today is that Mercury has come out of retrograde so communications will gradually start getting back to normal.  I think everyone has some tales to tell from this one.  Hopefully you used the "review" angle to get a few things of a positive nature taken care of as well.  If you're working on anything where you're being overly rigid, some adjustments or a change of course are what may be holding you up, if you haven't already taken care of them.  There's also a chance that what you want to do is overcome by events or is about to be.  It's all a matter of how determined you are to move forward and whether you want to go to the trouble of making a few changes and gathering more information, which might make a difference between doing it correctly or just doing it to get it over with.
9-30-2009 Wednesday Something may come up today that causes an adjustment to your plans, especially if they involve a group of some sort.  It's entirely possible that this will be your own idea, however, since inspired ideas are in the air and you may be so anxious to put them into action that you'd rather do that.  It's still difficult to stay focused since there are so many distractions and disruptions.  Keep your goals and ambitions in front of you and if you haven't defined them in minute detail lately now is an excellent time to do so.  It's also a favorable time to examine your deepest reasons for what you want, especially if you're really not sure what they are.  Once you get them identified it will be even easier to stay on task and get where you want to go.  [Moon void-of-course 5:34 am - 5:26 pm CDT]
10-01-2009 Thursday If it feels as if something is pushing you toward your dreams, you're absolutely correct.  This will not necessarily be an easy or uneventful journey, but undoubtedly one you won't want to miss.  Start thinking about your mindset and anything about it that might be holding you back.  If your head and heart aren't in synch regarding what you want, then you can start there.  Something is going to surprise you today and if you're paying attention, you'll see an opportunity in there if you're willing to take the helm.  Some of the old rules may not apply anymore, so bear that in mind as the ideas begin to flow.  It's a crazy world out there these days but life is still what we make it.
10-02-2009 Friday The drive and ambition to put your inspired ideas into action will be strong today along with various surprises that should be of a pleasant nature.  Not everyone will be exactly supportive of this, however, so expect some resistance, particularly from your boss or anyone else in authority who thinks they can tell you what to do.  Being rebellious won't help your cause and you probably won't feel much like being charming, but this is one of those cases where you'll get a lot more flies with honey than vinegar.  Winning a power struggle unless you're way up the food chain at work isn't likely so your best bet is to be pleasant and call in any favors that might be able to assist.  [Moon void-of-course 9:29 pm - 3:21 am CDT]
10-03-2009 Saturday Unexpected news that relates to your responsibilities or obligations could disrupt your day, particularly if it takes you on an unbidden excursion to the past where its roots lie.  Taking action is your best bet to maintain control unless you're comfortable with someone else being in the driver's seat.  If you decide to go that route, however, you won't have much room for complaining if you don't like where you wind up.  You'll be much better off if you do some brainstorming; allow yourself to go outside the box as required in search of inspiration or innovative solutions, which will have a significant impact on your life in the days to come provided you're paying attention.  You never know when things might change.  Remember that windows of opportunity don't stay open forever.
10-04-2009 Sunday Full Moon today, the effects of which are described in detail in your Sign's monthly horoscope.  There are a few basic themes, if you want the Readers Digest version.  First of all, if you're really trying to get something together but disruptions, distractions, interruptions and unexpected events keep preventing progress, simply dig in your heels, focus on what needs to be done, and git 'r' dun.  Second, launching your ideas into action is not only possible but will open up the doors of your imagination even further.  Once you get started, you'll open a veritable torrent of inspiration to follow.  Now is a time to go after your dreams.  If there's something holding you back, it's rooted in your past and you need to take care of business or it will continue to hold you back like shackles until you do. [Moon void-of-course 11:46 pm - 10:33 am CDT]
10-05-2009 Monday A variety of disruptions are possible today, related to details of some sort as they apply to information, planning, or possibly even your checkbook.  Any buried mistakes are likely to break the surface like the dorsal fin of a Great White, but if you stand your ground without getting ruffled you are more likely to make progress.  A bit of imagination may be required, but don't go beyond the bounds of reality unless you're prepared to pay for it later.  Taking action is your best course today as opposed to being too passive.  Failure to act could indeed get you in deeper than you already are, to take a deep breath and take care of business, then reward yourself accordingly for being responsible.  [Moon void-of-course Midnight - 10:33 am CDT]
10-06-2009 Tuesday Those promptings to go for something you've only dreamed about continue; if you ignore them, you're likely to regret it later.  No matter how impossible something may seem, this is a favorable time to give it some serious thought, gather information pertaining to whatever it happens to be, and putting a plan together to achieve it.  It would be even better if you started moving in that direction, no matter how small the baby steps may seem.  Change is often less than entertaining, but unless you're perfectly happy with the status quo, that's what it's going to take before things will get any better.  Breaking free from any self-doubts, self-defeating behaviors or confining beliefs is favored.  If your head and heart aren't in synch, there's no better time to figure out which one is out of step.
10-07-2009 Wednesday All the planets are putting in their two cents worth today, some friendly, some not.  If you caught a glimpse of your dream the other day, hang onto it tightly by whatever means necessary because some opposition may be coming your way.  There are opportunities, too, but you're going to have to look for them and follow your heart, even though your head should be onboard as well.  Get any past issues that are holding you back resolved by making the necessary changes, particularly in the beliefs department.  If you're resisting change, have a chat with yourself and determine why.  Remember that anything you can believe you can achieve.  [Moon void-of-course 11:19 am - 3:46 pm CDT]
10-08-2009 Thursday All the planets are still reporting in with something to say that ought to make the day lively and interesting.  Unexpected events, disruptions, and probably a few annoyances are out there with a few more hassles from bureaucrats and authority figures likely as well.  Arguing is futile, but it's best to take action, which will give you more control of the situation than sitting still.  State your case, overwhelm them with facts and details, do a bit of name-dropping as appropriate and see how it goes.  When all is said and done it's a favorable day to commiserate with your friends or do something fun to take your mind off of things. 
10-09-2009 Friday The Moon is really stirring things up, so be prepared for a variety of disruptions and surprises that are likely to get you stirred up in one way or another.  Amidst the chaos there's an opportunity to assume your responsibilities in such a way to you can move forward in a new direction that would allow you to break free of any limitations that have been holding you back.  You may have to adjust your budget to do so, but if you really want to you'll find a way, especially if you use your imagination within the bounds of reality. Growth and expansion have a price, but it's usually worth it.  [Moon void-of-course 7:35 pm - 7:48 pm CDT]
10-10-2009 Saturday In order to stabilize any disruptions or surprises you need to maintain control of your situation.  Taking action remains your best recourse, which will allow you to identify and pursue opportunities you'll miss otherwise.  Now is not a time when you want others to be walking over the top of you, so keep moving.  A change of course as it relates to your budget or relationships at the detail level is likely, but make sure you have all the facts and are not out there in Fantasyland somewhere.  Hearing from someone related to your past is likely or perhaps simply getting in touch with a past event and rectifying it emotionally.
10-11-2009 Sunday Dealing with past baggage is emphasized these days so even if you try to ignore it, more than likely it's going to keep trying to get your attention.  If you've taken your responsibilities too seriously or not seriously enough, now is the time to make the necessary adjustments.  Logical, fair understanding is the theme which will help you attain the balance you need to find optimum satisfaction and happiness.  The same applies to pursuing your heart's desire.  Now is a favorable time to move in that direction as well.  If you've been too entrenched in harsh realities to believe it's possible or living in a dream world that isn't getting you anywhere, either, cosmic assistance is out there to find the path.  Change will be required, but if you're not satisfied with the status quo, what do you have to lose?    [Moon void-of-course 7:37 pm - 11:03 pm CDT]
10-12-2009 Monday The key to getting what you want still involves working hard and accepting some change.  Be sure to look clear to the horizon as far as your goals are concerned.  There may be some detours and roadwork along the way, but the possibilities are substantial.  Just make sure you're not you own worse enemy in one way or another.  Your greatest strength is also your greatest weakness.  If you don't know what yours is, take some time to give it serious thought.  For example, you may have very strong people skills, but may also tend to be too much of a people pleaser.  You may be easy going, but that can also diminish your drive and tend you toward laziness.  You may be a workaholic, but never know how to take a break and enjoy yourself.  You may have perseverance, but donít recognize when youíre beating a dead horse. Figure out what yours is so you can maximize its positive potential.
10-13-2009 Tuesday The planets are still partying and stirring things up in a variety of places.  Taking action is still the order of the day along with using common sense to direct your dreams and wants.  If nothing is changing in your world these days you are one of the few.  Deep introspection into your past and any irresponsible actions or failure to meet your obligations is still required.  If you don't take care of business in this part of your life, moving forward will be hindered.  Being accountable for your situation as it relates to past decisions is essential to being able to move forward in a new direction.  Think about how badly you want to attain your dream.  If you're not willing to pay the price, then you aren't ready.   [Moon void-of-course 3:20 pm - 1:45 am CDT]
10-14-2009 Wednesday An opportunity is out there today but it will require a few adjustments compared to how you've approached things in the past.  Now is the time to take a hard look at where you've been as well as where you think you're going.  If you're trying to break free from something, make sure that you're truly leaving it behind and not dragging it along for the ride.  If it's the latter you won't make nearly as much progress as you'd like.  If you're really sincere in wanting to expand upon your dreams be prepared for some personal growth as well.  It's okay to be optimistic, but be objective about what needs to be done to get there. 
10-15-2009 Thursday Today is a good one to focus on your dreams and aspirations, those things that seem just a bit out of reach, yet deep in your heart you know it's something you truly want.  Once you have a clear vision of what that might be, commit yourself to heading in that direction, even if the journey looks long and arduous.  Any time you allow a dream to die, part of you dies with it, and there's not time like the present to reverse that trend.  Believing the Universe will deliver is an important success criteria, regardless of how such things may have turned out in the past.  Chances are you never quite believed you'd get it, anyway, and the Universe obsequiously bowed to your wishes.  Opportunities are out there if you'll let go of the past, define what you want, and then wait for it to arrive, fully believing it will.
10-16-2009 Friday Something or someone will get in your way today and hinder you from going after something you want, necessitating some adjustments.  These situations tend to work out for the best when all is said and done, so don't let it bother you too much, even though it's bound to be annoying.  Take a few deep breaths and trust the Universe.  If you take a close look you'll find opportunities you'd missed before, either through networking or perhaps tweaking your plans a bit, particularly if you forgot or overlooked something.  Breaking free from the past isn't always easy, especially if you're toting around a lot of extra baggage or unresolved issues which aren't going away no matter how hard you try to ignore them. [Moon void-of-course 4:18 am - 4:29 am CDT]
10-17-2009 Saturday

