On April 20, 2010 at approximately 10:00 pm Central Daylight Time an explosion occurred onboard the semi-submersible drilling rig, Deepwater Horizon, leased by British Petroleum (BP) Exploration and Production, Inc., an event that initiated what is likely to go down in history as the world’s worst environmental disaster.  The astrological charts involved in an incident like this include the incorporation chart for BP, the progressed BP chart and transits for both the explosion and then the discovery a few days later, on April 23, that a serious oil spill was in progress.  Involvement of the asteroid, Sedna, Inuit goddess of the sea and the environment, is not only apropos but clear.

Starting with the BP incorporation chart, Sedna is at 28:44 Aries in the 9th House and trining Uranus at 27:52 Leo in the 12th.  For those of you who don’t speak astrologese, the implications of these placements, both of which are in Fire Signs, is that an unexpected event (Uranus) that would impact the environment (Sedna) would occur in a foreign or remote location with respect to BP (9th House) and possibly result in self-undoing (12th House).  All it would take to set it off would be transits that hit the chart in an unfavorable way.  Capesche?

Other interesting BP aspects include a Grand Water Trine involving Neptune, King of the Deep, in Scorpio, expansive Jupiter in its ancient dignity of Pisces, and the Sun, ruler of the Chart, in Cancer which easily alludes to deep sea exploration.  Another notable aspect is a Yod, or Finger of God, with the Sun, the chart ruler, and Pluto, ruler of the 4th House of corporate headquarters, at the base and retrograde Saturn at the eye.  Pluto, of course, implies underground exploration, not necessarily a bad thing for an oil company, but retrograde Saturn at the eye, particularly in the 6th House of workers and health, suggests potential problems, especially with Saturn also squaring Neptune, ruler of oil. 

Pluto ruling the 4th also has implications of subversive, underhanded, or secret activities which synchs up almost too well with BP’s safety record.  As a former safety engineer for NASA I am quite aware of the many accidents that have occurred at BP plants, all of which should have been prevented with the correct fault-tolerant design and proper maintenance, though BP is by far not alone in this attitude.  Believe me, if NASA ran the space program the way oil companies run their refineries they would have lost a lot more than two space shuttles.

Further complicating this grouping is the fact that Saturn is conjunct the Lunar South Node, again indicating an unfortunate event involving workers.  The South Node typically indicates where something is being eliminated or sometimes brought into your life in a surprising manner.  The Lunar North and South node oppose one another, so with Neptune in the mix creates a T-Square.  (Remember this aspect pattern because it will be significant when we talk about the transits’ affect on the BP chart.)  In traditional astrology a T-square involving the nodes placed the planet at what was called "the bendings" which was typically not a good thing.

BP’s ascendant is 29:57 Leo, a degree about which Valens’ Table of Bounds used in traditional astrology, states “are most base, monstrous, destructive, injurious, slothful, blameworthy and unfortunate."  About Sedna’s degree of 28:44 Aries Valens states “Very cold, barren, malicious, and injurious,” words that easily fit the Sedna archetype.  (To fully appreciate Sedna, you should read her myth, if you haven't already, available here.) 

The transits at the time of the explosion and fire that killed 11 of the 126-man crew also contained a Yod, interestingly enough with retrograde Saturn at the eye of this one as well.  In this case the base comprises the Sun and the asteroid, Chiron, the wounded healer, with Neptune, ruler of both the sea and oil, conjunct Chiron.  Chiron's involvement indicates injury, often of the type that never heals.  Uranus is splitting the yod down the middle and opposing Saturn, introducing an element of surprise and disruption.  Saturn in the 10th house implies the event will be much publicized and in the public eye.

All of these aspects are found in BP's incorporation chart and contain what is called the "Natal Promise."  All it will take to set them off and put them in play will be the right (or wrong, as the case may be) transits.  Combining the transits for April 20, 2010 in the location of the Deepwater Horizon with the incorporation chart gives clear indication that it’s going to be a bad day for BP.  Transiting Mars is conjunct the BP North Node, triggering a violent activation of the T-square mentioned earlier.  The transiting South Node is in the same sign and degree as the BP Moon, further indicating something being eliminated that will be emotional in nature.  Transiting Uranus is up to no good in the 8th House of death, transformations and other people’s money (i.e. investors) and semi-sextile BP’s corporate Sedna, an aspect which causes friction.  As noted in Sedna's story, when she is not given appropriate attention and reverence, death and destruction will result.  The transiting Sun, ruler of BP’s ascendant, is conjunct BP's corporate Sedna, triggering her influence.  Meanwhile, transiting Saturn in the 2nd house of income is actively engaging her as well in a quincunx, which delineates as a financial change of course due to an environmental incident.

