Have you had a mid-life crisis?  Are you expecting one anytime soon? Recently a question was posted on Quora about which sun sign was most likely to experience one. I wrote an answer, but it didn't post for some reason, so I'm adding it here since I think my response contained some useful information.

There are lots of causes for a mid-life crisis. Much depends on how satisfied a person is with their life. It it sucks due to a chain of bad decisions, the likelihood of having a crisis in definitely increased. This could happen to any zodiac sign, largely because everyone is a complex mixture of various energies that contribute to their stability or lack thereof. This also determines how they will react. It also depends of which part of your life is affected. The good news is that astrology can help you know not only what's likely to be a target, but give you some idea when to expect its arrival.


Easy. There's a predictable astrological aspect that triggers it. Around 42 years of age, give or take a few years, everyone will experience a Uranus - Uranus opposition. Uranus is the cosmic trouble maker in numerous ways. He rules surprises, upsets, disruptions, rebellions, explosions, breakthroughs, flashes of brilliance, freedom, technology, unrest, electricity, and so forth. His hallmark is unpredictability. Whatever you think he'll do is seldom what happens. Nonetheless, in this context figuring that out is usually doable. When transiting Uranus opposes your natal Uranus' placement, sparks will fly. The good news is that exactly how this manifests will depend on the signs and houses the respective planets occupy. That will indicate where this unrest is going to occur. That's a better indicator of what to expect versus a personís Sun sign. Everyone who makes it to the age where this occurs is going to encounter a period of unrest in some area of their life. Since no one's life is entirely compartmentalized, naturally the effects are going to splash on other areas. But the main issue will be concentrated in the houses Uranus occupies natally and by transit. These will be houses that oppose each other, or what are known as polar houses. The matters this duo addresses tends to be complementary in some way. manner,                                                                                                                       

For example, if the 1st and 7th houses are involved, itís likely to involve personal freedom versus responsibility to a relationship. If your marriage is weak or has systemic issues, it will be a target. If you're not married or that part of your life is in order, then it's likely to strike your relationship with others whether it's business partners or close friends or particularly troublesome relatives or in-laws.

If the 2nd and 8th are involved, itís like to be about finances and the balance (or lack thereof) between income and debt. Money matters is one of the biggest causes of marital contention, so of course this will leak back into the 1st and 7th houses as well. By the time you're in your mid-thirties to forties you've established spending patterns. Do you live outside your means? By a little or a lot? Sure, you have at least twenty years until the usual retirement age, but have you thought about it at all? Are you barely keeping up with interest payments on your debt? One very simple rule to remember is you're either paying out interest or collecting it. Granted, interest on savings the past few decades has been pathetic, which doesn't encourage saving. But paying it out is never beneficial to your financial health. Could you make it through a month without your credit card(s)? If your finances are in the black, then you have probably managed this part of your life well. Otherwise, you've painted a target on yourself to have a day of reckoning when Uranus comes calling.

The 3rd and 9th house combo is likely to involve a strong shakeup in a personís thought processes, experience, and prevailing belief system. The 3rd house comprises your thoughts, ideas, siblings, neighbors, and local travel. Thus, if you have your head on straight, one of those other items might take the hit. The 9th house if your belief system and philosophy of life. This evolves over time based on your upbringing and life experience, which originate in your 3rd house. You learn or experience something and the end result or what you ultimately learn from it takes up residence in the 9th. This includes areas where these opinions accumulate such as religious beliefs, political leanings, higher learning, views toward other cultures, and long-distance or foreign travel. After living with your opinions and view of life for roughly 20 years of your adult life, you may make some discoveries that cause you to re-examine your former conclusions. It's been said that if you're not a liberal at 20 you're heartless but if you're not a conservative at 40 you're an idiot. Some of y'all might think I should apologize for that, but it's not my original quote, I've also observed that those with liberal leanings tend to have a lot more financial issues than conservatives, which is one place where the 2nd/8th house issues could splash into these houses. You may have cause to question your religion or the platforms of those you support politically more carefully now that you've been living out in the world for awhile. This is what maturity is all about.

The 4th and 10th houses invites conflicts between home and career responsibilities. By mid-life some are just reaching the pinnacle of their career. This typically demands hard work, potentially long hours, possibly travel, and if nothing else, mental and physical demands on those supporting the household. If you're single and don't have any children, then this usually won't be much of an issue. Your work or career can be your life and as long as you're happy, then there's not a problem. However, I don't think I need to point out the many ways this could be a problem if you're in a committed relationship and/or have children at home. Big demands in these two important parts of life don't take long to reach a crisis point. Solving it is never simple. Do you need to simplify your life so you have more time for family? Moving to a smaller house, driving an older car, and giving up those things you may have become too attached to while your income increased are not simple.  You can see how this could easily leak into the previous three polarities as well. This is why finding the root cause, which is being triggered by the Uranus opposition, can usually lead the way to resolving it.

