Part 1

Upon examining the USA's Pluto return, the first of which occurs 20 February 2022, I discovered that on 1 March 2022 the final Neptune Demi-Return (a.k.a. opposition) occurs. This is a look at that chart and its implications as the nation launches into its Pluto return series.

Neptune has an entirely different energy than Pluto. While Pluto is transformation, Neptune is the cosmic surfactant preparing for that transition. Neptune is illusive. A great book on the subject is "The Book of Neptune' by Steven Forrest. It helped me tremendously when I was going through the rough water of a Neptune transit. Forrest reminds us that Neptune is not visible to the naked eye and is out on the fringes of the solar system, beyond which lies the vastness of space. Its other-worldly nature is the modern ruler of the zodiacal 12th house of dreams, visions, enlightenment, spirituality, hidden enemies, and self-defeating behaviors, or the house I refer to as "angels and demons." Neptune's influences include idealism, delusions, confusion, and illusions. As you'd expect, he rules such things as drugs, alcohol, addictions, oil, liquids of all kinds, photography, movies, and certainly  things like Photoshop, which can be used to create illusions. His light-side specialty is enlightenment and spirituality; his dark-side specialty is Fake News.

Here's a question for you: Do you know for sure which narrative is fake? In our divided country, whichever side you're on, it points at the other as the one that's fake or "unconfirmed" and a threat to all mankind. Which one is right? Are you absolutely sure? Is Neptune orchestrating this battle between good and evil?

While Pluto is the gatekeeper of secrets, I classify Neptune as the master of lies and such things as psy-ops. I encourage you to watch this video entitled "Rats in a Cage." It's about 30 minutes long and presented by Dr. Chris Martenson. What I like about his podcasts is that they are data driven. He doesn't rant, just presents the facts with credible references, though from time to time he does slip in a touch of dry humor. But he can be trusted, unlike numerous other sources out there that are mostly opinion.

Looking at the chart for the third and final hit of this Neptune demi-return, it's quite concerning that there are six planets in the 12th house. This adds significantly to its Neptunian strength. There were several aspects that aren't shown, because there were so many it was confusing, another cosmic joke, no doubt. The ones you see are only the ones within a one-degree orb.

That 12th house lineup includes Venus, Mars, Pluto in a rolling stellium in Capricorn; and Mercury, Saturn, and the Moon in another one in Aquarius, with the Moon on the ascendant. It's worth noting that planets in next-door signs don't tend to get along. That mix of energies in the 12th is not harmonious. Elsewhere on this site I refer to the downside of Earth and Air as a dust storm.

Looking at rulerships, they have the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, and 11th houses covered, along with the co-ruler of the 7th. If you prefer traditional rulers, Saturn rules the ascendant, so you can add that, too. Otherwise, Uranus, the planet that's so full of surprises he's difficult to predict, is its ruler.

Here's a thought for you about Saturn vs. Uranus. Saturn rules conservatives while Uranus rules progressives. So whichever party turned out to be in charge would be reflected by the ruler.

Mercury conjunct Saturn smells like censorship. Any of y'all been banned from Twitter or Facebook lately? Are they really fact-checkers or forcing an opinion? Venus, Mars, and Pluto suggest some serious housecleaning, seeking something lost or trying to resolve differences in a failing relationship. Venus and Mars are semisextile the Ascendant. This minor aspect indicates friction or annoyances, perhaps even more confusion as these rule the 2nd, 3rd, and 8th houses.

Mars and Venus form a Triangle of Potential with the Lunar Nodes, which are in a Grand Fixed square with the Ascendant/Descendant. That suggests a deadlock associated with North Node in the 3rd house, which includes roads, communications, infrastructure, primary education, and blogs, with the South Node in the 9th, which includes higher education, courts, religious institutions, and the media. Typically, the South Node indicates a comfort zone that needs to be left behind to progress and enter new territory.

Maybe the government needs to spend less time and money controlling the media and academia and concentrate on fixing our crumbling bridges, dams, and roads as well as the failing public education system.

The Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune are in the 1st house in Pisces, where they are trapped by interception. In other words, Pisces is not on any cusp, which restricts their expression. Pisces is Neptune's domain, so again we have more Neptunian energy in the forefront. The Sun rules the 7th, Jupiter the 10th house, with Neptune the modern co-ruler of the first along with Uranus (or Saturn), because Pisces is contained in the 1st house. Three planets  fighting for rulership of the 1st house? Why does that not surprise me?

If you think of the ascendant and first house as the national identity or populace, it looks as if they're confused as well. Lost in space, so to speak. Dreamy Pisces has a lot of strength with the Sun, plus its modern and traditional ruler in residence. It's as if the country doesn't know who or what it is anymore. The Sun squaring the Midheaven indicates that how the government sees itself conflicts with its public image and reputation; bear in the mind that the Sun also represents the head of state, i.e. president, who is definitely immersed in this Neptunian fog.

The asteroid, Chiron, the "wounded healer," is in the 1st house, but in Aries. I see Chiron in the 1st house as the astrological equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot, either literally or figuratively.

