Have you ever felt stuck? Unable to accomplish what you wanted, no matter how hard you tried? Feel like you're driving in reverse? Saturn stationing retrograde while squaring or opposing a natal planet, especially Mars, could be the reason.

I closed on my house on June 2, 2023. Just over two weeks later on June 17 Saturn stationed retrograde at 07:12 Pisces. My 1st House Mars is 06:31 Virgo. While not partile, i.e. in the same degree, the opposition was only 41 minutes of arc from being exact. I'm not a fan of Saturn. Never have been. This is pathetic since it's my sign ruler. However, it seems that every personal weakness, frustration, and obstacle I've ever encountered has been related to the ringed planet. Some refer to him as the King of Karma. Maybe that's what I'm dealing with. I don't know, but I do not consider Saturn my friend.

At any rate, when Saturn stationed retrograde I was less than thrilled. I knew it wasn't good, but had no idea how bad it would actually be. I expected obstacles, boundaries, and delays. I did not expect a total stoppage in my pet project.

I've never lived in a house without a garage. Thank heaven there was a basement or there's no telling where a lot of stuff would have been stored. Thus, when I bought this house, building one was my number one priority followed by various other repairs, such as issues with damaged siding and a plethora of other things. This house was built in 1898 and was vacant for two years before we moved in. Most of the plumbing needed to be replaced, including all the faucets. The steps leading to the porch were deteriorated to the point of being a major hazard.  The fridge cost so much in repairs we probably should have just bought a new one, etc. etc. All of these matters got settled, though some took longer than expected. My contractor does great work, but works at his own speed.

That kind of stuff.

But they got done.

For the garage, shortly after we moved in I found a metal building online that I really liked for the garage. All we needed to do was get some sort of foundation in place, whether concrete, asphalt, or gravel, and they'd do the rest. At the time, our rural area didn't have a building code inspector to issue a building permit. We didn't worry about that since we needed more details before we could apply anyway, such as the matter of the foundation. Concrete was way out of budget and asphalt wasn't much better, though the estimates varied significantly enough to be utterly confusing. It got to the point where gravel sounded the most logical, over which concrete could be poured later.

Meanwhile, we were referred to the county code inspector who was filling in until one was  hired for our township. We contacted him on August 11. We didn't hear back until mid-October. In the meantime, I ran a horary chart asking whether I'd get my garage or not. It was not conclusive and dominated by a quincunx indicating adjustments/changes needed to be made. After talking with various builders and locals, it sounded as if constructing the metal building as a pole barn would be most practical. Was that the change the horary referred to? By the time we finally got a hold of the code inspector, he said "No." The company selling the building would not provide detailed, site-specific plans that he required unless we paid an additional $1500. Even if we did, there was no guarantee he'd approve.

At that point it seemed obvious we needed to cancel the order, deal with local people who knew the building regulations, etc. I'd given the metal building people a deposit of over $2,000. The only legitimate reason they'd accept for cancellation was being denied a building permit. That seemed like a done deal, but the company balked. They tried to tell me I had to pay for those site-specific plans and that I'd exceeded the 90 days within which cancelling was legitimate. According to them, the cost of those plans would be deducted from the deposit. If I was lucky, I'd get back about $600.

At first I was really bummed out. After sleeping on it, however, my Mars took over and I came out swinging. I read the contract. There was no mention of anything they were demanding and it was clear denial of a permit was grounds for a full refund. I sent a scathing reply to their email in which I quoted the contract verbatim as well as state consumer protection laws. I let them have it with both barrels, as they say. There was absolutely no legitimacy whatsoever in their demands, period.

They didn't respond.

Meanwhile, we decided to go with a classic pole barn and went to see the building code inspector for a permit. We mentioned that the metal building company was giving me flack about refunding my deposit and he was kind enough to write another letter stating that the permit was denied. I sent the company a copy of his letter and asked for status of my refund. Again, days passed with no response.

I finally decided to print out what I'd said in my email and send it to them registered mail to make sure they understood I was serious. The company was in Texas, where I lived for 35 years. I made it clear that I had resources there that I'd use if I needed to take them to court. It would be a pain to do so, but I was not about to let them keep my $2,000. In my world that ain't chump change.

The day I printed it all out and put it in an envelope to take to the post office I received an email from them. It said they'd reconsidered and that I'd get my refund.


Not giving in to their unsubstantiated demands paid off. I couldn't help but wonder how many people had yielded to their unethical behavior without a fight?

Meanwhile, plans were in work to start the pole barn. The contractor we hired who had the equipment needed to dig holes 48" deep showed up on November 4. Construction on my garage had begun at last.


At that point it became crystal clear that Saturn stationing retrograde opposite my natal 1st house Mars, which clearly relates to projects I want to get done, was a total show stopper. Stations infuse a lot of energy into that degree, much more than a simple transit. It was also interesting to note that Saturn retrograde in its most general sense relates to rebuilding and restructuring. Our remodeling and repairing work got done. Perhaps not as quickly as we preferred, but it got done. New work/construction, however, was not about to begin until Saturn cooperated.

Progress is being made at last, slowly, in true Saturn style, as design changes continue. Furthermore, after all the delays weather is an obstacle as we move into winter here in Western New York State. The trusses didn't arrive when expected, but I still have my fingers crossed I'll have a garage for my 20 year old car, Aggie, before the worst of winter sets in.

Needless to say, construction for some folks did get accomplished during this time period. Probably with some delays, but nonetheless done. I do recall everyone complaining how slowly everything was moving and generally difficult to get anything done. However, it affected me this dramatically because it became very personal due to the opposition to my natal Mars.

In retrospect, as an astrologer, I should have known. I expected problems, but not of that magnitude. I knew stations were powerful, but now I realize more than ever just how much they can matter. As with all transits, their results are painfully obvious after the fact. The Universe is in charge. Things tend to turn out for the best, despite our paltry efforts to have our own way. No matter how much my Mars tried to push back, there was no way that garage was going to get built until Saturn approved. Now my son-in-law, grandson, daughter, and a very helpful neighbor will build it, which should save quite a bit of money. The pole barn nextdoor has stood just fine for a good 75 years. If construction hadn't started on the very day that Saturn stationed direct the message may not have been so clear.

All I can do is shake my head. 


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