Transiting Sedna is active on the BP chart as well.  She is conjunct the Midheaven, further indicating an environmental disaster that will affect BP’s reputation and be much in the public eye.  And perhaps most interesting of all, in the BP progressed chart for the day of the explosion, progressed Sedna is within less than a quarter of a degree of being exactly conjunct the 8th House cusp, again implying death and transformations to say nothing of the impact to investors.  It's particularly noteworthy that similar aspects were in force during the Exxon Valdez oil spill in March 1989.  At that time transiting Sedna was within 1/12th of a degree of being exactly conjunct Exxon’s original incorporation chart’s 8th House cusp.  Furthermore, the transiting Sun was conjunct Exxon’s corporate Sedna. Clearly this asteroid associated with the environment has a huge stake in such events.

Other aspects active for the BP event include a partile conjunction between transiting Venus and BP's Mars, both in the 10th House of reputation and conjunct transiting Sedna.  Venus is dignified in Taurus and also the ruler of this house while Mars rules the 9th of foreign countries and legal matters, once more implying a potentially violent event in a country foreign to BP corporate that will affect their reputation and finances.  Transiting Uranus in the 8th of death and harbinger of the unexpected is quincunx BP’s Uranus, a double whammy of disruptive and unpredictable energy that was destined to involve death and transformations.  In addition, BP’s Uranus in the 12th House of self-undoing and hidden enemies is being opposed by transiting Neptune, indicating a surprise event at sea involving oil. 

Transiting Mars is irritating BP’s Pluto with a semi-sextile, which, as you recall, set off the T-Square.  Pluto and also being trined by transiting Pluto in the 5th House of speculation, another double-whammy, this time from the god of the Underworld.  While a trine is often a favorable aspect, when one or more malefic planets are involved it simply means their energies are connecting in a synergistic way.  In BP's corporate chart Pluto is sextile the Sun and in degrees also affected by transiting Mars thus setting off the T-square as noted earlier.

The realization that the catastrophic explosion on April 20th had set off what would become the worst oil spill to date came the morning of April 23rd.  A square between transiting Venus in the 10th House of reputation and Uranus was within one minute of arc from being exact with Uranus, reinforcing the astrological theme for a crisis involving a disruptive and sudden event that would affect BP’s reputation and result in self-undoing.  The Moon, frequently the final trigger in key events, was conjunct Uranus, further setting off the event and throwing additional emotion into the discovery.

The transits for the spill discovery compared to the BP progressed chart contain additional indicators of problems.  The transiting opposition between Uranus and Saturn hits BP's 6th House of work and 12th House of self-undoing, which certainly stands out; it's also in the same degree as BP’s progressed Sedna, on the 8th House cusp.  Progressed Mars was tightly squared by transiting Uranus, yet another indicator of an unexpected violent event in a foreign country. Transiting Pluto is on the progressed 4th House cusp, suggesting corruption or issues that had evolved with time in BP's corporate infrastructure, which is classic Pluto in Capricorn.

The Sun, Mercury, Sedna and Venus are all transiting the progressed 8th House with Mercury quincunx BP's Venus, indicating transformational adjustments due to additional news.  The transiting Nodes forming a T-square with the progressed Moon in angular houses likewise didn’t bode well as another instance of a planet "at the bendings," an ominous placement in traditional astrology.

Astrologer, Diana K. Rosenberg, who specializes in fixed stars, pointed out several other amazing correlations which she submitted to the International Society for Astrological Research newsletter a few weeks after the event.  I heard Diana speak at the United Astrology Conference in Denver back in May 2008 where she gave a fascinating lecture relative to the fixed stars associated with the transits at the time of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center.  She knows her stuff. [NOTE MAY 2014:  I'm sorry to report that Diana Rosenberg passed away in 2012.  She and her vast talent in this area will be greatly missed.]

Diana pointed out that Venus, ruler of the BP Midheaven, was aligned with Algol, a star associated with fires, shipwrecks, terror and various other unpleasantries.  Mars on the explosion chart was in the center of Cancer, a volatile area associated with intense high energies, explosions, shipwrecks, and toxic conditions.  Jupiter, ruler of the explosion ascendant are conjunct Gamma and Kappa Piscium for which she also has fires, explosions, gas events, oil spills, acts of extremism, “termination with extreme prejudice” and idealistic actions.  The North Node was also conjunct Manubrium, Omicron Sagittarii, associated with explosions and hidden danger from gas, radiation, chemical or bacteria.  Even the Ascendant was in an area of sneak attacks, stalking, hidden dangers, shipwrecks, fires and so forth.  Diana speculated that in view of the latter three that it was easy to suspect sabotage.

