The 5th House Diet

Diet Type Hints Pitfalls Appeals To... Because...
Gimmick diets of all descriptions, e.g. Atkins, South Beach, grapefruit, cabbage soup Indulge yourself in designer workout clothes if it will help keep you motivated or better yet buy some new clothes in your "fat" size before you start to improve your self-image.  It's easier to diet when you feel good about yourself than when you avoid mirrors!

Learn everything you can about your diet, why it works, which movie stars swear by it, etc., so you have plenty to talk and brag about.

Transition to a healthy, sensible diet that includes regular exercise slightly before attaining your goal weight.

Easy to regain weight plus some when you stop. 

Unhealthy for long-term dieting.  Can stress vital organs, mess with your metabolism or cause nutritional deficiencies.

Aries:  Fast results, especially if coupled with a lot of exercise.

Leo:  Like being special and different and having something new to talk about.

Sagittarius:  Another new idea to learn about and discuss, requires less patience than long-term changes.

Aquarius:  You're always willing to try something innovative.


You need to lose weight--FAST!--for a wedding, your 10-year reunion, or you've met someone you like--a lot.  You do one of those bright light assessments of yourself stripped naked in front of the bathroom mirror and decide you definitely don't like what you see and there ain't no way on God's green Earth that anyone else is going to see you lookin' like that.  If this sounds familiar, you're undoubtedly setting foot into the 5th House which governs love affairs, your children, creative expression as well as your self-image; the 5th is represented on the Zodiacal level by Leo.

This is the House where you want to impress others with how you look.  You may not only diet, but upgrade your wardrobe as well to reward yourself.  There is a bit of ego here; okay, maybe a lot.  At any rate, losing weight is only part of it.  You'll probably do something new and different with your hair and makeup to achieve a general overhaul, i.e. the ultimate make-over.  You may not care what you actually weigh as much as what size you can fit into.  You'll be excited and enthusiastic about what you're doing and how you're going to look when you're through.  You may even convert numerous friends to a similar plan. 

If this is where you're coming from you'll want to initiate your diet when there is significant astrological activity in your Natal or Natural 5th House.  Your Natal 5th House depends on what time you were born and is shown on your Natal Chart.  If you don't have one and are too cheap to buy one, then you can get some help from your Natural House, which you can determine from the chart at the bottom of the page.

One more thing.  Not to dampen your enthusiasm, honey, because losing weight is definitely a good thing, but you need to be aware that the only way to attain permanent weight loss is to make serious changes to your eating and exercise habits.  "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got," in this case a fat ass.  So recognize that this diet plan has serious limitations that you'll need to acknowledge and address if you want to stay in your size of choice.

But who am I to criticize since I'm certainly not in the size of my dreams, either?  So have at it with my blessings and the blessings of the heavens as well if you follow the table below.  Your horoscope for each month will contain the exact dates for the lunations in question. 

Your Sign Your Natural  5th House Sun in 5th House  Full Moon in 5th  New Moon in 5th
Aries Leo July 23 - August 23 January/February July/August
Taurus Virgo August 24 - September 22 February/March August/September
Gemini Libra September 23 - October 23 March/April September/October
Cancer Scorpio October 24 - November 22 April/May October/November
Leo Sagittarius* November 23 - December 21 May/June November/December
Virgo Capricorn December 22- January 20 June/July December/January
Libra Aquarius* January 21 - February 18 July/August January/February
Scorpio Pisces February 19 - March 20 August/September February/March
Sagittarius Aries March 21 - April 20 September/October March/April
Capricorn Taurus April 21 - May 21 October/November April/May
Aquarius Gemini May 22 - June 21 November/December May/June
Pisces Cancer June 22 - July 22 December/January June/July

*Be aware that some aspects may actually be contrary to losing weight, especially if they involve Venus or Neptune, which can make you lazy or delusional respectively.  This pair is likely to make you think you can take off that flab by eating nothing but chocolate as long as you watch Oprah everyday.  Currently Neptune is in Aquarius, which doesn't bode well for Libras.  To overcome this particular problem, try using some of that Neptunian idealism to visualize yourself the way you'd like to be when you lose that weight and then use your Libra propensity for beauty combined with regular naked appraisals in front of a full-length mirror to stick to your diet and exercise regimen as if the future of world peace depended on it.  Venus moves quite quickly so shouldn't linger in the target house too long (except when retrograde, in which case she could be there roughly four months, give or take). Your best bet is to pamper yourself with something other than food.  A good 5th House diversion would be to go shopping and check out all the cute outfits you'll be able to fit into someday soon.

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