October 14, 2023


This eclipse is one of several that has an important bearing on the United States. The total eclipse that was visible from coast to coast on 21 August 2017 is where this drama began, though this has been evolving for far longer. Note that when an eclipse path crosses a country it indicates a people divided. I doubt anyone would argue that such occurred. I'm in the progress of writing a book about these eclipses since their scope far exceeds this blog. What you'll find below addresses primarily the eclipse on 14 October 2023, an annular eclipse, that will be visible in parts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, and Oregon. While eclipses are felt astrologically across the planet as a whole, both on the mundane and personal level, the impact is typically most dramatic along their path of visibility. Buckle up, folks, because this one isn't going to be a nothing burger. (Above picture taken 10/14/2023 in Lubbock, TX)

This eclipse is annular, the term for when the moon fails to entirely cover the Sun, resulting in a "ring of fire" eclipse, and thus the name "annular." This occurs when the Moon's orbit is at apogee, its farthest point from the Earth, and thus appears the smallest. Conversely, a "super moon" occurs when it's at perigee, or closest.

It occurs at 21:08 Libra and is a member of the eclipse family astologer Bernadette Brady defines as Saros Series 7 South, or Saros Cycle 134 #44. Brady's description in her book, "Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark," declares regarding this entire family of eclipses:

"The immense power, anger and force of the Mars square Pluto is channeled into this family of eclipses via the trine. The individual experiencing this series will find that huge obstacles will suddenly and easily clear or, on the negative side, a pending potential crisis will suddenly manifest and move through his or her life very rapidly. Either way the individual will feel that everything is moving at great speed."

(Note that Brady's mention of a Mars-Pluto square and trine relate to the first eclipse of this family that began June 22, 1248. Subsequent eclipses retain the flavor of the first one in the series.)

The path of visibility crosses the American Southwest. It does not intersect the path of the 2017 eclipse, but converges with it when it reaches the Pacific Ocean. (When eclipse paths cross it has additional implications that I'll get to at a future time.) This one will leave its mark on Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California and Oregon. Some of that territory includes the Navajo Nation and other reservations, which suggests implications for Native Americans.

Considering the path follows the USA's southern border and thus the states most affected by immigration issues, there's no telling what this could bring, but I'd bet dollars to donuts that's going to be an issue. Millions of illegals, which include thousands of terrorists, have entered this country since Biden opened the borders. We've already seen how this eclipse affected Iran and Israel. Muslim leaders are even calling for a "day of rage." (https://amgreatness.com/2023/10/11/hamas-leader-calls-for-global-day-of-rage-on-friday-this-is-the-time-for-jihad/)

The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, the Lunar South Node, Zeus, and Apollon in the 9th house indicate considerable influence on ambassadors, higher education, courts, religious institutions, and the media. It's not too hard to see how a war in the Middle East fits. In generalized astrology the 9th includes other cultures and foreign travel, your belief system, expectations, politics, religion and legal matters. However, depending on where you live, the eclipse could occur in a different house and affect a different part of your life. Check your natal chart for the house location of 21:08 Libra to find out.

Mars is dignified in Scorpio where he wields considerable power as its traditional ruler. His trine with Saturn, with both in anaretic degrees, increases the influence. Don't think that trines are always favorable. All a a trine or sextile indicates is an easy flow of energy between two planets. When both are malefic by nature, it's not likely to be favorable.

Saturn in the 2nd house, which includes finances, treasury, and resources in general, could indicate money wars to jeopardize the dollar, which is already in freefall. Rumors are flying about a digital currency being imposed upon the USA which would ultimately put the government in complete control of your finances. It could also indicate an invasion from foreign sources that threatens our general well-being.

Saturn opposes Venus in Virgo, the sign where she's in a condition known as "fall," meaning her energy is incompatible with her zodiacal environment. Saturn rules the 2nd house while Venus rules the 9th. Her debilitated state does not provide any protection for the activity hailing from the 9th house. Saturn is in Pisces, the sign that embodies both the martyr and the savior.

