Part II

Last time we looked at the Pluto Return Chart for the U.S. Sibly Chart based on 4 July 1776 and that chart's progression. This time we'll look at how the first Pluto return on 20 February 2022 interacts with those two charts. 


The first chart is limited to aspects that have a 1 degree orb or less, which is that generally accepted for transits to have a significant influence. Remember, this is the initial return, but there will be two more. When Pluto stations retrograde, he will make a second pass on 11 July 2022, then come back again on 28 December 2022 for the final pass. In other words, this is a process that is unfolding. Whatever we see in this one is the beginning.

It's a general rule in astrology that for something of significance to occur there need to be at least seven tight aspects. This one has 9; 7 if you don't count the ones involving the Midheaven or Ascendant. If I were better versed in numerology, I'm sure I could find additional data based on the preponderance of 2s between the Neptune - Neptune opposition; Pluto Return ascendant; and position of the Pluto Return Moon, to say nothing of the date. What comes to mind is the duality of the number 2. It's an even number that implies unity, which this country does not currently possess.

First of all, let's take a brief look at that Neptune - Neptune opposition, which is known as a demi-return. Neptune returns occur approximately every 163 years. The first one occurred in 1939. If that year doesn't ring a bell, then check Wikipedia. Trust me when I say it was a big one.

The first of this Neptune series was on 1 May 2021, the second one 21 August 2021, and the final one 1 March 2022, so that one is coming up just over a week after this first Pluto Return.

Think about what was going on in 2021 and how it relates to Neptune, which is the ruler of things like viruses, drugs, and deception, to name a few, with socialism and communism in its domain as well.

The ascendant on this last demi-return chart is in Aquarius, the modern ruler of which is Uranus, the traditional ruler, Saturn. One implies change, the other that of building, so perhaps a combination of the two. Societal structural changes? Most likely, but it's not clear which way they'll fall, and fall they might.

If nothing else, this suggests we may at long last see COVID-19 fading in the rearview mirror with Wuhan unaspected and thought-provoking in the 5th house, which includes children, entertainment industry, sports, recreation and the Senate.

The 12th house is loaded! As the house that includes hidden enemies and the natural domain of Neptune as the zodiacal 12th house, six planets in that locale is a bit troubling. Six! Several aspect the Lunar Nodes, which are gateways to change. The asteroid, Chaos, in the 4th house of endings/new beginnings, and in partile quincunx to Pluto in the 12th is concerning as well. Clearly, this chart is interesting enough that there will be yet another blog coming soon to assess that one, which is likely to provide more hints regarding where Pluto return #1 is heading.

So before I go off on another tangent with that chart, let's get back to the issue at hand, i.e., the Sibly/Pluto Return chart.

Return Neptune falls in the 3rd house, which includes communications, roads, infrastructure, primary education, and blogs. We see more and more examples of our infrastructure, e.g. power grid, bridges, highways, etc., crumbling. Communications, whether via cell phone, blogs, or social media, cannot be trusted, either. I can certainly see Neptune's influence there.

Natal Neptune is in the 9th, which includes higher education, the courts, religious institutions, and the media. So it's already telling us to trust them at your own risk. With that Neptune - Neptune opposition partile and soon to be exact, it implies that Neptunian gas-lighting remains a major part of what's going on.

The Pluto Return's ascendant, 22:39 Cancer, falls in the 8th natal house, which includes foreign debts, banking, insurance, military treaties, reserves, and mortality. This brings significant attention to this house since we're talking about the Pluto return with Pluto the natural ruler of death as well as the modern ruler of the 8th house. Let's just say, those energies are compatible.

The Return ascendant is sextile natal Neptune at 22:25 Virgo in the 3rd house (infrastructure, communication, blogs, etc.), suggesting deception, confusion, or perhaps a large dose of idealism present as well. The Return chart Moon in the natal 10th house (status, reputation, head of state) at 22:10 Libra is semisextile Neptune, indicating friction and annoyances regarding the party in power or the nation's falling reputation. If you look at any number of foreign news sources, you'll discover that, more often than not, the USA is now a laughing stock to the rest of the world.

The Moon is indicative of the National Mood. In the natal 10th house, it shows emotional involvement of the people with what is going on. The trine to Mars in the 7th suggests concerns relative to rumors of war in other parts of the world. (Hint, hint, Taiwan and Ukraine. Not against each other, Einstein, but their respective aggressors.)

