What happened to Malaysia Flight 370?  At this writing, ten days after the plane disappeared, there are still no answers.   No debris has been found or any other evidence of it ditching, it doesn't appear that any of the passengers used their cell phones to contact family, and there are differences regarding various other facts related to its loss.  Some officials are stating that the evidence indicates the plane was hijacked.  Its altitude following its last transmission went as high as 45,000 feet which, combined with a depressurized cabin, would incapacitate passengers and crew.  Tampering with the communication devices such as the transponder is also indicative of a hijacking.

The chart for the takeoff has the chart ruler, Jupiter, in the 8th house which includes death, fear and intense experiences, which doesn't bode well for its fate. The T-square that includes Jupiter, Uranus (natural ruler of airplanes) and Pluto (modern ruler of the 12th house and natural ruler of hijackers or hidden corruption and secrecy) is another unfavorable indicator.  The 12th house is usually considered malefic and includes such things as hidden enemies, delusions, and other dimensions.  Saturn, ruler of the 2nd and 3rd houses, is in the 12th squaring Mercury.  Saturn is retrograde and likewise a serious, karmic and often unfriendly planet associated with unfortunate events.  Mercury, ruler of the Midheaven could represent the pilot which is in the house of information.  The square to Saturn could indicate a mistake on the part of the pilot, perhaps based on incorrect data or some sort of malfunction. It could also represent confrontation by a hijacker.  The fact that Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception, i.e. the sign the other rules, also suggests a connection between them.  In other words, if Saturn does represent a hijacker, the connection with Pluto makes sense.  This does not exclude the possibility that the pilot was involved, however.

Passengers are often associated with the sign, Gemini, where the Moon, ruler of the 8th house of death, is placed and setting.  The Moon is within the 6th house of health, work and service with the square with Neptune implying the possibility of the plane ditching in the water.  Neptune at the bottom of the chart has implications for the plane being in the depths of the ocean as well, particularly considering the trine to Jupiter, ruler of the chart, also in a water sign, and representative of the flight itself.  Obviously of the thousands of flights that occur daily several of them will have 8th house planets and aspects which will not result in problems.  Nonetheless, an event chart will capture its essence.  Neptune could also indicate asphyxiation or loss of cabin pressure as suggested by news reports.

Those of you familiar with astrological charts may be wondering which planet is placed in the 5th house next to the Lunar South Node.  It's white and looks similar to Mercury but it's actually the asteroid, Phaethon, son of Apollo, who lost control of the Sun God's chariot and crashed into the Sun because he over-estimated his abilities.  This asteroid is often associated with accidents.  The quincunx to Saturn suggests a change of course or direction and being the "crash and burn" asteroid likewise does not look favorable placed in the 5th house, which includes speculations and ego.  Perhaps difficulties were encountered that went beyond the skill of the crew to negotiate.  Nonetheless, evidence regarding the plane's location and altitude suggests a positive degree of piloting skill.

Mars retrograde and unaspected in Libra in the 11th house of groups suggests the numerous countries participating in the search yet not necessarily working together in an organized manner.  Being retrograde points toward the lack of progress and not getting anywhere with the search.  Note that the Sun, ruler of the 9th house that includes long-distance travel, is in a water sign at the bottom of the chart which suits the trip across water but could also be indicative of ditching, especially with the asteroid, Chiron, the "wounded healer" between Neptune and the Sun. The Sun rules the 9th house, which includes long distance travel, other cultures, as well as beliefs and expectations with the Sun in the house of endings and new beginnings, which could also relate to a hijacker.  Neptune is the planet of deception as well with its prominence in this chart indicative of numerous possibilities.

Looking at the chart for the last transmission received at 1:21 a.m. suggests the conditions at that time.  This, likewise, does not look favorable though several planets have changed houses providing slightly different implications.  Mercury, Neptune, Chiron and the Sun in the 3rd house of thoughts, ideas, and the local environment could indicate that the plane was not only over water but headed toward it, even though the transmission itself was nominal.  Or were they hiding something, given the square to Saturn in the 12th, which could indicate misinformation?  There could have been instrumentation problems that caused confusion.  The Moon was below the horizon and it was literally the middle of the night.  Depending on weather conditions, confusion could have resulted in not being able to tell the difference between the sky and water.  The trine from Jupiter to Neptune could further increase this confusion or illusion.  Scorpio, the sign that rules death, on the 12th house cusp of both charts isn't a good sign, either.

The prognosis for the passengers and crew does not look good and the length of time which has passed with no contact supports bad news.  The fact that, if it was hijacked, that no demands have been made also places that theory into question though Malaysian authorities seem confident that or piracy are involved.  It is also possible that they know something that they are not disclosing at this time.

As always, when the truth comes out, which it usually does at some point, the chart will make more sense since astrology always does work better when blended with 20:20 hindsight.  Meanwhile this remains a sad and tragic situation for the family of the over 200 people onboard.  As more information comes available check back for updates if they further clarify the chart.