Not much has changed since yesterday other than the Moon, which of course is the one who stirs things up the most, anyway.  If you're involved in any issues that involve beliefs, legal matters, academia, or other cultures, today is an excellent day for discussions, especially if they require negotiations.  Letting go of something from your past or attempting to make a new start of some description is still actively reminding you to take care of business.  If you've started the process, good for you, and if you haven't, your progress will probably be impeded until you do.  Now is an especially favorable time to enjoy something beautiful whether it's nature's wonders, good music, art, an inspirational movie or good book.  Take time for a break which will help you think more clearly to sort out that other stuff.  [Moon void-of-course 11:33 pm - 8:23 am CDT, October 18, 2009]

10-18-2009 Sunday

New Moon today just after midnight, which will start a new cycle for you in some area of your life.  For more information see your monthly horoscope.  There's been a lot of change energy out there for a while now and this lunation is reinforcing that even more.  Adjustments and course changes that will take you in a new direction are trying to get your attention.  You may be resistant to change and want to cling to what's known, but doing so could keep you from new adventures and opportunities that are waiting for you.  If your life isn't everything you'd like it to be, then it's time to resolve your past and look to the future.  There's no time like the present to move forward, even if it's only to make up your mind and set some goals.   [Moon void-of-course  October 17, 2009 11:33 pm - 8:23 am CDT, October 18, 2009]

10-19-2009 Monday Now is a favorable time to do some thinking and reading of a philosophical nature, enjoy the beauty around you and even indulge in a few fantasies either via daydreaming, reading, a good movie, or something else you enjoy that involves the arts.  Even a drive through the country to enjoy the autumn colors, if you're lucky enough to have them where you live, can be refreshing and help you to clear your head.  Of course being Monday, that's easier said than done if you have a day job, but at least go there in your mind or some reasonable facsimile.  Breaking free from encumbrances is an ongoing theme so don't be surprised if you're feeling restless.  Continue to assess what may be holding you back.
10-20-2009 Tuesday

The Moon is pretty busy, at least until she goes void-of-course midday until mid-afternoon.  Until that time, however, she'll be stirring things up so chances are you'll need the rest.  Her effects should be largely positive and provide some impetus to help you get moving toward what you want.  An opportunity could arise through a mentor or friend, but be somewhat cautious regarding any fantasies you may be entertaining.  There's certainly nothing wrong with daydreaming from time to time, but just make sure you don't get carried away and try to take them to the bank prematurely.  If you've been stuck and having a difficult time getting motivated, however, this should help get your heart into whatever you want to do.  [Moon void-of-course 12:57 pm - 2:49 pm CDT]