The quincunx between the eclipse and Uranus in the 4th, which includes land, history and historical self-perception, family policies, and the opposition party, is another clue of sudden change in a new direction. Generally, the 4th is also the house of endings and new beginnings. While the Midheaven, or 10th house cusp, is where the Sun is at noon, the Imum Coeli, or 4th house cusp, is where it is at Midnight, or the start of a new day.

Uranus's involvement indicates unexpected and potentially disruptive events that can range from explosions to new technologies or some sort of political action that's going to facilitate a shift in direction.

Or, I might add, all of the above.

Eclipses are powerful and affect the entire planet, though their influence is heaviest along their path of visibility.


Eclipse guru, Bill Meridian, uses the Trans-Neptunian planets in his very accurate interpretations of eclipses. They include: Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus and Poseidoe. As with the asteroids, they lend another layer of detail beyond the planets alone. The following definitions are mostly based on Meridian's descriptions in his book "The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths." I've added nicknames as mnemonic devices, which I need if you don't. LOL.

Cupido (The Facilitator): Cupido in his most basic sense represents the urge to merge, the gathering together of a like-minded group. He is 04:54 Capricorn in the 12th house, which includes charities, prisons, secret police and spies. In general astrology, this is the house of spirituality, hidden enemies, self-undoing, dreams and visions. His quincunx to Admetos in the 5th house of children, entertainment, sports, the Senate and national identity suggests a shift in direction. The U.S. self-identity as a sovereign nation has been systematically eroded the past few years as part of the push for a world government. Watch for more aggressive moves in this direction.

Hades (The Destroyer): Hades at 13:42 Cancer symbolizes anything that is base, unprincipled and downright evil. It rules ruins, carnage, decay, and deprivation. He has no respect for the laws of nature, which causes damage and pain. Hades is in the 6th house conjunct the 7th cusp. The 6th house includes the working class, farmers, army, labor unions, hospitals and healthcare. This implies armies on the border of nations with whom we have a treaty or alliance. Remember this eclipse darkens a path along the U.S. southern border. Hades conjunct the descendant bodes badly for foreign relations. It implies total annihilation, a sh*t storm of some description. This points toward the Israel - Iran war, which occurred before the eclipse, but within its realm of influence. How will that action affect the U.S.?

Zeus (Thunder): Surely everyone is familiar with Zeus who's at 23:30 Libra. His function is to project the self, including leadership and directed energy (like in thunderbolts). He's in the 9th house of ambassadors, higher education, courts, religious institutions and the media or your beliefs and expectations, as noted earlier. This is where a cluster of planets and the eclipse itself are located. His influence emphasizes the message of this eclipse in an unmistakable way. This energy is further fueled by his quincunx with Uranus in the 4th house. This could easily relate to problems with any USA interests in the Middle East or issues with our allies. Sudden change facilitated by the eclipse's quincunx with Uranus will get an extra boost from Zeus.

Kronos (Mastery): Kronos is virtually the opposite of Hades. He rules all that is excellent and in tune with the laws of nature. He elevates what he touches. His presence in the 7th house at 15:33 Cancer relates to treaties, alliances, and our relationship with other countries. On the positive side he represents executing anything in a masterful manner. His negative side relates to such things as government bureaucracies and red tape.

Apollon (Diplomat): Per astrologer, Bill Meridian, he represents "peace, commerce, honors, fame, and cross-cultural exchange." He relates to multitudes, growth, and that which affects many. (Remember that "peace" and "freedom" are not synonymous or necessarily compatible.) He's in the 9th house with the eclipse entourage, but at 05:11 Scorpio.

Admentos (Distiller): This represents such things as compression, density, circular motion, concentration and penetration. Meridian compares it to a drill. He's at 04:08 Gemini in the 5th House. The quincunx between Apollon and Admetos coupled with their house placements indicates involvement of the senate, children, sports, or the entertainment industry. Many will be affected. This could involve a major legislative or court decision related to one of those matters, but its intent and effect will be highly focused.