If you've been around these parts, i.e. my astrocasts and monthly horoscopes, for any length of time, you know that I like working with the asteroids and minor planets. Thus, I've thrown in a few of them, just for fun. I mentioned minor planet, Eris, in Part 1 of this blog as representing discord as well as minority groups, factions, and immigrants. In the biwheel, Return Eris is in the 4th house, which includes land values and usage, history, family policies, and the opposition party.  If you can't see some discord there, you're definitely not paying attention to the immigration crisis at the US Southern Border, the "cancel culture" phenomenon, UN Agenda 21, or the fact housing prices are nothing short of insane, but likely a bubble that's going to burst in the near future. Furthermore, Eris is squaring natal Mercury in the 8th, suggesting those policies need to be reviewed, especially in the context of their affect on the National Debt, but are encountering a lot of resistance. To top it off, she's quincunx the asteroid known as Chaos, next to Natal Neptune in the 9th house (courts, media, academia). How much chaos is being caused by the media by either not reporting what's going on or lying about it?

Return Chaos is in the 7th house (treaties, alliances) at 27:31 Gemini and quincunx Pluto in the 2nd house of finances, treasury, and resources in general. Does this relate to the billions of dollars being sent overseas to our enemies? (Hello, Afghanistan).A quincunx indicates the need for an adjustment or change of course. Return Chaos is also trining the Natal Moon, bringing plenty of emotion to the situation. The country probably hasn't been this divided since the Civil War. The 2nd house is a rather busy place from  Return chart Venus, Mars, Pluto, Mercury, and Saturn located there. Venus is accidentally dignified in that house, but unaspected, perhaps biding her time to see how things play out. She rules the 6th (military, healthcare, farmers, etc.) and Mars is not quite in one-degree orb with Natal Mars in the 8th, but close enough to note there's a lot of energy, not all of it friendly, in this house, to say nothing of Pluto and Saturn, all of which are considered malefics, i.e. unfriendlies.

As long as we're looking at asteroids, let's see what Wuhan is up to. Here's another example that you can't make this stuff up. Natal Wuhan is in partile conjunction with the Return North Node in the 6thVAERS Data house of health. The plandemic has certainly had a huge impact on our health and well being, physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially. Pluto is trining Natal Wuhan while the Natal Part of Fortune in the 8th (debt, insurance, mortality) is sextile the Return North Node, implying that we need to get out of our comfort zone and leave COVID19 behind to find contentment again. I doubt anyone will disagree with that. Return Wuhan is conjunct Natal Jupiter in the 7th house, which includes treaties and alliances, and implies the global nature of its influence as well as hints at its foreign origins. That Wuhan is quincunx the Natal South Node, suggesting the need for a change of course and leaving it behind, with Return Mercury conjunct the Node, suggesting information is out there to make it possible. With reciprocal Wuhan - Lunar Node aspects, this is a clear indication we've had enough of that crap and it needs to go. Agree?

So look at what this biwheel has said already by adding the asteroids and we've barely gotten into the planets! But that's why I value the asteroids as true gems in astrology for refining the view.

Return Jupiter and the Part of Fortune in the 3rd House are both squaring the ascendant. The 3rd house, to refresh your memory, is communications and infrastructure. The ascendant, like with a person's natal chart, suggests the country's personality and how it's perceived. This comes back to our collapsing bridges, among other things. Since they square the ascendant, they also square the descendant (7th house cusp) forming a T-square, which is tension with regard to foreign alliances and treaties. In other words, we're not looking good right now to our enemies and allies alike.

The Sun, which generally represents the head of state or the government, is trining Venus in the 7th, trying to make everything alright. Venus rules the 6th, 10th, and 11th houses, i.e. the working class, healthcare, & farmers (6th); the USA's public image (10th); as well as legislative bodies and the stock market (11th). Bear in mind that the Sun in Pisces tends to float around somewhere between idealistic and delusional.

Return Neptune in the 3rd, which includes communications besides suggesting our crumbling infrastructure, is squaring Natal Mars in the 7th, showing some delusions or lack of realism with regard to our treaties or perhaps deception on the part of other countries. There are several out there I certainly don't trust right now. The Return Midheaven is in the 4th, which includes land, history, historical self-perception, family policies, and the opposition party. It squares natal Jupiter in the 7th, showing our status in one or more of those areas is under stress with regard to our alliances and relationship with other countries. In particular, the opposition party definitely doesn't agree with current policies.

Like the Pluto return chart itself, this biwheel reinforces the same themes and problems facing the USA at this time.


