The two times of year when folks are most likely to think of dieting are at either the start of the New Year or the swimsuit season.  Ironically, both fall when the Sun is in reality-based Earth Signs, i.e., Capricorn (January) and Taurus (May), which should actually be of some help when we vow to lose weight and/or exercise more.  The question, however, is whether or not we actually do. 

All of us have had the experience of making a solemn assessment (emphasis on the ass) in the mirror, yet in spite of our momentary disgust we can't seem to muster the needed self-discipline or motivation.  Occasionally, we may even find the willpower through sheer, brute determination only to be frustrated when the results simply don't measure up to our efforts.  The good news is that those times of year may not be the best times for you to start.  So when is?

In general, if one of the luminaries, i.e. the Sun or Full or New Moon, is transiting an area of your Natal Chart that corresponds to any of the weight-loss motivators below it should help you get off your dead butt and "git 'r' dun." 

As with everything else, there is a time and a season which are keyed to the reason you want to lose those extra pounds.  This isn't intended to give you an excuse for blowing off those season-based aspirations, but for the sake of effectiveness and planning for your highest probability of success.  There is nothing more discouraging than feeling as if you've starved yourself for days only to find you've lost a lousy pound.  Your personal House structure on your Natal Chart could possibly add another window of opportunity.  Follow the link below that most closely denotes your reasons for wanting to lose weight to find out how you can use astrology to help you reach your health and fitness goals. 

As a perfectionist, I'm embarrassed if I'm overweight

I really need to lose weight for my health

I want to look and feel good

I'm trolling for a relationship

I'm too cheap to buy new clothes

I want people to notice me

I want to look "hot"


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