Vulcanus (Transformer): He symbolizes great power and potential. He magnifies what he encounters, whether for good or evil. I see him as a combination of Jupiter and Pluto. I nicknamed him the Transformer after the electrical components in a power grid. He's in the 7th house of treaties, alliances, partners, and personal relationships. His quincunx to Cupido suggests a change of direction with our allies, but his 12th house position throws a caution flag of whether they can be trusted.

Poseidon (Clarity): This lord of the deep represents clarity and ideally enlightenment, similar to his fellow ruler of the deep, Neptune. In a negative sense he relates to politics, education, and philosophy, including propaganda. He's located in the 10th house, which represents the president and public opinion. His trine with Kronos in the 7th indicates the U.S. position will be unmistakable. If this chart resonates with your natal chart this implies any relationship issues you may be involved with at this time will be clear.

Thus, the trans-Neptunians will have these influences, though what is described here is based on the house structure tied to Washington, D.C. Its influence on other countries will be slightly different as far as where the influence is felt.

Clearly the eclipse has had a very dire effect on the Middle East.

Is Armageddon in our immediate future?

This is the U.S. "Birth" chart cast for July 4, 1776. Some use alternative charts, but this is the date most consider to mark when the United States was "born." Others consider it simply when we rebelled against the Crown, which is true, with others considering charts when we legally became a country and had a treaty with the Crown the true birth of the US. However, this is the one I typically use and have found it represents the transit-motivated happenings in this country with reasonable accuracy.


Apollon quincunx Hades is the only major aspect between these minor planets. A quincunx requires an adjustment or can sometimes result in a Catch-22 where the energy can't be resolved. The irresistable force versus the immovable object, if you will.

When you look as these as the Diplomat and the Destroyer, their sign placement energies are likewise antithetical, adding to the volatility. Logical Gemini, a mutable Air sign, and passionate Scorpio, a fixed Water sign, have nothing in common by modality or element. Apollon in the 6th distributes information to unify the working class, farmers, labor unions, and the healthcare industry, hoping for a peaceful convocation. Hades, on the other hand, has nothing positive to convey to Congress or groups, which we can assume include government agencies, lobbyists, and various other associations that represent specific causes of ideologies.

Hades' presence in this house lends an inherently destructive influence that has evolved over the past two-hundred forty-seven years. "The squeaky wheel gets the oil" comes to mind along with "the silent majority." People who are satisfied don't protest. Anger is a natural companion to those who do.

While an opposition seeks balance, a quincunx is unstable and not inclined toward mutually acceptable compromise. Rather it waits until one or the other has an advantage, perhaps through a favorable aspect from a lunation. For example, if a hypothetical New Moon in Cancer trines Hades, infusing him with emotional energy, that's likely to express as rage, while its semisextile to Apollon brings friction and annoyance, giving Hades the advantage.

Their sign placements are likewise incompatible. Apollon is in logical, objective, data-driven Gemini while Hades is in passionate Scorpio. Each will function well in its respective sign, but never the twain shall meet.

Note that Apollon (01:27 Gemini) and Hades (00:48 Scorpio) in the Sibley chart are both anaretic, the former slightly less so.


Referred to as anaretic, the first degree or so a planet or asteroid is infused with a new cosmic environment that grabs its attention. He's alert to the sudden change and acclimating, like visiting a new city or country for the first time. Situational awareness at the cosmic level, if you will. How does it feel? How will it influence his function? Is it comfortable? Stressful? Stubborn? Receptive? Will it exacerbate or squelch his characteristics?

By the time he reaches the sign's last degree or two, which is also considered anaretic, he's saturated with energy absorbed during his transit. If a retrograde cycle within that sign prolonged his stay, it will be even stronger. He's like someone in the town where he grew up where everything is familiar. He knows his environment, his purpose there, and how to express himself in the most effective manner.

This biwheel integrating the eclipse with the US Sibley chart provides additional insights. The eclipse itself blasts the 10th house that includes the president, ruling party, and national reputation. The trine to Sibley Mars in the 7th suggests aggression from other countries.  The Sun is in fall in Libra, however, and being eclipsed by the Moon, ruler of the 8th house of mortality.  What is this trying to tell us?