10-21-2009 Wednesday If you're still feeling some resistance focus on what you want to achieve and then expand it some more, based on more information.  In other words, shore up your dreams with some hard facts to build your confidence.  Opportunities to expand your view of the world are out there today, which may also give you a glimpse of something else you'd like.  Keep working on breaking free of those shackles by dealing with your past issues and adjusting your present course in a direction away from past mistakes.  This doesn't mean to run away, but to increase your freedom by taking appropriate responsibility if this is something you've failed to do in the past.  In other words, you quit chaining the dog when you have confidence he's not going to jump the fence anymore.
10-22-2009 Thursday It's a good day for fantasizing a bit and identifying what your dreams look like.  However, you will also be acutely aware of any obstacles, which you will find particularly annoying.  Part of you will know that you need to be rationale about it, but the part of you that wants to get to it is going to be in a bad mood.  Not to sound like a broken record, but resolving past issues is one of those speedbumps, particularly any encounters with authority figures that you haven't taken care of.  If you simply haven't been able to figure out what it might be, giving it some thought should be fruitful.  This isn't going to help your mood any when you figure it out, but at least then you can take care of business and move forward.
10-23-2009 Friday The Sun went into Scorpio today which implies a month of transformation of varying intensities.  If you're pressing forward in the hopes of accomplishing something you'll have to justify your course or make a few adjustments due to the powers that be, who are still out there throwing their weight around.  Don't overreact or push back too hard because there are some hidden opportunities in the situation if you handle it properly.  Pursuing and defining your dreams is still favored so find some time to do so.  You may even find that your existing vision for the future gets tweaked as well due to some new development. 
10-24-2009 Saturday Obstacles to your chosen pursuits are still blocking your path but those opportunities and potential helping hands are there as well, so don't be discouraged.  Use their energy to swing yourself around in the direction you want to go, just like a spacecraft uses the gravity of a planet to swing it around in a different direction with renewed energy.  Past mistakes are haunting numerous folks these days and ignoring them isn't going to make them go away.  Continue to work at resolving them if you want to move forward.  Unexpected information or news may require some course changes, but these should be a good thing.  In addition, inspiration is still flowing, so trust your instincts. 
10-25-2009 Sunday Your head and heart are likely to disagree about something today that pertains to something you're trying to accomplish.  Listen to both and then seek a viable compromise.  Inspiration is still in vast supply so take the time to find it if you're needing some.  It's a favorable day for fulfilling any obligations you may have been putting off, especially any that pertain to older family members.  Unexpected news and ideas are still necessitating course changes, but opportunities to resolve past issues are readily available as well.  If you haven't put things in order yet, bear in mind that procrastinating is also procrastinating your progress.  [Moon void-of-course 12:15 pm - 1:08 pm CDT]
10-26-2009 Monday Take a good look at weather you're fighting against yourself with regard to something you want to pursue.  Take an especially hard look at your ego and also examine your motivation to make sure you're not shooting yourself in the foot.  The next several days will be good for expanding a relationship of some sort that will benefit you later.  Communicating with your spiritual side or studying esoteric subjects is favored today as well.  Breaking free from old paradigms and habits continues to be a struggle.  Make sure you recognize them for what they are.
10-27-2009 Tuesday Resistance to something you want continues on a variety of fronts, whether it manifests as open confrontation or simply bureaucratic hassles.  This is complicated even further by the desire to rebel or possibly break free entirely, which is taunting your sense of responsibility.  If anyone tries to give you unsolicited advice it will be annoying, but listen anyway as it might give you an idea that will pay off quite nicely.  If any old baggage is holding you back, recognize that as well.  It's a favorable time to socialize with the potential for developing a new romantic relationship or invigorating an existing one. 
10-28-2009 Wednesday Those obstacles keeping you from your ambitions haven't changed much but your ability to find solutions can improve, provided you're willing to make a few adjustments to your ambitions.  Seek inspiration to guide you down new paths and expect to see things, or at least one situation in particular, differently than you have before.  Changing direction will come more easily than you may expect with a new perspective.  Do your homework, which will enable you to identify what has been holding you back.
10-29-2009 Thursday Data pertaining to your frustrated ambitions can be useful if you're willing to look at it with an open mind.  If you're holding yourself back through some self-defeating behavior, identifying it and letting it go will be beneficial, so listen up.  The expansion of one or more relationships continues to be a possibility, but this may require some adjustments on your part or a change of course.  Listen to what your heart is trying to say without resisting, then figure out how you can balance your dreams for change with your obligations more effectively.  There may be a way to have your cake and eat it, too.
10-30-2009 Friday

That balancing act involving your dreams and obligations will have an emotional encounter today as you stumble upon at least one thing that is holding you back.  The prognosis may look grim, but don't give up; you might simply need a brief timeout to reassess the situation.  If you're being obsessive about anything, this could be preventing you from sorting things out in an equitable manner.  What you are clinging to may actually be holding you back.  Keep pursuing those relationship possibilities amongst your social circles where one or more individuals whom you've known on a casual basis are likely to become closer to you in one way or another.  [Moon void-of-course 10:56 pm - 11:56 am CDT]

