A farmer or rancher is probably the last image that comes to mind when you think of someone who uses astrology in their everyday life.  However, these folks not only continue to use it today but have for centuries, probably even millennia.  Much about their work hasn't changed.  They still need a lot of cooperation from Mother Earth so she will yield them a good crop, even if they have a combine equipped with air conditioning and a stereo.  Surprised? 

You shouldn't be.  And more than likely you've heard of their primary source for this information, which obviously isn't found in the typical horoscope column.  It's been around since 1818 and is known as the Farmers' Almanac.  I picked up my copy for free in the local feed store and was quite delighted with what it contained, other than a whole bunch of common sense.  It has an illustration that includes the parts of the body each Sign rules, the astrological location of the Moon, when the Sun and Moon rise and visible planets can be seen, lunar and solar eclipses, explanation of the lunar phases, and even weather predictions (it's raining as I write, just like they said it would on this date).  Some of the other things this gem contains include the best times for planting and gardening, when to go fishing (at least if you want to catch something) or hunting, and just about everything else you can imagine such as cooking, baking, cutting your hair, quitting smoking, potty training, home repair, working outside, advertising, hosting a party and getting married, to name a few.  I kid you not! 

Of course all they give are the dates, so I did a little bit of cross-referencing with my friendly Ephemeris to see what was going on at those times.  For a successful garden, it wasn't surprising to see Water and Earth Signs clearly led the pack.  For above-ground crops Pisces, Taurus and Cancer consistently appeared with Libra making an occasional appearance during a waxing Moon.  For root crops, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces predominated during waning phases.  For transplanting, Scorpio and Pisces predominated with a sprinkling of Cancer and Taurus, all during waning phases.  Seedbed were consistently Cancer and Scorpio after the Full Moon and Flowers favored Cancer and Libra with a sprinkling of Scorpio, after the Full Moon and during the waning phases.  Killing plant pests were somewhat inconsistent with three months indicating there were no good days.  Generally it looked like Aquarius and Leo predominated during mostly waning phases.

The best fishing days were when the Moon was in Water Signs Cancer or Pisces with Scorpio classified as good.  Hunting was best consistently at the time of the Full Moon or immediately after with its Sign also consistent in a Water Sign, though it varied seasonally with it Scorpio for February, March, April and May; Pisces for July, August and September; Cancer for October, November, December and January.  Baking will be most successful when the waxing Moon is in an Air or Fire Sign.  Home brew will do best when the waning Moon is in a Water Sign.  Quitting smoking and weight loss diets generally work best during waning phases in Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius as well as health-conscious Virgo and Air Signs Gemini and  Aquarius.  For potty training, the waning Moon was best from January to June and the waxing Moon for July through December.  The Farmers' Almanac has the details and other activities covered that are too numerous to mention, so if you're interested your best bet is to pick one up.  If you don't frequently your local feed store very often, you may be able to get one from their website at www.farmersalmanac.com.  If you're interested in how astrology operates in the "real world" and would like to use these time-tested recommendations yourself, that is undoubtedly your best resource.  For more specific questions, such as whether you should buy the car you just took for a test drive, check out our section on Horary Astrology.

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--Timing is Everything--

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