Hurricane Irene, the first hurricane of the 2011 season, hammered the east coast of the United States on August 28, the first hurricane to make landfall since 2008.  The Northeast seldom has to worry about hurricanes, unlike states farther south or bordering the Gulf of Mexico, making the event all the more significant.  Flooding hit Vermont particularly hard with extensive flooding in Upstate New York and various other areas such as coastal cities in Connecticut such as Fairfield.

The "birth chart" for Irene was cast for the time and place when Irene officially became a hurricane according to the National Weather Service.  She has a Leo ascendant, a Leo Sun, placing the Sun in the sign of its dignity, and retrograde Mercury, also in Leo, all implying that this hurricane was going to roar, which she surely did.  The opposition between the Sun and Neptune, ruler of water, gave a clue that there would be a significant amount of water involved.  Mars, while in his fall in Cancer, was nonetheless in a Water Sign and sextile Jupiter, giving even more energy to the traditional ruler of the chart's 4th house representing the land.  Mars is also squaring Saturn, natural ruler of structure, clearly pointing toward the extensive structure and infrastructure damage incurred. 

Uranus, planet of disruptions, disturbances, explosions and other unpleasantries which sneak up on you, was in the 8th house of intense experiences and death and sextile the Moon, implying emotional trauma which is certainly applicable to those unfortunate enough to be in Irene's long and destructive path.  The Moon, ruler of the 12th house of hidden enemies, is clearly visible in the 10th house of status and quincunx Pluto and sextile Uranus as well as at the apex of a loose but viable T-square.

Uranus is semi-sextile Chiron, the "wounded healer," also implying sudden or unexpected injury or death with water implied as the cause due to Neptune's proximity. 

Pluto and Uranus both influence electrical power, which was lost extensively along the areas hit by the storm.    The trine from Venus to Pluto brings to mind the orderly evacuations which undoubtedly saved lives.

Since the hurricane ultimately had such a broad path it's difficult to decide which area to choose for a bi-wheel but given that Vermont was hit so hard it seems a likely candidate.  Vermont became the first state after the original 13 colonies on March 4, 1791 and I am assuming that this occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the capital city at that time.  The time is unknown so I'm ignoring the ascendant and houses.  Nonetheless, the partile, or in the same degree, aspects between Irene's and Vermont's charts are interesting.  Transiting Jupiter is squaring Vermont's Uranus, implying a disruptive event of massive proportions.  Irene's Sun is quincunx Vermont's Venus, also partile, which suggests public sympathy for a state which largely lies behind the scenes.  Irene's retrograde Pluto is opposite the state's Pluto and Irene's Pluto is squaring its Saturn, also partile, and suggesting massive destruction.  Irene's Mars is trining Vermont's Moon, another partile aspect, both in water signs and suggesting attack from water, if you will, with an emotional impact.  Irene's Saturn is quincunx both Vermont's Sun and Mars, further indication of structural trouble.  The hurricane's Neptune is semi-sextile its target's Venus which is exalted in Pisces. 

I don't know about you, but IMHO, with six partile aspects and two others within a degree of orb, correlation beyond the expected statistical hits seems reasonable.

Hurricane Irene

Image by NASA GSFC GOES Project

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