10-31-2009 Saturday The prevailing themes continue, showing that the Universe is not in any particular hurry and gives you plenty of time to figure out what you need to do and then take care of business.  If don't believe that you can accomplish what you need to in order to achieve your dreams, then you need to give that serious thought.  Whatever you believe you can achieve and conversely if you don't believe it, then it's an exercise in futility.  The planetary energy will help you define your dreams and aspirations and expand upon them, quite possibly with a little help from your friends.  An attitude adjustment is likely to be all that's required.
11-01-2009 Sunday The need to establish balanced structure in your life continues along with the quest to resolve anything in your past that has been buried for too long.  If you do not respond in a proactive manner chances are the Universe will give you a nudge that may not be particularly gentle.  Male-female relationships may be a bit tense today with the gals more unpredictable than usual; this will be due to being overly romantic and stuck on what they'd like versus reality.  Everyone is going to think they have all the answers today, so your best bet is to solve your own problems and let others do the same.  [Moon void-of-course 7:29 am - 6:45 pm CDT]
11-02-2009 Monday Full Moon today, which is described in detail in your monthly horoscope.  There are various self-gratification themes present that may give you a lot of self-directed energy to go after something you've been wanting in a bad way.  Unexpected help or assistance may come from someone close to you that will also bring about a slight adjustment or change of course.  Old issues either within yourself or with the world in general which relate to your sense of responsibility with meeting your obligations need attention and resolution.  There's not as much room in the world for mistakes as there was before so it's time to get your ducks in a row.
11-03-2009 Tuesday There might be quite a few ego trips out there today where folks aren't shy about expressing themselves regarding what they want.  Whether or not they get it is an entirely different story.  Overcoming past mistakes and restructuring things accordingly will be a work in progress for several weeks so put it to good use.  It's a favorable day for romance so take advantage of it as you see fit.  Just bear in mind that everyone is a little out of character today so what you see is not necessarily the real deal.  Thus remember if someone or something seems too good to be true, then they or it probably is.  [Moon void-of-course 12:04 pm - 10:53 pm CST]
11-04-2009 Wednesday Mental activity will be high today and motivate action toward something you want to accomplish, probably just to prove something to yourself.  This is not always the best reason for going after something, but then again it's not the worst, either.  Just make sure that your motivation isn't to trample on someone else.  Romantic encounters have been favored of late and currently there's a real inclination to look at someone you're affected with through rose-colored glasses.  This is rather enjoyable for a time, but just make sure you don't set yourself up for major disappointment later.
11-05-2009 Thursday Your ego is likely to be inflated, particularly if anyone crosses it.  Bear in mind that this could bring more lasting damage to your image than you realize so do your best to keep a lid on it.  More than likely the other individual is going to be out of line and provoking you, but just because they're acting inappropriately doesn't give you license to do likewise.  You will gain much more by remaining in control regardless of how the other person is acting.  In fact, the more out of line they are, the better you'll look for not reacting in kind.  Just take a deep breath and start to count, as high as required, to maintain your cool.  [Moon void-of-course 9:47 pm - 1:42 am CST]
11-06-2009 Friday Expect to have less energy than usual, both physically and mentally, and be less patient as well, which could be a volatile combination.  Ruminating on past mistakes is likely also, so all in all this doesn't look like the best scenario.  However, it is a good day to get away from it all, so if it's possible to take the day off and do something you enjoy and that renews your spirit, by all means do so.  Otherwise, plan to do as little harm as possible by laying low, avoiding confrontations, and doing your best to think of the best in others, even those who are putting their multitude of flaws on display.
11-07-2009 Saturday Your thinking will not be as clear as usual to the point that downright confusion is highly likely if you're taking on a heavy mental task; reality is not going to be intuitively obvious.  Emotionally the day looks reasonably good, however, including the ability to ponder past events and then take someone entirely by surprise and communicate exactly how you feel.  This experience has the potential to change your attitude in a positive manner as you comprehend an issue at a deeper level than logic alone.   [Moon void-of-course 4:26 pm - 4:23 am CST]
11-08-2009 Sunday Unexpected news of a favorable nature is possible today as well as opportunities to resolve past issues with someone you care about.  If that person is a female, she may proceed to have a meltdown, but that could well be what triggers the conversation that ultimately has a positive result; you never can tell how these things will work out.  Egos are still inflated all around and this will continue for a few more days.  Thus, now is not the time for confrontation which will be about as effectively as beating your head against a stone wall.
11-09-2009 Monday Today will be a Monday with a capital "M."  Willfulness driving everyone toward their own self-interests which are likely to be inflated beyond the bounds of reality will bound, though in a few cases they may surprisingly be beneficial ideas.  The challenge will be to sort through them in such a way to discern the good ones from the harmful ones.  These ideas will be centered around restructuring your life and goals based on resolving issues from the past.  Bear in mind that most everyone is going to be feeling a similar influence so the chance that anyone is really going to care about your particular brainstorm probably isn't particularly favorable.  [Moon void-of-course 8:43 pm - 7:30 am CST]
11-10-2009 Tuesday The astrological climate today will contribute toward changing your mind about a few things, but be cautious that it's based on fact and not fantasizing or wishful thinking.  There is also likely to be a fair amount of guilt floating around based on your past.  If it's something that can be rectified or corrected then go for it, if not, call it tuition and move on.  Doing so will have a very positive affect on you emotionally by releasing previously bound energy such that you can direct it in more constructive ways.  Change and renewal will be an ongoing theme for a while, so if you find yourself obsessing on something from the past, think hard about what the lesson is and anything you can do to put it to rest.
11-11-2009 Wednesday Numerous annoying obstacles related to things simply not working as they're supposed to are likely today.  These will heighten your awareness that you live in a very imperfect world and be more frustrating than usual.  Accepting this as a fact of life is easier for some than others.  If you're one who has a real problem with that, expect to spend a lot of time and energy being frustrated rather than just dealing with it and moving on.  On the other hand, if it's something you can control, today is an excellent time to find an innovative solution to prevent future occurrences.  The key is to find any hidden flaws.
11-12-2009 Thursday Butting heads with the establishment in some way that makes you feel trapped and subsequently angry is likely today.  Undoubtedly, if you ran the world things would be better, but since you don't you just need to deal with it the best you can.  Finding a new approach is possible if you're willing to think outside the box and make any necessary changes that are within your control.  Changing other people isn't going to work, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you're stuck.  If you think you are, take some time to examine your belief system and see what you need to do to get it aligned with what you really want.  [Moon void of course 1:13 am - 11:22 am CST]