Eris, a minor planet associated with chaos, is in the 2nd house along with Uranus, which isn't a very friendly combination. The 2nd house includes finances, treasury, and resources in general. Maybe it's just me, but that makes me think this does not bode well for the dollar. That house's ruler, Mars, in Pisces is probably not thinking straight (especially while he's hooked up with Venus), and apparently has no problem with printing trillions of dollars which always results in inflation of a fiat currency based only on the "good faith of the U.S. Government" as opposed to gold. Uranus, the planet loaded with surprises, upsets, disruptions, disturbances, explosions, technology, rebellion, and freedom is sextile the Sun, ruler of the 7th house of treaties and alliances, which implies changes in that venue as well. Do we even know who's our enemy or ally these days?

The asteroid, Chaos, is in the 4th house which includes land, history and historical self-perception, family policies, and the opposition party. In conventional astrology, the 4th house is the house that includes endings and new beginnings. Chaos forms a quincunx (not shown) with Pluto, indicating the need for a change of direction or adjustment that is likely to be transformational.

The asteroid, Wuhan, which has been interesting to watch with its relationship to the COVID plandemic, is unaspected, and hopefully fading into the rear-view mirror. However, both the ruler and exalted ruler of the 8th house of mortality and banking, insurance, and foreign debts are in the 12th house, suggesting they're lost in space like Mars and not doing their job. So far, not so good. Now we'll look at how this somewhat unfriendly chart interacts with the Sibly chart, what I'm using as the natal chart for the USA.


This is the final hit of the 3-part series, which will be in effect for a number of years. Perhaps the next major aspect, i.e. Neptune square Neptune in 2061 will supersede it, or it may last until the full Neptune Return. Too far off to worry about at this point. Maybe some of you will be around, but I certainly won't be.

The only opposition is the namesake of the chart itself, the Neptune demi-return. Sibly/natal Neptune is in the 9th house of beliefs and expectations, legal matters, and so forth.  In geopolitical astrology, the 9th includes higher education/academia, the courts, religious institutions, the media, and ambassadors. The founding of the USA included a rather large dose of idealism. They thought they'd constructed the perfect country "of, for, and by the people."

Well, we can certainly see how that's turned out, right? This video narrated by Native American, Russell Means, explains it quite nicely.

Somewhere along the line, "the people" got trampled by a corrupt government in cahoots with corporate interests and eased into a state of corporatism. How the Supreme Court ever could see corporations as people I'll never know, albeit the fact that people form them and run them. Recall, also, that originally Congressional Representatives were not full-time politicians! They served their country for a short time each year taking care of legislative business, but were not paid a high salary. They were serving their country as opposed to it serving them and making it worth it to make a career out of it. Then, as people caught on to this racket, they started talking about "wealth redistribution" via socialism, which heads directly into Neptune's territory as ruler of socialism, idealism, pollution, oil, and pharmaceuticals. And guess where that "wealth redistribution" really goes!

Do you see where this is going yet?

Return Neptune is in the Sibly 3rd house. (That includes roads, communications, infrastructure, primary education, and blogs.) The typical message of an opposition is to attain balance. Our physical infrastructure in the form of roads, dams, and bridges is crumbling, most having been built in the 1930s and 1950s under government-sponsored programs. Maintenance since that time in many cases has been iffy. Communications are loaded with deception (reference "fake news" above) to say nothing of the invasion of AI (artificial intelligence). Not just those annoying automated answering systems, but phone solicitors that SOUND like a human, but clearly are NOT. And what about VR (virtual reality)? How illusive is that?

If nothing else, these charts capture the current state of affairs and prevailing energy. (Alexa, bring me a margarita with plenty of salt....)

Saturn, natural ruler of foundations, building, structure, and stability, is the traditional ruler of the 3rd house's Aquarius cusp and is in the Sibly 2nd house of finances, treasury, and resources in general. Uranus, its modern ruler, has an entirely different influence, in some cases antithetical to Saturn's, i.e., disruptions, disruptions, rebellions, explosions, and sudden change. The latter appears to be the one in charge.

Another quincunx connects demi-return Jupiter in the 3rd house to Sibly Saturn in the 10th. This suggests that our dire situation with our infrastructure is in need of a change of course as well. Besides affecting our status and public image, it puts much of the public in immediate danger with such things as collapsing bridges. Saturn in the 10th implies stability and responsibility that does not exist. People's confidence in the government's ability to direct our lives, sometimes at a very personal level, is misplaced trust of the most damaging kind.

That lineup of planets in the 12th house of the Neptune demi-return chart falls in the Sibly 2nd house. The economy, inflation due to depreciation of the dollar's value, and resources in general are being hammered. Note that the first Pluto return has just occurred about a week prior to this, so the transformational energies of that are dominating. Pluto is semisextile the Sibly Moon in the 3rd, showing irritations and friction.

The demi-return Moon is quincunx Sibly Mercury retrograde in the 8th house. The Moon represents the people and national mood, which is vying for a change of direction or adjustment. Rethinking our situation, especially in the wake of the COVID plandemic, has everyone agitated enough, much less the financial meltdown in its wake. The 8th house represents foreign debts, banking, insurance, reserves, and mortality. Something needs to change and its something in which the people are directly involved emotionally as well as financially.

