Just before 9 p.m. on Sunday, May 10, 2015, what was later determined to be an EF-3 tornado wiped out approximately 30% of Van,Texas, a small town outside of Dallas.  I couldn't find the exact time so I used 8:49 p.m. which looked pretty likely given the ascendant that yielded.

Again, like with the Amtrak wreck which occurred a few days after this tornado, or just about any tragic event chart I've studied, I was not particularly surprised.  I can always count on 8th house involvement as well as aspects with Pluto, Mars, Saturn and Uranus as well as Mercury when speed is involved.  Jupiter is often prominent in tornados as well.  What stood out on this one is the 29:00 Scorpio ascendant.  Twenty-nine degrees, particularly of fixed signs, has a rather bad reputation.  It is often associated with a permanent ending.  As the final degree of a sign before the next one takes over it has accumulated all the energy from its previous journey which then quickly dissipates as the next sign takes the cosmic baton.  Scorpio is the sign that rules death though in this case there were less than expected for such an event.  This could be partly due to Venus in the 8th house of death and ruler of Taurus which comprises the 6th house of health and 7th house of relationships as well as the 11th of friends and groups.  Her quincunx to Saturn suggests some adjustments with Saturn the traditional ruler of the 3rd house of neighbors.

Mars is often the culprit and it's interesting to note that he's at the infamous 29 degree mark of Taurus, in partile opposition to the ascendant.  Mars is in debility in Taurus but don't think his power is diminished.  It may slow him down, but I see him as more of a slow-moving bulldozer in that sign.  With the 2nd and 8th houses also having their cusp at 29 degrees, that energy would reverberate off of them as well.  The 2nd is the house of material possessions and the 8th, as noted above, includes death and transformations.  Mercury, natural ruler of motion, rules the 8th as well as the Midheaven.  He forms a Triangle of Potential with the 5th comprising children, ego definition, speculation and entertainment and the 11th which includes friends, goals, groups and networking.  These are relatively friendly houses which could have mitigated his power somewhat.  Nonetheless, Mercury is in Gemini, a sign he rules, placing him in dignity.

His square to Neptune is not a good match, these two planets and their respective signs antithetical.  Neptune is also dignified in Pisces, a sign that is Illusive and imaginative at best and delusional and deceptive at worst.  Mercury in Gemini, on the other hand, is logical and based on fact.  It's interesting that at first they weren't even sure whether it was a tornado or just a severe thunderstorm (which of course spawned it), reflecting confusion which is another of Neptune's specialties.  The tornado occurred after dark but in the light of day it was clear the destruction was that of a tornado which was declared to be an EF-3. However, there were some reports the implied a second tornado may have struck the town in the wee hours.  They probably will never know for sure.  Hello, Neptune.

The Moon, co-ruler of the 8th, is trining Mercury, facilitating its influence, and also in a minor aspect known as a semisextile with Pluto.  A semi-sextile typically brings an irritation or friction.  The Moon is in an Air sign which has an obvious relationship to a tornado and is also opposite Jupiter, which would increase the influence.

This chart, like the one for Amtrak, also has that ongoing aspect pattern I call a Course Adjustment Loop which involves Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter and has been around for a while.  Last summer we had that Saturn - Uranus quincunx which stirred a few things up and it's apparent that this one will be contributing to various events this spring.  My basic interpretation of this grouping is that an unexpected crisis demands an adjustment which then proceeds easily in the new direction. 

At the time of this tornado, Pluto was in the 2nd house which includes material possessions, needs, comforts and pleasures.  Pluto, of course, has a bad reputation as the ruler of death but he also rules over rebirth and regeneration.  The square to Uranus in Aries, a rather volatile combination with the planet of upsets, disturbances, unexpected events and rebellion in an energetic Fire sign ruled by Mars, the god of war.  The square between Uranus and Pluto has been ongoing and definitely stirring things up around the world.  Pluto is associated with power, control and corruption as well as exposure of the same, specifically in Capricorn which includes corporation and government authority.  Uranus, on the other hand, is about freedom and rebellion.  So all you have to do is flip on the news to see that one in action.  These vibes are all pervasive and thus affect the weather as well.  Jupiter, often considered a benefic planet, in my experience is actually neutral; he simply increases and exaggerates what he touches, for good or ill.  He's the final member of this triad and being opposed by the Moon, as noted earlier. 

My own speculations are that this would have been a lot worse if that Course Adjustment Loop had fallen in different houses.  The 2nd, 5th and 9th are relatively friendly, especially when compared to those with a less favorable reputation like the 6th, 8th and 12th.  If you're an astrologer you know what I mean.  If you're not, it's a bit of a miracle you made it this far.  The 2nd house is material possessions, the 5th is often associated with identity, self-expression, creativity, children, romance, entertainment and speculation while the 9th is beliefs and expectations, philosophy of life, higher learning, other cultures and things of a social nature.  Jupiter is accidentally dignified in the 9th house, which would facilitate his positive side, which includes optimism and faith.  While this was an horrific event for the unfortunate people who were affected by it, it could have been much worse given harsher aspects.  For example, it could have struck a school during the day, which has happened before.  Take a look at the tornados I examined astrologically back in 2013 for comparison.  This was horrible for those who lost everything (very Plutonian, by the way) but considering the damage, the loss of life could have been far worse.

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