11-13-2009 Friday The motivation to make some changes is ramping up, so if there's something you've been putting off, now is a favorable time to get to it.  There are times to follow your head and times to follow your heart and that Libra Moon will do a good job of blending the two.  If you haven't identified the prevailing obstacles yet, then make that first on your agenda, because it's hard to get past something you cannot see.  You're hanging onto something that you need to let go of or you'll continue to be stuck where you are.  Be honest with yourself and don't block any unconventional ideas that pop into your mind since they might be exactly what you're looking for.
11-14-2009 Saturday Tension between you and someone of the opposite sex could produce a steamy encounter today that challenges your existing beliefs about love at first sight.  Your head and heart aren't very likely to be in agreement, however, so you'll have to choose which one is telling it to you straight.  If you're not in the market for a new romance, use the energy to revitalize an existing one.  If that doesn't have any appeal, another option is to look at what is holding you back from your financial goals or something else you want.  Dreams can only come true if you have one.  [Moon void of course 5:10 am - 4:24 pm CST]
11-15-2009 Sunday Ruminations related to restructuring one or more relationships in order to escape the past are likely not only today for the next several weeks.  If nothing else, it's a good time to be thinking about past mistakes with the attitude that good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions.  All that aside, the possibilities for a romantic encounter are favorable today also, so be on the lookout for opportunities to see some fireworks with someone.  You'll be inclined to be a bit ego-centric, however, so if the other person isn't reciprocating with a similar look of interest, best to move on to other possibilities.  Socializing should go well, so make sure you're in an environment with plenty of choices to maximize your chances.  Bear in mind that while this may produce a pleasant evening or two or three, this isn't necessarily going to turn out to be a long-term relationship, so enjoy it while it lasts. 
11-16-2009 Monday New Moon today, the effects of which are contained in this month's horoscopes for your specific sign.  There is a lot of influence pointing toward change, so think about those areas of your life where you would like to see an improvement.   The climate is favorable for structured and methodical steps in that direction, so gather the information you need, learn from either the past or those older and wiser, and move on.  Recognize that it may not be easy, but the assistance will be there as you set one foot in front of the other and start moving, albeit slowly, in the right direction.  It's time for balance to be restored everywhere and there's no better place to start than as an individual.  [Moon void-of-course 1:14 pm - 11:22 pm CST] 
11-17-2009 Tuesday There are several aspects out there right now that should be making things rather interesting.  A long-term influence for restructuring some part of your life based on unresolved past issues is one as well as one that should provoke some lively interactions with the opposite sex.  Don't believe everything you hear these days, either, as deception is likely by omission or commission, depending on the source.  Keep your ear tuned for opportunities related to handling your responsibilities and a few interesting surprises are likely as well, which could include some annoying facts previously kept underwraps.
11-18-2009 Wednesday The possibility for some pleasant surprises, perhaps of a monetary nature, are still there but fading.  Especially take note if you're battling with a government agency or corporation about something, there are opportunities today to finally get through to the right person to take care of business.  Taking a leisurely lunch with someone you'd like to know better is likely to turn out well, also.  Those male - female vibes are still strong, but the potential for friction is high as well.  Other cautions for the day include keeping your ego in check, not taking any apparent snobbery you encounter too seriously, and not believing everything you're told, especially if it involves your money.  [Moon void-of-course 11/18/2009 8:46 pm - 11/19/2009 9:01 am CST]
11-19-2009 Thursday Think about areas in your life that need to change, then probe beneath the surface so that you truly understand why.  Over the next several months and well into 2010 this is going to be a major theme and you may as well get the jump on things by figuring out what it is as soon as possible.  The Battle of the Sexes is likely to be alive and well today with those philosophical differences that never change across millennia once again coming up for review.  Some things never change and the sooner you figure that out the happier you're likely to be.  [Moon void-of-course November 18, 2009 8:46 pm - November 19, 2009 9:01 am CST]
11-20-2009 Friday That Battle of the Sexes is still active, so expect to be more annoyed than usual by those little things that those of the opposite sex do that make you crazy.  Gender-specific behavior is so ingrained that even the vaguest thought along those lines is a waste of good neurons.  The only person you have power to change is you, so if you want to engage in something productive, consider what part about yourself spawns the intolerance.  Thinking in terms of "Viva la difference!" will get you a whole lot farther in a variety of ways, so don't waste your time or energy on something no one has been able to influence since time began.
11-21-2009 Saturday The prevailing themes out there haven't changed so don't expect anything very different to happen today that hasn't been going on for the last week.  If you're still frustrated because your significant other could be a poster child for their gender's weaknesses, do your best to turn that around and make them a poster child for their strengths and both of you will be a lot happier.  Both are different poles of the same scale and positive thinking and compliments will get you a lot farther than criticism.  Better yet, look in the mirror and consider what they might be thinking about you.  [Moon void-of-course 9:04 pm - 9:11 pm CST]
11-22-2009 Sunday The potential for disagreements with members of the opposite sex continue, especially if any outside groups or friends are part of the issue.  Using fairness and common sense will help solve the situation, which will be easier if both sides are honest about expressing their heart-felt feelings.  Take a philosophical view and perhaps engage someone older and wiser to help mediate, but don't throw in what "the experts" have to day unless you want it thrown back in your face.  There's a lot of energy out there today, but much of it is positive, so put it to good use.
11-23-2009 Monday There's the potential for inflated delusions at the emotional level today, especially as they relate to love or sex.  On the positive side, this could make for an intense and very interesting evening.  In fact, it would probably be in your best interest to exploit these particular aspects if you have a significant other because they don't come along very often.  However, recognize that a repeat probably won't be happening anytime soon, so don't blame your partner, especially if you haven't been together very long.  On the practical side, it's an excellent time for a heart to heart talk to resolve any outstanding past issues.  Just make sure you have that conversation before the Moon goes void of course.  There's no reason you shouldn't celebrate if you get it resolved.  [Moon void-of-course November 23, 2009 9:36 pm - November 24, 2009 10:07 am CST]
11-24-2009 Tuesday

