If you find yourself in a job that you don't like, yet aren't sure why, it doesn't hurt to look at it from an astrological viewpoint.  Sometimes you hate going to work, but know exactly why, in which case it's easier to fix.  But sometimes you just can't figure out what makes it so frustrating or unsatisfying much less what you’d really like to do.  Sometimes you accept a job simply because you need one without regard to whether or not you'll find any enjoyment in it.  This is all well and good to pay your bills, but some individuals, especially those who have their Moon in the 6th or 10th house, will be very unhappy in an unsatisfying job.  Personally, I think there are precious few individuals who can honestly say they love their job.  Astrologers frequently do career readings which can help you identify a profession you can enjoy.

[NOTE:--While this section is intended to help you figure out what career choice is best for you, it's also useful if you're a supervisor or manager looking for an employee.  The closer you match a person's inborn traits with the job description the happier you'll both be.  It's also useful for seeing how your manager or supervisor see you.  No matter how hard you work or how flawless your work is, if you're viewed as "high maintenance" it can work against you.  I've been a supervisor and manager for over a decade in my day job and I've found that a mediocre employee who gets along with everyone is preferable to someone who's a perfectionist but criticizes and complains constantly.  While asking for birth information is illegal due to its implications in job discrimination, if you direct your interview questions such that they reveal the traits described below, you can get enough information to extrapolate their Sign or Ascendant and thus determine if a person is a good fit.  This, of course, depends on whether or not they're telling the truth and not just saying what you want to hear because they're desperate for a job.]

Astrological Indicators Related to Career Choice

Numerous astrological factors come into play regarding what career choice is best for an individual.  While the Sun Sign is a major driver, other key chart influences such as the natal Ascendant and Moon Sign are also significant players.  Three house cusp positions that enter the picture as well are the 2nd House of possessions and finances, the 6th House of work, and the 10th House of career, status, and reputation.  The 10th House cusp is known as the MC, which stands for medium coeli and is also known as the Midheaven.  This represents the part of the sky that was directly overhead when you were born and figuratively represents whatever "heights" you can reach in your life.  When you do the math on how many different combinations are possible with just those factors alone, you can see there are no easy answers.  In fact, there is at least one entire book on the subject of astrology and career choices that I'm aware of and I'm sure there are others.

Some people stay in the same line of work their entire life and are perfectly happy while others evolve through several careers in their lifetime.  Some people get bored and enjoy the stimulation of learning and doing something different while others value the security of experience.  Some people plod along in a nothing job their entire life and find their joy and satisfaction elsewhere while others are more than miserable if they don't feel as if they're contributing something of meaning every day.  One thing that's worth considering is that in medieval times the 6th House (which in modern times includes your work, health and pets) comprised indentured servants and slaves.  If that's how you feel about your job, then you need to start looking for a career.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

It's very common to not have a clue what you want to do for a living when you graduate from high school.  It's not terribly uncommon in college, either, which is often a problem because when the going gets rough, if you're not strongly motivated by what's at the end of the road it's all too easy to drop out.  Everyone knows at least one person who knew from the time they learned to use an adult toilet that they wanted to be a doctor when they grew up, or maybe a plumber for that matter.  Many of us, on the other hand, evolve through numerous choices, usually without experiencing any of them. 

I've found that in many cases if there was something you wanted to do when you were a child, but drifted away from it over time, oftentimes it bears a second look later if you're lacking a sense of direction.  First of all, determine why you gave up on it.  If you let it go because you investigated the job description and decided that really didn't sound very appealing, then you're in good shape.  On the other hand, maybe you thought you weren't smart enough, didn't have the means to go to school, or were distracted by some other factor, such as ridicule by someone whose opinion you valued.  If any of those ring a bell, then it's time to discount that original rationale and take a second look.  If you allow a dream to die, part of you dies with it.  If you really want to do something, regardless of your age, at least find out what it would take before you throw it away.  Your inner compass is probably trying to tell you something so it's a good idea to listen!

It's more troublesome if you don't have a foggy clue what you want to do.  If you're in a serious quandary regarding what you want to be when you "grow up," your best bet is to consult an astrologer who can take a look at your specific natal chart and synthesize all the elements involved so they can give you a comprehensive answer.  We offer this service through our career reading, so if you're interested, feel free to contact Whobeda.  I will look at all those things noted above and see what the stars and planets seem to say about the matter. 

