On April 15, 2013 at approximately 2:50 p.m. as the first winners were crossing the finish line two bombs exploded, killing three and injuring countless others.  At this writing the perpetrators have not yet been found or arrested but a few individuals are wanted for questioning.  Surveillance cameras have shown two men, one with a backpack and another with a bag, which are seen later without these items.  As the story continues to unfold watch for updates as more chart elements and aspects reflect the findings.

The chart for the incident does not at first glance look like an ominous chart.  It is not riddled with squares or oppositions, though there is a closed loop aspect between Saturn, Pluto and Uranus.  It is often believed that aspects such as sextiles and trines are always favorable but this is not the case, it only shows that the energy of the planets involved is being exchanged easily while squares and oppositions are more stressful by nature.  Having these three malefic planets linked together is thus an ominous indicator.

The sign placement yields information as well with Saturn in Scorpio, the sign associated with death and Pluto in Capricorn, sign associated with government and corporations.  These two planets are in the sign the other rules, a condition known as mutual reception, which increases their power.  Saturn is retrograde which relates to restructuring with this aspect easily related to changing government structure.  Add Uranus, the planet associated with not only rebellion but explosions and you can see that this triad alone represents a violent protest, particularly with Uranus in Aries, sign of the warrior and fire.  Pluto and Uranus are squared off, showing the stressful link between the status quo and the desire for change, employing violence as required.  The quincunx from Uranus to Saturn, which is partile (in the same degree) indicates the need for an adjustment or change of direction.  Also known as an inconjunct, this aspect tends to bring instability.  Saturn retrograde is more vulnerable to change and is at the mercy of a power play (Pluto) and explosive rebellion (Uranus).

House placement is also telling.  Saturn is in the 3rd house which includes siblings, neighbors, thoughts and ideas.  It could refer to the local nature of the explosion that occurred on a city street or the idea to restructure through lethal means.  [UPDATE:  Suspects are brothers and lived locally.] Saturn's trine with Neptune in the 7th suggests not only dissolving an existing establishment but to deception.  There are likely to be additional implications in this aspect which will become apparent as the investigation continues.  [UPDATE: The two brothers were definitely "disguised" with regard to their true intent.] Neptune also represents idealism which can also be seen as a motivator but the 7th typically corresponds with relationships so there may have been insider elements involved.  Pluto is in the 5th house which includes entertainment and sports events while Uranus is in the 8th house of death and transformation.  [UPDATE 25 April 2013: The detonator used for the bombs was a remote control used for a toy car, another link to Pluto in the 5th house which includes children and toys with Pluto suggesting a subversive use of such a device.] House placement depends on the time of the event while the planets and signs are set.  Mercury is in Aries in the 8th, suggesting violent thoughts and squaring the 5th house cusp of sporting events as well as quincunx the ascendant which it rules, pointing toward the premise of using terrorism to express one's beliefs.  Mercury is also squaring the 11th house cusp which includes groups and goals, suggesting a group is behind the action as opposed to individuals.

The next thing that seems to jump off this chart is not only the number of planets in Aries (which is fairly common for such events that frequently occur when the Sun is in Aries e.g. the Oklahoma City bombing) but the fact that the Sun and Mars are conjunct within a half of degree.  The Sun is in the sign of his exaltation and Mars in dignity in the sign he rules, making both strong.  Furthermore, 25:43 degrees of all cardinal signs, of which Aries is one, is particularly significant and strong as well. Both the Sun and Mars are in the 9th house which comprises such things as beliefs, political ideologies, religion and other cultures, implying a violent protest related to beliefs.  [UPDATE 25 April 2013:  The surviving suspect has stated that they learned how to make the bomb from Inspire, a magazine for terrorists.  Publications are also 9th house.]  The Sun rules the 12th house of hidden enemies and Mars rules the 9th of beliefs and is the ancient ruler of the 4th of endings.  The Sun and Mars are also at the eye of a yod connecting the cusps of the 2nd and 4th houses where the 2nd involves possessions and material objects including the body and the 4th is the house of endings and new beginnings, perhaps suggesting a new cycle of domestic terrorism has begun. 

The sextile from the Sun and Mars to the Moon in the 10th brings an emotional element which will be expressed publicly and before the world.  Looking a bit closer at the 10th house you can see Jupiter conjunct the asteroid Chaos, which is certainly appropriate as well, particularly with Jupiter also the ruler of the 8th house.  Eris, a minor planet that represents discord, is in the 8th of death just shy of the 9th house cusp of beliefs, further pointing toward violent acts related to beliefs.  It's interesting that so far the ones  wanted for questioning are two individuals, conveniently represented by Gemini where the Moon, Jupiter and Chaos reside.  Gemini is not on any cusp, isolating it in a condition known as interception, which tends to intensify the energy.  Mercury rules Gemini as well as the Virgo ascendant, further tying in the Aries energy hailing from the 8th house of death. [UPDATE: Not only was it two individuals but they were brothers, even more appropriate for Gemini.  The pair was from Chechnya, a Russian province.  The asteroid "Marathon" is semisextile both the Sun/Mars pair and the Moon, directly between them and only two degrees off the Midheaven showing the marathon's prominence and the asteroid "Russia" is conjunct True Lilith and sextile Sun/Mars, linking the pair's national origins with the deed.  Lilith has implications regarding the fact that one of those killed was a child which is right up her insidious alley.]

Charts for such events usually show the expected astrological signature which goes beyond chance.  The planetary placement fits the event right down to the houses involved.  Prediction, of course, is always a challenge due to the multitude of possibilities at any given time.  Many ominous aspects come and go with no apparent event.  However, when something of note does occur it's usually not difficult to find it astrologically as an expression of the cosmic energy active at that time.  I have to admit I was wrapping up this blog when I decided to take a look at how the chart lined up with Boston's natal chart.  This is definitely where the rubber meets the astrological road and goes far beyond coincidence.  It is almost hard to believe that the ascendant for the event is within three minutes of arc (1/20 of a degree short of being exact) from Boston's Midheaven.  Event Neptune is conjunct Boston's Jupiter on the 4th house cusp and trine Boston's Saturn, all in the same degree.  The Sun - Mars conjunction is in the 5th of sports events along with Uranus showing a sudden disruption or explosion.  Mercury, which is strong in the event chart, is at the eye of a yod between Boston's Neptune and Midheaven and the event Moon is in the 8th of death.  Even the event's Midheaven is quincunx Boston's Mars.  Pluto transiting the 2nd house implies property damage with the square to Boston's Mercury in the 11th tying it to group activity.

This is also quite typical and another example of the profound accuracy of astrology.  What are the odds that the ascendant of the event would match up so closely with the Midheaven of Boston's chart?  In fact, since the 2:50 p.m. time for the bombing may be slightly off, it's very possible it was exact were the precise time known.  Tying the event with the chart of the location is once again the coup de grace.  Seriously, what are the odds?

[UPDATE:  The asteroid "Russia" is transiting the 8th house of death of the Boston chart and trining "Russia" in the 11th of groups and goals in Boston's natal chart indicating a victory of sorts.  "Marathon" by transit is in the 7th of relationships quincunx Boston's "Russia" indicating a change of direction will be required due to this event.  Transiting "Russia" in the house of death is square Boston's "Marathon" with it also worth noting that "Marathon" is placed natally in Boston's 10th house which includes public awareness and reputation, appropriate given how this event has been associated with Boston for years and clearly part of its identity. Transiting Mars is in partile (same degree) opposition to "Russia" as well.]

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