There's quite a cosmic dance going on out there today with virtually no one sitting it out.  It's a good day to express yourself, just make sure that you don't come on too strong.  There are opportunities out there to identify an area where you can improve yourself in some way, by being more organized, methodical in your approach to problems, or overcoming some bit of old baggage from your past.  If there is something about yourself that you really don't like, figure out where that trait came from and decide what you need to turn it around into a strength.  Don't believe everything today that pertains to love or money because those rose-colored glasses have a magnifying element to them as well.  [Moon void-of-course November 23, 2009 9:36 pm - November 24, 2009 10:07 am CST]

11-25-2009 Wednesday If there's anything you didn't get done yesterday as you'd hoped, it's not too late.  Your emotional commitment may not be as strong, but getting your head and heart on the same page is possible once you've listened sufficiently to both sides.  Look for any attitude adjustments that you need to make, then figure out how to accomplish it, step by step.  If you've been fooling yourself about something, that fits in that same category, so make sure you're seeing things as they really are.  One way this could manifest is taking advantage of someone, so give that some thought going in both directions, i.e. are you the advantager or the advantagee?  Either way there are some issues there that should be addressed.
11-26-2009 Thursday It looks like another day with the potential for ego inflation, particularly when it comes to expressing your opinion, whether it relates to politics or your favorite football team.  It's a favorable day to expand your horizons a bit, so be sure to listen at least as much as you talk.  Avoid being idealistic about love or money, even though some pleasant surprises may come along that could inspire over-confidence.  To keep things in check, think back to similar situations from your past that didn't end well.  As Whobeda probably says too often, "Good decisions come from experience and experience comes from bad decisions."  [Moon void-of-course 8:17 am - 9:11 am CST]
11-27-2009 Friday Any clashes with authority figures or hitting up against boundaries or restrictions of some description are likely to inspire a philosophical tirade, so just make sure you don't go off on the wrong person.  Your ability to present a good argument is enhanced today, but just because your ideas make sense or are possibly even profound doesn't mean they won't get you into unexpected trouble.  Caution when it comes to love and/or money is still advised along with some serious consideration relative to past mistakes, particularly any that require absolution.  Paybacks are hell but in this case unavoidable.
11-28-2009 Saturday Thoughts and ideas that you feel strongly about will flow easily today with various opportunities to expand and develop them further.  If you've been sitting on some brainstorm that has the potential to bring in benefits of some sort, including monetary, spend some time today developing it further.  Don't be afraid to reach for the stars or expand a bit further than usual, bearing in mind that it's better to reach for the stars and drag your feet in the treetops rather than reach for the treetops and drag your feet in the mud.  On the cautionary side, unexpected arguments are likely, but do everything you can to keep them in the "lively discussion" range as opposed to an interchange that will cause hard feelings.  [Moon void-of-course November 28 at 5:33 pm - November 29 at 4:34 am]
11-29-2009 Sunday Profound insights into something from your past, perhaps relating to security issues, could break the surface of consciousness today, giving you new direction.  This is not to say there won't be obstacles, but they'll be worth serious consideration.  Opportunities to expand your ideas are there as well, which is the first step on the way to making them reality.  Put all that motivation to work, even if it means resetting your priorities.  Positive change that could benefit your wallet or love life is out there as well, or perhaps all part of the change scenario.  As inspiration speaker, Mike Dooley says, "Thoughts become things.  Choose the good ones."   [Moon void-of-course November 28 at 5:33 pm - November 29 at 4:34 am]
11-30-2009 Monday The potential for arguments or emotional tirades where one or both parties refuse to budge is high today.  You're likely to truly believe that your side of the issue is the only one that's correct, period-amen, and nothing will be capable of convincing you to the contrary.  Being too idealistic will exacerbate the situation by making you appear self-righteous, so keep that black and white attitude and your ego in check or you may not like the result.  Remember you can't expect perfection unless you can offer it.  Unexpected news is likely today, which could well be what sets off the argument in the first place.  Do your best to maintain an open mind and you might be surprised what you learn.
12-01-2009 Tuesday The romantic possibilities are relatively favorable today, if you're so inclined.  Other influences include getting your heart into setting some boundaries with regard to your relationships, if that's an area that concerns you.  Unexpected news or disruptions are likely with an extra caution for being careful when you're out driving.  You're likely to be more distracted than usual, which does not mix well with operating a car in a responsible fashion (I won't even mention not to text as it should be intuitively obvious).  Ideas may come easily today, but they're likely to disappear if they're not attached to something tangible. 
12-02-2009 Wednesday Full Moon today as described in your monthly horoscope.  In a strictly zodiacal sense, this lunation will primarily have an affect on your mental plane, stimulating your thoughts as they relate to your beliefs and expectations as well as your philosophy of life.  Unexpected news is likely to be disruptive, so don't make any plans that are engraved in stone for today.  In other words, if you're planning to join your friends for happy hour, don't be surprised if something comes up that keeps you from going.  Willfulness is another general theme that's out there for a few more weeks, which will tend toward making all of us just a bit more ego-centric than usual, which obviously isn't going to work out well for everyone, so bear that in mind if your demands are met by a look similar to a chicken watching a card trick.
12-03-2009 Thursday Today is an excellent day to discuss home improvements of all varieties, whether they relate to remodeling or family issues that need attention.  In fact, it wouldn't hurt to start thinking about a few New Years Resolutions since the general theme for much of next year is going to be to rid yourself of anything that is no longer useful and to restructure some part of your life.  All parties should be allowed to express their opinion for best results.  A change of course may be required with respect to something you'd planned to do or buy as a result of setting your priorities at a more practical level, but you'll be much happier with the result when all is said and done.  [Moon void-of-course 4:28 am - 10:01 am CST]
12-04-2009 Friday Another good day for future planning and communicating with those close to you, including discussions that relate to money and/or relationships.  Saving money and being more responsible, sticking to a budget, and being more practical is probably already on everyone's minds, but now is a favorable time to do more than just think about it.  Obviously this is not what everyone would prefer, but an increase in discipline will usually do everyone some good in on way or another, whether it relates to spending or other behavior.  A bunch of minor annoyances are likely today as well, so expect them to interrupt your day and not let them get to you since it won't do any good anyway.  [Moon void-of-course December 4, 2009 - 11:09 pm - December 5, 2009 11:07 am]
12-05-2009 Saturday Today is a favorable day for expressing your affection for that special someone.  If you feel inclined to bare your soul, it's likely to result in a few course changes, but this is not necessarily a bad thing.  The next week or so will be favorable for getting things done, provided they're short-term goals that can be accomplished before Mars goes retrograde on December 20, after which progress is much less likely.  Continue to watch for bargains while doing that holiday shopping and remember if you get too enthusiastic and spend too much it will bite you later.  Throw some creativity instead of budget busting into your gift-giving and you'll make it more enjoyable for all concerned.  [Moon void-of-course December 4, 2009 - 11:09 pm - December 5, 2009 11:07 am]
12-06-2009 Sunday If you have a temper, it's likely to flare today if even mildly provoked, particularly by such things as deception, exaggeration, or other behavior of a less than noble nature.  Don't hesitate to stand up for what you believe in or expressing yourself in an honest manner, though you should strive to at least be polite, if you expect the other person to pay any attention whatsoever to what you have to say.  If you have a mystery you're trying to solve or research you're conducting, the next few days will be excellent for uncovering secrets and hidden information, though what you discover could conflict with some of your established norms or even your sense of balance.  The Sun in Sagittarius promotes higher thought and examination of your philosophy of life, considerations that have considerable value if you take them seriously.
12-07-2009 Monday Today is a good one for getting things done, so if you have errands to run or shopping to do, you should have plenty of drive and energy.  You will also be in touch with some of your deepest thoughts and feelings, so take note of them accordingly.  Longing for a more perfect world is likely to cross your mind as well along with some heartfelt philosophical ponderings that may get you more stirred up than usual.  Use them as motivation to do something meaningful, even if it's no more than being more patient than usual so that you don't contribute any more hostility to an already unfriendly world.  [Moon void-of-course 2:58 am - 1:05 pm CST]