Just as an example of how strongly a natal chart can reflect career, in one of the classes I took from the International Academy of Astrology we spent the better part of a semester studying charts without knowing who they belonged to.  Rare was the instance in which we didn't have a fairly tight handle on what that person did for a living.  In fact, after looking at one chart following class, I decided it belonged to Ernest Hemingway and was correct.  What are the odds of looking at a natal chart with no dates or other identifying information other than if the person is male or female and being able to tell who it is?  Celebrities in particular typically have indicators all over the place.  The essence of who you are is imprinted on your natal chart and what better way to determine your life's work (or works) than to look at that?

Timing is Everything

If you read your horoscope on a regular basis, you've noticed that one of the things I typically address is which house the bulk of activity will be in each month.  While it's always more accurate to know the house structure of your own natal chart, the natural houses for your particular Sun Sign still have a strong bearing.  In other words, when the Sun is in your 6th or 10th House, chances are there will be a lot going on with your job/career.  For those of you who may be wondering why your job is in one house and your career in another, the best way to describe that is to say your work (6th House) is your day job and your career (10th House) is where you leave your mark on the world. The 2nd House comes into play as your house of possessions and finances, which determines how you'll feel about material possessions and thus implies how you'll earn your living.  In other words, if you have a strong need for luxury or foreign travel, you won't do well in a job where you're repeatedly asking, "Do you want fries with that?" or "Welcome to Wal*Mart."

The planets natally placed in these Houses on your personal chart affect how you will behave in that area as well as any aspects they make to other planets.  As the planets move in their daily transits and go through these areas of the chart, this will also stir up action in that part of your life.  For example, Venus transiting your 2nd House implies good financial fortune, especially in positive aspect with Jupiter.  Mars in your 6th House implies increased drive, though if it's in hard aspect (square or opposition) with a planet like Pluto, it indicates power struggles and covert actions.  A slow mover like Uranus in your 10th by transit will generate various long-term career changes and/or disruptions or perhaps just a very hectic pace.   In other words, if there are auspicious aspects to your career houses it's time to exploit them in your favor and if they're less positive, you need to take appropriate action to protect your interests.

All that said, there are still some basics for career choices based on your Sun Sign, even if it's no more than a daily task characteristic that applies to a variety of industries.  If you haven't looked at "Who Ya Gonna Call?" you might want to read that over as well since it will give you some more ideas based on how the different Signs react to emergency situations.  Meanwhile, here's some food for thought, starting with the modes and elements.  Read all the basic traits that apply to your Sign, then combine them into a job description that allows them all to function.  The chart below flows from the most basic (Modes and Elements) to the more specific (Signs and House Cusps).  A few suggestions are included to help you along.  See if anything rings a bell for you.


Career Considerations

Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) Cardinal signs are good at making decisions and like to be in charge.  They don't do well having to take orders from someone, especially if they think they're smarter than their boss.  Definitely avoid "Do you want fries with that?" unless you own the place.  Tip for Managers:  These folks are comfortable making decisions and should be allowed to do so as much as possible.  Micromanaging will be ineffective and probably drive them to seek employment elsewhere.
Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) Fixed signs like stability and dislike change.  A job with a consistent daily routine with few if any surprises is usually quite comfortable for these folks, though a challenge is nonetheless dealt with effectively, according to the specific Sign in question.  Tip for Managers:  These folks tend to be stubborn but usually make very loyal employees.  If they must implement change, allow them to be part of the decision process and expect it to take plenty of time. 
Mutable (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) Mutable signs are flexible and adapt well to change and variety.  They like to stay busy and are happier in a job that isn't the same every day.  They enjoy learning and new experiences and may change jobs or careers frequently as they become saturated with one and find their interests shifting in a different direction.  Tip for Managers:  Don't put one of these folks in a dull, routine, boring job.  They need to be mentally active at the least, i.e. required to use their brain.  They learn quickly, so if they express an interest in doing something different, they probably can. 