Witnessing the total eclipse August 21, 2027 did not give me a good feeling. My impression? That God  was withdrawing his light. I comprehended how it would be terrifying for those who believed the Sun represented God and did not understand the celestial mechanics.

Today we understand the mechanics, but not the effects. Astrology and seeing "signs in the heavens and the earth beneath" are now considered little more than myth. Am I the only one who sees the irony of the period in history known as "The Enlightenment" debunking ancient knowledge with science?

Or was the intent more devious? Were they simply depriving the common man of esoteric wisdom so they could keep it for their own advantage and control the populace?

Uranus is trining Sibley Neptune, bringing emphasis to the 5th and 9th houses. Uranus implies the unexpected while Neptune can be illusive. Are things as they appear or not? There has been so much deception the past few years it's difficult to know fact from fiction. Neptune represents spies in mundane astrology. Consider the fact the US claims to have had an intelligence failure in not knowing the conflict in the Middle East was about to explode into an overt war.

The eclipse's ascendant opposes the Sibley Sun. This makes it personal. The Sun typically indicates the president with this emphasis in the 1st house suggesting that the people are not going to agree with whatever the president is doing with regard to the conflict.

Note that Hades is conjunct the Sun, which isn't good. That alone is a very troubling influence with the sextile from eclipse Jupiter accelerating the situation.

Vulcanus' influence in the 8th house of death and destruction represents great power, suggesting this will be a major conflict. His semi-sextile with Sibley Venus shows friction with our allies. Eclipse Venus in Virgo, the sign of her fall, might get some assistance from Sibley Jupiter, perhaps help from our allies.

Saturn in the 3rd house quincunx Sibley Midheaven shows a shift in status for the USA. The communication infrastructure of the US could be affected in a detrimental manner. Blogs and local opinions are not likely to be supportive of action taken by the powers that be.

Eclipse Mars conjunct Sibley Hades is another destructive energy burst. Both are in Scorpio, the sign that rules the zodiacal 8th house of death and destruction. This combined with Eclipse Hades conjunct the Sibley Sun are ominous indicators.


No single aspect or event defines any fated event. There are typically at least seven, usually on the same day. There are other preparatory astrological events related to the US the preceded this eclipse, though the one in August 2017 likewise has a strong bearing. Its path of visibility went from coast to coast, suggesting a divided country. I doubt anyone would argue that we have definitely seen that in the past six years.

More recently Pluto completed three passes of the Sibley Pluto Return cycle December 29, 2022. Pluto returns occur approximately every 248 years, give or take a year or so. If democracies tend to fail around 250 years it appears that the transformational (or sometimes cleansing) effects of Pluto have a bearing.

Pluto recently contacted the 27th degree of Capricorn yet again, but without making it all the way back to exactness at 27:33. Nonetheless, this was a strong conjunction that boosted the Plutonian influences, especially since it stationed direct at that degree. Stations activate degrees similar to eclipses.

The Lunar North Node contacts the eclipse degree of 21:08 Libra on New Years Eve, i.e. December 31, 2023. The Sun contacts that degree January 18, 2024, so that's another date to keep an eye on. When Mars makes it to that degree on February 10, 2024 expect something to occur related to this eclipse that will also represent a preamble to the upcoming 8 April 2024 eclipse. An eclipse whose path divides the U.S. from east to west and forms an X with the one in 2017 in Illinois and an X with this one in Texas.

More on that one as the event draws closer.

Brace yourself, folks. This isn't going to be a nothing-burger.

This map shows the paths of the 2017 eclipse, which runs northwest from South Carolina to Oregon; the 2023 eclipse delineated in this blog, which runs northwest through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, and Oregon; and the one coming on 8 April 2024 that runs southwest from Maine across New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Arkansas, and Texas into Mexico and beyond. Eclipse paths that cross increase the effects and paths that bisect a country indicate division. Since the 2017 eclipse it's apparent that this is not a random theory but one that manifests. I will address this triad as well as other eclipses that particularly influenced the 2020 debacle in a book.

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