12-08-2009 Tuesday Don't be surprised if either you or someone around you is over-critical today, probably about something that isn't going to change anytime soon such as your political ideology or religious preference.  There's a bunch of energy building up as Mars positions himself trine the Sun, but use it quickly because once he goes retrograde on the 20th the going will get a bit rougher.  It won't necessary grind to a screeching halt if you're pursuing a well-orchestrated plan, but there will be a lot of suppressed energy bouncing around.  However, it will be a good time to resolve any unresolved personal issues.  Be on the lookout for any tendency to pursue something that bears a strong resemblance to chasing rainbows.  If you don't catch it yourself, you can bet that someone close to you will.
12-09-2009 Wednesday There's still plenty of energy out there to get started on something provided you can finish it up within the next week or ten days.  No matter how much you want to get going on it, however, you're likely to be easily distracted and wind up hanging out with friends and indulging in something to distract you from reality.  This is actually highly recommended because everything else out there isn't particularly positive.  Disruptions and surprises in the workplace are likely as well as are thoughts about the past that could easily take a dismal turn.  Just remember "'tis the season to be jolly" and concentrate on those things you have to be grateful for, including good friends, family and something enjoyable to do in spite of the climate, whether meteorological or economic.  [Moon void-of-course 4:04 am - 4:47 pm CST]
12-10-2009 Thursday There are some very nice romantic possibilities out there today, so put them to good use as you see fit.  Other than that, it could be a rather trying day that includes a reminder or two of your obligations, past behavior that you'd prefer to forget, or resistance from your peers pertaining to what you'd like to accomplish on the job.  Over the next few days disruptions, unexpected events, the desire to get away from it all, and even some forms of rebellion on the part of those around you could create a fairly chaotic environment.  Therefore, maintain as much flexibility as possible to avoid frustration.
12-11-2009 Friday Those conflicts keeping you from your personal ambitions are still out there and will be for a few more days.  Unexpected annoyances could necessitate some course changes today, but don't let it bother you because the end result will be favorable.  Be careful these days and for several to come because depending on where some of the current configurations such as Saturn, Pluto and Mars fall on your various charts (Natal, Progressed, Returns of all varieties) your chances for illness or accident could be increased, so don't tempt fate by being reckless or careless when it comes to your health or personal safety.  [Moon void-of-course 11:44 am - 10:31 pm CST]
12-12-2009 Saturday If you're trying to talk someone into something, the planets are in your court today in that you are more likely to be able to overcome any opposition than in the last few days.  This is not to say you won't need to turn on the charm and provide a convincing argument, but the changes are better than they were yesterday that you can do some serious negotiating.  Disturbances or distractions are out there, which have tremendous potential to be annoying, but you may be able to use these to your advantage if you play your cards right.  Never give up, never surrender!
12-13-2009 Sunday You may tend to obsess on something today that is bothering or frustrating you, thanks to that Scorpio Moon which is pitting you between two or more choices or desired outcomes.  The key lies in dowsing the issue with plenty of logic and leveraging the energy through a more positive approach.  Make sure you're fully committed to doing what it takes to achieve your goals and that you're taking advantage of any opportunities that present themselves.  Visualizing your goals should be easier than ever, if you give it some serious thought.  Disruptions and unexpected events can be turned to your advantage if you switch some of the decisions to your heart. [Moon void-of-course December 13 at 7:18 pm - 6:25 am CST on December 14.]
12-14-2009 Monday Disruptions, disturbances, unexpected events, and various other surprises are extremely likely today, so bear that in mind when planning your schedule.  It is going to be a hectic day at best so getting things done will be quite a challenge.  Even if nothing of note happens, you may be feeling somewhat rebellious and not be inclined to do what you should, anyway.  Thus, any interruptions or distractions may be of your own making with carousing with your friends much more appealing.  With luck you should be able to put your responsibilities to rest in short order and enjoy yourself. [Moon void-of-course December 13 at 7:18 pm - 6:25 am CST on December 14.]
12-15-2009 Tuesday There's a whole bunch of energy and drive out there today that should help you get to and hopefully finish what's left on your holiday to-do list.  Everything points toward this being a positive experience that should go well.  This is not to say there aren't a few things out there to beware of, however, since rarely if ever is there anything that could be deemed the perfect day for everyone.  Continue to be careful as far as accidents are concerned by not taking any unnecessary chances, driving defensively, courteously, and patiently, and guarding your health since the flu is still out there.  Distractions and disruptions are still likely as well though they could also simply translate as general chaos and disorder that makes it difficult to take care of that to-do list.
12-16-2009 Wednesday New Moon today, which is likely to bring a few surprises your way over the next few weeks.  Opportunities abound for new friendships and expanding existing ones as well as scrutinizing your hopes and goals for the future.  There are favorable indicators for starting a new personal endeavor that will have financial benefits or expanding your horizons in some other manner.  There are good vibes for your interactions with members of the opposite sex as well.  You could meet someone new and interesting unexpectedly which could disrupt some of your existing plans yet still turn out much to your liking.  [Moon void-of-course 6:02 am - 4:32 pm CST]
12-17-2009 Thursday Not much has changed since yesterday's New Moon since there are quite a few long-term aspects out there.  Interactions with the opposite sex are favored though there could be a few surprises, especially if you're getting to know someone new.  Opportunities to enjoy yourself with friends or to pursue your personal goals continue as well, which is certainly nice during the Christmas holidays.  Continue to be cautious as far as your health is concerned, though that is advice that is going to apply for a long time and should, anyway.  Discoveries of hidden information that result from or require restructuring will be coming out for a while, also. 
12-18-2009 Friday Expect some surprises from a female in your life these days that are likely to cause a disruption to your existing plans.  Take a close look, however, because a new direction may be warranted.  Listen to you heart as well as your head and gather all the information possible and be willing to change directions if the data supports it.  Now is the time to finish up any recent projects and if you're planning to start a new one note that delays are very possible in the coming weeks and even months, so take that into consideration if you're building a schedule that you'll need to defend later.  Tripling your time estimate for anything that needs to be complete by next spring is a good idea, just to make sure. [Moon void-of-course December 18, 2:08 pm - December 19, 4:39 am CST]
12-19-2009 Saturday Unexpected developments or surprises relative to love or money are out there today, but if you think outside the box, listen to your instincts, and move forward decisively in a slightly different direction than you've been heading, you should be able to take care of business.  If you have serious negotiations that you need to conduct with someone that involves an emotional subject, this is a good day to do it, but try not to trip over the past and old demons.  In other words, leave sleeping dogs lie for now, though over the next several months you are going to have to deal with them, so don't think if you continue to ignore them that they'll go away.  [Moon void-of-course December 18, 2:08 pm - December 19, 4:39 am CST]
12-20-2009 Sunday Everyone is going to want their own way today and you know what that means.  Expect resistance of all varieties unless someone else is on the same page as you.  Using diplomacy and tact, i.e. being aware that it's not what you say but how you say it, is paramount if you want to get anywhere.  Cooperation is out there, but you'll have to use charm to bring it out.  Expect more surprises, disruptions, disturbances and possibly even breakups as well.  There's more emotion than logic out there right now, so you might want to hold off on making any irrevocable decisions until the dust settles.
12-21-2009 Monday Opportunities for new friendships abound today so if you're in a social situation, get out there and meet as many people as you can, some of which may have some financial benefits attached as well.  The Sun goes into Capricorn today, marking the winter solstice, or summer for those of you on the south side of the equator.  If you've been trying to move forward to get something you want, progress could start to bog down now that Mars is retrograde.  Watch for information that will cause some adjustments to your plan or a change of course.  Money could be the hang-up, but frequently delays give us time to reconsider our direction and often turn to our advantage.  [Moon void-of-course 6:54 am - 5:42 pm CST.]
12-22-2009 Tuesday Not all disruptions are a bad thing, so if you encounter one today, look below the surface for how it can work to your advantage.  Remember in chaos lies opportunity.  Information or new ideas that are pushing you toward a change of course is still coming in, so pay attention.  Make sure your original goal is really where you want to go.  Dreaming and dreaming big is all well and good, but make sure it's where you really want to go.  There a lot of restructuring going on at all levels, so make sure you original plan or idea still fits such that all will converge properly.  If you're not going in the right direction you're not going to be very happy when you get there.
12-23-2009 Wednesday