Career Considerations

Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) Fire signs require some excitement in their job as boredom is poorly tolerated.  The same-ol', same-ol' day after day will get to them in short order.  Sitting behind a desk pushing paper for forty hours a week is seldom for them, unless there's something really interesting on that paper regarding which they need to take action.  Tip for Managers:  Stay in touch with these folks.  They have good ideas and lots of enthusiasm, which is contagious and helpful if you want to implement something new.
Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) Earth signs like stability and practicality.  This often translates as job security, including a good salary.  They excel at careers that involve tangible results so when they go home at night they feel as if they've accomplished something.  Tip for Managers:  These folks have a lot of common sense and their judgment is sound, so they can provide good insights into any project or situation.  You'd do well to listen to them.  They will tell it like it is, whether you like it or not.
Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) Air signs like to communicate.  They tend to talk a lot and be "people persons."  If they are in a job where they were isolated most the day, such as a forest ranger or independent computer programmer, they will think they'd died and gone to Hell.  Tip for Managers:  These folks thrive on daily challenges that allow them to learn something.  If they don't stay busy enough or interact with others as part of their job description, they will probably be on the phone talking or texting friends and family instead.  It's hard to give them too much work, so load it on until they scream in protest.
Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) Water signs are touchie-feelie types who thrive on emotion.  They are good listeners and often get involved socially with their coworkers.  They do well in a career where they feel needed and can help others in some way.  Tip for Managers:  Water signs can be very persistent, so if there's something that requires perseverance, look their way.  Since they are quite emotional, if they're in a negative environment it will affect them deeply with stress.  They usually don't handle conflict or criticism very well and need a fair amount of TLC.  If they don't agree with you, they'll quietly and persistently ignore of even undermine your efforts.  If you think these folks are weak in any way, remember that water carved the Grand Canyon and sank the Titanic. 


