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The other day I was listening to a song by Coldplay and the opening lyrics struck me as being very applicable to astrology.  Here is what they say:

You're in control.  Is there anywhere you want to go?

You're in control.  Is there anything you want to know?

The future's for discovering

The space in which we're traveling....

This is where astrology really shines.  The space in which we're traveling is influenced by the planets.  By finding out what forces are at work in your life at any given time you know better what the appropriate action is.  You're really in control more than you may think, even if circumstances around you are in utter chaos.  Some of the hardest times in my life when everything was going wrong, the things that I could actually control were going just fine.  Knowing what to expect can make a tremendous difference in your reaction to adversity.  Otherwise, you may take it all personally where in reality it's just one of the planets giving you a bad time (usually Pluto or Saturn) and trying to teach your something important.

There are different techniques for finding the answers, one of which is Horary Astrology.  That particular method bases the answer on casting a horoscope for the time and place where the question was asked and trusts that the universe at that very moment knows and will provide the answer.  Another means is to simply look at the transits to your Natal Chart and see what is going on in your life astrologically.  This will put the question into more context and allow for a more comprehensive answer, though that approach is always at the risk of generating more questions. In addition to your Natal Chart, your Secondary Progressed Chart, Solar Return and Planet Return charts also reveal important information about what's going on in your life from the cosmic point of view.

At any rate, if you want some idea of what the stars and planets have to say about something in your life please see the Report Listing Summary which categorizes our wide variety of computerized reports to fit you concerns as well as rates for personalized readings. Remember that in order to do a reading  I will need your date, time, and place of birth, or in case the question can be answered with Horary I'll need the date, time and place you're asking from.  If you don't know what time you were born, the answer will be less accurate, so it's important to provide it, if at all possible.  Remember that the House structure of your natal chart is directly related to your time of birth, so knowing this information is essential. If you have moved a significant distance from your place of birth this will also influence your house structure. This is the basis of astrocartography and may merit a new Natal reading based on the new arrangement. I have had several clients who have been amazed at how the reading for their relocated chart represented them better than those done strictly based on their place of birth.  If your question relates to how you get along with someone based on their Zodiac Sign, please check out our Compatibility area first. 

Comments from my clients are included here and you can find additional testimonials under my listing at  . As always, I will never reveal any of your personal information as noted in our Privacy Policy

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