Be on the lookout for some news or information that not only takes you by surprise but sets you on a new path or direction.  This could be the result of tripping over something you should have taken care of already, but didn't, and your own personal Peanut Gallery, i.e. your friends, may be keeping you from doing what you know you need to do.  Now is one of those times when you need to trust the Universe and do what's right, even if it's not easy.  The planets are grinding away on everyone right now to rectify any past wrongdoing.  Bear in mind that if you don't do it voluntarily then the powers-that-be are likely to force the issue.  Furthermore, in the spirit of the season, it would be an excellent way to wind up the year. 

12-24-2009 Thursday You may be out there celebrating and enjoying the holidays and thus distracted from some of the things going on behind the scenes.  If one or more ideas is floating around inside your head with all those sugar plums, especially if it's a bit unconventional, there's a good chance there's an opportunity there somewhere.  If you've been putting off something you want to do or accomplish, maybe it's time you figured out what the hang-up is so you can start moving toward your dreams.  Your head, heart, past actions and current responsibilities are having an interesting dialog today, even if you're not aware of it.  Interesting times are coming, but it will all rest on our decisions and subsequent actions.  [Moon void-of-course 2:09 am - 5:40 am CST]
12-25-2009 Friday Merry Christmas!  Enjoy this day, which has brought inspiration for two thousand years, but take a moment or two to consider what message is there today for you.  Is there a dream you let go of that continues to call for attention?  What do you know now that you didn't then, which could make it possible?  This has always been a day of miracles and to listen to your heart, so don't be afraid to do so today.  If a ghost or two of Christmas-past comes calling, confront it head-on and see what needs to be resolved to dispel it forever.  You can change the past by changing your reaction to it and internalizing the lesson, shifting the memory's energy to a more positive frequency.  Make this a Christmas to remember by resolving anything from the past that's been holding you back.
12-26-2009 Saturday Mercury went retrograde today so remember not to buy anything electronic or mechanical in those after-Christmas sales.  This is a time that is favorable for rethinking, reconsidering, re-planning and reworking but moving forward typically isn't going to happen, especially with Mars doing the backstroke as well.  Now is a good time to assess the past year and what progress you've made.  If you'd rather have a root canal than relive it, think about what you've learned and what you'd do differently now that you have additional experience.  I've probably said this too many times before, but good decisions comes from experience and experience comes from bad decisions.  [Moon void-of-course 5:44 am - 2:26 pm CST]
12-27-2009 Sunday Now is an excellent time to be rethinking something that may not have been moving forward the way you had hoped.  There may be some small detail that you missed along the way or you may not be heading in the right direction.  If you've been lax about meeting your responsibilities, the Universe is calling to you to recognize that you will pay the price sooner or later.  Even if you thought you got away with it before, chances are it's just waiting for the right time to rub your nose in it.  Typical lessons of this type are not being able to get something you want because of bad credit or paying exorbitant insurance rates because of too many speeding tickets.  That Saturn - Pluto square is going to be in effect for quite a while and that's exactly the sort of thing those two excel at driving home.   There is no escape except to rectify things in the proper way.  As they say, paybacks are hell.
12-28-2009 Monday Now is a time for a multitude of adjustments, not just because the year is ending but because the planets said so.  Information and/or ideas are coming your way that will help you determine any course changes you need to make.  These may not be entirely in synch with your fondest dreams and aspirations but they're what you need to be doing at this point in time.  The emphasis on cleaning up past messes that involve your obligations, responsibilities, authority or government figures and so forth continues.  There's an air of fair-play about, however, so if you act now your chances are reasonably good of reaching a compromise satisfactory to both parties.  So if you have old debts, unpaid traffic tickets, back child support or anything of that nature hanging over your head, git 'r' dun and end the year right.   [Moon void-of-course 11:54 am - 7:13 pm CST]
12-29-2009 Tuesday

If you've been working on something lately that isn't quite working out, it's time to rethink it and this time think outside the box.  Use some serious innovation and see what you can come up with, giving careful consideration to any unresolved issues that you swept under the rug when you should have taken care of business.  Once you figure out what that is, be prepared to change course or at the least make a few adjustments.  If your heart isn't quite in it, that could be another problem with a separate solution, so give it some consideration as well.  If any old obligations, particularly those that are tied into a relationship, are causing you some grief, you might want to give that some consideration as well.

12-30-2009 Wednesday This is a favorable time to socialize with your friends and enjoy yourself but don't be surprised if someone does something unexpected that stirs things up a bit.  If there is something you left unresolved because you didn't want to deal with it at the time or something you never finished, give some serious reconsideration to how you can pick up the pieces and then make the appropriate course change.  If you're dealing with any relationships that are a little bit out of whack, perhaps because the boundaries are a bit off, this may be the time to get it all out in the open and resolve it.  [Moon void-of-course 2:29 pm - 8:45 pm CST]
12-31-2009 Thursday Lunar eclipse today as described in your monthly horoscopes for your individual signs.  This one is packed with potential challenges, though the way they hit your individual charts could be favorable.  As a lunar eclipse its impact is most likely to occur on the internal or emotional level which is going to target your homelife in some way with opposition coming from your career, public image or simply as we baby boomers used to call it, "The Establishment."  One principle that many are forced to confront these days, like it or not, is that of consequences.  If you break the rules, sooner or later the Universe, usually in the form of a Saturn transit, is going to rub your nose in it.  As you say goodbye (or perhaps "good riddance") to 2009, maybe it's time to recognize that, as Newton so adeptly put it in his 3rd Law, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."  In other words, if you think you'll ever get away with anything...well, good luck with that.  Happy New Year.

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