Career Considerations

Aries Aries are self-directed and thrive on excitement.  Sitting at a desk all day doing the same thing over and over would drive them to a rubber room.  They are well suited for the military, police work, field work of numerous kinds, emergency medical technicians (EMT's), rescue work, emergency room work, surgeons, etc.   A certain amount of freedom to structure their daily routine themselves is required.  Tip for Managers:  It's important that a Ram's natural drive be properly directed so that it doesn't leak out as aggression.  Otherwise, they'll be spending a lot of time in the HR office.  Give them plenty to do, but let them decide when and how, as much as possible.  They don't like to be told directly what to do and absolutely won't tolerate being micro-managed.  If you're a Virgo, you may have a hard time dealing with a Ram.
Taurus Taurus' like security, are stable, slow, methodical, and usually quite patient.  They typically make sound decisions, but it may take them a while to get there, so they need to be in a career that allows them to mull things over sufficiently without causing a problem.  They love land and are often found in careers involving real estate or construction.  They also love money and are often found in banks.  Tip for Managers:  Make sure that any Bulls in your midst have a well-structured job description and accountability for completing their work as they can tend to be lazy if not properly motivated.  If you're not careful, they can be the highest paid and lowest producing people on your team.
Gemini Geminis love data and get bored easily.  They usually have multiple projects going at any one time, but also distract easily so don't always finish what they've started if something more interesting comes along.  They require a lot of variety and mental stimulation.  Being a researcher of some sort or journalist is well-suited for their natural abilities for communicating.  Tip for Managers:  Unless Twins are kept busy and have sufficient variety in their work they're likely to spend way too much time at the coffee pot, visiting with coworkers, surfing the Internet, or anything else they can get away with to break the monotony.  If you can't offer them variety as well as a career path to other more interesting jobs, don't expect them to stay onboard for too long.  The good news is that they learn quickly.
Cancer Cancers tend to be moody, but as a rule are people-oriented and caring.  Interacting with others on a regular basis, particularly if they can use their nurturing abilities, will bring them the most satisfaction.  They make good daycare providers, nurses, massage therapists, medical technologists, and social workers as well as anything else where they can feel as if they're helping others.  Tip for Managers:  Being emotionally driven, Crabs will probably spend a lot of time in your office complaining.  They can be moody and sometimes ornery and irritate their coworkers, but are usually kind-hearted and hard working, which helps balance it out.  They're happiest when they feel needed and as if their work is valued, so be sure to tell them if they're doing a good job as it will mean the world to them.
Leo Leos are another sign that likes some excitement.  They're natural leaders and do best when allowed to do so.  They thrive on attention, praise, and credit and have no problem being in the spotlight; a bit of drama is welcomed and even sought after.  They make great salespersons and entertainers, plus they have a very creative side as well, but look out for that Leo temper if they get frustrated.  Tip for Managers:  Leos need attention and praise.  They will work very hard for you when this is provided and if it's not, they'll get it somehow, perhaps in a very negative way.  They don't like to be told what to do, much less micro-managed.  In spite of their outward appearance of confidence, they get their feelings hurt easily and this can trigger that leonine temper if you're not tactful with any criticism.  They love to lead, but don't always have the necessary people skills to do so effectively as their basic philosophy tends to be "My way or the highway."
Virgo Virgos are detailed oriented and meticulous.  They don't tolerate sloppiness of any description and their critical nature is best put to work in a constructive way.  They make excellent auditors, accountants, engineers, database administrators, and anything else that requires thought and precision.  They tend to be good with their hands and make excellent mechanics and carpenters.  Service industries are also good choices.  However, their critical eye can not only get them into trouble with their targets, but also destroy their morale if they feel overcome by mediocrity.  They don't always take direction well as they think they have a firm grip on perfection.  Tip for Managers:  Virgos are hardworking, dedicated, meticulous and critical by nature.  However, they don't always get along very well with their coworkers as they'll see every flaw and tell you as well as the offending party all about it.  They do a good job, but can be high-maintenance if you want to keep them happy.  They do well in an environment where they can do most of their work independently and interface with people who can take criticism in stride.  Accounting and engineering are two fields that offer numerous opportunities.  If possible, training in communicating in a positive, tactful way is a good investment as they're usually right, but tend to express themselves in a manner that puts others on the defensive.
