July Horoscope

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Full Moon: 7/10/2006

New Moon: 7/24/2006

Mercury Retrograde: 7/5/06

Jupiter Direct: 7/8/06


Cancer (June 22 - July 22) - If your birthday is the first week of July, the month starts out with your Natal Sun trining Jupiter in your Natural 4th House, which influences your home environment and also trining Uranus, in your 9th House.  This creates a Grand Water Trine, which will make you even more emotional that usual, though you may not know why.  With the Sun transiting your Sign, this will be particularly strong, especially for your Solar Return period.  This could make you want to fix up or remodel your home, landscape your yard, expand your family or maybe throw together a family reunion.   Those of you born between July 5-15 may find yourself daydreaming more than usual and having to defend your slightly unrealistic attitude to the more earthbound members of your household.  What better time than summer, however, to lighten up, have some fun, plan a trip and get away mentally if not physically from all those demands?  That Full Moon in Capricorn on July 10 will throw some emphasis toward your relationships, including those that might help you better yourself in your career ambitions.  Enjoy your family, but don't neglect your responsibilities and be sure to give some attention to your superiors so they don't forget what a great employee you are.  You tend to adopt those in your environment into your extended family, anyway, but if you decide to have everyone over for a BBQ don't forget to invite your boss.  Score even more points if you invite the kids.  Since the Moon is your ruling planet, these lunations will give you a bit more punch than others, particularly in the emotions.  Your Solar Return period is now, usually within a day or so of your birthday, and marks the beginning of a new cycle.  Check out our Solar Return reports if you're interested in what to expect.  It's truly amazing how accurate they are.

Leo (July 23 - August 23) - For those born July 27 - August 6 Jupiter will be squaring your Sun toward the end of the month.  Jupiter is usually our friend, but it might put you on a bit of an ego trip or generate a little too much confidence, so don't overestimate your abilities, your finances or other leonine traits, no matter how good you feel about yourself.  You were born to lead and do a good job of it, but don't forget that pride cometh before the fall and no man is an island, to quote a couple time-worn clichés.  Saturn should make this a bit easier to manage considering its been transiting your sign for quite some time now and will lend a bit of a damper to your enthusiasm, particularly if you were born the last week of July/first week of August.  Mars is in there, too, particularly for those born around the second week of August, and may make you a little more aggressive than usual.  Try to direct the energy in a positive way.  Those born the last week of August may be more reflective than usual on a deeper level, examining your life and assessing where you fit into the larger scheme of things.  Most likely you're not seeing everything clearly, however, kind of like Al Bundy used to reflect on how important he was as a high school football hero versus his illustrious career as a shoe salesman.  If you really get hung up on it and want to make some abrupt changes, expect some resistance and be prepared with an argument adequately imbued with logic.  The Sun goes into your sign on July 23, which should bring you some of that attention you need to function properly.  That New Moon on the 24th is in your sign, and could usher in whatever changes you decide to pursue.  Those with the most hope of success will be changes to yourself relative to how you perceive and treat those in your world.

Virgo (August 24 - September 22) - Your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde July 5 - 30, which will probably make it hard to accomplish much this month.  Nothing will work right, things will break down and most likely you won't be able to think straight. If your birthday is between September 16-22, Pluto is squaring your Natal Sun.  This is not usually a very pleasant experience and if it seems like you just can't get ahead and are constantly haunted by bad luck and perhaps your past, this is why.  About all you can do is grin and bear it as you try to find the lessons and changes you need to make.  This particular aspect will usually result in some for of regeneration in an area of your life that needs renovation.  If your birthday is around September September 5 - 10 you're likely to have numerous surprises, unexpected events and general upsets this month, thanks to Uranus.  These are likely to affect your relationships in some way, so be prepared.  On the positive side you're likely to be looked upon favorably at work and possibly see some benefits there, though you may have to make a choice of some sort to make it happen.  Be sure to turn on that charm of yours and minimize the griping, no matter how justified it may be.   Mars is headed toward your sign and will arrive on July 23.  As it conjoins your Natal Sun you'll most likely have an extra burst of energy which you need to make sure and channel in a positive way. The Full Moon on July 10 will probably bring some favor or recognition your way, possibly relative to your creative endeavors or kids, particularly if you were born September 5-15.

