Feeling like this lately?

Are you hurting like millions of others these days?  Does it feel as if the entire world is against you and crumbling beneath your feet?  If so, you are probably experiencing what is known in astrology as a "Pluto transit."

Back in January 2008 Pluto first entered Capricorn, the natural 10th house of the Zodiac which comprises status, reputation, career and public image for individuals as well as corporations and governments, entities which are also included in Capricorn's realm.  Pluto is the zodiacal "roto-rooter" whose function is to exhume corruption in any form so it can be eliminated.  This, of course, can be a very painful process, much like surgery, but Pluto is also about healing, which can only occur when all that bad stuff is purged.  Pluto is also about power, which often makes you want to hold onto the past or resist this process.  It's like knowing you need to clean out the garage or attic yet also being able to come up with a plethora of reasons why you need to hang onto all of it because you might need it someday, in spite of the fact you haven't used any of it in years.  Of course in some cases, Mother Nature comes along, as she has for many of you this past year, and does the job for you via floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires or perhaps some other disaster.  You have Uranus in Aries to thank for a lot of that, but also note that at this writing in October 2011 that Pluto and Uranus are in a hard aspect known as a square, meaning they're working together in what can be a less than pleasant manner.  Fortunately the square is gradually separating, but that doesn't help much for those who are currently suffering through its effects.

If you're going through hard times usually the first thing on your mind is when, if ever, it's going to end.  Everyone tends to think that the status quo will continue forever.  When things are going well you expect them to stay that way and conversely when things are going poorly it's as if you have sunk into a deep pit of doom from which you can't begin to climb out before something else comes along and knocks you back down, perhaps even lower than before.  These are part of the cycles of life which are usually identified via astrology by comparing the current planetary transits to your Natal, Progressed and Solar Return charts.  If you've ever wondered why some people are spared disasters, such as when a massive tornado or wildfire destroys some homes and misses others, this is typically apparent by examining the charts of the owners or perhaps even the charts related to the property itself.  Yes, indeed, some places have a virtual "curse" on them.

Where Pluto will be excavating in your life will depend largely on which house he's in and whether he's contacting any planets or other sensitive parts of your charts.  Generally speaking, at least for the sake of this broad-based approach, here are the different houses Capricorn represents based on your Sun Sign.  If you know what your ascendant is, then take a look at that sign as well.  A more specific and personal determination can be made from your individual chart(s) but there will still be various effects evident at this high level, particularly with regard to events over which you have no control.  Another thing to note is the importance of the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses.  These are known as the "Angular Houses" in astrology and represent the cornerstones of your life.  Transits to these houses are likely to be more life-changing than the others.

