The New Moon on June 8 hit Paula Deen's chart like a train and quickly derailed her career.  What was going on?

Personally, I am not a fan and never was, long before she was called out for a racial slur which involved use of the "N-word," a story which first broke on June 19, 2013 according to USA Today.  Someone who has amassed huge piles of money for promoting unhealthy eating is not someone I consider worthy of being idolized given the epidemic of obesity in the USA these days.  Then, on top of that she admitted to being diabetic three years after being diagnosed, a natural result of consuming a fat and carb-laden diet, but instead of cleaning up her eating habits she jumped onboard as a promoter for Big Pharma company Novo Nordisk, a major producer of insulin.  Sorry, folks, but that's not my kind of heroine.  To date she's been fired by the Food Network, lost her job as spokeswoman for Smithfield Foods, and has definitely fallen from grace in the public eye as well as being mocked with some rather amusing recipe spoofs on Twitter.  But my main point is not to editorialize on the situation but rather to use it as a good illustration of how astrological transits can influence a significant event, in this case a major downfall. 

Typically lunations are the trigger for important events, favorable and otherwise.  This is easily demonstrated by comparing the lunation chart for the June 8th New Moon with Paula Deen's birth chart.  Her birth time is not available which means the location of her ascendant is unknown and would undoubtedly have been involved with such a personalized event but unfortunately can't be included.  Oh, well.  And by the way, the news reporters have gotten her age wrong, it is NOT 61.  The main point is that even using natural houses where the Sun's location determines the first house instead of the ascendant you can get a clear view that something was on the way.  Many astrologers denigrate this form of "Sun Sign Astrology" but they can't deny that it often works.

First a quick delineation of her natal chart.  Note that given the late Sagittarius degree of her Moon, if her birth time is actually in the afternoon or evening she will have a Capricorn Moon. The rolling stellium comprising Mars, Mercury and the Sun in her 1st house trining Jupiter certainly explain a lot about her ambition and success.  A sextile pattern such as the one connecting Venus, Neptune and the Pluto-Saturn conjunction is often an indicator of talent.  Venus is the natural ruler of indulgences with her location in the 12th easily associated with hidden enemies or even self-undoing.  Neptune is dreamy and can be unrealistic and placed in Libra, a sign that is drawn to beauty and fine things.  Pluto in Leo in the 8th implies intense, transformational experiences which this triad alone echoing the current situation.

The natural Midheaven, indicative of one's career or public image, is ruled by Venus which also rules the 5th of creativity which fits a career as a chef.  Unpredictable Uranus in the 6th house of work, health, service and pets, suggests an unusual job and also one in a service industry.  The opposition between Uranus and Venus in the 12th hint at the unhealthy nature of the food she promoted and how it would generate criticism.  Her chart is pretty close to a classic locomotive pattern which implies a leader or someone driven by ambition with Uranus leading the pack.  Minor planet, Eris, is in Aries forming a partile trine with Saturn, her sign ruler, which suggests some level of discord in her life.  The asteroids Chaos and Phaethon, the "crash and burn" asteroid, are semisextile in the same degree.

Now let's look at the biwheel of her natal chart and the June 8 lunation in Savannah, Georgia where her television show aired from.  It's hard to miss the significance of the New Moon being in partile (same degree) conjunction with natal Uranus, modern ruler of her 2nd house of income.  Venus, ruler of her Midheaven which is not only career but also reputation and public image, is in a quincunx with Mercury, harbinger of news and information, and also being trined by transiting Uranus which is also trining Pluto.  Here's a classic example that trines are not always a good thing, but simply an easy exchange of energy.  Uranus and Pluto are typically malefic.

Transiting Pluto is in her 1st house and squaring Neptune in her 10th house.  Pluto exposes corruption and Neptune makes things disappear.  Like careers and reputation, in this case.  Her sign ruler, Saturn, is squaring natal Saturn, a personal crisis if I've ever seen one.

All those blue lines are quincunxes, an aspect that is also known as a inconjunct and indicates the need for an adjustment or change of course.  Jupiter, ruler of her 12th house of self-undoing and transiting her 6th house of work, is quincunx natal Mars and Mercury, both in the 1st house conjunct her Sun.  And look at that loaded 6th house of work!  Mars is sextile Saturn, again a supposed "soft" aspect between two malefics which translates as a personal attack at work.  Besides the New Moon/Sun combo and Jupiter there is also the asteroids Chaos and Phaethon as well as Mars, ruler of her 4th house of endings.  Who says Sun Sign astrology doesn't work?  Hmmmmm?  We don't know for sure where her natal Moon is located but I would guess that it would make sense if it were right around 26 - 27 degrees Sagittarius, which would give it an opposition from Jupiter and quincunx from the lunation Midheaven, which would place her birth time in the morning.  Just saying.

So not to forget Eris, she's partile conjunct natal Phaethon, Mr. Crash and Burn, and semi-sextile natal Chaos, also in the house of endings.  Transiting Neptune in the 3rd of news and information is quincunx (again partile) Saturn, sign ruler and also in the 8th house of transformation as well as the house of death, figurative and otherwise.  The New Moon's ascendant is on the natural cusp of the 9th house of broadcasts and legal matters.  You can expect in such a life-changing event that the Lunar Nodes will be involved and indeed they are with Pluto with 5 minutes of arc from being exact from a semi-sextile between the South Node and Pluto.  The South Node typically indicates something going out of your life and in this chart is in the 12th house of self-undoing.  No connection there, eh?  On June 19th, the day this story broke and her world began to crumble, Mercury and Jupiter were conjunct by transit and quincunx her natal Sun, indicating a definite change of direction.  Ya think?

Okay, I know I said I'd keep this short and for someone with a Virgo ascendant believe me, it is.  But I think I've proven my point. Actually, two of them.  One, that astrology works and two, so do natural houses.  So there.  :-p

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