Libra (September 23 - October 23) - There are no planets transiting your sign this month other than the Moon.  Those born October 15-19 will probably have some reflections going on relative to their past and where they need to go from here, but the general tone and outcome should be positive.  You're likely to be a bit on the dreamy side this month and view things a bit idealistically, especially if your birthday is around October 9-13.  For those born in October the Sun is going to be squaring your Natal Sun sometime this month.  During that time you should expect some opposition or challenge of some kind, most likely at work or in your community somehow.  Something you're working on could go awry, your dog could get out and into some kind of mischief, or some other kind of faux pas.  That Full Moon on July 10 could throw a T-square your way if you were born October 5-15.  This could trigger this nuisance event, most likely something relative to your home environment.  With Mercury retrograde the better part of this month, mechanical and electronic devices will be out of whack and communications will be difficult.  On the positive side, your ruling planet, Venus is favorable, at least for those born from the first of October on, and will at least throw some good fortune your way, particularly if you're taking a long trip. 

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22) -  Jupiter is still plodding through your sign and goes direct from retrograde on July 8.  If you've been troubled by any philosophical issues regarding your view of life and the universe lately you should be able to reach a conclusion and take appropriate action after then.  Your ruling planet, Pluto, is in the sign next door, which is a fairly benign place to be.  Beware of being too believing this month, usually not a problem for Scorpios, but Neptune will be squaring your Sun if you were born between November 10-14, which can increase your chances of being duped.  Don't believe everything you hear or see and turn up the gain on your internal radar.  The may be some surprises relative to your household, especially for those born November 5 - 9.  Since Mercury is retrograde most of the month, don't be surprised if something breaks down, whether it's your car, refrigerator, stereo or computer.  The Sun will be in fellow Fixed sign, Leo, starting on July 23 which will possible bring about some sort of challenge or conflict in your professional arena. This will show up within a day or so of the day with the same date as your birthday.  Saturn and Mars are over in that same general area and are likely to throw some additional potential for clashes with authority your way.  The New Moon on July 24 may usher in a new phase of some sort for those born the last week of October. Be ready and use it to your advantage the best you can, which Scorpios usually can do just fine.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21) - Pluto is still in your sign but probably only messing with people born around December 15-18.  Of course if that happens to be your birthday that's not much consolation.  As the planet of death and regeneration this is usually a less than stellar experience and it lasts for quite a while since Pluto moves very, very slowly.  You may feel as if you'd like to die at times, but rest assured this is usually not an effect.  However, an old idea, a spent phase of your life, how you see the world or something else that needs to go away will definitely be brought to your attention so you can deal with it, bury it and then move on.  The end result is positive but the journey usually is far from pleasant.  Uranus may throw a few surprises your way relative to your home environment and with Mercury retrograde it's not too hard to figure out that it will probably be something breaking down, like your TV, refrigerator, or some other household item.  Make sure you have appropriate surge protectors in place since lightning is fairly common this time of year and could be the cause.  (A lightning strike took out the modem on my computer a while back in spite of the fact it was unplugged since the surge came in through the phone line.)  Some kind of confrontation could occur at work or in your neighborhood, so guard your temper so as not to make it any worse.  Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is next door in Scorpio and helping stir up a lot of subconscious activity, but this should actually help with all that Pluto activity.  On the positive side, the Sun enters fellow Fire sign, Leo, on July 23, which will eventually trine your Natal Sun.  This will occur for a few days on either side of the same date as your birthday and should bring some positive energy your way, particularly if you're on vacation, involving any kind of educational pursuit or legal action.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) - There are no planets transiting Capricorn this month other than the Moon, which will be Full in your sign on July 10.  This could have a stronger than usual affect on Goats born January 13-23.  A lunation on your Natal Sun will highlight you personally in some way, perhaps bringing something in your life to a new phase.  You'll also be going through your solar opposition period sometime in the end of June or July.  This aspect can go either way.  Sometimes it brings great attention and numerous benefits while for others it can be fairly risky.  I've known a few cases where major accidents occurred during that period.  Just ask NASA about that one since both space shuttle accidents occurred at that time.  So keep your radar deployed and be aware.  We usually can tell which way our luck is running, which of course depends on other areas of our Chart, so if things haven't been going too well be extra careful around your 6-month birthday.  With Venus and Mercury headed in that same direction there could be issues relative to your home or love life.  Mercury is retrograde, which is never particularly good, and contributes to communication problems of all sorts.  If you find yourself on a bit of an ego trip during this time, which is very possible, you might be making a bit too much noise about the way you expect things to be, so think things through as you usually do before jumping into something you're not going to like when it's over.  Your ruling planet, Saturn, is in Leo, which is your natural 8th House.  This could cause delays or authority issues, particularly if you're trying to borrow money. There will probably be a few surprises, hopefully good, particularly for those born the first week in January.  Uranus and Jupiter are trining each other, which will form a sextile pattern with your Sun.  Since these are all good aspects, hopefully the results will be, too. 

