His Sign Element (Sun or Moon) What He Likes What He Hates Gift Ideas
Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) Attention, praise, excitement, telling jokes and stories, impressing people.  He wants you to act like a woman, the more feminine the better.  Let him be smarter and more competent, don't beat him at anything or do anything to threaten his masculine "superiority."  Boredom, criticism, being outdone in any way whatsoever, waiting in line. Aries:  Weapons; books about weapons; Rambo video collection; alcohol in any form; NRA membership; gift certificate to local shooting range.
Leo: Anything related to his favorite hobby or pastime; movie passes or event tickets.
Sagittarius:  Barnes & Noble gift certificate; subscription to National Geographic.
Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) Bargains, security, practicality, sincere admiration, nature and the outdoors.  Needs more time to himself than others.  Likes it if you're self-sufficient and can share responsibilities.  Wants you to be clean and neat but not necessarily beautiful.  Being frugal and appreciating a good bargain is a plus. Frivolity, excessive glamour, whining, extravagance, spending money, meanness or pettiness. Taurus: Soft shirts; gourmet food or wine; gift certificate at local nursery if he likes to garden; subscription to Money magazine; a massage.
Virgo: Gift certificate to Home Depot, Lowes, Sears or Autozone; tools; How-To, fitness and herbal healing books.
Capricorn: Career clothes (he may actually LIKE ties); concert tickets; investment guides.
Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) Trivia, sports and sports statistics, hanging out with friends, staying busy, talking, rock concerts.  If you don't like these things you're with the wrong guy.  He likes you to be his "buddy" as well as his "girl." Stupidity, shyness, too much seriousness, sulking, emotions in general.  (Libras dislike contention of any kind.) Gemini:  Sudoku; remote control toys; hockey game tickets; Trivia games.
Libra: Symphony or ballet tickets; Skating, dance or gymnastics exhibitions; clothes (probably preppy).
Aquarius: Sports event tickets; New baseball hat for favorite team; case of his favorite beer.
Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) Movies, television, staying home for a quiet evening, understanding his moods (which may be worse than yours), quiet weekends.  More inclined to like strong women than other elements.  These guys are deeper than most, are often in the Mr. Sensitive Guy category, and need to be appreciated as such.  If you don't like the fact they're somewhat emotional, find someone else. Conflict, arguments, too much logic, being insensitive to his feelings. Cancer: Home cooked meal; casual clothes; the ultimate TV/stereo/DVD integrated remote control.
Scorpio: Anything that has to do with sex.  (Yes, anything...)
Pisces: Science fiction, fantasy, martial arts or metaphysics books; Star Trek, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings video collection.

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