Your Sun Sign or Ascendant Capricorn House House Definition
Aries 10th This is your house of career, reputation, public image and status.  Status covers just about anything which you may find in the newspaper or public record.  It is likely that you are dealing with job or career issues at this time or perhaps status issues such as marriage or divorce.
Taurus 9th The 9th house includes legal matters, higher learning, other cultures, travel to unfamiliar places, beliefs and expectations, religion, and politics.  Thus, Pluto is rooting around in this part of your life, perhaps through a deep examination of your belief system, a rather nasty legal matter or going back to school.  If you're involved in research, Pluto can be very helpful for unearthing previously hidden information.
Gemini 8th This is the house of transformations, intense experiences, death and regeneration as well as sex.  Pluto rules the Zodiacal 8th house so is accidentally dignified here, making his influence particularly strong.  This placement just about guarantees life-changing events of all kinds after which you are a different person.  You will view the world through different eyes when this transit is over.
Cancer 7th If you have Pluto in your 7th house you can expect to confront all sorts of issues with regard to your close relationships.  This may be your significant other, close friends or relatives, business partners or business professionals.  If there are any issues in any of your relationships which have been buried and thus need to be confronted and resolved you can expect to do so during this transit.
Leo 6th This is the house of work, health, service and pets.  If you are a business owner this is where your employees reside astrologically.  Your job may undergo a complete transformation such as a major change in your employment or perhaps you'll encounter exposed corruption of some description in the workplace or perhaps with regard to any volunteer service you provide.  This transit may also expose health problems which may be difficult to identify.
Virgo 5th Pluto in the 5th is certainly less than enchanting.  This is the house that should include more pleasant matters such as your creativity, children, romance, entertainment, speculation and ego development.  Again think "roto rooter."  This can be good for your creativity, uncovering talents or abilities you didn't know you had.  You may encounter issues with your children making it a favorable time for counseling if applicable.  You may also be drawn to Plutonian flavored entertainment, somewhat explaining the rise in popularity of various genres such as vampires, the occult, space aliens and so forth.
Libra 4th This is the house which includes your home environment, both past and present, your memories, cultural roots and endings.  Pluto in this house frequently means you'll be changing your residence.  It's favorable for family counseling, genealogy work, working on your family history and so forth.
Scorpio 3rd Scorpio is the Zodiacal 8th House and ruled by Pluto, making him very much at home in this venue.  No one knows how to handle Pluto better than a Scorpio.  In your 3rd house of thoughts, ideas, neighbors and siblings, you can put this energy to work in a number of useful ways.  Your thought processes will be on steroids making it an excellent time for research or generating new ideas.  On a less pleasant side, underlying issues with neighbors or siblings may be exposed for resolution.
Sagittarius 2nd The 2nd house includes your income, possessions, finances, needs, pleasures and those things you value.  It also includes your physical body and self-esteem.  Thus, if you have issues in any of those areas you can expect matters to arise which motivate you to address them.  If you have spending habits which need to be changed you can expect Pluto to slap you upside the head.  The potential for loss of property or of a financial nature is high.  Anyone involved with the stock market has certainly seen this one lately.  It's a time to definitely assess your income stream.  If you're involved in anything illegal which relates to your income you can expect to get caught or exposed.
Capricorn 1st I could write a book on this one since I am a Cappy myself.  Over the past few years Pluto ground away on my Natal Mercury, then my Natal Sun, and then moved on to trine my Natal Ascendant and Mars.  My entire life has changed during that time.  This is when you shed anything superficial about yourself, confront any self-delusions, say good riddance to certain people, and entirely reinvent yourself.  A renewed sense of your own personal power is typical as well.  Personal transformation is inevitable, which usually involves a certain amount of pain as you let go of those parts of yourself which are artificial or self-defeating.
Aquarius 12th The 12th house is where your angels and demons reside.  It includes your spirituality, enlightenment, dreams, seclusion, institutions such as prisons and hospitals, hidden enemies and self-undoing as well as the collective consciousness.  This is where you join with humanity and can lose your individuality.  If you've been deceiving yourself in any way Pluto is going to rub your nose it in.  Since Pluto does such a great job of uncovering hidden information this is a favorable time to seek greater insights of a spiritual nature.  You may also be drawn to institutional or charitable work or involvement in some way.
Pisces 11th This is the house of organizations, groups, friends, goals, hopes and wishes.  With Pluto in this house you may encounter all sorts of dirty little secrets in any of those areas.  If you've been wasting your time with any of them you will also be forced to confront that fact.  The goals and such noted here are those which require the help of others to achieve.  If your goals are unrealistic or simply need to be entirely reworked, now is the time.   If you've been hanging with the wrong people, this is the time to bid them adios and move on. 

When Pluto opposes a house or Planet he will likewise affect that part of your life as well but it's impossible to address all the possibilities here.  If you're struggling with what appears to be a Pluto transit and want more information, then a personalized astrological reading can help you understand more about what Pluto's trying to say as well as also provide some indication of how long it's going to last.  Sometimes knowing that this is but another cycle intended to help you grow and progress makes the pain more manageable.  It can help you take a more philosophical view rather than feeling as if the Universe is picking on you.  It's easy to feel abandoned during hard times.  Particularly if you're religious you can feel as if God is not listening or doesn't love you anymore.  This is when the astrological perspective can provide the comfort you need and help you not personalize your experiences in a self-deprecating way.  We are all on this Earth to grow, learn and expand our knowledge and understanding.  Unfortunately the most valuable lessons are often painful.  However, it would also be a shame to not glean as much wisdom from difficult times as you should because you're too busy feeling sorry for yourself and asking why all this misery had to happen. 

Your Natal Chart represents a template for this lifetime which can serve as a roadmap which points out the detours, road construction, washed out bridges and other hazards along the way.  If you feel as if you're currently confronting one of these life obstacles, astrology can probably help you make better sense of things.  Hang in there.  This, too, shall pass.

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