The 3rd house includes primary education. If you don't have children or pay attention to the various blogs out there, you may not be aware of the crisis in that area. It's incomprehensible that parents are being arrested, sometimes even beaten by law enforcement or security personnel, for speaking up about what their children are being taught. Pisces is the sign that's "lost in space" and not a good basis for the foundation of education. With the Sun, Jupiter, and Neptune in that sign, it's particularly foggy, especially with the latter two its traditional and modern ruler, respectively. Furthermore, it's intercepted (not on either cusp) so that energy is trapped, building up like a pressure cooker. (It's interesting that Pisces is intercepted in both the demi-return and Sibly charts.) The demi-return Moon is on the 3rd house cusp, showing this is an emotional issue that deserves attention, with the quincunx to Sibly retrograde suggesting these matters need to be re-examined, revised and revisited. 

Since when do parents have no rights regarding what their children are taught in school? What is wrong with this picture? If you haven't watched the video mentioned at the start of this blog, I urge you to do so now and view it in the context of our children and grandchildren. How much more Neptunian confusion can they be subjected to? What about the issue of gender identity? Why confuse them at an early age with something that is clearly fundamental biology? Why subject young women to being sexually assaulted in restrooms where someone who "identifies as a male" can invade? Don't even get me going about men "who identify as a woman" competing in women's sports! What kind of an idiot comes up with this drivel? I cannot believe that our society has gone that far off the deep end to accept this insanity. How much have we tolerated that is now biting us in the rear? Those who have issues that involve gender identity deserve respect, help, and compassion, but why plant the possibility of such things in young, fertile minds where such identity confusion doesn't exist?

Demi-return Uranus in the Sibly 5th house of children, entertainment, sports, recreation, and the senate provides the third quincunx, this one pointing to the Sibly ascendant. Something about this says "three strikes you're out." Where are our priorities? The money sucked in by the entertainment industry, sports figures, and recreation brings obscene profits to a few while others suffer, especially our children, who are the future. How much are they being harmed by a failing education system and  addiction to their cell phones and video games? What about the trauma they've experienced the past few years from schools being closed, then mask mandates, in spite of the fact they presented negligible danger to anyone around them? Then there are the ones who've been subjected to the vaccine, which in the vast majority of cases has harmed them more than COVID ever would, yet California is trying to make it another draconian mandate. How sad their parents were deceived into thinking it was in their best interest, then jeopardized their health instead. Uranus is the natural significator of technology. Is it making our lives richer or bankrupting us? It also represents eccentrics, political agitators, explosions, science, the electrical grid, and humanitarian efforts. On a more basic level it represents disruptions, disturbances, breakthroughs, upsets, and sudden change. What has happened to the world of entertainment? What about sports? Athletes dropping dead on the playing field from myocarditis? That has never occurred to the degree it is now, the excuses offered by the official narrative as bogus as all the other lies we're being told.

Demi-return Jupiter is trining the Sibly Sun in the 7th. Jupiter represents bankers, wholesalers, judges, and clergy and is in the 3rd house of infrastructure, etc. as previously noted. This trine appears to be encouraging the government to do what is right for this area.  Either that, or these people in cahoots with the government, but not doing the people any favors. All the Pisces planets are intercepted, meaning they have no outlet. This suggests that all the needs of this house are falling on deaf ears.

Eris, the minor planet that represents discord, is in the 4th house which includes land, family policies, the opposition party, and our historical self-perception. Pick any of those areas and you can see definite discord. Eris also represents minority groups, factions, and immigrants. Some of them are receiving more concern and attention than the populace as a whole. What is wrong with that picture?

The demi-return asteroid, Chaos, is in the 7th house which includes treaties, alliances, and our relationship with foreign countries. In many ways, this asteroid says it all with its trine to the Sibly Moon and quincunx to Sibly Pluto. The emotional state of the country is chaotic, to say the least. Pluto represents secret societies, underground mineral resources in general, revolutionaries, and political extremists, which are not only contributing to chaos but deliberately creating it. It's kind of creepy that Pluto is in the 2nd house of finances, the treasury, and resources in general in the Sibly chart. When you think about it, it explains a lot. This suggests that those are the ones who have control and it's been that way since the beginning. Now all those other planets transiting that house are bringing our attention to this like never before. Many of the founding fathers of this country were Freemasons. Initially, their intent may have been noble, but in the centuries that have followed, corruption has seized the system. The quincunxes in this chart as well as the Pluto return in progress tell us it's time to change.

Will the USA survive? Or will it be another failed democracy by its 250th birthday? Bear in mind that this country was never intended to be a democracy. It was a constitutional republic. The reasons it's deteriorated to what we see today is a long story and everyone has their own idea how we got here. There are no simple answers, much less simple solutions. Will we survive as a nation? Time will tell. But things do not look good astrologically much less politically. Unity is essential, yet it is being jeopardized on all sides. Rats in a cage, attacking one another instead of the true source of aggression.

This is where Neptune leaves us as he hands off to Pluto. Where will the god of the Underworld take us? Time will tell.

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