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Cancer Moon Cardinal Water 4th Signs are sextile, which typically brings compatibility. This is further enhanced by compatible modes.
Virgo Mercury Mutable Earth 6th
What you like about each other:  Cancer warmth and patience, Virgo work ethic and organization.

What drives you crazy:  Cancer's relaxed housekeeping standards, Virgo need for order; Cancer emotionalism, Virgo coolness and criticism.

While these two signs are quite different by nature, they have numerous characteristics that mesh together well. They balance each other out in numerous respects, creating a synergistic relationship that benefits them both. Cancer tends to be fairly laid back and nurturing while Virgo goes to the other end of the scale. Remember that Virgos are perfectionists, so living in this very imperfect world is going to provide them with a target-rich environment for irritation. This is where the Crab can do a superb job of exercising its Cardinality and either quietly remove any annoyances, or possibly take over some of the responsibility, so that Virgo doesn't feel so put-upon. Mutable signs distract more easily than the other modalities and always benefit when their partner can remove some of the things they worry about, which is mostly everything.

Virgos are painfully practical, except for their perfectionistic tendencies, which of course cause them a tremendous amount of discomfort. If they were as practical as they like to think they are, they would lighten up on themselves and realize that they really don't have to redo the shopping list because they spelled mayonnaise incorrectly. Sure, sure, if they dropped the list in the store and someone found it that actually knew how to spell, they would think the Virgo was stupid. And Virgos can't stand to look stupid. But you can see that in a practical sense they would do better to worry less about numerous things, including whether or not anyone catches one of their rare mistakes. They would also get a lot more done if they didn't obsess on "doing it right or not at all." It's amazing the things that don't even get started for fear of not doing it properly. 

And those are the kind of things that the Crab can rectify. As far as what Virgo does for the Crab, s/he provides a sense of order that Cancers do not come by naturally, unless they have the right Moon and Ascendant signs. Cancers also need to have someone to nurture and take care of. Being ruled by the Moon, they are somewhat of the quintessential "earth mother" demeanor, regardless of whether they're male or female.  Thus, taking care of someone or something is fulfilling to them. Since Virgo tends to be somewhat of a health nut, this is another area where Cancer can assist, since Crabs reside in the natural 4th House that comprises the home environment. They may not be the neatest individuals around, but they do know how to make a comfortable home and they have no problem helping in the garden, which is always soothing to Earth signs.

Oddly enough, female Crabs frequently work outside the home, regardless of whether or not they have children. Possibly it's a way to avoid housework, which they really don't like, or simply another expression of their Cardinality. They make good employees, having an honest work ethic and a tendency to mother their coworkers in one way or another.

All in all, these two make a good team and can achieve a balance in their relationship that is satisfying to both.

* * *

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