Libra Libras are fair by nature and very people-oriented.  They do well in a career where they can interact with others on a daily basis.  They love to talk so it's best that this be included in their job description in some way.  They're very sociable and don't like too much solitude.  They have a strong appreciation and need for aesthetics and beauty so prefer a pleasant work environment.  A noisy, hectic office or industrial setting would upset their sense of balance. They like people, but not conflict, which will stress them out as they try to smooth things out.  Negotiating comes easily and they are often lawyers or counselors.  Tip for Managers:  Libras are hard working and usually self-directed.  They are good problem solvers, since they excel at looking at all sides of an issue and weighing them objectively.  Unfortunately, their sense of fairness can result in their being indecisive, but they're great at bringing in all the options for consideration and make excellent executive assistants.  They generally possess good people skills.
Scorpio Scorpios are deeply passionate by nature and are drawn to secrets and mystery.  They are natural detectives and do well in forensic work.  They also make good auditors or investigators due to their ability to ferret out hidden information.  If it's not part of their job description, they'll unearth quite a wealth of potential blackmail material on their coworkers (and maybe their boss) instead.  Tip for Managers:  Scorpios are hard-working, but tend to be opinionated.  If they don't get their way, they will probably remember it forever in the form of a grudge and do what they can to sabotage it, whatever it might be.  While they tend to throw themselves into life generally with a passion, they'll do a good job at just about anything, but they'll be much happier if there's an element of mystery or intrigue of some sort involved.
Sagittarius Sagittarius' have a couple hallmarks that are usually reflected in their careers.  One of these is their love of other cultures and foreign travel and another is their love of waxing philosophical.  Being an anthropologist or archeologist is a natural.  They're another one that doesn't want to sit behind a desk all day, unless it's as a travel agent.  They need to travel, have the opportunity to pontificate from time to time, and feel a bit superior or they'll be miserable.  Definitely not a "Do you want fries with that?" candidate.  Tip for Managers:  These folks tend to be a bit flamboyant and opinionated, which can irritate their coworkers (and you); others tend to find them offensive, even when they don't intend it that way.  Like all fire signs, they're enthusiastic and like attention.  They usually think they're smarter than everyone else and they definitely do have a different take on the world that is usually worth listening to.  Nonetheless, their tendency to be opinionated and verbal about it doesn't always make them team players or good problem solvers who work in your favor.  They're another sign that will not do well in a boring job.  They are also prone to changing career as their interests are very dynamic and easily take them in a different direction.  Not keeping these people occupied and challenged intellectually can make them high-maintenance. 
Capricorn Cappies like structure and discipline and prefer to work within a known framework.  They make good leaders, are comfortable with authority, and do well in careers with the government.  They're ambitious and aspire to great heights.  Their organizational skills and common sense assist them in excelling as project managers, administrators, and Human Resource managers.  Tip for Managers:  The Goats in your midst probably want your job, so bear that in mind.  They do well with their own turf and opportunities to expand it accordingly.  They're ambitious and hard-working but make sure their pursuits don't include bulldozing your office.
Aquarius Aquarius' tend to be altruistic and thrive in groups.  They don't require a lot of variety, as a rule, but they do need to feel challenged, stimulated, and needed.  They'll be friends with their coworkers and expect to fulfill some of their social needs in the workplace.  They do well organizing activities outside of work such as happy hours.  In spite of their surface friendliness, they have a private side and can be emotionally detached.  As such, they make excellent social workers, teachers, and psychologists.  Tip for Managers:  Water Bearers can also be opinionated and hard to convince if they think otherwise.  They tend to gather allies if opposed, which is usually easily accomplished since they're friends with so many  coworkers.  They're hard workers and can have unconventional ideas, some of which are very innovative and worth soliciting from time to time.  If they're bored or unhappy they'll be on the phone, visiting with coworkers or on Facebook.
Pisces Pisces are found in a variety of jobs but their common factor is the need for something that helps them escape the real world in some manner.  Hum-drum, boring, routine jobs will make them crazy and then they'll make you crazy.  Depending on other factors in their chart, they may look for this via excitement, such as in the military; living in a fantasy world such as writing; or seeking spiritual summits such as yoga or new age pursuits.  They key word is "transcend" to another level of existence.  If it's too down to Earth, it won't work.  Tip for Managers:  Remember that Fishies are always striving to escape the real world.  They have vivid imaginations and thrive on experiences that take them one step beyond reality.  The more you can utilize their visionary tendencies, the happier you both will be.  They can view the world through rose-colored glasses, however, and be deeply disappointed when it doesn't measure up.  If they're not comfortable with the status quo, they may try to change it in a slow, persistent Water Sign fashion, though if it's a formidable obstacle, they will probably be overcome by stress, which they don't handle particularly well.  This is another sign that can be high maintenance if not properly matched with the task description.

