Sunday, 18 March 2018

Mars has gone into Capricorn where he's exalted as his fiery energy finds stability and discipline as he pursues various ambitions. This could also bring some aggressive moves on the part of governments and corporations, however, who are ruled generically by Capricorn. Right now, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto, which are all considered malefics, are in that sign, which should bring some interesting occurrences over the next few months until mid-May, while Mars is kicking things off. Actually, he goes retrograde in June, so he'll e back for a while from mid-August through mid-September. There's a lot of energy in Aries right now churning things up as well, while the Sun and Neptune in Pisces are fogging everyone's perceptions. Doesn't sound like a very good combination. Stock up on popcorn and get ready to watch the show.

Sun: Pisces * Lunar Phase: *  NEW  * Moon Sign: Aries

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