Aquarius (January 21 - February 18) - Neptune is transiting your sign and probably causing those with birthdays around February 6-10 to be a little on the idealistic side or perhaps daydreaming much more than usual.  As much as you may actually be enjoying it, there is the possibility that you're not seeing things as they are and may not be dealing with problems as effectively.  Venus will be trining all February-born Water Carriers at sometime or another this month, which should bode well for your love life.  For those born around January 28 - February 2, there may be a shakeup of some kind at work or in your community which may not seem too good at first but will ultimately benefit you.  There are several planets in your polar sign, Leo, this month, which could cause a bit of a stir.  Saturn could mess with you in the workplace, i.e., throw some delays, extra responsibilities or confrontation with some kind of authority figure at those with birthdays between January 29 - February 5.  Mercury is retrograde most of the month which will probably cause communication, mechanical and electronic problems for just about everyone.  It is likely to affect you in areas relative to your 5th House, i.e. any creative efforts may be stifled, your kids may be harder to understand than usual or your love life could be fraught with misunderstanding.  Those born between January 21 - 29 will have their solar opposition period toward the end of the month.  I recommend reading what I said under Capricorn regarding what you might expect from that; could be good, could be bad, but something significant will happen.  Your ruling planet, Uranus, is nextdoor in Pisces and possibly causing trouble of one kind or another with your possessions.  If things are breaking down, getting lost or not working right, that is likely to be the reason, especially when coupled with that Mercury retrograde.  All in all, it isn't a really great month, but rest assured that the planets are moving and will progress to other aspects in due time.  For what little it's worth, other signs have it much worse right now.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20) -  If your life has been crazy lately with one surprise or disruption after another, blame it on Uranus, who has been transiting your sign for sometime now.  Most likely numerous areas of your life have been affected and it's been one thing after another.  Those born March 2-6 have probably been affected the most, though all Fish will feel it in one way or another.  Your ruling planet, Neptune, is in the sign next door so not making any major aspects.  However, it's likely to be causing a bit too much idealism or perhaps a failure to see things clearly at the subconscious level.  Ignoring something doesn't mean that it will go away.  Relationship problems are likely the first half of the month for those born February 26 - March 20 as Venus squares off in your 4th House, which affects your home environment.  Those born February 19 - March 6, however, will see good things in that area toward the second half on the month since it will be forming a nice, friendly trine.  Most February-born Fish will have some kind of confrontation near the end of the month as Mars opposes your Natal Sun.  There could be power struggles or problems at work for those born around March 12-17, no thanks to Pluto.  Unfortunately, Pluto moves very, very slowly so those problems are likely to continue for a while.  The good news is that Jupiter is transiting your 9th House which covers long distance travel, higher education and legal issues, so if you're involved in any of those activities you should have good luck.  If everything else is going poorly, maybe you just need to take a vacation and get away from it all for awhile. 

Aries (March 21 - April 20) -  There are no planets other than the Moon transiting your sign all month, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  However, with the Sun in fellow Cardinal Sign, Cancer, Rams born after March 30 will have the Sun squaring their Natal Sun either on the same date as their birthday or within a day one way or the other.  This is likely to cause a disruption or obstacle of some kind but that usually doesn't cause much concern for the typical Ram.  On the positive side, your ruling planet, Mars, is in fellow Fire Sign, Leo, and thus throwing some positive vibes in your natural 5th House, i.e., creativity/children/love affair arena, especially for those born April 3-7.  Saturn is over there, too, which isn't particularly good, but will probably only throw some delays or extra responsibilities into the mix.  Be aware that Mercury is retrograde again for the better part of this month and is back-pedaling between your 4th and 5th Houses, so your home environment and kids are likely to see the effects.  Don't be surprised if things break down at home, both literally and figuratively.  Pluto is trining your Sun if you were born between April 12 - 16, which should cause some power issues or organizational changes in your career, but most likely of a positive nature.  The Full Moon on July 10 will cause a T-square for those born April 2 - 12 which could cause a conflict of some sort relative to work and home.  The New Moon on July 24, however, will trine your Sun if you were born March 21-27, which should bring some positive attention your way relative to your pet projects, kids or love life, and we all know how Rams like attention.