Putting It All Together

We've all known people, perhaps even ourselves, who are entirely different people on a personal level versus in the workplace.  This is where the House cusps come into play.  The 2nd House will imbue the person with an attitude toward finances and possessions that is characteristic of the sign on that particular cusp; the sign on the 6th House cusp will describe the general work environment that is most comfortable and how they approach their tasks; and the sign on the 10th House cusp will indicate how the person approaches their ambitions or life's work.  Remember that these will be more accurate when based on your personal Natal Chart, so the extrapolations below will have some bearing, but are likely to be a bit "off" unless you were born early in the morning such that your Ascendant (1st House) is the same as your Sun Sign.  If you know your Ascendant, then look at both.

 If you’re fairly familiar with astrology you’ll notice that the 2nd, 6th and 10th house are of the same element, i.e., Fire, Earth, Air or Water, which will be different than their Sun Sign, giving them characteristics slightly different than their Sun Sign alone.  These houses are also known as the “Substance” houses for obvious reasons.

Sign or Natal Ascendant 2nd House 6th House 10th House Sign/House Combination Results
Aries Taurus Virgo Capricorn Rams need excitement.  They also like to be first.  They will actively seek opportunities for advancement and not be satisfied until they reach the top of the mountain, much like their fellow horned-animal and Cardinal Sign, Capricorn the Goat.  Part of being numero uno includes having the fastest car or biggest house and having a big bank account doesn't hurt their feelings, either, though being in debt a bit doesn't bother them.  Since they want to be on top they work hard and do a good job, criticizing others if they don't live up to their standards.  This, of course, is another way of saying "I'm the best."
Taurus Gemini Libra Aquarius Bulls like to have data that substantiates their payscale and to know that they're being paid what they're worth.  They prefer a pleasant work environment with whatever aesthetics are possible.  If you've seen that email of the soldier in Iraq who had his wife send him American soil and grass seed, which he cultivated outside his barracks and lovingly trims with scissors, this fits this description and I suspect that soldier is either a Bull or Taurus ascendant.  Bulls also want to distinguish themselves as being unique in their field in some way.
Gemini Cancer Scorpio Pisces Twins often enjoy working at home and tend to be emotionally attached to various items that have sentimental value.  They excel at research of any description and enjoy uncovering previously hidden information through synthesizing data.  Many are drawn to pursue advanced degrees and will go on learning for their entire lifetime.  Idealism regarding their role in making a positive difference in the world in some way is an ongoing driver.
Cancer Leo Sagittarius Aries Crabs know they're worth every penny they're paid, plus some, and can become very offended and emotionally wounded if they know they're underpaid.  They enjoy intellectual stimulation that will possibly lead them to involvement with foreign countries, different cultures, unusual industries, or academia in some way.  Crabs will actively pursue promotions and more responsibility such that they work circles around their coworkers.
Leo Virgo Capricorn Taurus Lions like only the best and expect to have it, whether or not they can afford it.  They will normally keep their work areas clean and organized and prefer some structure in their work environment, whether in the way of procedures, processes, or other guidelines that are well-defined.  They pursue success in a slow, patient, but determined manner and are likely to stick to one career field throughout their lifetime as they value job security and experience.
Virgo Libra Aquarius Gemini Virgos crave an orderly, pleasing environment with an artistic flair and their work area will reflect this.  Even if they work as a mechanic, at the least they'll have a calendar that features artwork from the masters, leaving the girly versions to their Scorpio coworkers.  They expect fairness in their payscale and can be very insistent about it.  They know they work hard and that its quality is high, so expect their paycheck to reflect as much.  They tend toward innovative and high-tech fields, but are likely to change careers numerous times, though they're likely to be related in some manner so they can draw from past experience and information gained.
Libra Scorpio Pisces Cancer Libras like to maintain some hidden resources which could manifest by hiding money around the house or having alternate sources of incomes, such as a hobby, avocation, or second career.  They possess a touch of idealism regarding their work and if it provides escape of any kind from the real world, all the better.  They tend to be somewhat emotionally involved with their work and those around them and usually get along well with others.
Scorpio Sagittarius Aries Leo Scorpions are fascinated by anything mysterious and foreign lands fit that description.  Even if they don't ever visit one, they're likely to have either foreign investments, work for a foreign company, or decorate their homes with items that reflect other cultures.  They tend to be driven and sometimes aggressive in how they approach their work and expect to be publicly recognized for their accomplishments.
Sagittarius Capricorn Taurus Virgo Archers are practical about financial matters and expect to be paid accordingly.  They won't be entirely satisfied until they reach the top of their payscale, whatever that may be.  They approach their work in a methodical way based on their own experience and resist change and outside direction.  They are likely to have a detailed career plan and schedule with well-defined milestones.  More than likely they have a globe, world map, or other similar entity representing the world at large in their work area.  Working on foreign soil at some time in their life is highly likely.
Capricorn Aquarius Gemini Libra Cappies approach their finances in an innovative, matter-of-fact manner and will do whatever is necessary to get where they want to go.  A specific career field is less important than the opportunities it provides.  They like variety in their daily job description and expect fairness regarding promotions and recognition; they don't condone favoritism or nepotism, but expect a person to earn their way to the top.
Aquarius Pisces Cancer Scorpio Water Bearers aren't always realistic about their finances and also tend to be drawn to jobs in an unusual field that challenges reality in some way.  They tend to look upon their coworkers as extensions of family and get somewhat involved in their lives.  Happy Hours with coworkers are often at the core of their social life.  Their career aspirations can be ruthless, once they know what they want, and if anyone gets in their way they have reason to watch their back. 
Pisces Aries Leo Sagittarius Impulsiveness with their financial dealings, i.e. spending money freely on items that serve their need to transcend, can result in Fishies frequently being on the edge of being broke.  If they're getting what they need, however, this isn't a problem; they can tolerate a daily lifestyle that is quite Spartan provided they're getting their ya-ya's.  They require recognition for their work and prefer creative involvement as much as possible.  Pursuit of their career ambitions frequently includes foreign travel or academia.

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