The news so far seems to indicate that the plane went down in the ocean, which is supported by the article reference below written by a pilot that theorizes that that plane suffered an electrical fire.  Based on that premise, I decided to check the placement of two asteroids that could be relevant, Atlantis (for obvious reasons since Atlantis is believed to be at the bottom of the ocean) and Sedna, Inuit goddess of the sea.  I found it interesting that these two asteroids were in a hard aspect known as a T-square with Saturn.  They are shown in the chart below without lines designating the aspect, but you can see that all three are at 23 degrees with Saturn in the 12th house, Sedna in the 6th and Atlantis in the 9th. 

The house placement is significant since Saturn in the 12th suggests that the plane may never be found and both asteroids imply the depths of the sea.  Atlantis in the 9th indicates long-distance travel and foreign locations while the 6th house has various meanings including health and well being,  daily activities and jobs that include service to others (such as airline personnel) and those you employ.  The asteroid, Phaethon, representative of a crash, is also in aspect with Sedna, Atlantis and Saturn.  Atlantis squares Saturn, Phaethon trines Atlantis, and Phaethon is quincunx Saturn, an unstable aspect that tends to operate like Uranus, thus bringing the unexpected. The semi-sextile between Phaethon and Sedna shows friction and implies a crash into water.

These unfortunate aspect patterns further support my first impression that the plane is lost in the depths of the ocean based on Neptune at the lowest part of the chart as well as the 4th house, which includes one's home environment, i.e. the plane's new "home." 

As far as the fire is concerned, it's worth noting that the ongoing, long-term T-square between Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter is generally causing all sorts of problems with electronics which could point toward computer issues as well as the potential for fire with its placement in a Fire sign (Aries); Uranus rules electronics as well as airplanes and explosions, too, for that matter.  Mars is the typical significator of fires, but that planet is retrograde and in debility which inhibits his power.  However, it could indicate a lot of smoke as opposed to open flame, which would make it more difficult to find.  This seems to further point toward crashing into the ocean as opposed to being hijacked, though of course such an action could have resulted in that eventuality.  I would have expected to see something like Mars or Pluto in the 7th house of open enemies if it was hijacked; however, Mars retrograde in the 11th house of groups could conceivably represent a failed hijacking attempt, so the chart doesn't discount it entirely, especially with Mars unaspected, meaning its not connected with any of the other planets.

Another thought on Mercury, which I noted could represent the pilot as ruler of the 10th house which includes authorities, managers, heads of state and so forth.  Mercury also rules the 7th house which includes cliental, which would represent the passengers.  The square to Saturn in the 12th seems to indicate that they are lost.  In addition, the 2nd house represents possessions and in the case of people includes their physical body.  Based on that, I consider the plane itself to be represented by that house.  Pluto in that house suggests as well that it is communing with the god of the Underworld with that house's  ruler, Saturn, in the 12th house of lost items.  Pluto's connection with Jupiter in the 8th house of death is another ominous indicator with the square with Uranus representing an unexpected event, which could have easily been a fire or explosion.  Venus, ruler of the 6th of injuries, is in the 2nd house representing the "body" of the aircraft, suggesting that the plane itself was "injured."  I failed to mention previously that Chiron, "The Wounded Healer," is in partile (same degree) sextile to Pluto, god of the Underworld, which could represent fatal injuries. 

I'll continue to update this as more information comes available.  Radar keeps picking up large objects but they are having difficulty finding them for positive identification as parts of the airplane.  They could also be items that fell off cargo ships. 

As of 11 February 2022, it has still not been found, though various theories are out there of all descriptions from a Bermuda Triangle-type event to conspiracy.

UPDATE 12 April 2022: Last night The History Channel program, "History's Greatest Mysteries," examined this event. One thing that was noted was the presence of 500 pounds of lithium ion batteries onboard, which have been known to cause 340 incidents and were eventually banned from passenger flights and limited as cargo. This has considerable credibility since Uranus represents technology, electricity, electronics, and so forth. The asteroid, Atlantis, has a similar meaning with the trine (not shown) between Atlantis and Phaethon hinting at crash and burning due to an electronic fault. Both aspect Saturn, which suggest being hidden, in this case in the cargo hold. Mention was made that Inmarsat data was such that the plane's route could have been to the north instead of south, which would support hijacking by Russian terrorists. Mars conjunct the North Node and the square between Atlantis and Saturn provide some support for this, but the bulk of chart data points more toward being lost in the depths of the ocean. In 2017 debris identified to be part of the plane turned up in 6 different countries. Its sudden appearance aroused suspicions it was "planted," but after three years being subject to various ocean currents, doesn't seem impossible. My initial impression of this chart 8 years ago was that it would never be found and so far that seems to be the case.

References:  http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/missing-plane-Indian-Ocean-Malaysia-Airlines/2014/03/14/id/559706/



UPDATE 26 July 2022: Again The History Channel featured a documentary on the fate of flight MH370. It didn't bring anything to light that hasn't already been covered, other than the heartbreaking situation family members of the lost passengers continue to endure. If anything, it further validated what the charts already said, the wreck itself still not found, though various individuals and organizations continue to pursue the matter using various technologies. However, Uranus in that T-square doesn't seem to be cooperating, even though at times he is the planet of breakthroughs.

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