Taurus (April 21 - May 21) - There are no planets transiting your sign this month other than the Moon and this will continue for a while yet.  Your ruling planet, Venus, starts out the month in Gemini and moves into Cancer on July 19.  This trek should have a positive effect on your possessions, but might give you the urge to buy a few new toys.  Once in Cancer, it should have a positive effect on your attitude generally and particularly at home.  Maybe you ought to get some new lawn furniture or a nice comfy hammock to enjoy chilling out after work.  Bulls love the outdoors thus making it very good for relieving stress for you to get outside, putter around in your domain and relax.  There a a few planets in fellow Fixed sign, Leo, however, that might cause you some trouble.  Saturn will be there all month and beyond, creating possible delays, added responsibilities and perhaps some confrontation or red tape from the powers that be relative to your home environment.  In other words, if you're knee deep in a remodeling (or landscaping) project you can expect problems of one kind or another.  Mercury retrograde for most of the month in that same vicinity isn't going to help, either, so even though I know that Bulls usually move fairly slowly, you're going to have delays that try even your patience, which is usually substantial.  Toward the end of the month, however, Bulls born in April will get a bit of an energy boost from Mars as it moves into Virgo.  Surprises within your work group or social circles are probably still occurring, perhaps even more so with Uranus retrograde in your natural 11th House.  Career issues may be a bit fuzzy these days and are likely to continue that way for a while.  Take advantage of this time to think about whether or not you're in the right place at the right time or if your job is really what you want to do for the rest of your life.  This will especially apply to Bulls born May 6-10.  If your birthday is around April 25- May 5, Jupiter is opposite your Sun and in your natural 7th House of relationships.  This should throw some good luck your way of a personal nature, particularly as Jupiter comes out of retrograde July 8.

Gemini (May 22- June 21) - Venus will be in your sign through July 19.  This is usually a very pleasant transit that makes you feel good about yourself generally, even to the point of making you look good and drawing people to you in a positive way.  This will help compensate somewhat for the fact your ruling planet, Mercury, is misbehaving again this month by going retrograde.  Usually your thought processes are quick and you astound everyone with your ability to synthesize information and spew out facts and data.  This will be a bit hampered this month and you're likely to have a very real sense of spinning your wheels.  The fact that all of this is happening in your natural 3rd House of intellect isn't helping, neither the fact that Saturn is also there, who is known for instituting delays via bureaucratic speedbumps and dumping more responsibilities in you lap when you need them the least.  The good news, what little there is, however, is that at least none of these planets is throwing a square or opposition, but if anything are making a relatively friendly sextile to your Natal Sun.  The bad new, though, is that Uranus is in fellow Mutable sign, Pisces, and will probably be throwing some surprises and unexpected events your way, especially relative to your career or community standing.  Pluto could be causing some of you some real headaches, also, kind of like the hangover from Hell, which is pretty typical for the god of the underworld.  If your birthday is between June 13 - 17, I'd bet dollars to donuts that you have been pondering your life and past, especially any mistakes, to the point of obsession.  If so, there are more than likely certain elements you're hanging onto that you need to let die so you can move forward in a new direction.  Most if not all of this probably relates heavily to relationships.  You're not usually one who's prone to depression, but Pluto can suck the life out of you like that torture device in the movie, The Princess Bride.  Yes, it will eventually go away, but the sooner you figure out what you need to let go, the less power it will have over you.  No doubt you're thinking a lot about how nice it would be to get away from it all, the farther the better.  You can blame that on Neptune in your 9th House, which affects long distance travel, among other things.  Fortunately, it's a trine, which is positive, so taking a vacation may be a very good idea.  Just make sure you get the tickets and hopefully get out of Dodge before Mercury goes retrograde.

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