This biwheel looks friendlier with the preponderance of green, "soft" aspects. Eris in the 8th, though not aspecting any planets, is still an indicator of discord in the areas of banking, foreign debts, military treaties, and mortality.

Wuhan is heading toward a return in the progressed chart, which will hopefully indicate the end of that insidious cycle. Return Jupiter is trining Progressed Wuhan in the 11th, hinting at foreign involvement and perhaps the influence on the stock market. Does return Part of Fortune in the 7th trining Wuhan imply stock market gains and profits as a result of the plandemic?

Return Chaos is in the 10th house, which fits the USA's upended reputation. It's interesting that progressed Chaos is conjunct progressed Neptune in the 1st house. This implies that at this stage of the USA's existence deception and chaos would be what's being presented to the world, to say nothing of the threat of socialism/ communism, since that is one of the things Neptune represents, along with viruses, drugs, and oil. Every one of them is certainly an issue in one way or another.

So now that the asteroids are out of the way, let's see if these aspects are, indeed, friendly. Return Saturn in the 6th house of health, working class, farmers, army, etc. shows these folks are not having an easy time. The trine to progressed Mars in the 2nd (finances, treasury, resources) has interesting implications, depending on which of those 6th house areas you consider.

Clearly, the healthcare industry has had quite the windfall  thanks to COVID. In many ways this has been extorted via mandates and policy, which fits with Mars, ruler of the 9th (courts, media, academia). Remember, however, that when two malefics are in a supposed "friendly" aspect that often it's not. All a trine says is that the energy exchange is easy, not necessarily friendly. Farmers and the working class are having a difficult time these days and more likely to feel under attack while the healthcare industry sucks in resources to the tune of $40,000 per COVID patient in their hospital facilities.

The Return Moon in the 2nd house (finances and resources) trining Mercury in the 6th indicates an emotional effect on the working class, farmers, and healthcare. Two of them have benefited from the Plandemic while the third has a windfall, showing how trines are sometimes favorable, sometimes not.

Return Sun in the progressed 6th brings attention to executive actions related to that house. That certainly relates to lockdowns as well as vax and mask mandates. The trine to progressed Saturn in the 3rd shows communications will be serious and even dire when the subject of blogs. Saturn also has an authoritarian flavor that leans conservative. Return Saturn in the 6th semisextile the progressed Sun in the 7th shows friction. Note that again we have double Sun-Saturn aspects, which tend to show authoritarianism and potential overreach as well as opposition from conservatives. It's interesting that the 3rd house includes roads, which hints at the truckers currently standing up to vax and mask mandates, not only in the USA but worldwide. That's another news item you're not going to hear on CNN.

Return Sun is sextile progressed Venus in the 9th, implying government influence on media attention regarding the healthcare situation. Return Uranus in the 9th (courts, academia, media), shows the influence of high tech and the media as well.

Return Midheaven in the 8th shows the USA's reputation is being judged in the context of debt, treaties, and mortality. It's squaring the progressed Part of Fortune in the 11th, which hints at a negative influence on the stock market, Congress, and various other groups.

The 5th house is highly populated, though not active as far as aspects are concerned. Nonetheless, that planetary energy is there. The 5th house includes children, the entertainment industry, sports, recreation, and the Senate.  Mercury is in a one degree orb trine to Uranus in the 10th, suggesting news related to one or more of those areas will have a disruptive effect on the country's reputation.  Pluto in the 5th house has interesting implications, depending on how much you know about various conspiracy theories, which have, one by one, been turning out to be spoiler alerts as opposed to theories. Pluto, by nature, is secretive, power hungry, and relates to political extremism and secret societies. There's some pretty ugly stuff out there related to children as well as the entertainment industry, so you can take that as you will. There's also the unsettling injuries and deaths to sports figures due to the vax mandates (which of course the mainstream media attempts to debunk).

Thus, all those "favorable" aspects didn't necessarily indicate that everything is going to work out. Rather, like previous charts, it primarily captures the status quo. I suspect that the final Neptune demi-return chart is going to have a few things to say about where all this is headed as that series ends and the Pluto return series begins.

Back to Pluto Return Part 1

SPOILER ALERT: Remember the 21 August 2017 Great American Eclipse? Eclipse paths that cross a country are said to divide it. And like it or not, there's another such eclipse coming in 2024. I don't like to rain on anyone's parade, but I call 'em like I see 'em. I'm also reasonably familiar with prophecy with respect to the "Last Days." My advice? Buckle up.

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