Interestingly enough, on May 5, 2010 in the online newsletter “Personal Liberty Digest” financial columnist John Myers speculated much the same thing without any assistance from astrology in his article entitled “A Crude Coincidence—The Gulf Oil Spill Works Out Well for the Greens.”  Along with various politically incorrect speculations and his recommendations to sell any stock you hold in BP, Transocean Ltd, and Halliburton, Myers stated, “The Federal government considers eco-terrorism a greater threat to America than Osama bin Laden and his organization al Qaida.  According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI): “Eco-terrorism is the use or threatened use of violence of a criminal nature against innocent victims or property by an environmentally oriented, sub-national group for environmental-political reasons, or aimed at an audience beyond the target, often of a symbolic nature.”  His entire article can be found at http://www.personalliberty.com/john-myers/a-crude-coincidence%E2%80%94the-gulf-oil-spill-works-out-well-for-the-greens/ Since I don’t believe in mixing astrology with politics, I won’t editorialize on what Myers had to say but refer you to the article instead.  The astrology of this event certainly lends credibility to what he had to say.

The Exxon Valdez oil spill on March 24, 1989 had its share of bad transits but nothing compared to BP’s Deepwater Horizon.  Besides the Sedna aspects noted earlier, transiting Pluto at that time was in its home sign, Scorpio, and squaring Exxon’s Sun, an aspect likely to unearth dirty little (or not so little) secrets.  Neptune, ruler of oil (and not coincidentally alcohol, which was a factor in the accident) and Saturn who rules discipline and authority figures were on either side of the Exxon Imum Coeli or 4th House cusp, representative of Exxon corporate, and quincunx the corporate chart Sun in the 10th House indicating a change with regard to their reputation and public image. 

Transiting Uranus, planet of surprises and disruptions, was squaring corporate Sedna, implying an unexpected event that would affect the environment.  Transiting Jupiter, which inflates, expands and exaggerates, was conjunct corporate Pluto in the 8th House, which was quite populated by both corporate planets and transiting ones.  In other words, Neptune, Saturn, the South Node and Pluto were all in Exxon’s corporate 8th House of death, transformations and other people’s money while Jupiter and Mars were visiting via transit.  Mars in the 8th House seldom bodes well and is often cited when accidents, fires and acts of violence occur.  Uranus is trining the corporate Moon and at the apex of a Triangle of Potential with the Nodes, which would bring disruptions and problems, but was not nearly as destructive as having the progressed Moon at the bendings like BP.

Fixed stars associated with the Valdez spill were not even close to being as noxious in their implications as those Diana Rosenberg noted for BP.  Rather they pointed toward what it was, an accident.  For example, Arcturus was conjunct the Moon, a star that for brevity’s sake we’ll label as a pathfinder.  Markab conjunct Mercury implies steadiness though with a touch of possible arrogance.  Mirfak, conjunct Jupiter, represents overestimating your physical or mental abilities or in this case a bit of corporate hubris.  Pluto is conjunct Zuben Elgenubi, a star with a malevolent reputation.  Its partner star, Zuben Eschemali, which is conjunct the event’s ascendant, is typically one that brings honor or distinction, though in this case the two stars collaborated their influence to one of infamy; being remembered for an oil spill isn't typically what a company or individual would aspire to.  Deneb Adige and Formalhaut were both conjunct the North Node, the former linked to and increase of awareness and the latter to undermining a position, both of which came not only to Exxon but the world as well as far as the use of fossil fuels is concerned.  Aldebaran conjunct the Part of Fortune implies a person who isn’t particularly stable, which was undoubtedly referred to the Valdez' captain.  Thus, while these stars are rather typical for what it was, they don’t have the dark, secretive implications of those associated with BP. 

The beauty of Pluto in Capricorn, however, is that all corruption will be exposed in due time, particularly as it relates to organizations, corporations, governments, and even the Earth.  Was the BP explosion intentional?  Time will tell.

POSTSCRIPT May 2014:  Here's a link for spill information from the U.S. Department of Interior since the original one I included has since gone offline: http://www.doi.gov/deepwaterhorizon/index.cfm

Some of the results are in regarding the damage done by this oil spill and generously provided to me by researcher, Albert Blok.  It's apparent at this point that the dispersant used was indeed more toxic than the oil itself.  Here are links to two articles he wrote, one specifically on the spill and the other regarding Mercury in fish.

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