If itís the 5th and 11th, it could involve a person feeling lost in the crowd or not attaining their goals in creative expression. The 5th house includes your self-identity, children, creativity, speculation and all means of self-expression. Clearly a big one here could be "children." The situation is going to obviously depend on if you have any and what age they are. If, perchance, they are teenagers, that's a target-rich environment for creating a period of trouble. You could question whether having a difficult child constitutes a mid-life crisis. Fact of the matter is when Uranus starts messing with your chart, anything in range is going to get stirred up. Maybe you are psychologically mature and secure in every possible way so any antics your spawn might engage in do not trouble you. For normal people, however, that don't have a perfect grip on parenthood, this could be a major crisis. If nothing else, you may question why you had kids in the first place. I've always believed that the teens are Mother Nature's way of avoiding the "empty nest syndrome" when they leave. You know, when you help them pack as opposed to cry when they leave.

The 11th house is where your friends, groups, associations, and goals reside. Issues there could affect your self-image or relationship with your children. For example, if you're over-subscribed in group activities, maybe your children feel slighted and start demanding attention. Maybe you've been pursuing a long-term goal passionately for years and now your kids are demanding more of your time and energy. Some consider your creative acts the children of your mind as opposed to those that share your DNA (or family, if they're adopted.) Similar to the 4th/10th house dichotomies, this is again a matter of not having enough hours in the day to do everything you'd like.

The 6th and 12th invite conflicts between your job and spiritual values or possibly health issues that destabilize life in general. The 6th house contains your work, volunteer work, health, and pets. The 12th is such things as your dreams, visions, spirituality, unconscious mind, institutions, prisons, hospitals, self-defeating behaviors and hidden enemies. In general it's the house of seclusion and isolation. If 6th house matters are consuming your entire life, then your self-care is most likely lacking. Your spirit will only tolerate neglect for so long before it rebels. This can come in the form a disease, a mental breakdown, or simply a bad case of burnout. It's about doing too much versus self-care. It's a time to reassess your priorities and decide what needs to be done to restore balance. Regardless of how many other responsibilities you may have, taking care of yourself is paramount. It's unlikely that anyone else will do so for you. Some may consider that selfish, but if you wind up in a rubber room, who's going to do all those things on your behalf? This polarity is similar to the 4th/10th and 5th and 11th crises, but more personal. Are you truly happy with your life? The only one who can fix it is you.

The important thing with a midlife crisis is to figure out the true cause, then do something about it. My midlife crisis many years ago drove me to return to college when I was 35 years old with six kids at home to get a physics degree so I could get a decent job. As a Capricorn, I could smell the crisis coming, even though at the time I didnít know squat about astrology much less what it meant to have a Uranus opposition. In other words, it's going to hit whether you're aware of the trigger or not. Looking back at the ephemeris I found that as soon as Uranus went into Sagittarius, the sign opposite Gemini, where my natal Uranus is located, I assessed my situation and took action. By the time the actual opposition aspect struck I was a junior in college. When it became exact in December of my senior year, I was offered a job with a start-up company associated with Utah State University where I was going to school. Things were good.

Due to retrograde motion, Uranus will typically form an exact opposition three times. When the retrograde opposition came, my old dream to work for NASA woke up. On the final opposition, I attended a trade show in Houston where I made contact with a NASA manager who ultimately helped me find a job with a NASA contractor. A Uranus opposition is likely to change your entire life in some way or another. Uranus for me was in my 4th and 10th houses. My home life changed, even moved to another state, and at 40 my career took off. Around that same time I was also experiencing a Saturn trine Saturn transit that pushed me to make major changes to mine and my family life in general, which no doubt related to moving from Utah to Texas.

The key to managing this life cycle is to address it and fix whatís wrong. The Universe is giving you a wake-up call. By that age you have hopefully learned a few things through experience and should be able to figure out anything that needs to change. Denying past mistakes will not make the consequences go away. Work with the energy and itís less likely to be disturbing. In my case, there were shakeups and it was far from easy, but the surprise elements of Uranus manifested, to delivering opportunities once I decided what I needed to do. The Universe will help you once you make up your mind what you need to do.


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